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In our Artifacts Collection we inventory three-dimensional items that don’t take to being stored alongside our usual documents, books, maps and photographs. “Artifacts” date from 1701 to the 1976 bi-centennial, 132 objects (and counting) that include flags, plaques, plates, bottles, statuettes, seals, keys, two whistles, a couple of cannon balls, oh, and an “Ancient Potato Peeler”. …among other things…

They can be retrieved from storage on request for examination in our reference room.

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Whistle 1956
Blue Ribbon
Statuette 1936
Brown Pottery Mug 1955
Commemorative Mug
Commemorative Plates 1968
Metal Membership Card
American Flag
American Flag 1863
American Flag
American Flag 1870
American Flag 1889
Ancient Potato Peeler
Lead Pencils (2) 1895
Lead Pencils (2) 1895
Silk Fan 1860
Wax Seal 1880s
Hampton 3/4 in. Drill Bit 1870s
Glass Pestle
Flooring Support piece 1912
Eight Day Wooden Matches with sulpher 1895
Framed silhouette of Jonathon Mifflin
Ice Pick
Ivory Darning Eggs (2)
Wooden Key 1761
Large Iron Key
Brass Bearing
“Black Ball” Machine 1854
Wood from Independence Bell Cradle
Indian Axe Head
Indian Hammer Head
Railroad Rail
Wool Carder or Heckle
Burlap Gun Case 1884
Glass Mug 1977
Plaster Bust of Douglas Macfarlan, M.D.
Copper Printing Plate
Copper Printing Plate
Carpenter’s Hand Drill
William Penn’s Seal & Metal Seal Box 1701
Daguerreotypes (3)
Drum 1863
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball on Stand
Identification Pin
Fire Fighter’s Pin
WW I Victory Medal with Pin & Ribbon 1918
Identification Badge & Medal 1920
Souvenir Ribbon 1898
Pin with Silk Ribbon & Medal 1912
Pin & Ribbon 1906
Victory Medal with Pin & Ribbon 1918
Identification Badge, Ribbon, Medal 1912
Delegate Medal & Ribbon 1908
Pin, Medal & Ribbon
Pin with Ribbon
Pin with Ribbon
Identification Pin w/Ribbon 1922
Souvenir Pin, Ribbon, Medal 1906
Coin 1882
Red Cross Identification Band & Button
Identification Badge, Penn Wynne Fire Dept.
Identification Arm Band 1942
Delegate Badge w/Ribbon
Hostess Badge w/Ribbon
Identification Badge w/Ribbon
“U” Bar
Ink Well
Wedgwood Ironstone Plate & Bowl
Military Service Medals (5) 1918
Button Collection (12)
Plastic Crook
Carpenter’s Hand-Plane 1850s
Marking Tool 1850s
Silver Spoon
Shards (over 100)
Band Uniform: Tunic, trousers, hat 1860s
Dress Uniform Jacket (1) and Helmets (2) 1812
Lower Merion Police Uniform, Motorcycle Corps 1953
Towels, Banners, Booklets
Lap Robes (2)
Hat, Sash, Cap
Tablecloth 1840
Steel Cart Frame & Blueprint of same 1885
Seltzer Bottle
Milk or Cream Bottle
Milk or Cream Bottle
Milk or Cream Bottle
Pharmacy Bottle
Hires Bottle
Hires Bottle
Pharmacy Bottle with Label
Drafting Tools Collection from Lower Merion Township
Woman’s Dress 1930
Folio containing pictures of U.S. presidents
Leather Wallet holding ration books from WW II 1945
Official Seal of Bryn Mawr Women’s Club & Case 1930
Identification Stamper from Bryn Mawr Women’s Club
Night Stick
Police Whistle 1900
Policeman’s “Zapper”
Ice Pick
Food Warming Plate
Wood Clapper
Playing Cards ( 2 sets)
Hand Held Counting Tool
Commemorative Coin in plastic case 1976
Commemorative Pewter Plate
Two Handle Tree Saw
Wooden Clock 1800s
Wood Box, Sons of Veterans, USA; Col. Owen Jones, Camp #45 (Civil War)
Ceremonial Sword & Scabbard of Daniel Abram
Spencer Rifle 1888
Copper Printing Plates (13) 1912
“Spring House Senior Citizen” records
Gavel Pedestal, Ardmore Chapter De Molay 1945
WW II Air Raid Warden’s Items 1942
Scenes of Lower Merion Township
Tin Cup 1900
Copper Plate of Pencoyd House 1900
Copper Plate of Pencoyd House 1878
Glass Negative Plate ” Pencoyd Farm 1916
Branding Iron 1860
“Greentree” Insurance Plaque 1947
“Greentree” Insurance Plaque
“Greentree” Insurance Plaque
“Fireman’s Association” Insurance Plaque
Railroad Spike Claw
Dr. Edward H. Snow’s Scrapbooks (11)