9 E Athens Ave

Year Built: 1920

First Permit Date: 2012-09-14

Comments: Planning Commission  9/8/2008: 11-15 East Athens Avenue (
Construction of a five-story building with 33 market rate condominiums and the renovation of an existing building with 14 apartments which will be restricted for affordable housing. A parking area containing 33 spaces is proposed beneath the new building.

A request to obtain a temporary ingress/egress easement to/from the property at 11 East Athens Avenue, Ardmore. The easement will provide access from the rear parking lot at 11 East Athens Avenue to Trolley Way. - Bldg & Planning Com. 2011-01-12

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Front door - demolition in progress

Front window - demolition in progress

owner's photo

owner's photo




Rear - demolition in progress

Rear left

Rear panorama