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Our library search feature searches the entire archive by default. To narrow your search, click the settings drop-down on the right-hand side to narrow your search by category. Be sure to use the scroll bar on the right side to see more results.

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How to use the Search function

The search function is broken down into two parts, the query bar where you type in your search request, and then arrow on the right hand side that allows you to customize or narrow your search.

You can refine your search by checking and unchecking the different categories in the customization menu.  A checked box means you are searching within that section of the library, unchecking that box narrows your search to only the checked categories.  You may be searching a name and be getting a lot of burial records – by refining the search you can remove burial records from your search paramaters if those results are not useful. The “Full Text” section will return articles and books that are published on the site.  The other categories will lead a reference page where you can find what you are looking for in the library when you are there in person.

The results are prioritized with Full Text showing up first as this is the most useful reference.  The results have been categorized in the search results.  Scroll down through the results to look for what you’re looking for.  Photographs will usually fall at the end of the search.

Happy Searching!