107 Ardmore Ave

Year Built: c. 1881-1896

Comments: This house stands as an excellent residential example of the Second Empire style, borrowed from the public architecture of France and well-displayed on Philadelphia's City Hall, which was constructed in the 1870s. Its curved mansard roof, elaborate round-topped dormers, decorative window caps and brackets, and projecting center section all contribute to its grand effect and exemplify the Second Empire style.
Historic Class 2; Inventory Index Number AR103

A proposal to construct a two-story addition on top of an existing one-story addition at the rear of this multi-family dwelling. The owner proposes two options, one showing the two-story addition spanning the full width of the existing addition and the second showing the two-story addition spanning half of the width of the existing addition. Three rear elevated decks are also proposed. - Historical Commission 2010-04-22

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front, being altered

left front, during alterations