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Merion Meeting Burial List

2,169 burials
Last Name First Name Birth Death Age Comments
Adams child 12/1/1809 “A stranger — at the falls.” Joseph Price Diary.
Adams John * Oct. 27, 1830 Latch gr. bk:”#10, old Gr.” Strip lists: Wynne’s Row #10; M.H.= #5 Row M
Adams John Evidently the son of John &Phoebe Adams. Stranger’s Row #5 with wife.
Adams Phoebe W. W = Wynne. Buried in Wynne row, with John Adams, #10. Strip list.
Adams Rachel R. * R=Rohrman. Wife of John. Str. list:#5 Stranger’s Row near Mtghs. Lane wall.
Affee child 9/10/1796 Joseph Price Diary.
Affie Ev. Reese 10/23/1748 See “Assie, Evan Reese” M.H.
Alloway Marcina 11/14/1825 More than 80 years old. Joseph Price Diary.
Amos Abel 1823 M.H.
Amos anon. * 2/25/1782 John Amos’s wife. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Amos Walter * 4/1/1805 Buried in Strangers’ Yard. Joseph Price Diary. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Amos Polly 7/24/1795 Betsey Amos’s daughter. Joseph Price Diary. Presumably buried at Merion.
Amos Jacob * 7/28/1794 Rev. Vet. In Knoll’s Co. Strangers’ yd.”Burials at Merion.”Jos. Pr.Diary M.H.
Amos child 7/6/1795 Betsy Amos’s child born since her husband died. Joseph Price Diary.
Amos Joseph * 7/7/1805 Rev. Vet.30 uniformed infantry & 2 fifers at burial.J.P.Diary=critical. M.H.
Amos Hannah * 8/5/1805 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Jos. Price’s Diary.
Amos Widow * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #12. May be “Hannah Amos” above.
Anderson James * 7/ 27/1875 G’stone. Strp.list New Row#12 .M.D. Nephew of Dr.J. Anderson, Ardmore. CB
Anderson anon * 4/23/1832 “Mrs. A.”-strip list, Children’s Row in New Ground #3, or #9 (Latch) M.H.
Anderson Sarah * 6/29/1869 gravestone – wife of James Anderson. M.D. Strip list, Mem’s ‘Row, #36. CB
Anderson Rebecca Feb. 17, 1914 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave.
anon Abraham 1832 “Black Abraham,” servant, died with the Bowman family of cholera.
Anon child 10/11/1817 Child from “at the falls.” Joseph Price Diary.
Anon apprentice 11/26/1797 At Lloyd Jones’ papermill. Lockjaw, thorn in foot. Joseph Price Diary.
Anon child 12/15/1803 “Phillips & Fann’s child” (servants ?). Jos. Price Diary. Burial place?
Anon man 12/18/1804 Powder mill explosion victim. Joseph Price Diary.
Anon man 12/19/1804 Second powder mill explosion victim. Joseph Price Diary.
Anon child 12/4/1797 “Jonathan Suplee’s bound boy.” Joseph Price Diary.
Anon child 6/2/1745 A child of Edward Williams’ maid. “Burials at Merion.”
Anon child 7/22/1795 Child of Pratt’s journeyman. Joseph Price Diary.
Anon man 7/23/1795 An Irishman newly arrived, found speechless in the road. J. P. Diary.
Anon child 7/6/1796 At Valentine Smith’s place. Joseph Price Diary.
Apty Ann * 8/19/1795 or “Aptey.” “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Ardis John * 1863 or “Arthurs.” Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #15.”Called “General.”
Armstrong infant * 1896 Daugh. of Wm. & Rene Armstrong. 2’6″ east of cross walk, 2′ from s. wall
Armstrong William * 8/1744 or 49 Died at David Evans’ “Burials at Merion” Swarthmore & M.H. say1744.
Aspinal John * 8/15/1833 No. 1 at head of No. 8 in new ground, children’s row, etc. Latch. M.H.
Aspinal child 9/10/1832 Thomas A.’s child. Strip list, “Children’s Row in New Ground” grave # 5 M.H.
Assie Evan Reese 11/23/1748 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says: “Affie.”
Bailey Isabella 2/25/1785 “Burials at Merion”
Balor child 1/11/1818 Joseph Price Diary. Probably the name is “Balort.”
Balor child 9/15/1824 Thomas Balor’s (Balort)child. Joseph Price Diary.
Balort child 2/13/1796 Jacob Balort’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Balort Jacob * Jul 12, 1795 Rev. Vet. M.H.”Burials at Merion.” Diary: “buried under the Mulberretree.”
Balort child May 2, 1794 Jacob Balor, Jr.’s child [Balort, Bealer, Bealert] Jos. Pr. Diary. M.H.
Banturn child * Kate Banturn’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #41 with Radcliff child.
Barnard Annie L. 1924 71
Barry Mary 10/9/1776 Widow. “Burials at Merion”
Barry Ellin 4/8/1761 Wife of James; residence = Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Barry Joseph 7/24/1760 Parents: Llewellyn of Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Barry Richard 7/31/1761 Son of James; residence = Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Bartle Bill 11/3/1797 An Irishman. Joseph Price Diary.
Barton Hannah 10/6/1815 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Baymount child 10/17/1793 [Was Baymount a family or a place?] Buried in old graveyard. Price Diary.
Baymount child 10/28/1793 Old graveyard. Joseph Price Diary.
Bealer Dorothy 1779 Date uncertain. Bealert or Behlert. M.H.
Bealer Jacob * 1816 1818
Bealer George W. * 1853 1854 Son of Mifflin Bealer.
Bealer Frank A. * 1855 1856 Mifflin Bealer’s child. Strip list, Mem.s New Row. grave #23 w. Jones’ child
Bealer Ida * 1856 1861 Daughter of Mifflin Bealer.
Bealer Thomas * 1788 1868 80 gravestone; Members Row#35. Strip list. Father of Mifflin Bealer CB
Bealer Washington* 9/6/1822 1892 70 gravestone. Son of Thomas and Rebecca Bealer. CB
Bealer Jacob 1764 1/25/1837 73 M.H.
Bealer Rebecca * 1786 11/7/1858 72 gravestone. Strip list. Members’ New Row#40. Mother of Mifflin B. CB
Bealer Elizabeth * 12/25/1759 Daughter of Jacob Bealer, Jr. (Also, “Bailert”) “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bealer Hepzibah E 3/2/1827 12/29/1894 gravestone . Caretaker’s notes: Member. CB
Bealer Franklin * 1824 5/11/1848 23 “T. Franklin.” Gr’stone.Strip list, Row G#29, so.of walk.Son of Thos.M.H. CB
Bealer Mary 8/25/1838 47 Gravestone. Grave #29, Row F. M.H. CB (Charles Barker)
Bealer Catharine * Oct. 5, 1831 “No. 23 old Ground in their family row.” G’ma of Mifflin B. Latch book p. 7.
Bealer children * Mifflin Bealer’s children. Strip list, Mem.s New Row.#33. Both in #5. (?)
Bealer Ellis Jones * 1859 Son of Mifflin Bealer
Bealer Jacob Mif. * 1826 Son of Thos. & Rebecca Bealer, married Sarah Ellis
Bealert Jacob 1776 The elder. If “Bailor” as on tax list, he was a ropemaker. M.H.
Bear child 2/26/1789 Jacob Bear’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Bear child 4/30/1797 Dan Bear’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Bedford Joseph 1800 Child of Joseph Bedford. “Burials at Merion.”
Bennett Hannah W. 1827 Parents: Jabey ? “Burials at Merion.”
Benney anon 9/8/1828 “Benney” (only name given). Joseph Price Diary.
Beringer child * 9/9/1749 Child of Jacob Beringer or “Beninger”. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bernard Anne L. 6/5/1852 1924 72 gr’stone east of south gate. Wife of F. Leedom B. Permit (died of myocarditis).
Berry Sarah 9/8/1832 Strip list, “Children’s Row in New Ground” #7; also Latch’s book. M.H.
Bevan Richard 2/12/1763 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Bevan Evan 1674 5 /15/ 1720 Son of 1st purchaser John. Married Eleanor Wood. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bevan Charles * 9/10/1746 “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bevan Eleanor W.* ll/30/1744 W = Wood. A minister. Wife of Evan B. “Burials at Mer.” Glenn, p.164. M.H.
Bevan John * ll/l3/l7l5-6 “Burials at Merion.” Recorded as a “bach” meaning “young man.” M.H.
Bevan Jane * l/29/l707-8 Daughter of Evan Bevan. “Burials at Merion” & Source A. M.H.
Bickerton child * 5/13/1833 Ann B.’s child. Old ground children’s row,by Mrs. Wirshing. Latch bk. M.H.
Bickum anon. 8/17/1805 Young man from town; died of a fever.
Bitter child * Henry Bitter’s (or Bitler’s)child. Strip list. Members’ Row #37.
Bittle Mary 10/21/1817 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Biven anon 1/20/1792 “Hannah Moor’s girl.” Died of white swelling, started in knee. Price Diary.
Blackburn William * 8/13/1832 “No. 9 new ground.” Latch grave book. p. 12. Strip list agrees. M.H.
Bolton Thaddeus 1948 82 W=Martha B. Bolton. Cremation at West Laurel Hill. Ashes scattered.
Bolton Martha B. 1877 1954 77 wife of Thaddeus Bolton – gravestone
Bond child * 11/ 5/ 1830 Jon. Bond’s ch. Children’s row #13 old ground, Latch’s bk. Strp list says #7
Bond Mary E. * 11/15/1848 12 Gravestone. Grave #31 Row N, new ground. M.H.
Bond anon 4/13/1809 Ann Bond’s mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Bond child 6/1/1833 Isaac Bond’s child. Next to Ann Bickerton’s child. Old Gr. Latch grave book. M.H.
Bond child * 7/26/1795 Isaac Bond’s child. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Bond Joseph 7/6/1803 Jos. Bond from Bucks County, “the elder.”Jos. Price Diary. “Bur. at Mer.” M.H.
Bond child 8/10/1794 Isaac Bond’s child. J. Price Diary. Not clear that burial is at Merion.
Bond Mary * 1771 8/4/1852 81 Gravestone near Mary & Joseph Lockwood. #42 Strangers’ Row CB
Bond Eleanor * 8/5/1788 Dau. of Jos. & Hannah Jones Williams; wife of Joseph. M.H.
Bond child Jonathan Bond’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #7. In father’s grave.
Bond Jonathan * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #7. Shared with his child.
Bonsal George 8/5/1821 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Bossard children * 1756 Casper Bossard’s two children. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bossard Deborah * 11/8/1756 Wife of Casper Bossard. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bowen Elizabeth * 2/25/1768 Wife of Thomas Bowen. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 12/25/1768.
Bowen Thomas * 8/19/1759 Wife = Elizabeth. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Bowman Rodger * 3/10/1732 1821 89 “First of the name in America” -arr’d 1754. (Swarthmore file card) M.H.
Bowman Joshua * 1823 Note to caretaker from Margaret B. Harvey, asking location of grave.
Bowman Eliz. W. M. 1929 81 Gravestone. M = Malcom. Widow of General. Corres.1931, 1942. Source C.
Bowman Henry 9/10/1849 9/22/1921 74 Gravestone.
Bowman Wendell P. 10/31/1847 4/7/1924 80 General. Ltr. Fort to Cook, 8/3/1932 re: gravestone.
Bowman child 3/2/1817 In Zell’s row. Joseph Price Diary.
Bowman Deborah * 3/24/1834 Family row #4 next to Margaret. Latch grave book, p. 23. Strip list. M.H.
Bowman Margaret before 1799 Wife of Roger (or Rodger). M.H.
Bowman Henry * 1767 Sept.13, 1832 Died of cholera. Latch list: Bowman Row#17, last row in Old Gr.=Row F. M.H.
Bowman Tabitha * Sept.22, 1832 Died of cholera.Latch grave book,p.15. Strip list, Bowman Family Row,#18.
Bowman Margaret * Sept.24, 1832 Died of cholera. Latch, Strip List, Bowman Family Row F #19. M.H.
Bowman Mary * Strip list, “Members’ New Row” grave #16
Briggs Samuel 4/24/1812 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Briggs Mary 5/12/1817 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Bristoll Frances K 1901 1990 89 gravestone
Bristoll Alan Yale 1900 Oct. 2, 1981 81 gravestone: 44′ west of East wall, 29′ south of north wall.
Brooke Mary 6/26/1800 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Brooke Hannah 9/20/1822 Wife of George. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Brookfield Hannah P. * 1826 1899 73 caretaker’s notes. 102′ west fr. NE corner, 53′ south. Burialpermit. “C”
Brookfield Charles E.* 1/20/1832 10 G’stone. Latch:”No. 26 Prices row, old gr or#15 Row G. 3rd row east M.H.
Brookfield Joseph * 3/12/1789 12/17/1872 83 gravestone — Brookfield was an M.D. #14 from n. wall on the strip list.
Brookfield Sarah * 5/1/1841 Wife of Jos. Brookfield, M.D. Strip list, Jones’s Row, E #10 M.H.
Brookfield child 5/18/1827 Brookfield’s son. Joseph Price Diary.
Brookfield Mary Price* 8/12/1835 16 G’stone.Dau. of Dr.Jos. & Sarah.Strip list, “Stone Friends Row#3. #17 row F.
Brookfield anon 8/6/1826 Doctor Brookfield’s mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Brookfield child * Nov. 1, 1830 Dr.Brookfield’s child. Strip list. “Old Ground, Price’s Row”#6, Row G. M.H.
Brookfield Elizabeth * Strip list. Members’ Row. #13.
Brookfield J. Hunter * Son of Dr. Jos. Brookfield. 3rd row E. of John Roberts’ row. #14. M.H.
Brookfield William * Son of Dr. Joseph Brookfield.#13 Price Row, Old Ground, Row G. M.H.
Brooks child 1/20/1819 Joseph Price Diary.
Brooks child 4/26/1820 Joseph Price Diary.
Brown child * Jos. Brown’s child. Strangers’ Row. #1. Shared with Thomas Hopkins’ child.
Butler Sarah G. * 1/23/1829 45 G = Garrett -M.H.
Butler Elizabeth * 5/25/1836 Strip list. Children’s Row, #4. M.H.
Cadwallader Morgan 6/23/1679 10/8/1698 Young minister & invalid. Son of Cad. Morgan. Source A. &”Bur’ls at Merion.”
Cam child * 10/2/1836 James Cam’s child. Strip list. Children’s row, #2. M.H.
Cambel Thomas 4/8/1806 Died at Lloyd Jones’.In Strangers’ yard.”Burials at Mer.” M.H. J. Price Diary.
Camble Barbara 2/5/1808 (Campbell) Died of “decay” or consumption. Strgrs’ Yd./Price D./Bur.in Mer.
Camel child * 1/26/1834 James Camel’s child. No. 15, new ground. Latch grave book, p. 22. M.H.
Cammel Joseph 1801 Rev. Vet. In Capt. Rich. Roberts’ 3rd Battalion, 1780. M.H.
Cammel child 10/29/1805 Widow Cammel’s child in Strangers yd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.= 11/29
Cammel Betty Watson 11/23/1797 80 Born in Ireland. Joseph Price Diary.
Campbell Thomas Rev. veteran. Source B.
Campbell anon. 8/17/1806 Widow Campbell’s daughter, in Strangers’ Yard. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Carlisle child * Aug.19, 1830 Marg. C’s child. #7 old Ground, childrens row. “Strp lst = #4 M.H.
Carlisle anon. * “Mrs. Carlisle” Strip list. Members’ Row. #10 from north wall.
Carncross Jacob L. * 1844 1903 59 gravestone. “Permit from Thos. Wynne.” Members’ row #27. Strip list. CB
Carncross Ruthanna L. 2/11/1808 3/25/1890 82 L. = Leedom. CB
Carncross Jacob C. 5/25/1867 62 CB (Charles Barker’s list)
Carr anon 8/2/1792 “Kisser & Frayley”‘s new powder mill blew up. Kisser killed. Jos. Price D.
Chadwick child 7/19/1830 Willm. & Lucy Chadwick’s child. Mill Creek. #2 or 4 Children’s row O.G. M.H.
Chamberlin child 6/6/1752 Child of John Chamberlin (Camberlin) “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Mtg. record
Chambers Eliz. G. * 10/13/1817 6/4/1848 Dau. of Richard George. 1st George’s row,#32 (row J) old ground. M.H. CB
Chapman anon 10/28/1797 Died with her first child. Joseph Price Diary.
Chapman child 8/25/1748 Child of Samuel Chapman. “Burials at Merion.”
Chapman Samuel 8/25/1748 Same as above “child”? M.H.
Chatterton Jonathan * 8/10/1833 Strip list, “Children’s Row in New Ground” #12; Latch grave bk. p.20 M.H.
Child anon. 6/2/1745 Of Edward Williams’ maid. M.H.
Child anon 7/16/1824 Child from Capt. Tower’s factory. Joseph Price Diary.
Childs Jesse * Dec. 5, 1829 Strip list, “Old Ground,” grave #1
Church Anne * 8/3/1851 Born: Cork, Ir.Dau. of James & Anne Harvey Church. gravestone new row#24
Claphamson Margaret C. 1814 Widow.1st husband was Thos. Wynne of Wynnestay.M.H. She was a Coulton.
Claphamson Samuel 7/29/1808 “…from London.” Married to Marg.”Burials in Merion.” J. Price Diary. M.H.
Clark Kenneth S 1904 1993 89 gravestone
Clark Robert 10/15/1793 “Died at Israel Davis’ place.” Joseph Price Diary.
Clark Mary G. * 3/6/1821 G. = Garrett. M.H.
Cleaver Ann 3/24/1813 Daughter of Jonathan. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Cleaver William 8/9/1809 Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Cochron Margaret 9/2/1809 Joseph Price Diary. Possibly not at Merion.
Colbert Margaret 12/10/1818 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain.
Collums Rebecca 8/8/1796 “…of bad fame.” “Gr’daughter of Mother Road.” Joseph Price Diary.
Comfort child 4/11/1827 Comfort’s child stillborn. Joseph Price Diary.
Comley Elisabeth 11/6/1803 Wife of Isaac Comley. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. No mention in J.P. Diary
Comley Isaiah 9/20/1803 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says “Israel Comley” No mention in J. Price Diary
Comley Joseph 9/26/1803 Comley names, dates all seem to be wrong.
Comley, Jr. Isaac 5/1/1808 “Burials in Merion.” M.H. Date wrong, not mentioned in Diary.
Conard Hananiah W. 10/22/1823 1 Son of Cornelius and Priscilla . “Burials at Merion.”
Conard Ann 10/25/1856 Daughter of Cornelius & Priscilla. Res: Haverford.”Burials at Merion.”
Conard Margaret 11/11/1779 “Burials at Merion.”
Conard Mary 2/15/1855 59 Residence: Tredyferin. “Burials at Merion.”
Conard Edward 5/29/1797 “Burials at Merion.”
Conard Rebecca 7/18/1811 Daughter of David and Sarah. “Burials at Merion.”
Conard Joseph 7/27/1813 “Burials at Merion.”
Conlin Joseph 5/9/1756 Son of Jos. Conlin-left plantation for fear of Indians.”Burials at Merion.”M.H.
Conlin Esther c. 1750s “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Conrad Elizabeth 1/23/1806 75 Strngrs’ yd.”Ignerant dutch people thought her a which.”= J.P.diary. Burials.
Conrad Elizabeth 4/27/1773 M.H. Burials at Merion.
Conrad anon 6/14/1796 Peter Conrad’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Conrad child 6/28/1795 Peters’ tenants. Joseph Price Diary.
Conrad Jonathan 6/8/1770 “Burials at Merion.”M.H.
Conrad child * 7/14/1831 Jos. Conrad’s child.”#20 in children’s row (Latch). Strp. list & MH say#9
Conrad Catherine 7/20/1789 Joseph Price Diary
Cooke Wllm W.J. 1914 Gravestone with Jane Levick Cooke, Levick row.
Cooke Jane Levick Oct. 1, 1914 Gravestone in Levick row. Ensinger’s notes (caretaker).
Cornell child 1/26/1834 James Cornell’s child. Strip list,”Children’s Row in New Ground” #15 M.H.
Couch William 1763 Of Blockley. M.H.
Coulston Charles * 1846? M.H.
Coultar child 10/1750 Young child of George Coultar. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Coulton William 1774 Wife: Phoebe. M.H.
Coulton Joseph 1782 Of Blockley. M.H.
Coutelleer Rebecca * 2/18/1878 81 Wife of Alfrice. Colored row. Strip list, no precise location. 1879? CB
Cowpers child * 3/13/1832 James Cowper’s child. “No. 7 in coloured ground.” L. gr. bk, strip list. M.H.
Cox Rachel F. * 2nd mon. 1848 gravestone illegible. Strip list, “Members’ Row” #34. CB. Rad. Mtg. records
Crain Mary 8/30/1793 “About 83 years old.” Joseph Price Diary
Creakbeam servant 10/22/1754 “A Duch Girl from Phillip Creakbeam” [Krickbaum]. “Burials at Merion.”
Creakbeam anon 10/28/1754 Phillip Creakbeam’s [also: Krickbaum] wife. “Burials at Merion.”
Crease Widow 5/24/1789 J. Price Diary.
Cress John * 5/25/1841 48 Gr’stn. Strip list. Mem’ Row, 12′ from wall#4 or #6 Row G.1st row NG. M.H.
Crippen child 4/11/1824 Son of Bill Crippen-“A black man at Hamilton’s Village.” Joseph Price Diary.
Crockson Hannah 8/6/1750 “Burials at Merion” M.H. Radnor Meeting records.
Crosley anon 1/9/1828 “Crossley’s sister.” Joseph Price Diary. Uncertain, but most likely Merion.
Crosley child 9/2/1827 “coffin 3′ long.” Joseph Price Diary.
Cuarton Richard 1699 Also: Cuerton, Curton, Corne –may have become “Wharton.” M.H.
Dalton Florence Aug. 30, 1915 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave.
Daubert Jonathan * 11/2/1895 caretaker’s notes: 40′ from south wall, 4′ from east wall; County expense.
Davey Ann Strip list. Members Row. #6.
Davey William Strip list. Members Row. #6.
David Margaret 1686 Wife of Hugh John Thomas of Mill Creek, came on the ship Lyon. M.H.
David John 1750 M.H.
David Thomas 1777 Son of Robert David on the ship Lyon. M.H.
David Lewis 1/2/l707-8 Lewis ap David, Llandewy ,Wales.”Burials at Merion.” Source A. M.H.
David David 12/16/1698 From deed. Son of Rowland David & Gower(Gainor ?)Lloyd David. Source A.
David Roberts 12/4/1700 Son of Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” Source A. M.H.`
David Elizabeth 12/5/1733 Widow of Robert David. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Morgan 1694-1695 Married to Katharine C—? M.H.
David Enoch 2/12/1805 M.H.
David Hugh 4/6/1700 Source A.”Burials at Merion.”
David Catherine 5/27/1700 “Wife of Thomas.” Source A. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David David * 3/4/1685 5/3/1685 See David James. M.H.= son of Robt. & Eliz.? “Burials at Merion.” Source A.
David Morgan 5/4/1748-9 From Blockley. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Robert * c. 1645 7/26/1732 87 Arriv’d on Lyon. Left 4 pounds for wall of burial gr.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Anne 7/26/1749 Listed as “Davies” -Widow of Morgan David of Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
David Morgan 7/7/1740 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Catherine 8/12/1683 or 1693. Dau. of Rob’t & Eliz. on the Lyon. Bur.at Mer. Source A. M.H.
David Elizabeth * 8/12/1685 “wife of Thomas.” May have died in 1695. Source A. Burials at Merion.
David David 8/21/1740 Son of William David. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Elizabeth 9/5/1683 Daughter of David David. “Burials at Merion.” Source A.
David John ll/22/l720-1 Son of Thos. David (Davis ?)of the Gulf. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
David Robert 11/22/1703 Source A. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies anon 11/7/1752 Daniel Davies’s widow. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies David 12/16/1739 Cooper. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies David 12/2/1750? A skinner. “Burials at Merion.”
Davies Jonathan 2/19/1733 Son of David Davies. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies child 2/29/1744 Child of David Davies, skinner. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies child 5/2/1745 Child of Daniel Davies. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies David 5/31/1724 Son of Richard, 1st purchaser & preacher. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies Anne 6/3/1742 Daughter of Mary Davies. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies Daniel 6/8/1749 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies Sarah 7/30/1750 Daughter of Enoch Davies. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies David 7/4/1760 Son of Enoch Davies. See also David Davis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davies child 6/6/1745 Child of Daniel Davies. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Davie 1768 M.H.
Davis Susanna 1774 1836 Daughter of Paul Jones & Phoebe Roberts. M.H.
Davis Oscar W. 1897 1971 74 gravestone
Davis Alberta S. 1893 1993 lOO gravestone
Davis David 10/13/1765 Blind. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis David 10/14/1760 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Sarah 10/15/1800 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davis Prudence 10/17/1823 Wife of William. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Ruth 10/25/1799 “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Catherine 11/3/1818 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Enoch 2/12/1805 “Burials at Merion.” In old yard near mulberry tree. Joseph Price Diary.
Davis Priscilla 2/18/1759 Wife of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Phineas 2/19/1795 Rev.vet.J.P.Diary=”buried him old yard by mulburey tree.”Bur. at Mer.”M.H.
Davis Reuben * 2/19/1832
Davis Sarah 3/22/1806 Wife of Samuel. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Isaac * 3/22/1832 #8 new ground. Possibly the same as the Revolution veteran above. M.H.
Davis Jennis(ie) 3/3/1777 Widow. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Tacy 4/24/1821 65 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis Isaac 4/29/1769 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davis Jesse 4/3/1825 80 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis John 5/15/1803 “John Davis Schuylkill.” Buried in old graveyard. Joseph Price Diary.
Davis Elizabeth 5/24/1775 Phineas Davis’s wife. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Davis child 8/29/1807 John Davis’s child. Grandchild of Paul Jones. “Burials at Merion.”
Davis child 9/17/1795 Mordica Davis’s child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Joseph Price Diary.
Davis Isaac Rev. veteran. Right section, “David” lot; no headstone. Source B.
Dawson child * Joseph Dawson’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #13 with Hansell child
Deal anon 7/3/1826 Godfrey Deal’s mother. J. Price Diary. Probably not at Merion.
Deaves Agnes * 1745 1824 78 from a Harvey journal. “A respectable member of the Soc. of Friends.” M.H.
Dennis Mary 12/14/1775 Widow. “Burials at Merion.”
Dennis Ruthanna 7/7/1838 Wife of William. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Dickerson Paul Strip list. New Row. #25.
Dickinson Edward 1886 next to Mary Saunders, by N. wall; Super’s “receit”; strip list: Mem.’s Row.
Dickinson Eliz. Bath. * 1886 #24 Strangers Row (M. Risch 6/30/1965) c. Dec. 1886;
Dickinson Elizabeth 1898 caretaker’s note: 66′ west of NE corner along north wall, 100′ south.
Dickinson William 10/4/1813 Risch corres., 6/30/1965; “Burials at Merion.”
Dickinson Bathsheba 12/31/1772 10/4/1847 74 Dau. of Col. Edw. Heston, wife of John D. #26 Row N, new ground. M.H.
Dickinson Isaac 1877? #25. Child of Ellen Jones & Geo. Smith? M. Risch corres. 6/30/1965.
Dickinson child 3/18/1836 Child of William Dickinson. #6 Stone Friends row.
Dickinson child * 3/18/1836 Wllm. Dickinson’s child. Strip list: Stone Friends Row #6.Risch corres. M.H.
Dickinson Elizabeth 6/10/1811 6/27/1888 77 Gravestone between Sallie Pawling and Washington Bealer. Risch ltr. CB
Dickinson Josiah 6/3/1760 Child of Eleanor Dickinson; Risch corres. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Dickinson Loyd 6/5/1760 Child of Eleanor Dickinson. Risch corres. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Dickinson Eleanor 6/8/1760 A child. Risch corres. 6/30/1965; “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Dickinson Edward H. 8/25/1868 59 Died of cancer. Lived in W. Phila. Radnor Mtg. records (microfilm)
Dickinson Eliz. B. A. #1 (Strangers Row?) Risch corres., 1965;
Dickinson Eliz. B. A. #6 New Row–a.k.a Jones row (Dr. Thos. D.) M. Risch ltr, 1965. Strip list.
Dickinson Thomas W.* #30, Strangers Ground, south of center walk. Risch corres.
Dickinson William W.* #38 Members’ New Row, south of ctr walk; Risch corres. 1965. Strip list.
Dickinson Thomas W. Uncertain.
Dickson Ed From strip list, “Back of Book” Grave #22
Dickson unknown strip list, “Back of Book” grave #25
Dodomite Margaret 7/5/1750 Wife to James Dodomite (Dodmead). “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Donelson anon 11/4/1749 Killed by fall of tree at John Robt. Matthew plantation.”Bur. at Merion.” M.H.
Dougherty Catherine * June 23, 1831 Strip list, “Old Ground” grave #11; Latch grave book says #19. M.H. =#11
Dubree Sarah * 4/10/1867 83 Strip list. Members row. #25. CB
Dunn Anna 8/16/1813 88 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Durnal child 7/10/1794 Child of Holland Tinley & Tom Durnal. J. P. Diary. Not clear burial at Merion.
Dutchman anon. ca. 1750 From plantation of Thomas David. “Burials at Merion.”
Dyer Sarah Price 1738 3/23/1794 Widow of Capt. Dyer; dau. of Edw. Price. “Bur. at Merion.”J. P. Diary. M.H.
Dyer Alexander 9/18/1781 Capt. or Lt. on Rattlesnake, Rev. War. Wife= Sarah Price. Burials at M. M.H.
Eastburn Ella * In same row with James Paiste (third row in New Ground) Caretaker list?
Eaton anon. 6/12/1742 M.H. Merion Meeting records, microfilm.
Edgbert child * David Edgbert’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #17 with Grant child.
Edler(s) Emma R. 1/10/1845 6/7/1893 48 gravestone; in caretaker’s notebook, “paid $5.00.” CB
Edler(s) William H. Jul 13, 1905 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave. 1905.
Edler(s) child * Strip list. Members’ Row#32.Next Jos. Price child, same row as J.Schlater.
Edward John ap 1683 Yeoman.Son of Edw. ap John. Dau. Eliz married John Roberts 6/17/1706.MH.
Edward William ap 1/3/1714 Bro. of John. Came on the Lyon. Built original house of George family. M.H.
Edward Evan 1683? Radnor Births…Deaths…buried at “Mirion”
Edward Jane ca. 1652 8/3/1745 93 Widow of Wllm ap Edward of Blockley. (Also “Bedward”) M.H.
Edward Griffith 9/27/1726 Merion Mtg. record, microfilm
Edward anon c. 1702 Widow: Margaret. She became 4th wife of Hugh John Thomas of Mill Cr. M.H.
Edwards Eliz. Ormes 1/15/1755 Mother of Jonathan Edwards. M.H. Mer. Mtg. records says 5/15/1753.
Edwards child 11/28/1755 Child of Jonathan Edwards. M.H. Merion Meeting records (microfilm)
Edwards Jonathan 1719 12/23/1759 40 Wife = Lydia Wynne. M.H.
Edwards child 4/27/1789 Joseph Price Diary
Edwards Thomas 1749-50 5/24/1751 Son of Jonathan & Lydia Wynne Edwards. M.H.
Edwards child 7/8/1755 Child of Jonathan Edwards’ sister. M.H.
Edwards Thomas 9/8/1760 Son of Jonathan. Second child by same name. M.H.
Ellis Hannah 10/12/1813 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Ellis Rebecca 2/3/1815 87 Widow. “Burials at Merion.”
Ellis Thomas 2/8/1777 A sadler. M.H. Merion Mtg. records (microfilm)
Ellis John 3/11/1720 Son of William Roberts Ellis. “Burials at Merion.”
Ellis Mary Eliz. 7/19/1835 5/19/1836 1 Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Ellis. M.H.
Ellis Ellin 6/15/1697 Wife of Robert Ellis who evid. was buried 2 days later. M.H.
Ellis Robert 6/17/1697 Source A. Preacher. Wife Ellin died same month. Son = Abel Roberts. M.H.
Ellis Wm. Robert 7/18/1719 Wife = Affy. Sons = John & William (Blockley).”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Ellis Bridget 9/19/1811 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Ellis Hannah 9/23/1802 Widow of Thomas Ellis. Joseph Price Diary. M.H. Merion Mtg. records
Ellis Robert c. 1708 Son of Rowland Ellis. M.H.
Ellis child 10/13/1824 Joseph Price Diary.
Eme(o)rick Elizabeth * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #2.
Enoch anon 4/25/1828 “Enoch’s daughter.” Enoch helps make coffins. Joseph Price Diary.
Erwine David 1/21/1794 Son of John-4th & last child–all family dead but father. Jos. Price Diary
Erwine Jane 1/6/1794 Daughter of John. Joseph Price Diary.
Erwine child 10/12/1793 J. P. Diary. Possibly yellow fever swept through the family.
Erwine child 10/12/1793 Price Diary
Erwine anon 10/17/1793 John Erwine’s wife. Strangers’ yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Erwine Polly 11/21/1793 “A fine healthy girl less than 4 weeks ago.” Joseph Price Diary.
Esra child * 10/13/1832 John Esra’s child.# 9 in new ground, new row. Latch bk.,p.16 M.H.
Evan Thomas l/l4/l707-8 “Burials at Merion.” Source A. M.H.
Evans Thomas John 1707 Husb. of Lowery Johnes. He also known as “Thomas Jones.” M.H.
Evans Jane 1711 T. A. Glenn, p. 81.
Evans child 1746 David and Edna Evans’ child. M.H.
Evans Hugh 1771 92 Son of Thomas Evans of Gwynedd. M.H.
Evans Susannah D. 1797 D=Dumall, wife of Nehemiah Evans. M.H. confused: also gives 6/17/1826
Evans Mary 1/5/1700 David. No indication of relationship. Source?
Evans Griffith 10/14/1774 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Mary 10/14/1837 72 Wife of Joseph. M.H.
Evans anon 10/2/1735 Son of John Evans, weaver. M.H. Merion Meeting records.
Evans Mary 10/2/1812 Widow of Peter; residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Peter 10/22/1803 Residence: Radnor.”Burials at Merion.” A Peter Evans on muster rolls (DAR)
Evans John 10/4/1817 Carpenter & asst. coffinmaker with Jos. Price. Rev. veteran. Price Diary.
Evans Margaret 10/8/1760 Parent: Peter ? Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans John 11/19/1746 Weaver. Merion Meeting records.
Evans Adah 11/21/1800 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Edith 11/23/1800 Wife of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Charles 11/24/1762 Son of David, brother of Anne. Merion Mtg. records M.H.
Evans Anne 11/26/1761 Daughter of David Evans. M.H. Merion Mtg. records.
Evans child 11/8/1746 Child of John Evans weaver. M.H. Merion Mtg. records.
Evans Elizabeth 11/9/1797 Mother of Nehemiah Evans. Joseph Price Diary.
Evans Hugh 12/16/1743 Son of Robert Evans. Merion Mtg. records. M.H.
Evans Robert 12/23/1753 78 M.H.
Evans Catherine 12/27/1761 Widow. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Elizabeth 12/30/1806 Widow of Amos. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Evan 12/8/1776 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Elizabeth 2/12/1695 Wife of Stephen. Source ?
Evans child 2/21/1797 Merion Mtg. records. Wrong date? Father Neh. II died almost same time.
Evans Nehemiah 2/22/1797 Rev. vet., Ensign. Gatekeeper#2, Lanc. Pike. In Evans lot. Price Diary. DAR.
Evans child 2/24/1789 Nehemiah Evans’ child. Buried in family row. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Evans Peter 3/4/1746 Son of David Evans. M.H. Burials at Merion.
Evans Amos 3/9/1764 “Burials at Merion.”
Evans David 4/17/1817 85 Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Evans David 4/19/1784 M.H.
Evans Mary 4/27/1764 Parent ?: Peter. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Abigail 1722 4/29/1745 Dau. of Hugh & Lowry E. G’dau. of Rees John William. M.H. Mer. Mtg. record
Evans child 5/11/1794 Abner Evans’ child. Jos. Price Diary. Not clear that burial is at Merion.
Evans Lydia 5/12/1769 Wife of Abraham. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans anon 5/17/1810 Abner Evans’ wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Evans Rowland J. 5/31/1698 J = John. Son of Thomas John Evan, or “Thomas Johnes” or Jones. M.H.
Evans Catherine M. 6/11/1708 Wife of Hugh. M=Morgan. Source A./”Burials at Merion.”/M.H.
Evans Eleanor 6/13/1786 Widow of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans child 6/14/1791 Nehemiah Evans’ child. Strip list, “Mem.s’ New Row” #12 w. Wetherill.M.H.
Evans anon 6/18/1826 Joseph Evans’ mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Evans Rachel 6/25/1766 Wife of Evan Evans. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Thomas 7/14/1719 Living at David Mirick’s place. M.H. See Browning, p. 264.
Evans John 7/21/1707 From Nantmeal in Radnorshire. M.H.
Evans anon 7/27/1736 Daughter of John Evans, weaver M.H. Merion Mtg. records.
Evans Abraham 7/27/1793 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Cadwalader 7/4/1813 Son of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Mary 7/5/1766 Wife of Peter. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans Hannah 8/13/1798 Widow. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans child 8/28/1777 Child of Thos. Evans. M.H.
Evans Edna 9/20/1746 Wife of David Evans. M.H.
Evans Sarah 9/26/1760 Also spelled “Sararah.” Wife of John. Res: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans David 9/27/1805 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Evans child * 9/28/1833 Jesse Evans’ child. #2 in new row next to Aspinal ch.,new ground.Latch. M.H.
Evans Jane c. 1704 Dau. of Cadwallader Morgan. M.H.
Evans Alice L. c. 1714 L = Lewis. Second wife of Hugh Evans. M.H.
Evans child ca. 1850 Members new row #12, with Wetherill. Caretaker list.
Evans John l2/3/l707-8 Son of Edward. M.H.
Evans Sarah l2/l8/1740 Wife of Robert Evans. M.H.
Evans Elizabeth ll/3/l730-l Widow. M.H.
Evans George W. * Strip list:”Members’ New Row” #10. Vet. Mex. war. Bro. of Nehemiah.
Evans Joseph * Son of Nehem. I. Husb. of Eliza. Strip list. Members New Row, grave #26
Evans W. gravestone illegible
Ever Conrad * 9/21/1833 No. 13 in new ground. Latch grave book, p. 21. Strip list agrees. M.H.
Eves George 10/30/1717 “Burnt at Edward Jones’s.” M.H. See Browning, p. 264.
Ewing child Child of Alfred Ewing. Strip list. Members’ Row. Betw. #17 & # 18.
Ewing child Child of Alfred Ewing–at foot of Ed. Hunt, #16 from north wall.
F. I.A. gravestone reads “I.A.F.” CB
Father anon 1839 52 Gravestone next to John Leedom, #39 Last Row, Old Ground, Row F. M.H.
Ferguson child * Wm. Ferguson’s child. Strip list, Strangers’ Row, #29 with Struther child.
Field Deborah 5/31/1802 41 Buried near the George family. M.H.
Fielding child * 6/12/1833 Jn.Fielding’s child.Next to A.Bickerton & I.Bond children. Latch=Old gr’nd.MH.
Fielding child * 9/20/1830 John Fielding’s ch. ” Latch=# 8 in childrens row. Strip lst & M.H. say #5.
Firman Kate 7/18/1794 Young servant to Jos. Price’s mother. Died of flux. Joseph Price Diary.
Firth John 3/6/1729 M.H. Merion Meeting records (microfilm)
Fisher Elizabeth 1/31/1768 Wife of Michael F.”Bur.s at Mer.” Pa. Hist. Soc. article=1762. M.H.=1764
Flowers John * 1832
Flowers Philip * 4/28/1832 M.H.
Fols Mattis 1/25/1795 Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that the burial is at Merion.
Frame Anne 5/16/1756 Anne Frame was a charge to Blockley Township. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Francis anon 5mo. 1728 Wife of Arnold Francis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Franks Charles A. 1891 1967 76 gravestone: Charles Alfred Franks, husband of Lillian M. Franks. MM archive
Frasel Jacob 12/15/1822 Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Frasel Hannah 6/10/1824 Widow of Jacob. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Fry John B 4/1833 Wife = Susanna Jones, daughter of Paul & Tacy. M.H.
Fry child * John Fry’s child. Members’ Row, 12′ fr. wall,#33, with Mary Hansell.
Funk Caroline R. 1842 1913 71 R = Roberts. Gravestone #14 in Roberts 1st row (strip list).
Furth John 3/6/1729 “Burials at Merion.”
Gabb Thomas 2/14/1791 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Gardner child 8/1/1805 At Michael Hoffman’s. Buried in Strangers’ Yard. Coffin=#2.50. JP Diary.
Garigues Sarah 1/21/1852 84 Wife of Samuel. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Garigues Samuel 1/23/1852 80 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Garigues Ruthanna 1/8/1846 Dau. of Haydock & Sidney. Res:Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Garigues Abraham 10/13/1820 Son of Samuel & Sarah. Residence: Haverford.
Garigues Hannah 8/25/1863 66 Dau. of Samuel & Sarah. Res.: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Garret child 12/20/1824 Joseph Price Diary. (Garrett?)
Garret child 3/23/1818 Jacob Garret’s child. (Garrett?) Joseph Price Diary.
Garret anon 5/8/1805 Sam Garret’s son (grown man). (Garrett ?) Joseph Price Diary.
Garrett Garrett 1732 Of Swedish ancestry. Home on Old Ford Rd., near Schuylkill. “The Lilacs” M.H.
Garrett Jacob 1756 M.H. Date in doubt.
Garrett Samuel 1822 Rev. vet. Capt. Isaac Roberts’ Co. 1780. M.H.
Garrett John H. * 1877 H. = Hensey. #23 Strangers’ Row. Date in doubt.
Garrett William * 12/17/1789 1/12/1833 44 Husband of Eliz. Garrett. Strip list, New Ground #10. Latch, Row L. M.H.
Garrett Jane * 10/29/1831 Dau. of Wllm. & Eliz. Garrett. See Wllm. below. Child. row #1 new gr. Latch.
Garrett William * l8l7 or l8l8 10/29/1831 13 Son of Wllm & Eliz. Garrett. Died w. sister?#1 in child. row, new gr. M.H.
Garrett Lawrence 11/6/1777 Of Blockley. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Garrett MaryWilson 11/8/1845 2 M.H.
Garrett Elizabeth * 4/7/1794 2/10/1832 37 Wife of Wllm.New Ground strangers children’s row#2 next her child.” Latch.
Garrett John * 11/2/1802 3/27/1853 51 Removed to Dutch church.
Garrett Morton * 3/4/1778 Rev. vet. Major. Blockley. “Garrig” on Scull&Heap map. Source B. M.H.
Garrett Susanna * 4/10/1836 75 Wid. of Morton Garrett. Mother of Wllm. Strip list:g’stone. #23 Row N. M.H.
Garrett child * 4/7/1836 Andrew Garrett’s child (Mary Jane?) Strip list. Children’s row, #3. M.H.
Garrett John * 8/24/1827 6/17/1829 Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #19.
Garrett anon 7/2/1793 Wife of Samuel Garrett. Joseph Price Diary.
Garrett Andrew * 7/23/1798 gravestone; strip list: Strangers’ Row, #25. CB
Garrett Morton * 2/9/1751 8/13/1813 62 Rev. vet.Capt. R. Roberts Co. Son of John? Wife=Susanna Penegar.Src. B. M.H.
Garrett Margaret * 1/25/1815 8/19/1835 20 Daughter of William & Elizabeth. M.H.
Garrett Mary Ann * Gravestone. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, # 22. C.B.
Garrett Mary Jane* Daughter of Andrew & Ann Garrett.
Garrett Rebecca * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #2.
Garrett Susan John Henry Garrett’s child.Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #23, with Shepperd.
Gaskill Charles 21 gravestone. CB
Gaunt anon 7/29/1824 18 Died of “white swelling”;had lost arm & leg. Joseph Price Diary.
Gaunt child 7/4/1827 Joseph Price Diary.
George Margaret 1771 M.H.
George Jane 1803 Amos George’s daughter.”Burials at Merion.” See “anon…dau of Rebecca” ?
George Hannah ? 1817 1848 gravestone, somewhat illegible.
George Samuel 1853 Caretaker’s list.
George servant 1/10/1793 “Man at Joseph George’s place.” Joseph Price Diary.
George Thomas 1/24/l738-9 Son of Richard George of Wales. Lived, Blockley. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Alice 10/22/1775 10/13/1863 88 Gravestone. Source D. CB says she was born in 1775.
George Rebecca * 3/7/1751 10/15/1827 76 g’stone.Mother of Joseph,wid. of Amos.”Bur’s,”Diary, M.H.#30 row K,#7 so.
George Sarah * 8/12/1793 10/15/1839 46 gr’stone. Dau. of Edw. & Sarah; Blockley.”Bur’s at Mer.”24 ?28? row J. CB.
George Charles 10/16/1810 Son of Joseph & Alice; residence: Blockley; “Burials at Merion.”
George John 10/25/1714 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Edmund * 12/24/1795 10/31/1853 gr’stone.Son of Edward & Sarah; Blockley.”Burials at Merion.” CB
George Richard, Jr. 10/6/1771 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Betty Jones 11/10/1806 82 Jacob Jones’s sister.1st burial from Jacob’s house in 100 yrs. J.P. Diary.
George Joseph * 6/6/1773 11/10/1845 72 Gravestone. Old ground. Family row J, grave #30. Source D. M.H. CB.
George Rebecca * 6/19/1791 11/10/1869 78 gravestone#2 “south side of Center walk.” CB.
George Jane ca. 1665 11/12/1753 88 Widow of Richard of Wales, 1st purchaser. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Elizabeth W. 11/9/1806 82 Widow of Jesse. Sister of Jacob Jones. “Burials at Merion.” J.P. Diary. M.H.
George Evan 11/l2/1757 Son of Jane George. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Richard, Sr. 12/1/1771 Left money for a free school at Merion Mtg. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George William E.* 4/18/1788 12/22/1863 75 gravestone#1 “south side of Center walk.” CB.
George Sarah * 8/10/1755 12/24/1835 80 g’stone. Widow of Edward;”Bur. at Mer.#9= Source D. Row K#28=M.H. CB.
George Thomas 3/26/1810 12/28/1861 Gravestone. Source D. CB. Radnor Mtg. records.
George John M. * 10/16/1802 2/11/1887 85 gravestone.#23 “south side of Center walk.” Endowed the George School. CB.
George Edward 2/14/1749 Of Blockley. Son of immigrant Richard George. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
George Jesse * 11/23/1785 2/14/1873 88 gravestone. #5 “south side of Center walk.” CB
George Thomas * 1740 2/25/1808 68 Bach.son of Geo/Eliz George.”Bur. at Merion.”#14 south of center.Diary. M.H.
George Amos * 9/10/1747 2/26/1790 42 Son of Geo. George & Eliz. Wife=Rebec.Price diary. Bur.at Mer.Strip list.M.H.
George Hannah 3/10/1794 Daughter of Edward. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Edman 1789 3/12/1794 Son of Edward. “Burials at Merion.”Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
George Richard * 6/17/1777 3/22/1854 77 Old ground. Strip list. Source D. CB.
George Joseph W. * 11/17/1804 3/28/1885 81 #3 “south side of Center walk.” CB. Radnor Mtg. records.
George Anne * 2/17/1734 3/5/1778 44 Daughter of George & Eliz. George.”Bur.s at Mer.”#17 south of center. M.H.
George Jesse 3/6/1791 Son of David. Rev. vet. 3rd batt. Phila. mil. Price Diary.”Bur. at Mer.” M.H.
George David * 1738 4/15/1797 59 Rev. vet.3rd Batt. says M.H.”Burials at Merion.”#15 south of cntr.walk. J.P.
George Sophia M. * 3/4/1813 4/24/1881 68 gravestone#4 “south side of Center walk.” Illegible gr’stone, Source D. CB.
George Jane *` 10/13/1806 4/24/1886 80 gravestone.#10 “south side of Center walk.” Source D. CB Radnor records.
George Hannah * 5/2/1873 Old ground. Gravestone. Widow of William E. George. Source D. CB
George Hugh 5/26/1716 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says buried 1/26/1718.
George David 5/3/1759 Son of Jesse George. Wife = Margaret. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Mary H. * 1/7/1785 5/9/1869 84 Gravestone almost unreadable. Strip list. Source D. CB
George Margaret 6/1/1776 Widow of David George. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Elizabeth * 3/14/1701 6/23/1784 83 Widow of George George. “Bur. at Mer.” #19 south of center walk. M.H.
George Enoch * 7/7/1731 7/14/1740-1 10 Son of George George. “Burials at Merion.” #18 south side of center walk.
George anon 7/30/1803 Daughter of Rebecca George. Died of Consumption. Joseph Price Diary.
George Isaac * 1/24/1736 7/5/1740-1 5 Son of George George.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.#16 south side of center walk.
George George * 1690 8/1/1749 Son of Richard.”Bur. at Merion.” Str. list: #20 south of center walk. M.H.
George Jane * 8/15/1827 13 #8 “so. side of walk” or #29 Row K.”Dau. of Richard. M.H. JP Diary. CB.
George David * 1795 or1798 8/18/1868 70 gravestone. #6 “south side of Center walk.” Source D.
George Thomas * 1/31/1784 8/21/1852 Son of Edward & Sarah; residence: Blockley.”Bur. at Merion.” Source D. CB
George Guin 8/29/1765 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 1768.
George Ruth 1726 8/31/1727 Daughter of David George. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Edward * 3/1/1743 9/11/1826 84 Rev. vet.Pa. militia. Son of Geo. & Eliz. Diary. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Jesse 1724 9/12/1727 Son of David George. Parents named 2nd son Jesse. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
George Sarah * 1832 Dec. 27, 1834 2 Strip list. George Row#11. Dau. of Wllm and Hannah. Other date:5/14/1837.
George Esther ll/26/1775 Wife of Richard George. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Gerenbeck Paula 1938 1991 53 gravestone: See “Sabean” Marker easy to read in 1999.
German John 7/18/1769 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Gibbs anon. Young colored man. “Plane (sic) oil coffin.” Latch’s grave book.
Gill child * April, 1830 Nov. 8, 1830 George Gill’s child. (8 months old) Latch grave book, p. 4. M.H.
Gilpin child * John Gilpin’s (Gilton ?)child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #3.
Gilpin child * John Gilpin’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #4. with J. Terry’s child.
Goodman John 5/9/1797 Joseph Price Diary.
Goodman child 9/26/1796 Conrad Goodman’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Gootens Rebecca 1802 Gravestone–east end.
Gracy Samuel 11/17/1811 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Gracy John 5/2/1828 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Grant child * William Grant’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #10.
Grant child * William Grant’s child. Str. list. Strangers’ Row, #17, with Eddgbert child.
Grant child * Wm. Grant’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #26 with Hansell’s child.
Greaves George 11/16/1851 73 Husband of Sarah. Strip list, “Members’ New Row”#9(north of center walk.)
Greaves child * 8/31/1832 Henry Greaves’ child. #6 beside #5 New Ground Children’s row. Latch p. 13.
Greaves Ella * 5/2/1846 ca. 1848 2 Charles Greaves’ child. Strip list, Members’ Row, 12′ from wall, #32.
Greaves Charles 9/2/1818 Feb. 16, 1911 92 gravestone (between R. Huntly and Jesse Pawling gravestones) CB
Green W. Russell 1890 1937 47 gravestone, n.e. corner. Pvt. World War I. Sources B & C.
Greenwood child * 6/30/1834 John Greenwood’s child, strip list:”Children’s Row in New Ground” #16. M.H.
Griffith John/Jones 1707 “of Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Edward 1719 Married Katherine William at Hugh Roberts’ house, 8/18/1689. M.H.
Griffith Lewis 1/25/1765 Son of Griffith Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Anne 10/27/1719 Daughter of John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Jacob 10/5/1801 Joseph Price Diary.
Griffith John 11/20/1743 Son of Griffith John. Wife=Grace Foulke. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Nathan 12/8/1765 Son of Evan Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Edward 4/4/1737 Son of John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.”
Griffith Catherine 4/5/1716 Servant to Evan Harry. Possibly a relative says M.H. “Burials at Merion.”
Griffith Griffith 5/2/1747-8 Son of John & Grace Foulke G. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Elizabeth 6/22/1790 Wife of Abraham. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Griffith Tacey 6/26/1764 Daughter of Evan and Bathsheba Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Anne 6mo.1715 Daughter of John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Ellis 8/16/1734 Son of John Griffith. Died 3 days before bro. Thom. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Evan 8/17/1762 “Burials at Merion.”
Griffith Thomas 8/19/1734 Son of John Griffith. Died 3 days after bro. Ellis.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Jane 9/18/1710 Daughter of John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Ellin l2/22/l740-l Daughter of John Griffith and Grace Foulke Griffith.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Grace l2/l9/l739-4 Grace Foulke G. =Wife of John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Griffith Katharine 1750 Widow of Edward Griffith. Doubtful date of death. M.H.
Grundy Robert * Jul. 23, 1830 “No. 4 new ground.” Latch grave book, p. 2. & strip list. M.H.
Gummere Abigail G. 9/28/1840 Wife of Samuel J. Res: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Guyger child 11/17/1806 Son of Jesse Guyger (“our John’s brother.”) Joseph Price Diary.
Guyger child 12mo.1747/8 A child of “Jeslar Giger.”Should be “Jesley Guyger.””Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Gwenlian James 11mo. 1686 Source A. “Wife Howel”
Hagy Charles 1835 Strip list “Stone Friends’Row” #2, with Walter Moore’s child.
Hagy Mary Price 1/16//1812 11/29//1873 61 gravestone illegible (near tree). CB could read it in 1915.
Hagy William 3/1834 Rev. vet. See Norristown Herald, March 5, 1834. M.H.
Hagy Isaac * 3/6/1835 Strip list “Stone Friends’ Row,” #1. Buried with Charles Price. M.H.
Hagy William R.* 5/7/1867 Gravestone illegible. Strip list. Members row. #26. M.H.=says he is “Jr.”
Hagy children * W. R. Hagy’s children. Strip list. Members’ Row, 12′ from wall, #38.
Hall Anne 1814 1832 Gravestone.. Members’ new row #8.
Hall John * 1759 1/17/1842 83 Rev. vet. Src. B. Strip list, Mems’ Row#8, with Anne Hall.Frm. Blockley.M.H.
Hall William E. * 10/30/1852 12 gravestone deteriorated
Hall Mahlon 1733 1819? Married Jane Higgs. M.H.
Hall child 1840? Wllm Hall’s child. Members’ Row, foot of grave #5, w. Henrietta Jones’ child
Hall Anne * 9/20/1811 2/22/1852 gravestone. Almost certainly, the same as Anne Hall above. Dates differ.
Hall Grace * 3/21/1832 Strip list. “Colored Ground” #8. M.H.
Hall Hepzibah E.* 4/27/1834 Maiden name: Ellis.#5 Mems New Row (betw. Hannah Ott & R. Streeper) M.H.
Hall Jane 1720 5/10/1812 Dau. of James & Eliz. Higgs. Wife of Mahlon Hall. M.H.
Hall Hannah * 12/31/1792 5/23/1852 Strip list, “Members’ New Row” grave # 13
Hall Anne * 6/17/1845 91 Strip list, Members Row, 12′ from wall#8 or 10 with husb.John Hall. M.H.
Hall William S.* 12/30/1831 ll/22/1879? 48 gr’stone. Thos. Hall’s son. Members row,#40. Row complete. Strip list. C.B.
Hall child Othneal Hall’s child. Strip list “Strangers’ or Mem.Row”#7, w. Reyd’s child.
Hall child * James Hall’s child. Strip list, Members Row, 12′ from wall, #12.
Hall child * William Hall’s child at foot of grave #6 Members’ row, w. Moore child.
Hall James Child at head of grave #12
Hall Mary * #14 Members’ New Row
Hall Othneal * #20, Members Row. Another list says “Strangers’ Row” #20. Caretakers.
Hallowell William * 10/7/1831 Son of William & Mary Hallowell. #24 Old ground. M.H.
Hallowell Isaac 11/17/1821 Parents: Wm. & Catherine. Residence: Lower Merion. “Burials in Merion.”
Hallowell child * 3/ 13/1836 Cadwallader Hallowell’s child. Strip list. Children’s row #1.
Hallowell Isaac 2 (?) 5/27/1826 Parents: Wm. & Catherine. Residence: Lower Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Hallowell Rachel 8/22/1812 Parents: Wm. & Catherine. Residence: Lower Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Hallowell Catherine 9/5/1826 Wife of William. Residence: Lower Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Hamberger John 2/24/1753 M.H.
Hamelton anon 9/29/1721 Wife of Hance Hamelton. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Hammer Si(d)ney 5/15/1810 “Burials at Merion.”
Hampton Ann * Apr. 21, 1871 Strip list. New Row. #2
Hancock child * 2/20/1847 Joseph Hancock’s child. Strip list, Members’ Row, #25. So. of center walk.
Hansell Amos * 12/17/1830 “No. 5 new Ground.” Latch grave book. p. 4. Strip list agrees. M.H. agrees.
Hansell Isaac 3/15/1872 83 Two “Isaacs” ? Chas. Barker gives both sets of dates.
Hansell anon 4/9/1827 Isaac Hansell’s wife; “hung herself in the Barn.” Joseph Price Diary.
Hansell Isaac * Apr 17, 1892 Gravestone. Other death date: March 15, 1872. Strip list. New Row#5. CB.
Hansell Joseph * Jan 16, 1830 “No. 1 new ground”Latch Grave Book. Strip list says “grave #1.” M.H.
Hansell Elizabeth * Jun 18, 1871 78 Strip list. New Row. #3
Hansell Charles * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #11.
Hansell child * Ezra Hansell’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #13 (with Dawson child)
Hansell child * Ezra Hansell’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #26 with Grant’s child.
Hansell Ezra * Strip list “Strangers’ Row”#4. Husb. of Mary Ellis H. buried at Fernwood Ce.
Hansell Lewis * Strip list, Members Row, 12′ from wall, #9.
Hansell Mary * Strip list. Members’ Row, 12′ from wall, #33.
Hardin Esther 9/15/1824 Old Abe Hardin’s widow, died in Philadelphia. Joseph Price Diary.
Hardin child 9/27/1791 Abe Harden’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Harding Margaret * “Mrs.” Harding. Strip list. Graves . #27.
Hare child * 10/9/1833 Joseph Hare’s child, strip list, “Children’s Row in New Ground” #13 M.H.
Harlan Joseph G. 11/12/1857 32 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Harlan Anna A. 9/28/1859 32 Wife of Joseph. Residence: Chester. “Burials at Merion.”
Harper John 12/6/1781 A pauper. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Harris(s) George 11/15/1694 Source A. & “Burials at Merion.” Was spelled “Harries.”
Harry Margaret 1/31/l750-l First wife of David Harry. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Harry anon 11/26/1827 Rees Harry’s wife. Joseph Price Diary. Most likely at Merion.
Harry John 12/17/1760 Parent: Samuel. Residence: Radnor. “Burials in Merion.”
Harry Elizabeth 2/3/1782 Widow. Residence: Radnor. “Burials in Merion.”
Harry Benjamin 4/28/1810 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, but most likely at Merion.
Harry Mary 4/4/1759 Parent: David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials in Merion.”
Harry John 8/15/1800 Joseph Price Diary. Place of burial uncertain.
Harvey William * 1814 1815 1 from a Harvey journal
Harvey child * 1876 1876 James B. Harvey’s child. Strip list. Members New Row. grave #43 w. Lynch
Harvey Margaret * 1820 1880 60 gravestone. Daughter of Edward and Margaret Harvey. CB.
Harvey Margaret A. 1819 1880 61 gravestone. Also from a Harvey journal. Born in Philadelphia. CB.
Harvey anon 1/3/1819 “Old Harvey, an Englishman.” Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain.
Harvey Edward * 1783 11/7/1858 75 Harvey jrnal.Born, Co. Carlow, Ire.; Mem.’s New Row#42. Sn of Willm. CB.
Harvey Caroline D.* 1824 2/28/1877 53 from a Harvey journal.D. = Deaves. Strip list. New Row. #13. CB
Harvey Margaret B. 2/5/1832 wife of Edward Harvey, from a Harvey journal. B stands for Boyle. M.H.
Harvey Mary D. * 1836 or1827 7/17/1875 49 D =Dudley. Harvey journal. Strip list, Mems. New Row # 42 w. Edward. CB.
Harvey Margaret * Feb. 4, 1832 47 Strip l.”Old Ground”#16 or#27 Latch book. “In old saw pit, next Jane Price”
Harvey Mary From strip list, “Back of Book” Grave #20
Hase anon 8/18/1824 Joseph Hase’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Hatton Howard K. * 1886 1887 1 Gravestone.Bet. Wllm Thomas & Alvertia Hatton, gr’son of Robt.&Susanna.
Hatton Howard W. 3/13/1897 1918 21 W = Wayne. Gravestone.
Hatton James ca. 1898 1919 21 Or “Jervis.” Gravestone. Railroad accident. Source C.
Hatton Edmond ca. 1859 3/18/1917 62 Died of valvular disease of heart. Source C.
Hatton Elizabeth E. ca. 1839 10/10/1928 93 Died at Stapeley Hall of myocarditis. Source C.
Hatton Hugh W. * 4/26/1882 1/2/1887 4 Gravestone. Dates illegible. Son of Robt. & Josephine, gr’son of Robt. CB.
Hatton Susanna E. * 3/3/1815 11/4/1890 75 Gravestone. Dau. of Edmond & Eliz. Evans. Wife of Robert Hatton. CB.
Hatton Alvertia V.* 1858 3/25/1890 32 gravestone. Dau. of John & Mary Fountain; Wife of Edmund E. Hatton. CB.
Hatton Margaret 1843 Dec. 24, 1911 68 gravestone
Hatton Robert * 1816 Nov. 15, 1908 92 gravestone. Son of George & Margaret.
Hatton Florence * 1915 Sept. 1, 1915 Grandaughter of E.E. Hatton, dau. of Elsie Hatton. In grave with H.K. Hatton.
Haver Elenore 2/10/1805 Widow of Conrad. “Burials at Merion.”
Hay John * 3/1/1836 Infant, says M.H. Strip list, “Stone Friends’ Row” #5.
Haycock Priscilla 5/12/1772 Wife of Nathan. Residence: Radnor. “Burials in Merion.”
Haycock Lewis 6/13/1823 Parent: Jonathan. Residence: Haverford. “Burials in Merion.”
Hayes Joseph * Strip list; Members’ Row, 12′ from wall,#20. 3rd row in new grounds.
Haywood Thomas * 1830 1857 27 gravestone. Son of Claudius “Heywood.” Strip list, Strangers’ row #5. CB.
Haywood Mary * 1839 1860 21 Strip list “Strangers’ Row” # 9. Also listed as “Heywood.”
Haywood Margaret * 1802 1865 Wife of C.W.Haywood. Strip list “Strangers’ Row”#14. also” “Heywood.” CB.
Haywood Mary gravestone; Strip list; Members’ Row,#20. CB.
Hayworth Patience 9/14/1821 Widow of George. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Hayworth George 9/29/1807 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Heelers Mary 4/14/1795 Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that the burial is at Merion.
Helmbold Sarah 5/23/1836 51 M.H.
Helmbold George, Sr. 7/3/1808 Rev. Vet. Capt. Long’s Co. 3rd Batt. Papermaker. M.H. Not in Diary.
Helmbold Maria * Oct. 27, 1830 Latch gr. bk: (p. 3)”#11, old Ground in P. Jones’s Row.” Str. lst.= #4. M.H.
Hemberger John 2/24/1753 “Burials at Merion.”
Hemler child 11/11/1746 Child of Jacob Hemler. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Hemsley child 3/11/1832 Thomas Hemsley’s child. “No. 6 in coloured ground.” Latch grave book, p. 9.
Henbey child 6/30/1806 “Osman (or Osborn) Henby” child. “Burials at Merion.” J. P. Diary. M.H.
Henbey Catherine 8/24/1805 Maiden name Kite. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. J.P. Diary.
Henderson David 8/29/1724 Burials at Merion. M.H.
Hendricks Samuel 6/3/1807 “…from Carlile, in decay.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H. = in “old yard.”
Henvis Osborn * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #32.
Henvis ? Isaac Oct. 1834 New ground. Latch grave book — back page.
Heston Anna Va. 1845 3 Daughter of Edward & Mary, gr.grandaughter of Col Ed. Heston. M.H.
Heston Mary Ann 1899 1918 19 gravestone near north wall. Could be a misreading of dates…see next name.
Heston Sarah 1/14/1810 Daughter of Edward Heston. Joseph Price Diary.
Heston Mary Ann * 12/31/1799 10/13/1848 49 Strip list. ” Jones’s Row (E) #24. Wife of Isaac, dau. of Paul Jones. M.H.
Heston Mary 1747-8 10/22/1781 Wife of Edw. Heston, daughter of Esau Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Heston Catherine * 11/5/1807 Wife of Isaac Heston, half brother of Col. Edward Heston. J. P. Diary.
Heston Edward 2/16/1824 Revolutionary War veteran. Joseph Price Diary.
Heston child 7/23/1809 Abraham Heston’s child. In Tunis row. Joseph Price Diary.
Heston child * Jul. 27, 1830 Edward Heston Jr.”No. 5 old ground, children row”Latch grav bk. M.H..
Heston Abram * 1769 Strip list. Members New Row, grave #29. Alive in 1840.
Heston Hannah * gravestone — with Martha Heston
Heston Martha * Gravestone. Strip list, “Members New Row” grave #5 with Hannah Heston.
Heston Sarah Widow of Col.Edward Heston. Alive in 1840, age 76. Where buried?
Hibberd Aaron 1783 M.H.
Higgins Hannah * 2/22/1833 #1 in old ground,Lewis Jones row, in old gateway. Latch=#42, Row B. M.H.
Higgins Francis 2/4/1813 Rev. vet. Roberts Co., Blockley militia. Died of typhus fev. M.H.
Hill John 8/16/1753 “A very trusty servant to James Jones.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Hinnuckel Bartle 7/24/1795 Joseph Price Diary. Many deaths in one week, not clear where burials are.
Hired man anon 10/15/1795 At T. Pratt’s. Buried in “little yard”, Merion. Joseph Price Diary
Hodnet Garret 1753 Schlmaster at Blockley. Died at John Zell’s. Left money to MM. Bur.at M. M.H.
Hoffman Paul S. 1712 1800 88 gravestone
Hoffman Charles 1809 1810 Son of Jacob & Phebe Jones Hoffman. M.H.
Hoffman Mary 12/22/1793 Joseph Price Diary.
Hoffman Jacob * 3/19/1770 12/8/1830 61 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” Row E#5. Son of Jacob & Sophia. M.H.
Hoffman Phoebe * 2/19/1868 89 gravestone. Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #33. CB. Mer. records
Hoffman Mattis 4/10/1795 Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that the burial is at Merion.
Hoffman child 5/11/1796 Joseph Price Diary. Presumably buried at Merion.
Hoffman Philip * 7/18/1789 61 Joseph Price Diary Also “Hufman.”
Hoffman Matilda * 12/11/1814 9/25/1841 26 Strip list, Jones’s Row #13 with C. Hoffman.1st wife of Paul J.Hoffman. M.H.
Hoffman Emma Zell * 1/6/1807 9/29/1871 64 gravestone; with moth. Hannah Zell.3rd wife of Paul J. Hoffman. CB.
Hoffman Louisa * 8/15/1825 9/3/1846 Strip list.”Jones’s Row”(row E)#21.2nd wife of Paul Hoffman. M.H.
Hoffman Paul Jones* 1814 Apr. 17, 1900 85 caretaker: 138′ west, south ll4′ over mid. of Jones row. Burial permit. CB.
Hoffman Jacob War 1812 veteran. Right sec. Jones lot 7; marble headstone. Source B.
Hoffman Charles * 2/21/1841 10/7/1841 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #13 with mother Matilda Hoffman.
Holgate child 1/29/1809 Enoch Holgate’s child. Old yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Holgate Mathew 4/3/1806 Young man. Buried Old Yard. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. J.P. Diary.
Holgate William * 5/12/1843 Rev. vet. Captain. New grounds, Str’grs Row (N)#8, Source B & St.list M.H.
Holgate anon 8/22/1828 “Capt. Holgate’s daughter.” Joseph Price Diary.
Holgate Alfred * 9/4/1831 “Albert”?#7 new ground.”Latch grave book, p.6; Strip lst “New Ground” M.H.
Holland Gertrude G. 1894 1985 91 gravestone, n.e. corner. “G” stands for Green
Holland Jonathan 11/17/1825 Son of Ben Holland. Joseph Price Diary.
Holland Rees 11/6/1771 Son of Robert Holland, tanner, & Jane Price. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Holland Lidia 3/27/1794 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Holland John 3/30/1826 “Old John Holland…in Strangers ground.” Joseph Price Diary.
Holland child 5/13/1789 Ben Holland’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Holland child 6/15/1805 Ben Holland’s daughter.Died of smallpox.”Burials at Mer” JP Diary. M.H.
Holland anon 8/29/1794 Joe Holland’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Holland child 8/5/1805 9 months old. J.P. Diary.
Holland Jane Price 9/15/1798 Wife of Robt.”Aunt Jane”was J.P’s father’s sis.”Burials at Merion.” JP Dia.
Holland Benjamin * Rev. vet. Captain. Ensign. Old ground. Holland lot, no headstone. Source B.
Holloway anon 5/11/1826 William Holloway’s (Hollowell?)wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Hollowell anon 5/28/1826 William Hollowell’s son. Joseph Price Diary.
Hollowell William Oct. 7, 1831 “No. 24 old ground.” Latch grave book, p. 7
Holstein Elizabeth * 1/4/1809 3/28/1832 gravestone . Death date in doubt: one source says 3/28/1887.
Hoopes child * 1830 Child of Joshua H., principal of L.M. Academy & botanist.Latch bk. & M.H.
Hoopes Joshua N. 8/10/1816 N=Newton. Parents: Joshua & Mary. Residence: Merion. “Burials at Merion”
Hopkins child * Thos. Hopkins’ child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #1. With J. Brown’s child.
Hover Eleanor 2/10/1806 Widow of Conrad. M.H. Jos. Price Diary
Hover Conrad 2/25/1793 Rev. vet. Capt. Rose’s Co. 1781.Buried in “corner next road & stables.” Diary.
Hover Nelly 3/4/1794 “Nelly Thomas or Hover.” Joseph Price Diary.
Howard David 3/17/1802 Parent: John. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Howard Susanna 6/30/1804 Wife of David. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Howell Francis 2/16/1695 Source A. &”Burials at Merion.”
Howell Margaret 7/14/1696 Widow of Francis. Source A. & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Hufman child 3/2/1793 7m Philip Hufman’s child. Joseph Price Diary. Or “Huffman.” M.H.
Hufman Philip * 7/17/1789 60 Gravestone. (C. P. Cooke letter.) #11, Row Z. M.H.
Hufman Jacob Dec. 10, 1830 Strip list. Old Ground in Jones’ Row #7, or #14 accord. to Latch grave book.
Hugh David 1709 M.H.
Hugh Job 8/7/1700 Source A. M.H.
Hugh Ellin 9/25/1694 Source A. & “Burials at Merion.”
Hugh Catherine H. c. 1711-12 H=Humphrey. Wife of Rowland. M.H.
Hughes John 1773 Of Green Hill Farms family. M.H.
Hughes John 10/16/1717 Died at John Ball(‘s?) Burials at Merion.
Hughes John 11/6/1736 Wife = Sarah Embree. Burials at Merion. M.H.
Hughes Anne 2/8/1721 Burials at Merion. M.H.
Huit Hannah Strip list, Members Row , #11.
Hull Lodwick 12/29/1763 “Burials at Merion.”
Humphrey Joan/Jane 1698 Born in Wales. M.H.
Humphrey Benjamin 1738 76 from Wales in 1683. Married Mary Llewellyn in 1694. M.H.
Humphrey Betty 2/2/1790 Joseph Price Diary.
Humphrey Daniel 3/30/1731 Bro. of Jacob, died same day. Gr’grandchildren of Dr.Thom.Wynne.Bur’s&M.H.
Humphrey Jacob 3/30/1731 Bro. of Daniel, died same day. Sons of Jonathan Humphrey.Burials at M. M.H.
Humphrey John 7/28/1699 66 Minister. Translator. Came in 1683. M.H.
Humphreys Mary 1/l3/l738-9 Dau. of Jo’thn Humphreys. Gr-dau. of Dan. & Hannah Wynne H. “Burials” MH
Humphreys Hannah 12/4/1813 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Humphreys Richard 2/10/1812 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Humphreys Anna 2/12/1818 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Humphreys Hannah 4/6/1750 Daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Humphreys. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Humphreys Sarah 5/29/1839 Residence: Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Humphreys Rebekah 6/31/1742 Daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Humphreys. Burials at Merion. M.H.
Humphreys Sarah 7/23/1744 Wife of Jonathan Humphreys. Burials at Merion. M.H.
Humphreys Jonathan,Jr 8/20/1771 Wife= Ann. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Humphreys Jonathan,Sr. 8/27/1771 Son of Daniel & Hannah Wynne Humphreys. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Hunt Hannah * 10/28/1878 36 Wife of L. Lowry Moore.
Hunt E. Price * 6/26/1835 12/13/1888 #15 from north wall, strip list. Next to Edward Hunt.
Hunt child * Child of Edward Hunt, #17 from north wall, w. Lewis Thomas ?
Hunt Edward * Strip list. Member’s Row. #16.
Huntly Jane * 1728 1813 85 gravestone. Strip list. Strangers’ Row #21. CB.
Huntly Maurice * 1784 12/12/1856 72 Gr’stn.Strip list. Strngrs’ Row#46. Letr to R. Foulke re upkeep of grave. CB.
Huntly Henry * 5/1/1825 “Old Huntly–lived at Jerry Warder’s place.” Joseph Price Diary.
Huntly Jane 5/1/1847 85 Gravestone. #23 Row N, New ground. M.H. CB.
Huntly Richard 1803 8/5/1892 89 gravestone. CB.
Hutchinson child * 1894 17 caretaker’s notes: Colored. 17 hrs old. No pay.
Hutton child * Wm. Hutton’s child. Strip list, Members’ Row, 12′ from wall, #28.
Hutton Sarah c.1842 78 Died of carcinoma of stomach. Source C.
Indian anon 3/21/1792 “Interred with the Hons. of war.” Joseph Price Diary.
Ingramayer Samuel * 9/20/1835 Strip list. New Ground. #3. Problems with name: Ingomayer (see M.H.)
Irish child 11/17/1794 Died on “penns place.” Buried in “our little yard.” Joseph Price Diary.
Irish girl anon 10/11/1794 Richard Peters’ Irish girl. Joseph Price Diary.
Irishman anon 3/3/1795 Died at Holgates’. Buried in Merion “Strangers’ yard.” Jos. Price Diary.
Irishman anon 5/1/1732 “Some Irishman…died at William Henderson’s” Burials at Merion. M.H.
Irishman anon 6/20/1795 Died at the falls, at Niclos glass works. Joseph Price Diary.
Israel anon. 1877 ? strip list, “Back of Book, grave #24; another strip list:New Row. #19.
Israel child Aug. 10, 1832 Joseph Israel’s child. Strip list. Israel family row, #13 with sibling.
Israel child Jan. 9, 1833 Joseph Israel’s child. Strip list. Israel family row. #13, with sibling.
Ives Thomas, Jr. 11/14/1759 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
J H no dates Recorded by Charles Barker, “H.J.” on a stone.
Jacobs George * 11/7/1791 10/24/1868 77 gravestone. Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #18. CB.
Jacobs Mary * 8/7/1793 5/1/1881 Strip list”Meeting House Lane” also called “Strangers’ Row.”(?) #24. CB.
James Hannah 1/14/1815 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
James Gwenllian 11 mo. 1686 Wife of Howell. M.H.
James David 5/3/1685 Son of Robert James. Confused with “David David” ?
John James 1749 M.H.
John Margaret 1767 Dau. of Wllm John of Gwynedd. A.k.a. Margaret Ellis? M.H.
John Griffith ??? Searching data
John Hugh ??? Searching data
John Thomas 1/22/1687 Source A. M.H.
John child ll/29/l710-l Son of James John. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
John William ap 1684 Yeoman. Witnessed deed from Penn to Thomas & Jones. On Morning Star. M.H.
Johnson child 1/13/1792 Jacob Johnson’s child – one day old. Joseph Price Diary.
Johnson child 10/12/1793 Jonathan Johnson’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Johnson Sarah 11/21/1813 Widow. “Burials at Merion.”
Johnson Lydia * 12/ 6/1830 Latch grave book. p. 4. Colored ground, grave #2. M.H.
Johnson child 8/9/1781 Joseph Johnson’s daughter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Johnson child * James Johnson’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #40 with Robertson’s ch.
Johnson child Dec. 30, 1831 Child of John Johnson. #3 in colored ground. Latch grave book, p. 8.
John-Wllm. Rees 11/26/1697 Wife = Hannah. Nine children. Glenn, p. 80.
Jones Anna Lou.* 10/19/1817 6/16/1903 90 gravestone. Wife of Warner C. Jones. 12′ from center path
Jones Catherine 4/6/1688 1688 A twin, child of Rees John William and Hannah (sis. of Edw. Price)Glenn,p80.
Jones Thomas 1723 or “Thomas John Thomas” a purchaser in company of Chas. Lloyd. M.H.
Jones Peter, Jr. 1747 Wife = Catherine; father = Peter, Sr. M.H.
Jones Peter, Sr. 1747 Wife = Jane. Married 10/1695 “at the meeting place of Merion.” M.H.
Jones Edward 1708 1787 In Phila. regiment 1748 ready to invade Canada; & Fr./Indian War. M.H.
Jones Martha 1792 M.H.
Jones Charity 1797 M.H.
Jones Mary 1811 94 Widow of Jacob who endowed the Academy. M.H. (check)
Jones Richard * 1730 1814 Rev.vet. Lumber merch. Source B. Gave timber for armed boat,Del. RiverM.H.
Jones James * 1797 1815 A silversmith. Son of Richard of Merion. Related to Harveys. M.H.
Jones Silas 1815 Rev. vet. Capt. John Young’s Co., 1781. His dau. = Hannah Supplee. M.H.
Jones Jonathan 7/15/1762 1822 60 2nd wife=Mary McClenaghan; their son = Col. Owen Jones of Wynnwd. M.H.
Jones Catherine * 1851 gr’stone. New Row. “Burials in row H.”
Jones Jane Eliz. * 1858 Strip list. Members New Row, grave #39
Jones Mary A. 1860 75 gravestone shared with Joseph M. Jones aged 7 yrs. CB.
Jones Eliza. G. * 1801 1878 77 Gr’stone. Dau. of Silas & Mary. Strip list. Jones’s Row” #17 with Paul Jones.
Jones Jemima J. * 1894 caretaker’s notes. She was 7 months old.
Jones Benjamin * 1897 Caretkr: row next to crosswalk (west) 86′ west on north wall, 15’9″ south
Jones Jesse M. * 1897 1897 Baby of Walter & Emma Jones, buried in grave w. grandfather John C. Jones.
Jones Tacy Ann 1819 1904 85 gravestone. CB.
Jones Tracy A. 1834 1904 70 Probably “Tacy Ann” above. Permit from Thos Wynne.
Jones Harry 23-Mar-05 86 Burial permit. Died of hyper. cardio-vasc. disease.
Jones Helen M. 1861 1916 55 gravestone. New row “L”, #4
Jones Mary C. 1830 1918 88 gravestone; burial permit. Ltr of Lewis Jones, 1927. Died of myocarditis.
Jones Warner C. * 4/11/1851 1919 68 This is “Jr.”Son of Warner Cress Jones, Sr. Burial permit. Died of nephritis.
Jones Simeon M. May 1, 1850 1924 74 Gr’stone.Son of John Craft and Sybil Leland. Bur. permit. Cerbrl hem’rage.
Jones Rachel R. 1838 1927 89 gravestone. Parents: Samuel and Rachel B. Jones; sisters Kath. and Mary L.
Jones Mary Ann * 3/31/1851 2/4/1907 60 Died:2/5/1911. Wife of Warner Cress Jones, Jr.
Jones Cadwallader* 11/5/1787 54 Son of Silas & Esther. Family record. Strip list, Jones’s Row E # 14 M.H.
Jones Robert 1709 (l770?)1765 Son of Robert & Ellin Jones. 2nd wife=Margaret. M.H.
Jones Mary L. * 12/10/1787 1/14/1858 g’stone.L=Levering. Widow of Silas (died 1850). Strip list,Jones’s Row#27.
Jones children 1/15/1799 Paul Jones’s two children. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Margaret 1/17/1777 Widow of Robert (blind). Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Lewis 1/19/1769 Son of David Jones. M.H.
Jones child 1/23/1793 John Jones’s child. Joseph Price Diary. M.H. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Phoebe 1/25/1813 72 M.H. quoting from Poulson’s Advertiser (newspaper).Same as next “Phoebe”?
Jones Mary 6/1/1787 1/25/1876 89 Widow of Jonathan who died 4/8/1821. Her dau.=Naomi Morris,Harriton
Jones James * 1/28/1816 Of Blockley. Hatter & bridle-bit maker. Son of Richard J. M.H.
Jones Elizabeth L. 1814 1/29/1872 58 gravestone. CB. Row D, south of path.
Jones Ann 1/31/1840 Parents: David & Jane. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Samuel 1/4/1850 Parents: James & Ann. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones child 1/5/1828 Charles Jones’s son. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones anon 1/9/1794 David Jones’s mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones Margaret 10/12/1770 Daughter of Nathan and Sarah Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Tacy D. 9/16/1777 10/15/1847 70 Grave #22, Row E. Strip list. D = Davis. “Died very sudden.” M.H.
Jones Phebe 10/18/1798 Daughter of Enoch Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.= Wrong date.
Jones Joseph 10/19/1776 Infant child of David Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones child 10/20/1789 J. Price diary. “John Jones child”
Jones child 10/20/1789 John Jones’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones child 10/20/1826 Silas Jones’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones Benjamin T. 10/23/1820 Parents: Lloyd & Esther. Wife = Mary Trasel. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Thomas 10/25/1776 Child of David Jones, died as infant. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Priscilla 10/27/1742 Dau. of Jhn Jones, carpenter;second wife of Evan Jones.”Burials at Mer.” MH.
Jones Owen, Sr. 11/13/1711 10/9/1793 Colonial treasurer in 1732. Wife=Susanna Evans. M.H.
Jones Paul 10/9/1798 2 Son of Enoch. Died of hives they thought.”Burials at Merion.” Diary & M.H.
Jones Charles * 11/11/1871 Son of Chas.& Mary Alloway Jones. Strip list (back of book) Grave #21. CB.
Jones Mary M. * 1789 11/24/1858 70 M=Matlack. Cadwallader Jones’s widow. Strip list.#36,Jones’s Row”Fam.rec.
Jones Charles * 11/7/1832 Son of Joseph L. Jones. Strip list, Members’ Row #30. M.H.
Jones Jesse 11/8/1756 Son of James Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Mary T. 11/8/1820 Wife of Benjamin T. Residence: L. Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Ellin * 11/30/1780 12/ 22/1848 68 Gr’stone.Str. list. Dau. of Paul.”Jones’s Row”#25 w. G. Smith’s child. M.H. CB
Jones Jarmin 12/14/1697 A 1st purchaser. Widow = Marg. (MH.) Jarmin spelled many ways. Source A.
Jones Mary W. * 12/17/1829 W.= Wetherill.
Jones Joseph 12/18/1818 Joseph Price Diary.
Jones Edmond 12/19/1762 Son of Robert Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Buley 12/19/1804 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, but most likely at Merion.
Jones Catherine 12/2/1759 Of Blockley. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Owen 12/29/1819 12/25/1878 The colonel. Where buried? Son of Owen, Jr. See Glenn, p. 322.
Jones Hannah 12/25/1882 Daughter of Charles and Mary A. Jones. Gravestone. CB.
Jones Edward * ca. 1657 12/26/1737 80 Barber-surgeon.First Purchaser.”Burials at Merion.” Wife=Mary Wynne.
Jones John 12/26/1824 80 Rev. vet. Capt. Jones Co. Assoc. judge, County courts. Source B. M.H.
Jones Gibson 6/26/1826 12/27/1828 2 M.H.
Jones Mary A. * 12/3/1871 72 Gr’stone. Dau. of Charles and Mary A. Jones. Strip list, Jones’s Row #37. CB.
Jones John 1687 12/30/1774 87
Jones Evan 12/31/1697 Source A. Son of John ap Thomas & Katherine. M.H. Jones family record.
Jones John 1741-2 Cousin of Robert Jones of “Gwinedd.” “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Owen 1747? M.H. See Glenn, p. 322.
Jones Eliz. Hall * 1817? Strip list, Members Row, #15, 12 ft. from north wall. W. Priscilla Tunis.
Jones Enoch 1829 ? Strip list, “Old Ground” grave #13
Jones Elizabeth 2/11/1735 Wife of Evan Jones. Dau. of John Knowles/Ann Paul.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones John 2/12/1706 Son of Thomas Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Hugh 2/16/1763 Sadler. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Martha 2/17/1849 Wife of Samuel. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Sarah 2/18//1731 Daughter of John Jones. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Mary 1696 2/2/1698 Source A.
Jones John Craft 4/10/1819 2/20/1892 72 gr’stone;father of Emma Fales who gave legacy of $50, 1920. Fam.record. CB.
Jones Esther L. 5/10/1748 2/23/1802 L=Lodge. Wife of Silas.”Burials at Merion.” J. Price Diary. Fam. rec. M.H.
Jones Rebakah 2/24/1739 Daughter of John, gr’daughter of Dr. Edward Jones. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones child 2/24/1797 Child of John Jones, papermaker. Jos. Pr. Diary. & “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Jones Mary 2/25/1740 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Charles * 2/26/1872 Strip list. New Row. #4, with Maria Helmbold.
Jones Jane * 2/27/1711 “Wife of Richard.” Source A. M.H.
Jones Evan 1682 2/7/1708 25 Legacy to Mer.Mtg. Son of Rees John Wllm.& Hannah. Glenn. M.H. Source A.
Jones Ann Eliza * 5/13/1824 3/1/1837 12 Dau. of Mary M. & Cadwallader J.(fam. rec.)Strip list, Jones’s Row grave#6.
Jones Mary * 3/12/1878 Single woman. From “strip list”–Back of Book. Grave #17.
Jones Robert 3/21/1770 Of the Gulph? “Burials at Merion.” If son of Rob’t Jones, born 1709. M.H.
Jones Jacob ca. 1720 3/25/1810 “Great meeting. …Three preachers.” Endowed L.M.Academy. Joseph Price D.
Jones Anne 3/26/1757 Dau. of Benj. Humphrey. 2nd Wife of Gerrard Jones.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones James, Sr. ca. 1701 3/28/1791 90 Joseph Price Diary. & “Burials at Merion” ; M.H. lists date as 4/30/1791
Jones Rachel B. * 7/24/1791 3/3/1879 Wife of Samuel.From strip list–“Back of Book.” Grave # 18. CB.
Jones Gerrard l2/28/l706 3/30/1765 “Perished under the snow.” Son of Robt.Jones.”Burials at Merion.” Glenn. M.H
Jones Jane 3/4/1688 Source A. M.H. says 8/24/1688.
Jones Gainor 4/15/1742 Wife of Jon. Jones,son of Dr.E J.. Dau. of Robt. Owen. “Burials at Mer.” M.H.
Jones Sarah 4/15/1763 Wife of Jonathan Jones, Jr. Gr’dau. of John ap Thomas.”Bur. at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Elizabeth 1695 4/16/1715 Daughter of Robert Jones (Wales).”Burials at Merion.” M.H. Browning.
Jones Catherine 4/19/1706 Daughter of Thomas Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Mary 4/21/1818 Wife of John. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones child * 4/3/1836 Infant.Isaac Jones’s child. Strip list, “Graves in Paul Jones’s Row”#20. M.H.
Jones Elizabeth 4/30/1775 Wife of Isaac. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Lewis 4/4/1770 Of Blockley. M.H.
Jones Lewis 4/4/1778 Of Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Edward P. * 3/14/1864 4/6/1868 2
Jones Jonathan * 1731 4/8/1821 90 Rev. vet. Merchant. Jones lot,O.G. gr’stone. Source B. Poulson’s Paper.
Jones Silas * 1781 5/ 9/1850 69 Son of Silas & Esther.Husband of Mary Levering. Strip list. Jones’s Row”#26
Jones Owen 1745 5/11/1825 81 “Merchant and gentleman.” (Poulson’s publication). M.H. See Glenn.
Jones child * 5/12/1781 John Jones’s child. Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #31
Jones Charles * 1774 5/18/1842 68 Son of Silas & Esther.Strp lst, Jones’s Row” #15, with Ed.T. Price. Fam. rec.
Jones child 5/2/1791 Silas Jones’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones Evan 5/30/1748 Of Merrion. Son of Thomas and Anne Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Elizabeth 5/31/1742 Daughter of James Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Susannah E, ll/25/l7l9-2 5/6/1801 E = Evans. Widow of Owen Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Silas 5/6/1830 69 Rev. veteran. Source B. May be same as below, “son of Silas & Esther.” CB.
Jones Ella (Ellin) 5/8/1744 Wife of Robt Jones of Merrion.”Burials at Merion.” Browning p.121 M.H.
Jones Samuel 6/11/1732 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Lewis * 1767 6/14/1855 86 Son of David Jones. G’stone. Strip list. Mem’s New Row#28. “Burials” CB.
Jones Warner C. 12/31/1819 6/21/1892 72 Middle initial = C for Cress.Gravestone. Son of Paul Jones, grandson of Lloyd .
Jones David, Jr. 6/22/1729 M.H. says he died 1722. Of Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Elizabeth 2/24/1819 6/24/1819 M.H.
Jones Paul * 6/25/1843 45 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave # 17 with Eliza Jones M.H.
Jones David 6/27/1725 Of Blockley. Arrived on the ship Lyon, 1682. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Samuel 6/3/1745 Son of Robert Jones, Jr. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones David 6/3/1810 Rev. vet. Capt. Rose’s Co. J.P.Diary. Burial uncertain, but M.H. says Merion.
Jones Jonathan * 3/11/1680 6/30/1770 91 Came to America in 1682. Son of Edw. Jones.”Bur. at Mer.” Browning,p.75.
Jones Sybil Leland 2/10/1822 7/ 19/ l890 69 Wife of John Craft Jones. Dau. Emma Fales wills $50 for graves,l920. CB.
Jones Edward, Jr. 7/1/1732 “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Ibil 7/10/1734 Son of Robert Jones of Merrion. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Catherine 7/11/1794 Widow of Lewis Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Wrong date?
Jones Samuel * 8/19/1789 7/12/1874 85 gravestone, #19. Husband of Rachel. Ltr. from Lewis Jones 1927. CB.
Jones Ann 7/15/1825 Parents: Owen & Susanna. Old Yard beside brother Jon. Jones. J. Price Diary.
Jones Mary 7/1726 Wife of Ed. Jones, surgeon. Arrived on the Lyon. Quaker minister. M.H.
Jones John 1697 7/2/1697 ? “Son of Robt. and Ellin Jones of Glanrason.” Source A. M.H. Glenn.
Jones Jonathan,Jr. 1715 7/24/1747 Son of Jon. & Gainor Owen Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Ann 7/25/1784 Wife of James Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Lowery 9/ 3/1813 7/27/1885 71 Dau. of Cadwallader Jones. Gravestone. Record from Jo. Cad. Jones. CB.
Jones Sidney * 7/29/1683 Source A. Dau. of Jo. ap Thomas & Kath. Died on voyage, prob. buried at sea.
Jones Mary 7/29/1732 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Robert 7/30/1746 2nd son of Jo. ap Thomas & Kath. Wife=Ellin Jones.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Brinton W.* 2/24/1828 7/30/1846 19 Son of Sam & Rachel. g’stone.#23, row G next to path. 1st row,New Gr.; M.H.
Jones Sarah 1703 7/7/1739 36 Wife of Gerrard Jones. Dau. of Robt & Lowry Lloyd.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Isaac 7/8/1742 Son of Lewis Jones. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Anne J. 8/14/1729 J = Judgles. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Joseph 8/14/1783 “Burials at Merion.” or 8/4/1783. M.H.
Jones anon 8/16/1827 Enoch Jones’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Jones Ann 8/16/1890 gravestone: daughter of Charles & Mary A. Jones (evidently an infant) CB.
Jones Mary * 1677 8/18/1683 Dau. of Katharine & John ap Thomas. Buried at sea? Source A & M.H. say no.
Jones James 8/19/1821 88 Rev. vet. Capt. Wm. Rose’s Co. 1781. M.H.
Jones Marquedant* 1825 8/19/1896 71 caretaker:row west of cross walk,80′ west of NE corn. 53’south. Permit. CB.
Jones Ann 8/27/1687 Wife of Matthew. Source A. M.H.
Jones Deborah * 8/28/1866 80 Strip list. Members row. #24. “Walk” (by the path?)Radnor Mtg. records
Jones Hannah 8/29/1769 Daughter of James Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Thomas * 8/6/1727 Son of J. ap Thomas & Kath. Born in Wales.”Burials at Merion.” Browning.
Jones Margaret 8/7/1797 Widow of Robert Jones. “Burials at Merion.” Wrong date? M.H.
Jones Lydia * 8/7/1850 77 Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” #28. Wife of Lloyd of papermill. CB.
Jones Felix 8/9/1714 Son of Edward Jones, glover, of Mount Arrarat. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Lewis 8/9/1747 Son of Lewis Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Esther 9/13/1819 53 Wife of Lloyd Jones. M.H.
Jones Paul * 1776 9/14/1857 81 gravestone .Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #23
Jones Hannah 9/15/1760 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Anne 9/16/1732 Widow of Thomas Jones. Dau. of Griffith John. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Paul, Sr. * 4/8/1737 9/16/1821 84 Rev. vet. G’stone no. wall.#1 Jones Row “E”.Son of Gerrard of Glanrason. MH
Jones child 9/17/1806 Enoch Jones’s child. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Jones Charles M. 10/10/1815 9/18/1881 65 Son of Cadwallader & Mary M. gravestone (close to center path, new sec.) CB.
Jones Willia(m?) 9/20/1683 Source A. Could this be “William Jones” of first purchasers?
Jones Lloyd 1760 9/20/1852 92 Rev. vet. Jones row #29. Gr’stone. His papermill=Continental scrip ?
Jones Hugh (Dr.) 9/22/1826 Formerly of North Carolina. M.H.
Jones Priscilla 1730 9/24/1735 Daughter of Gerrard Jones and Sarah Lloyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Martha 3/10/1754 9/27/1814 Parents: Owen & Susanna. Residence: L. Merion. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones child 9/29/1790 John Jones’s child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Jehu 8/24/1741 9/4/1785 Rev. veteran. Amos Sturgis’ company, Phila. militia. M.H.
Jones Margaretta 9/4/1838 1 Middle name: Barnes. M.H.
Jones Marshal 9/8/1798 Son of Norris Jones. Yellow fever.”Burials at Merion.” Jos. Price Diary.M.H.
Jones Elizabeth 9/9/1843 Parents: Samuel & Martha. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Jones Hannah ca. 1797 25 strip list, “Back of Book” grave #26
Jones Rebecca ca. 1807 Wife of Richard. M.H.
Jones Catherine ca. 1906 72 Gravestone. Burial permit. Grave#21, row L. Daughter of David & Jane?
Jones Hannah * 2/24/1770 Jan. 29, 1831 Gr’stone “H.J.”#15 O.G.Latch book, strip list=#8;#27 Row U. Fam.rec. M.H.
Jones Isaac * Jun 14, 1874 Strip list. New Row. #10.
Jones Hannah l/7/l724-5 Wife of Edward Jones ye Younger, born 1683. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones Robert 1731 l2/5/l753-4 Son of Garrard Jones.”Burials at Merion.”Birth date from fam. records. M.H.
Jones John l2/8/l726-7 Laborer. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Jones John 11/20/1698 ll/2/1701-2 A second baby, same name, of Robt. & Ellin of Glanrason. Source A. M.H.
Jones Anne ll/23/l753-4 Widow of Peter Jones.Dau. of David Lewis, Haverford.Burials at Merion. M.H.
Jones Elizabeth L. Nov. 19, 1906 Gr’stone.Dau. of Chas. & Mary Ann. Caretaker’s note; no directions. CB.
Jones Joseph J. * Nov. 7, 1832 7 Chas. Jones’ son. Strp list,old ground; shared with Mary A.J. C.Barker.
Jones C. Ellwood * Members’ Row#11, 12′ from north wall — strip list or other: #9.
Jones Cadwallader Son of John ap Thomas & Katherine Roberts. Family record.
Jones Charles shared gravestone Charles and Mary A. Jones — she died in 1871
Jones child * Bake Jones’ child. Strip list, “Members’ New Row” grave #11 w. Leedom ch.
Jones child * Baker Jones’s child. Strip list. Mem.s New Row, grave #23 w. Bealer’s child
Jones child * Henrietta Jones’ child. Strip list. Members’ Row, #5 w. Hall child.
Jones child * Isaac L. Jones’s son. Strip list. Jones’s Row, #37 – with Mary Jones.
Jones child * Jared Jones’s child. Strip list, “Jones’s Row” grave #8 with Paul E. Smith
Jones children * C. Ellwood Jones’s two children. Strip list. Members’ Row#9 frm north wll.
Jones Katherine Dau. Sam & Rachel. Ltr. from Lewis Jones, 1927, re: her burial at Merion.
Jones Phoebe R. * R=Robins. Mar. Paul Jones 1764. Strip list. Jones’s Row” #41. Glenn p.304.
Jones S.H. gravestone – died in May……
Jones Samuel * Strip list. Members New Row, grave #27
Jones Samuel * Removed to Laurel Hill.
Jones Sarah A. * Strip list. “Jones Row” grave #2. With Ann Hampton.
Jones Sarah Ann * Wife of Isaac. Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #32
Jones Susan * Davis’s daughter. Strip list: Jones’s Row”# 38; removed to West Laurel Hill.
Jordan children 5mo. 1736 Several of Samuel Jordan’s children. “Burials. at Merion” M.H.
Jordan Samuel 5mo. 1736 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Judges Anne 8/14/1729 M.H.
Juliard Denise 1952 42 Cremation (W. Laurel Hill)certificate, Merion Meeting archives.
Justice Caroline L. 1889 1968 79 gravestone
Justice Marion T 1887 1971 84 gravestone – artist
Kawano Gary K. 1945 1960 15 gravestone: Fell from a window while observing Sputnik. MM archives.
Keever Armstrong 1801 1870 69 gravestone
Kimber Gulielma * 7/2/1865 57 Strip list. Members’ Row. # 19 from N. wall. Radnor Mtg. records
King Thomas 7/29/1748 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Kisser anon 7/2/1792 Explosion at the Frayley & Kisser powder mill. Strangers’ yd. J. Price Diary
Kite Catherine 1/13/1793 Dau. of Anthony & Mary Williams Tunis. Joseph Price Diary. M.H. (1792)
Kite Mary 12/12/1750 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Could be Martha Wynne Kite?
Kite Isaac 3/7/1781 Wife = Catherine Tunis. Son of Abe & Mary Peters K.”Burials at Merion.” M.H
Kite James 5/31/1745 Cooper. Son of James & Mary Warner Kite. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Kite Isaac, Jr. 9/21/1823 70 Carpenter. Rev.Vet., Sr. Capt. Jos.Jones Co. 1777. M. H.
Kite Joseph 9/26/1742 Son of Abraham (“Abrm”) Kite (or Keite). “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Kite Mary 9/6/1767 Wife of John Kite (son of Abraham K., cordwainer.)”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Kite Abraham 9/9/1748 Son of James & Mary Warner Kite. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Knight Esther * 8/26/1778 6/17/1864 85 Stone deteriorated. Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” #42. CB.
Knowles Anne 8/16/1750 Wife of John. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Kurtz Stewart 1900 1983 83 Ashes interred, correspondence Bill Kurtz 9/17/2014
L. M. 1828 CB.
L. R. ? ? CB.
Lacey, Sr. Howard G. 8/6/1978 60 9′ east of Justice row; 8′ from north wall. Note in cremation file.
Latch child * 2/7/1833 George Latch’s “bound boy.” In new ground #12. Latch book.Strp lst. M.H.
Latch child 4/10/1824 “Helembold” paid for coffin in Sept. Joseph Price Diary.
Latch Rudolph 5/13/1782 Rev. veteran–Capt. Young’s Co.,Phila. militia. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Latch Mary 9/1/1813 80+ Dau. of Jacob & Dorothy Latch. M.H.
Latch Samuel Sept.25, 1832 Gardiner Latch’s son. In Merion? Latch grave book, p. 15.
Lee Sarah 2/8/1757 Wife of John Lee, tenant to Reese Thomas. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lee John 9/2/1759 Husband of Sarah Lee. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lee(s?) Alice June 10,l723 1757 Wife of Joseph Lee(s). Dau. of Anthony & Mary Tunis. “Bur. at Merion.” M.H.
Leedom Jesse T. 1839 8 Son of John & Jane. M.H.
Leedom Mary E. 8/28/1842 1928 85 Daughter of Benedict Leedom – gravestone. Sources C & D .
Leedom Benedict * 8/24/1814 10/10/1899 86 Son of Isaac & Rebecca. 145′ west from n.e. corner, 86′ south. Source D.
Leedom John 10/17/1839 36 An M.D.?illegible gravestone. Died of bilious fever. Grave #38 last row. M.H. CB.
Leedom Jane * 1791 10/5/1858 67 Gravestone. Strip list, members’ row #36. CB says she died in 1873.
Leedom child 12/17/1802 Jon Leedom’s child. Jos. Price Diary.
Leedom John 3/2/1842 74 Gr’stone. Births & Deaths 1828-1918.#28 Row V. M.H. CB.
Leedom Ann 3/30/1809 Wife of Isaac. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary.
Leedom Sarah Ann * 1/11/1820 4/22/1881 Wife of Benedict Leedom. Maiden name: Jones. Source D. CB.
Leedom William P.* 12/31/1847 4/8/1901 54 son of Benedict Leedom, buried 6′ south of Benedict. CB.
Leedom anon 5/27/1828 John Leedom’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Leedom Isaac 6/12/1874 64 Son of Chas. & Mary A. Jones. CB.
Leedom Sarah I. B, 1835 6/26/1835 Dau. of Benj. and Priscilla Leedom. Grave #19, Paul Jones Row E. M.H.
Leedom Ann ca. 1770 6/29/1820 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Leedom Simeon 6/7/1823 Parents: Isaac & Rebecca. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Leedom Rachel 6mo. 1828 62 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.” Radnor Meeting records.
Leedom Robert * July 23, 1831 Charles Leedom’s son. G’stone:#12 O.G., or #21=Latch, or #27 Row V. M.H.
Leedom Charles * Strip list, Members’ Row, 12′ from wall, #31.
Leedom child * Benedict Leedom’s child. Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #19
Leedom child * John Leedom’s child. Strip list, “Mem.s’ New Row” grave #11 w. Jones child
Leedom Elijah * Strip list. Members’ Row. #38.
Leedom * J. Brookfield Strip list. Members New Row, grave #36
Lees Joseph 1783 Rev. Veteran. Capt. Wm. Rose’s Co., Militia (1781) M.H.
Lees Joseph, Jr. ca. 1778 M.H. Probably an error – Harvey may confuse this Lees with one above.
Leighs Eliza 1/9/1894 caretaker’s notes: Colored. No pay.
Lemmons anon 11/28/1803 “Dug up old widow Lemmons & put her in vault.” Buried a year. J.P. Diary.
Levering Anthony 1788 M.H.
Levering unknown 1790 J. Price diary.
Levering Anthony, Jr. 1826 Rev. vet., Capt. Young’s Co. 1781. M.H.
Levering child 9/27/1805 12/1805 Three months old. Child of Levi L.
Levering Lydia 6/24/1775 Daughter of Anthony & Agnes Tunis Levering. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Levering Aggie 8/29/1800 Joseph Price Diary. Place of burial uncertain.
Levering Abraham 9/24/1801 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Levick Susanna M. 8/2/1819 4/8/1900 85 Gravestone. M = Morris. Widow of Samuel J. Levick.
Levick Mary D’l. 1925 Gravestone with husband Lewis J. Levick. Her maiden name = d’Invilliers.
Levick Henry L. 1943 Mary Levick sends $100 for upkeep husband’s grave; ltr to Morse 3/4/60
Levick Samuel J. * 8/30/1819 4/19/1885 Son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth W. Levick.Sec. SPCA. Traveling minister.
Levick Lewis Jones Nov. 27, 1914 Ensinger’s notes; son of Susanna and Samuel J. Levick. No grave site given.
Lewis Ellen 10/28/1735 1793 Dau. of Gerrard Jones & Sarah Lloyd. M.H.
Lewis Henry 1/31/1702 Source A. M.H.
Lewis Reuben * 2/19/1835 73 Strip list. New Ground. #2 M.H.= She also says year of death is 1836.
Lewis James 8/16/1798 “Burials at Merion.”M.H. But Jos. Price Diary does not mention this death.
Lewis David 8/9/1714 Servant to Morris Llewellyn. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Browning, p. 263.
Lewis Hannah ? 9/27/1805? “Burials at Merion.” Granddaughter of Rees Price. M.H.
Lippincott E. J.Trimble 1888 Mother of Joseph Trimble and Rebecca Fussell Trimble. Gravestone. CB.
Livezey Phebe ca. 1729 3/19/1819 Widow of Benjamin. “Burials at Merion.”
Livezey Sarah 4/27/1777 Parent: Benjamin. Residence: Newtown. “Burials at Merion.”
Llewellyn John 3/8/1786 Rev.vet. Source B. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. (Possibly at Old. Haverford.)
Llewellyn William 9/7/1813 Rev. vet.?Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.” ” ” “
Lloyd John 1770 Son of Thomas & Elizabeth. M.H.
Lloyd Elizabeth 10/11/1748 Widow to Thos. Lloyd. Dau. of Wllm ap Edward. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Reese 10/11/1758 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 1759=death date.
Lloyd Susannah 10/20/1751 Daughter of Robert Lloyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Abigail 12/1/1791 Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Lloyd David 12/16/1698 Son of Rowland and Gainor. “Burials at Merion.”
Lloyd Robert 1669 3/29/1714 Married Lowry Jones,dau. of Rees John William and Hannah. MH/Glenn,p.81.
Lloyd William 1708 4/5/1741 Son of Thos. Lloyd and Eliz Williams. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Richard 6/18/1760 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Evan 6/27/1763 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd anon 8/19/1734 A son of John Lloyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Thomas ca. 1669 9/18/1748 Yeoman. Arrived on The Morning Star. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd David 9/2/1795 Fell carrying stones at Robeson’s paper mill. “Bur. at Mer.”M.H. J. P. Diary.
Lloyd Samuel 9/23/1769 Son of Evan Lloyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Thomas c.1700/1705 M.H. (doubtful)Not THE Thos. Lloyd, deputy for Wllm Penn..see Browning.
Lloyd Eleanor l2/3l/1781 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lloyd Gwyn ll/10/1783 Dau. of Robt. & Lowry Jones Lloyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Lockwood Maria 1823 gravestone – with Mary and Joseph Lockwood M.H. . CB.
Lockwood Mary * 1786 1852 66 Gravestone with Maria and Joseph. Strip list, Strangers’ row #43. CB.
Lockwood Joseph * 1796 1862 66 gr’stone; 1912 legacy ltr. to Rob’t Foulke. Strgr.row#43 w. M. Lockwood. CB
Lockwood Richard *
Lockwood MaryJane * 1827 10/1/1901 74 Gr’stone; caretaker’s note:”dau. of ?Lockwood.” Thos. Wynne’s permit. CB.
Lollar Neddy 8/6/1800 Joseph Price Diary. Place of burial uncertain.
Longden child May 13, 1833 Jonas Longden’s child. At Merion? Latch grave book, p. 19.
Loole Mary 1/11/1803 Wife of Jacob “Burials at Merion.” J.P. Diary says “Loll.”
Lukens Mildred 1904 1905 6m caretaker’s note: daughter of Ellwood H. Lukens, permit from Thos. Wynne
Lukens Catherine 10/21/1818 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Lukens Sarah 3/4/1790 Parents: Levi and Mary. “Burials at Merion.”
Lukens Ira * 1902 4/13/1902 7 w. caretaker’s note: 50′ west, south 70′. Son of Ellwood H. Lukens.
Lukens Flora * 1899 7/28/1899 2m dau.of Ellwood H. Lukens,50′ west, 66′ south of north wall,by inf. Ira Lukens.
Lukens anon 8/22/1790 Joseph Lukens’ wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Lukens child 6/1/1808 Levi Lukens’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Lynch Thomas B. * 1826 12/6/1855 29 son of Edward/Martha Lynch,Harvey cousn.Gr’stone. Mems New Row#43. CB.
Manuel William 8/26/1748 “An East Indian man.” M.H.
Maria Anne 4/7/1750 Robert Jones’ maid. M.H.
Maris Ellis 2/20/1859 70 “Burials at Merion.”
Maris Jane 1683 1762 Widow of Geo. Dau. of Edward Rees,born on banks of Schuylkill 1683. M.H.
Marks James 7/15/l741-2 Schoolmaster. Probably from Darby. M.H.
Mason anon 11/8/1794 Brother of Sam Mason, Blockley schoolmaster. Irishman. Joseph Price Diary
Mathew Susannah 4/6/1748 “Daughter of John Robts Mathew was drownded.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Mathew Jane Roberts 6/5/1725 Or 1724. Wife of John Roberts-son-of-Matthew.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Mathew John 9/14/1725 Son of John Roberts Mathew; Bro. of Matthew Roberts.”Bur’s at Merion.” MH
Mathew Mathew 9/6/1713 Son of John Roberts Mathew. “Burials at Merion.”
Mathews anon 1/12/1827 William Mathews (?) wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Mathey anon 1/17/1825 William Mathey’s mother. J. Price Diary. Place of burial uncertain.
Matlack Simeon l2/l0/l755 1/6/1809 53 Son of Nathan & Mary. Radnor. Married Eliz. Yarnall. Jones’ records.
Matlack Tacy 2/8/1803 2/20/1822 Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.” Jones fam. rec. but uncertain.
Matlack Nathan 5/16/1727 6/17/1798 71 Residence: Radnor.”Burials at Merion.” Son of Jos. & Rebecca. Jones’ records.
Matlack Benedict 8/24/1802 5 Parents: Simeon & Eliz. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Matlack John 8/27/1770 Son of Nathan. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Matlack Mary M. 5/4/l729 9/6/1796 M = Mercer.Wife of Nathan. Res: Radnor.”Burials at Merion.” Jones records.
Matson child * 1847 1848 John Matson’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #27, with Rhoades’s child.
Matson Peter 3/17/1778 Of Upper Merion. M.H. Built the ford in Schuylkill Riveer.
Matson Margaret 3/22/1731 M.H.
Matson twins 4/17/1749 M.H.
Matson Catharine 5/1/1721 Matsons among earliest Swedish settlers in Upper Merion. M.H.
Matson John 7/15/1753 M.H.
Matson Sarah 8/29/1789 Daughter of Jacob. Died within a week of her sister. Joseph Price diary. M.H.
Matson child 9/4/1789 Dau. of Jacob. Sister of Sarah,”Died of the flux.” Joseph Price diary. M.H.
Matthew Susannah 10/26/1792 Widow of John Roberts Matthew. Burials at Merion. M.H.
Maule Samuel 10/10/1797 Parent: Benjamin. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule John 10/8/1793 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Daniel 10/8/1810 56 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Elizabeth 11/15/1802 Wife of Daniel. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Ann 12/22/1843 85 Widow of Benjamin. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Hannah 3/11/1783 Wife of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Deborah 3/17/1802 Parent: Daniel. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Joshua 3/30/1803 Parent: Benjamin. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Jane 3/6/1851 88 Widow of Jacob. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Jacob, Sr. 9/18/1849 90 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule Benjamin 9/20/1831 71 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Maule child Jan. 15, 1833 Wm. Maule’s child. At Merion? Latch grave book, p. 18.
Maule child Jan. 2, 1833 Paul Maule’s child. At Merion? Latch grave book, p.17.
May Joseph 1801 Place of burial uncertain. Joseph Price Diary.
McCarty Richard 4/14/1792 “a deranged ‘stroling man’…died at Zells.” Joseph Price Diary.
McClintock Rachel 6/3/1833 70 Husband = Robert M.H.
McKeever ArmstrongE. 12/2/1870 79 Gravestone. Strip list, #21 Members’ row, measured from North wall.
McKeever William * 12/5/1834 72 Died of flu. In new ground. M.H.
McKeever William * 8//29/1827 3/20/ 1875 Strip list. New Row, with Isaac Price. #11. CB.
McKeever Jane * Strip list. Members row. # 20.
McKeever Sarah * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #23.
McKewson child 4/6/1748 Child of Andrew McKewson. M.H.
McKewson child 8/25/1749 Child of Andrew McKewson. M.H.
Medlicot Mary 7/7/1687 2/5/1695 M.H.
Medlicot David 9/1/1693 Source A. M.H. says “Daniel.” Married Martha Sanbee 1684.
Meredith Rees 1708 M.H.
Meredith Ellis 3/19/1702 M.H.
Meredith Catherine 7/26/1690 “Wife of David” M.H. says buried 7/26/1688. Source A. M.H.
Mifflin Elianor 11/4/1716 Wife of John Mifflin, Sr. of Blockley. M.H.
Miles Samuel 1708 M.H. — extensive family history.
Miles Catharine 1/10/1720-1 M.H.
Miles Hannah 1/17/1720-1 M.H.
Miles Sarah 7/13/1761 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Miles Phebe 9/7/1766 Widow. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Miley anon. 6/4/1791 Daughter of Hans Miley; buried in strangers’ yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Miley Rachel 7/7/1791 Han’s wife. In Stranger’s yard. M.H.
Miley Rachel 7/7/1805 In Strangers’ Yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Miller children 1745 Children of Jacob Miller (Mellor ?). Bulletin of Mont Co. H.S. M.H.
Miller William l2/l2/l74l-2 M.H. Merion Mtg. records.
Millhouse Judith 12/13/1794 Widow. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Milton James * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #6 .
Minick Josephine Aug. 10, 1908 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave. 1908
Minnick Harriet * 6/7/1873 Strip list. New Row. #7.
Moore Ann 1877 Strip list: “Colored Row” – no location. Probably close to east wall.
Moore Hannah * 1878 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #16 with Esther Yerkes
Moore Gordon * 1894 caretaker’s notes: “a child. Paid $3.00.” Circa 1894.
Moore Abel 11/15/1784 M.H.
Moore Walker * 8/1/1841 11/4/1841 Parents: Walker & Mary Ann. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Moore David R. 11/21/1838 2/10/1839 Parents: Walker & Mary Ann. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Moore Elizabeth 2/22/1826 81 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Moore Sarah 2/29/1760 M.H.
Moore James 3/13/1781 M.H.
Moore anon 3/20/1721 Son of James Moore who was son of John Moore, a smith at Blockley. M.H.
Moore Samuel 3/5/1794 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Moore Hannah Hunt 4/7/1808 ? Ltr. to M. Justice from Tomlinson: Benj. Hunt Moore,son of Hannah H. Moore.
Moore Rachel L. * 1822 4/8/1899 77 gr’stone:L=Leedom. 86′ west on North wall, south 12’4″ to mid. of grave. CB.
Moore Sarah * 1/6/1835 5/8/1835 dau. of Walker & Mary Ann. Res: Hav’fd. Mem’s row #2 with Chas. Hagy.
Moore Sarah 3/21/1837 6/9/1837 dau. of Walker & Mary Ann. Res: Hav’fd. With Hall child,#6.”Bur. at Merion”
Moore Mary 7/20/1690 Source A.
Moore John 8/2/1719 A smith. Wife = Jane. Lived in Blockley. M.H.
Moore Martha 8/9/1719 Daughter of John Moore. M.H.
Moore Able (Abel) 8/9/1791 M.H.
Moore Jane 9/27/1762 Daughter of Amos. M.H.
Moore Phebe 9/30/1810 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Moore child * John Moore’s child. Strip list,”Mem.s New Row”#17 or #35w. Thomas’s ch.
Moore child * John Moore’s child (2nd). #35 Members’ New Row.
Moore Benj. Hunt 1938 ? Corres. Mrs. C. W. Tomlinson-Justice-Beck 1938.
Morgan Thomas 1703 “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan Humphrey 11/26/1700 Source A & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Morgan Owen 1703-4 M.H.
Morgan Jane 3/10/1802 Wife of David. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan Jane 6/10/1760 Parent: Samuel. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan Samuel 6/4/1759 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan John 7/10/1717 “A poor man. A charge to ye township” M.H.
Morgan Jane 7/19/1710 Jane Price, wife of Cadwallader Morgan, sis. of Edw. Reese (Price). M.H.
Morgan Eleanor 9/8/1779 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan Mary l2/30/1782 Wife of Mordecai. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Morgan * Cadwallader 6/23/1679 10/8/1693 Jane(wife)=sis. of Edw. Price, dau. of Rich. Price (ap Rhys). Glenn p. 80
Morris Mary * 10/6/1835 Strip list, “Colored people” (row) grave # 2. M.H.
Morris Mary H. 6/23/1820 Wife of Israel W. Residence: Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Morris Rees 6/3/1700 Source A & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Morris Elizabeth 6/8/1826 74 Residence: Marple. “Burials at Merion.”
Morris Lewis 7/11/1826 50 Residence: Marple. “Burials at Merion.”
Morris Jane 9/7/1806 In Strangers’ Yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Morris child * Jan. 9, 1832 Job Morris’s child. “No. 4 in coloured Ground.” Latch grave book, p. 8.
Morse Elliott H. 1916 1992 76 gravestone
Musgrave Thomas 1700 Source A. M.H. says “Musgrave.” Buried 1700; a 1st purchaser. M.H.
Musgrave Abraham 1/18/1714 Son of Thomas Musgrave.
Musgrove Thomas 8/8/1725 M.H. Merion Meeting records.
Nancarrow Susann 2/5/1828 81 Widow of John. Sister of Owen & Jonathan Jones. M.H. Diary not clear where.
Nare child Oct. 9, 1833 Joseph Nare’s child. No. 13 old row new ground. Latch grave bk., p. 21.
Neale Hubert S. 1912 1962 50 gravestone: husband of Lillian M. Neale, vet. WW II. New section. Source B.
Negro anon. 1879 Entered only as “Colored man.” Strip list, “Colored Row.” No location.
Negro anon 1/12/1810 “At Judge Jones’s.” Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Hannah 1/13/1726-7 “Black Hannah.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Negro child 1/20/1825 Lived at Henry Cardy’s place. Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Abraham 10/2/1832 Died of cholera with Bowmans.Latch grave bk. & Strip list; Colored gr.#9.MH
Negro Phips 10/27/1719 Henry Pugh’s Negro. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Negro Ship 10/27/1719 Henry Pugh’s Negro. Browning, p. 264.
Negro Cesar 10mo. 1749 “Old Cesar, Reese Preese (Price) Negro.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Negro Archey ca. 1753 12/24/1816 At T. Price’s. Brought up with Rob’t Holland. Joseph Price Diary.
Negro anon 2/5/1824 “A poor Negro.” Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Sip 2/7/1828 “Black Sip…at Jane Price’s.” Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Lon 3/13/1803 25 Son of “old Seals” freed by Tunis. Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Sealey 3/6/1817 “Old Sealey” a black woman. Joseph Price Diary.
Negro child 3/6/1824 “From Paul Jones’ springhouse” (@ Springhouse?) Joseph Price Diary.
Negro child 4/3/1817 10 “Black George’s son.” Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Jess 5/25/1818 “Black Jess.” Joseph Price Diary.
Negro child 5/5/1824 Child from the Benevolent School (L.M. Academy) Joseph Price Diary.
Negro child 6/2/1745 Child of Edward Williams’ maid. Browning, p. 264.
Negro child 7/30/1820 “From the benevolent school.” (L.M. Academy) Joseph Price Diary.
Negro Peter 8/29/1748 “Black Peter.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Negro Peter 8/29/1748 Browning, P. 264.
Negro Will 9/2/1746 Negro of Edward Price. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Browning, p. 264.
Negro Bumbo l2/27/l7l4-5 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Browning, p. 264.
Negro Bassel l2/l7/l720-1 Old Bassel, Negro of Edward Reese. “Burials at Merion.”
Negro anon ll/26/l720-1 A young Negro of Edward Reese. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Newland Martha 7/31/1792 Newlin? Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that the burial is at Merion.
Newlin Henry * Jul. 3, 1830 or Jun 13.”Coloured. No. 1=next to wall.” Ltch gr.bk, & strp lst. M.H.
Nicholas Edward 1647 10/4/1698 Margaret Harvey provides long pedigree for him in her list.
Nickerson Sarah 3/29/1777 Maiden name = Rhoads. M.H.
Noble child 12/18/1806 2+ Charles Noble’s son. Old yard. “Burials at Merion.” Jos. Price Diary. M.H.
Noblet child * Aug. 10, 1832 Thos.D. Noblet’s son. Old Ground#14 next to E. Jones.Latch bk. & Str.list.M.H.
Null Ludwick 12/29/1763 Null = “Nell” or “Knoll” M.H.
Ogborn Hannah O. * Aug., 1863 O = Owen. Strip list. Members’ Row. #12 in row 12′ from north wall.
Ogden child * Mrs. Ogden’s child. Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #17 w. Price child.
Ogleby Mary 1/19/1777 “Burials at Merion.” May not be at Merion. M.H.
Old Will 2/5/1794 “poorly all winter.” Joseph Price Diary
Otley Elizabeth * Strip list, Members Row, #7.
Ott Hannah * 10/23/1833 No. 4, old ground next Rebecca I.Price.Latch. Also #12 or #13 row F.? M.H.
Ottey Philip * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #45.
Our father 11/26/1839 52 CB.
Owen Jane 1779 Of Uwchlan. Harvey lists in the 1749 group, but says 1779. M.H.
Owen Samuel * 1/29/1837 Son of John Owen.
Owen Griffith * 1/30/1702 Mentioned in The Friend, vol. 28, p. 205. See Browning, p. 160, etc.
Owen Joshua 1/31/1697 Parents: “Joshua & Martha.” Source A. See p. 13, typescript of M.H.
Owen Robert * ca.1657 10/10/1697 Co. #2.Magistrate. B’lt Penn Cottage.Srce. A. The Friend, vol.27, p. 364. MH.
Owen Jane 1684-5 Wife of Robt Owen (not of Penn Cottage); 9 sons. Mthr of Griffith. Browning.
Owen Martha 4/9/1778 Died at Hannah Williams’s. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Owen John 6/27/1688 Blacksmith. Source A. M.H.
Owen Thomas 8/20/1708-9 M.H. If Rowland Ellis’ tenant, he died 10/14/1718. See Browning.
Owen Rebecca 8/23/1697 Wife of Robert Owen of Penn Cottage. Dau. of Owen Humphrey(in Wales) M.H.
Owen Rebecca 1/14/1697 9/21/1697 Parents: Robt. Owen & Rebecca, of Penn Cottage. Source A. M.H.
Owen Robert July, 1684-5 Arrived on ship Vine 1684. (Not the Robt. Owen of Penn Cottage). M.H.
Paiste Edward * 1/27/1850 P. Paiste’s child, w.Dav. Roberts; strip list,”Mem. New Row”#1-9′ frm wall.
Paiste James L. * 1806 1/9/1895 89 gravestone, near north wall. #1 in third row in new ground.
Paiste Sarah L. * 1834 10/12/1856 22 Dau. of James. Next to Sarah Roberts.Strip list,”Mems’ New Row”#3 frm wall.
Paiste Robert * 11/3/1832 “R.P.” on gr’stone. Latch. Strip:#1New Row next to Bowmans. Row F(?) M.H.
Paiste Rebecca R *. 5/22/1857 47 gravestone. R = Roberts. Wife of James Paiste.
Palmer Elizabeth 8/18/1740 10/24/1782 Dau. of John & Rebecca Roberts. M.H.
Palmer child 6/30/1747 Child of John Palmer . M.H.
Palmer Phineas * Strip list. Strangers’ Row#6. From Coopertown, Del.Co. Related to Helmbold.
Parker Thomas 11/3/1821 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Parker Jane * 8/25/1781 3/31/1873 92 gravestone. Strip List. “Graves in Jones’s Row” #34. CB.
Parker George * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #38.
Parry Hugh 3/5/1731 M.H.
Parson Joshua * Strip list. Members New Row, grave #30 south side of center walk
Parson Mahlon * Strip list. Members New Row, grave #31 south side of center walk
Parson Rebecca * Strip list. Members New Row, grave #37 south side of center walk
Pascal Thomas 2/22/1819 Paschall? Joseph Price Diary.Burial place uncertain, most likely at Merion.
Paschall children * 1851 1852 2 Philip Sharpless & Thomas. Same grave, #6 Members’ New Row.
Paschall Martha 1856 Nine months old. Radnor Mtg. records.
Paschall Sellers 12/5/1846 9 Son of Stephen. #6 row H. next to Hannah & Martha Heston. M.H.
Paschall Stephen * 1812 9/6/1861 49 Members’ New Row #8.
Patterson Rebecca W.* 1827 1902 75 Grav’stn. Caretaker: Dau. of John & Sarah Williams. Died of heat prostration.
Pawling Jesse * 3/25/1819 1/19/1902 86 gravestone; strip list, Members’ New Row, #20. CB.
Pawling child * 1/17/ 1830 Jesse Pawling’s child.”3 (Old Ground)” Latch Gr. Bk; MH says Childrns’ row
Pawling Jesse * 3/26/1782 12/28/1853 (confusion with the item just above)
Pawling Sallie G. * 1/22/1831 2/15/1899 68 “G”=Giberson; wife of Jesse Pawling. 66′ west, 103′ 6” south. Gr’stone. CB.
Pawling Elizabeth * 8/5/1783 9/24/1845 wife of Jesse. Strip list, Members’ Row G 12′ from wall, #19 or #20.
Pawling Israel M. * Gravestone deteriorated. Strip list. Members’ Row. #4 from north wall.
Pearce Mary 4/4/1789 Richard’s widow.Daughter of Isaac Kite. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.=wrong date.
Pearne Richard 3/26/1761 M.H.
Pearne Mary 4/8/1765 Widow of Richard. M.H.
Pearson Mary 7/24/1744 2/17/1765 Wife of Samuel. Dau. of Thos. and Mary Warner Wynne of Blockley. M.H.
Pearson child 7/28/1795 Jonathan Pearson’s child. The mother=Mary Jones. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Peggy John Thomas 7/7/1779 Uncertain name. Gravedigger at Merion. “Burials…” M.H.
Perkins Deborah 5/3/1791 “Buried against Streapers stable on that side.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Peters Ann 5/15/1744 Dau. of Thomas & Eliz. Peters. Sister of Mary Warner. M.H.
Philip child 3/25/1790 Joseph Price Diary.
Philips Philip 12/25/1697 Married Phebe Evans. M.H.
Pistorus Catherine 5/10/1762 “Pastorius”? No proof of kinship with founder of Germantown. M.H.
Pollin Esther 5/27/1756 Daughter of Thomas Pollin. M.H.
Pollin Thomas 6/1/1763 M.H.
Pollin John 7/8/1747 Pawlin? Pawling? M.H.
Pool child * Samuel Pool’s child. Strip list, Mems Row, 12′ fr. wall,#17, w. Wetherill ch.
Powel Hannah 1/7/1813 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Powel Emaline 10/5/1813 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Powel Hannah 2/22/1802 Wife of Jonathan. Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Pratt Hannah 12/22/1826 T. Pratt’s wife. Dau. of Lewis Thomas & Susannah. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Pratt child 7/25/1795 (Many deaths in one week) Jos. Price Diary.Not clear where burials are.MH
Price Margaret 1738 Will proved August, 1738. M.H.
Price Sarah 1767 Question as to date. She’s too early to be Silas Jones’ daughter? M.H.
Price Rees 1744 1816 Rev. veteran. Capt. Young’s Company, 1781.Wife=Hannah. Source B. M.H.
Price Sarah J. * 1833 Milliner. Strip list= Jones’s Row#7. Wife of Isaac. Dau. of Silas Jones. M.H.
Price Harriet 1826 1899 73 gravestone
Price John 1/11/1751 Eleven months old. Son of Reese Price. M.H.
Price Hannah * 1/15/1796 Daughter of John Price & sister of Joseph Price. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Price Thomas * 1/28/1832 “In coloured No. 5 grave.” Latch grave book, p. 8.
Price child 1/29/1818 1 Isaac Price’s youngest child, 13 mos. Same grave with g’father. Jos. Price D.
Price Hannah * 10/13/1727 Wife of David Price. Former widow of Thos. Musgrave. M.H.
Price Jane * 10/17/1834 Strip list, “Old Ground #17 in old saw pit next to Margaret Harvey. M.H.
Price Rebecca 10/18/1825 66 “Ant Becca” Joseph Price Diary.
Price Elizabeth * 10/2/1743 Daughter of Edward Price & Mary Chambers Price. M.H.
Price Eliz.(Betsy) ca. 1776 10/21/1789 13 Dau. of John Price, sis. of Joseph. Probably juvenile diabetes. Diary. M.H.
Price Anne * 10/29/1783 Daughter of John Price. Harvey says 1782. M.H.
Price John 3/16/1772 10/30/1801 Rev. vet.Jos. Price’s brother.Strip list, Old ground#4.Diary. Source B. M.H.
Price Enoch 10/4/1836 58 M.H.
Price Philip 11/1720 Wife = Margaret. Of Merion. M.H.
Price Enoch * 11/21/1768 Son of John Price. M.H.
Price Hannah c. 1748 12/5/1821 73 Wife of Rees Price. Daughter = Sarah Brookfield. M.H.
Price Mary 12/5/1824 Joseph’s wife. Ill 8 weeks.Buried in “new ground”, 3rd in row. J. Pr. Diary
Price Charles 2/15/1835 20 M.H.=thrown by horse.Str. lst “Stone Friends’ Row”#1. Buried with Is.Hagy.
Price Ellis * 2/1766 His widow = Sarah Price. Son of John Price. M.H.
Price Edward * 2/2/1799 ? 59 gravestone
Price Mary 2/28/1828 Joseph Price’s daughter. Ann Paschall preached at grave. Joseph Price Diary.
Price Mary * 2/8/1896 82? gravestone. Dau. of Dr. Jos.& Sar. Brookfield; w. husb. Ed.T.Price.Source “C”
Price Rebecca I. * 3/10/1833 No. 3 in “New row next to Bowmans.” Row F. Latch grave bk. & Strip list.
Price anon. 3/18/1808 Joseph Price’s mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Price Mary * 3/18/1808 77 Widow of John, mother of Jos. the diarist. “Burials at Merion.” J.P. Diary.
Price Mary * 3/3/1798? From “strip list”– “Back of Book.” # 16. Also listed as “Mary Smith.”
Price anon 3/31/1798 90 Rees Price’s mother; Jos. Price’s aunt. Joseph Price Diary.
Price David * 4/13/1751 Died about age 80. Owned Green Hill Farms area. M.H.
Price Edward R. 7/15/1810 4/18/1887 76 gr’stone: bequest for 3′ iron railing on top graveyard wall. MM archives. CB.
Price Rees 4/2/1826 24 Unmarried. Mother owned 600 acres near Buck Inn. J. P. Diary.
Price Rees * 1678 5/11/1762 84 Son of Edw. Married 1)Sarah, 2)Eliz. Ellis, 3)Ann Scotharn. Glenn, p. 97.
Price Edward T. * 5/7/1878 59 Gr’stone.Strip list:New Row#15 w. wife Mary. Also :#6 n. of ctr walk. CB.
Price Edward c. 1645 6/13/1728 ap Rees=Prees=Price. Married “Mabby” (d. 1699) then Rebecca Humphrey.
Price Edward * 1707 6/2/1791 84 Joseph Price’s “Uncle Edward.”Son of Rees & Sarah. Jos. Price Diary. M.H.
Price Gwenllen * 6/20/1715 Wife of David Price. “Gwenllian.” M.H.
Price John * 6/20/1792 Joseph Price’s father. Joseph Price Diary. M.H. says June 1, 1792. Wrong!
Price child 6/28/1796 John Price’s child, buried at foot of Hannah’s grave. Joseph Price Diary.
Price Jane 7/11/1751 Dau. of Reese Price. M.H.
Price Anne * 7/24/1736 Wife of David Price, Jr. Dau. of Morris Llewellyn & Eliz. Thomas M.H.
Price Joan 7/29/1699 Source A. & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Price Mary 2/11/1784 8/3/1881 97 Gravestone. Widow of Edward Prees/Price. M.H. CB.
Price Joseph * 7/19/1753 9/18/1828 75 Diarist — Diary ends 9/15/1828. (began 1/1/1790) Rev. vet. DAR
Price John * 9/20/1830 “old” …illegible, “old ground?”Latch grave book. M.H. says #4 Old Ground.
Price Benjamin H. 9/6/1828 Son of Jane and John Price. M.H. See Gen. Wayne Inn series of deeds, etc.
Price Anne * 9/9/1760 Widow of Reese Price, his third wife. M.H.
Price Alfred * Strip list. “Members’ Row 12′ from north wall, #1.
Price child * Joseph Price’s child. Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #17 with Ogden child.
Price Daniel Rees Son of Thomas and Frances Price. M.H.
Price Isaac * Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #11. Brother of Thomas.
Price Thomas * Father of Ed. R. Price; Husband of Ester Price. (Ref. Wm. Edles)
Price William *
Price ? Reese ? 1825 Rough stone marked “R.P.” Old ground Row 1, #11.
Pugh Henry 1/20/1731 M.H.
Pugh Mary 1/29/1791 “Old Robin’s widow.” “maintained by our town.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Pugh Moses 10/14/1737 Child of Catharine Pugh, died just days after mother. M.H.
Pugh Catharine R. 10/6/1737 R = Roberts. Widow of Henry Pugh. M.H.
Pugh Henry 1736 11/10/1818 82 Rev. vet. (DAR) Strip list: Member’s new row, #15. Joseph Price Diary.
Pugh Henry 3/14/1853 83 Deaf and blind. Radnor Mtg. Records(microfilm)
Pugh Henry 7/13/1742 Wife = Margaret. Son = Henry. M.H.
Pyott Hannah 10mo 1828 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Quinn anon. 12/25/1808 Daughter of Malcom Quinn. Joseph Price Diary.
Quinn child 5/1/1801 Malcom Quinn’s child or children. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Quinn anon 5/11/1826 Mathew Quinn’s wife (J. Price: “Queen.”) J. Righter’s dau. Jos. Price Diary
Radcliff Rachel D. 11/20/1782 2/21/1869 gravestone; “Ratclift” in strip list. Members’ Row. #35 CB.
Radcliff Emily 6/27/1892 76 Gravestone. CB.
Radcliff anon * “Mrs. Radclift” Strip list. Strangers’ Row #44.
Radcliff child Rufus Radcliff’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #41 with Banturn child.
Radcliff Rufus * #41 Strangers’ Row.
Rakestraw Ann 7/14/1791 Buried beside Deborah Perkins. Joseph Price Diary.”Burials at Merion.”M.H.
Ratcliff Abram * April 20, 1831 Strip list, “Old Ground” grave #10; Latch grave book says #18, p. 5. M.H.
Ratcliff Cyrus * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #11.
Ratclift Hiram * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #10.
Rawlin John 5/19/1810 Joseph Price Diary.
Read child * 9/29/1834 Thomas Read’s child. strip list, “Children’s Row in New Ground”#17 M.H.
Reader anon. 4/15/1798 “Old Reader-English papermaker.” Joseph Price Diary. Bur. place uncertain.
Rees Rebecca H.* 2/19/1733 69 H = Humphrey. Widow of Edward Rees (Price). Burials in Merion. M.H.
Rees Mordeca 3/11/1792 Mordecai ? Died of tuberculosis. Joseph Price Diary.
Rees Edward ap * ca. 1645 6/13/1728 Born in Wales. Wives: Mabby & Rebecca. See Edw. Price.”Bur. at Mer.” M.H.
Rees Katherine 8/23/1682 Dau. of 1st purchaser Edw. & Mabby.1st buried at Merion. Source A. M.H.
Rees Mabby * 8/23/1699 “Wife of Edward.” Source A. Her Katherine was 1st burial at Merion. M.H.
Reese Gwen 1758 Wife of Evan Rees. Buried with daughter Mary. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Reese Evan 6/30/1752 Wife = Gwen in”Merrion.” Left bequest for the poor.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Reese Mary 1758 Buried with mother Gwen Reese. Gwen=Gwynn also. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Rewalt John 7/21/1746 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Reyd child Wm. Reyd’s (Royd?)child. Strip list “Strangers’ Row”#7 with O. Hall’s child.
Rhoades child * Samuel Rhoades’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #27, with Mattson child
Richard Calep 5/13/1705 Son of Rowland Richard. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Richard Joseph 6/1/1705 Son of Rowland Richard. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Richardson Mary 10/4/1863 82 CB.
Richardson Lemuel 7/14/1859 CB.
Richeson Lemuel * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” # 8.
Richeson Mary * “Mrs.” Richeson. Strip list “Strangers ‘ Row” #13.
Ricket anon 3/13/1818 Capt. Ricket’s daughter. Joseph Price Diary.
Ricket anon 9/13/1826 18 Capt. “Rickart”‘s daughter, of dysentery. Joseph Price Diary.
Ridgley child 10/26/1825 Joseph Price Diary.
Righter Bartle 1809 M.H.
Righter John 1824 Wife = Jane Bicking. M.H.
Righter Mary 1/10/1766 Daughter of John Righter & Hannah Tunis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Righter Jessey 3/6/1766 Son of John Righter & Hannah Tunis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Righter John 5/13/1761 Son of John Righter. Family on both sides of river. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Righter child 8/2/1781 Bartle Righter’s daughter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Righter Charles 8/22/1809 Son of John Righter. Joseph Price Diary.
Righter John, Jr. ca. May 1820 29 M.H.
Rinallt Ann 8/5/1685 Source A. M.H. says died or buried 8/15/1685.
Roads child * Sep.19, 1834 Child of Thomas Roads. New ground #17. Latch grave book — back page.
Robenson child 6/20/1756 John Robenson’s young child called Robert.. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Robert Tyder 5/1697 Son of Hugh. M.H.
Robert Humphrey 9/17/1707 M.H.
Roberts William 3/26/1682 1697 Son of Hugh & Jane. Source A; Glenn, Merion in the Welsh Tract, p. 130. M.H.
Roberts anon * 1699 Mother of Hugh Roberts (according to T. Glenn, Merion in the Welsh Tract.)
Roberts Roger 1720 Father of John Rogers. M.H.
Roberts Matthew 1725 A second son, same name, of John & Jane David Roberts. M.H.
Roberts John 1747 Of Mill Creek. M.H.
Roberts child 1748 A child of Phinias Roberts. “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Edward 1756 Or 8/1758? Son of Anne Roberts, dau. of Jos. and Rebecca Roberts. M.H.
Roberts Jane D. 1723 1795 72 D=Dowling. Wife of the hanged miller. Exact date uncertain. M.H.
Roberts Rebecca 1812 M.H.
Roberts Thomas 1816 gravestone. Row G #21 New ground. M.H.
Roberts Sarah 1789 1820
Roberts William 1815 1835 Handwritten list, from family record.
Roberts John 4/26/1710 1/15/1776 Carpenter. Son of Robt and Sidney Reese Roberts. T.A.Glenn & “Bur. at Mer.”
Roberts child 1/22/1798 Titus Roberts’ child. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Roberts John * 1788 1/30/1837 49 Gr’stone.Vet. of 1812. Husb. of Sarah, then Lydia.#7 Roberts’ first row. M.H.
Roberts Jehu 1/4/1818 Joseph Price Diary. Son of hanged John. Served in Knoll’s militia, 1781. MH.
Roberts Rebecca 1/4/l745-6 Wife of Joseph Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts child 10/11/1789 I. Roberts’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts child 10/21/1793 Thomas Roberts’ grandchild. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Reese 6/17/1715 10/26/1755 Son of Robert & Sidney Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Glenn, p. 106
Roberts Mary 10/26/1770 Daughter of Phineas Roberts & Ann. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Susannah 10/26/1792 Widow of John Roberts ‘Matthew’. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts child 10/26/1824 Isaac Roberts’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Rebecca 10/27/1765 Daughter of William Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Edward 10/28/1784 Carpenter. “Burials at Merion” says 1783. M.H.= 1784.
Roberts Joseph 10/3/1835 Infant –Algernon and Eliz Cuthbert R.’s child. (some error here) M.H.
Roberts child 10/4/1797 Isaac Roberts’ child. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Roberts Owen 10/1/1677 10/6/1723 “Burials at Merion.” Son of Hugh Roberts. May be buried in Phila. Glenn.MH.
Roberts Alban 7/17/1712 10/6/1727 Son of Robert & Sidney Roberts (Pencoyd)”Bur. at Mer.”M.H. Glenn, p. 106
Roberts child 10/8/1807 Titus Roberts’ grandchild, 2 weeks old. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.=1803
Roberts Sarah 10/9/1826 Joe Roberts’ wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts John * 1748 11/10/1803 55 Rev. vet. Millwright. Bro. of Algernon. J.P. Diary.#1 Old Robt’s D row. M.H.
Roberts Susannah * 11/12/18__ Wife of Edw. Roberts.Strip list.Members’ Row.#2 grave from no. wall.
Roberts Margaret 11/15/1703 “wife of Win(?).” Source A.
Roberts Catherine 11/19/1697 Wid. of John ap Thomas, moth. of Jones sons. See “Kath.Thomas”.Srce. A.M.H.
Roberts Owen 11/20/1800 M.H. says Mill Creek family. Jos.Price Diary. Bur.at Mer. Same as below?
Roberts Emily 7/5/1823 11/25/1824 1 Daughter of Emily Thomas Roberts & Isaac W. Roberts. M.H.
Roberts Susannah 11/3/1707 M. H. says she was Susannah Painter Roberts, wife of Edward. Dates disagree.
Roberts child 11/3/1794 Titus Roberts’ child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Catharine 11/4/1772 Daughter of Obera (Owen ?)Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts grandchild 11/5/1809 Titus Roberts’ grandchild. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts John Hall * 11/5/1855 5 Strip list, “Members New Row” grave #19
Roberts John 6/15/1721 11/6/1778 57 “John Roberts Miller”(J.R. 3rd)Hanged as a traitor.”Burials at Merion. M.H.
Roberts Franklin 11/27/1752 12/10/1774 11th child of John Roberts, carpenter. Of Pencoyd?”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Rebecca 1709 12/11/1779 60 Widow of John Roberts, carpenter, of Pencoyd. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Anne 12/12/1725 Daughter of John Roberts, Edward’s son. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Elizabeth 12/15/1748 Wife of William Roberts, Blockley. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Roberts Margaret 12/19/1759 Wife of William. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Algernon * 1/24/1751 12/21/1815 Rev. vet. Colonel-Phila. Co. militia, #1Roberts row C; Source B. M.H.
Roberts Richard 12/22/1796 M.H. says ‘Rev. vet. Capt. of 3rd Co.’ “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Sarah J. * 12/23/1843 3 J = Jones. Daughter of Wllm Warner Roberts.#18 Jones Row E. M.H.
Roberts Anne 1721 12/25/1756 Joseph & Rebecca Roberts’ daughter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Edward 12/29/1778 “The elder”?”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Titus 12/29/1807 The deranged (drunken)son who killed his mother. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts John 1630 1703/1704 a miller (J.R. 1st)Born in Wales. Arrived on “Morning Star.” Source A.
Roberts Isaac * 1840s Strip list, Members Row, 12′ from wall, #3.
Roberts unknown 1918 ? gravestone eroded
Roberts Joseph 2/19/1800 Rev. Vet. Robert’s row, gravestone. Source B. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Gainor ca/ 1653 2/20/1722 69 Wife of John Roberts Malster (of Pencoyd) “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Alban 9/7/1738 2/24/1772 Son of John & Rebecca Jones Roberts. M.H.
Roberts David * 2/24/1850 85 Bro. of Robt. Roberts.Strip list, “Mem’s New (9′ fm wall)Row” #1. Rad. rec.
Roberts John 1695 2/27/1721 “John Roberts of the Mill.” (J.R. 2nd) “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Joseph * 1745 2/7/1831 86 Rev. vet. & pensioner.”No. 6 new Ground.” Latch bk.,Strip list, M.H.
Roberts Richard 2/8/1737 “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Mary J. 1/26/1813 3/1/1819 gr’stone #4 Roberts’ 1st row. M.H. says #3, Row C. Roberts row. J.P.Diary.
Roberts John 3/11/1720 Eldest son of Wllm Robt. Ellis, brother of William Roberts. M.H.
Roberts Phineas 3/13/1722 3/13/1801 78 Son of Robt.& Sidney. Supplied Rev. soldiers. Wife:Ann Wynne.”Bur.s at Mer.”
Roberts Robert * 12/15/1685 3/17/1768 Son of John Roberts, malster.Burials at Mer. “The Friend” v.35,p. 68. M.H.
Roberts Lydia * 12/3/1783 3/17/1862 79 gravestone #10 Roberts’ first row. Birth date may be 1789.
Roberts John 3/19/1767 Son of Mathew.1st wife: Jane, 1710; 2nd wife=Susannah.”Bur.s at Mer.” MH.
Roberts Hugh ca. 1721 3/26/1808 87 Bachelor. Blind. Buried next to Thomas Roberts. Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Roberts child 3/3/1819 John Roberts’ daughter. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Emily T. * 12/29/1795 3/4/1825 30 Husb.= Isaac Warner Roberts.#6 Roberts’ 1st row or Row “C” grave#5.M.H.
Roberts George 3/5/1751 Son of William Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts anon 3/6/1825 Isaac Roberts’ wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Robert 4/13/1762 A weaver. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Edward 4/13/1825 M.H. DAR lists this name on muster rolls, Rev. war.
Roberts William 4/17/1808? Rev. veteran. Old section, Roberts row; no headstone. Source B. M.H.
Roberts Anne ca. 1643 4/18/1731 Widow. About 88 years old. “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Catherine J. 5/13/1697 J=Jones.Wife of Robert.Source A. Hugh Robt’s dau/in/law. Glenn & M.H.
Roberts Thomas 1743 5/26/1799 Son of miller. Married Mary Cochran. J.P. Diary. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Joseph 1699? 5/28/1764 Yeoman. “Burials at Merion.” Possibly son of John Roberts 1st, miller. M.H.
Roberts Sarah * 8/21/1791 5/4/1823 31 Wife of John Roberts. Gravestone.Roberts’ row C #4 or #5 M.H.
Roberts Gainor * 1/23/1791 5/5/1868 77 gravestone #12 Roberts’ first row.
Roberts Ann 5/7/1795 “Nanny” = Wife of Wm. “Burials at Merion.” J. P. Diary. M.H. (wrong date)
Roberts Tacy W. * 10/11/1761 5/9/1828 g’stone; dau. of Is. Warner; wid. of Alg. 1st row #3 or#2 Row C. M.H. Diary.
Roberts Mary C. 6/1/1831 7 Dau. of Algernon S. & Elizabeth. M.H. quotes Paulson’s & Sat. Eve. Post.
Roberts Warner 6/10/1818 19 Son of Joseph Roberts. M.H. Not mentioned in J.P. Diary.
Roberts Gainor 1735 6/14/1761 Daughter of John Roberts, carpenter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Elizabeth 6/2/1700 “wife of Roger.” Source A. M.H. says “wife of Robert,” not Roger. M.H.
Roberts Hugh * 1644 6/20/1702 58 Born in Wales. See The Friend, v. 28. Source A.#4 Roberts’ second row. M.H.
Roberts Isaac 1/19/1746 6/22/1772 Son of John Roberts, miller, & Jane. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Tacy * 2/9/1805 6/23/1847 42 Dau. of Col. Algernon R.#8 Roberts’ first row or #7 row C. M.H.
Roberts Thomazine 5/2/1758 6/25/1763 Daughter of John & Jane. M.H.
Roberts Sarah 6/25/1810 Joseph Price Diary. Same as in Members’ New Row, grave #2?
Roberts Sidney 6/30/1764 74 Wife of Robert Roberts. Dau. of Rees Evan. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts John * 1648 6/6/1724 76 John Roberts,malster.Born in Wales.#1 Roberts’ first row.”Burials at Mer.”
Roberts Ann ca. 1725 7//5/1807 82 Mother murdered by son Titus Roberts (deranged). Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts John 7/1/1804 “John Roberts Cooper.” Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts Elizabeth J. 7/10/1691 2nd wife of Hugh. Source A. Hugh R. 1st married Jane dau. of Owen ap Evan.
Roberts Elizabeth 1/21/1692 7/10/1746 Dau. of John & Gainor Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts anon 7/12/1736 Daughter of John Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts child 7/13/1795 Joe Roberts’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Roberts grandchild 7/20/1795 Tom Roberts’ grandchild. Jos. Price Diary.
Roberts William 7/22/1796 96 “Old American” -“Millstone”added after name. Jos. Pr. Diary,”Burials..”M.H.
Roberts Hannah 7/24/1792 Wife of John Roberts (the) carter. J. P. Diary, not clear burial is at Merion.
Roberts Owen 7/25/1707 Son of Owen and Ann Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts John 7/28/1747 “John Roberts Skuilkill” “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Sarah * 7/28/1840 74 Wife of David. Strip list, “Members’ New Row” grave #2. Radnor Records.
Roberts Jane * 1653-4 7/3/1686 Also: “Janne.” Wife of Hugh. Source A. #2 Roberts’ second row.
Roberts child 7/31/1747 Child of Phineas Roberts. M.H.
Roberts Thomas * 7/6/1846 Strip list; Members’ Row G #24 w. Elijah Thomas. M.H.
Roberts Richard 10/18/1687 8/1/1690 Son of John & Gainor Roberts. Source A. M.H. says he died 1695.
Roberts Elizabeth 5/28/1690 8/19/1690 Dau. of John & Gainor. A second dau. of same name born 1692. Source A. M.H.
Roberts Elizabeth 7/21/1727 8/20/1727 Daughter of Robert & Sidney Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Glenn,p106.
Roberts Mary 6/5/1742 8/24/1771 Dau. of John Roberts, Carpenter& Rebecca Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Tacy 9/2/1744 8/3/1791 Married to Palmer (?).Dau. of John & Rebecca Roberts, Pencoyd. M.H.
Roberts Elizabeth 1667 8/31/1699 32 “wife of John”-the first J. R.,miller? Source A.#3 in Roberts’ 2nd row. M.H.
Roberts anon 8/31/1793 Thomas Roberts’ daughter — yellow fever. J. P. Diary.
Roberts John 5/24/1766 9/1/1769 3 Son of John Roberts,Jr. (miller) & Jane. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts anon 9/1/1793 Thomas Roberts’ daughter — second dau. to die of yellow fever. J. P. Diary.
Roberts Emily J. * 6/9/1816 9/11/1865 49 gravestone;#11 Roberts’ first row. Wife of Warner Roberts.
Roberts Robert 9/13/1770 A cooper.Written “Robert Roberts Cooper.” Wife=Ellin “Bur.s at Mer.” M.H.
Roberts Algernon S. 3/29/1798 3/29/1798 9/14/1865 where buried?
Roberts Rebecca * 1730 9/16/1799 69 Roberts’ second row#20 from n. wall.”Bur.s at Mer.” 2nd oldest stone. M.H.
Roberts Alice 9/17?/1758 “Burials at Merion.”
Roberts Isaac W. * 3/15/1789 9/19/1859 70 gravestone. Father of Geo. B. Roberts. #9 Roberts’ first row.
Roberts Sarah * 9/23/1835 Strip list, “Stone Friends’ Row” #4. Row H, new ground, says M.H.
Roberts Elizabeth 9/24/1796 About 80 years old. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary.M.H.= wr.date.
Roberts Matthew 9/27/1725 Son of John Roberts Matthew. Bro. is John Matthew, died 9/14/1725. M.H.
Roberts Mathew 9/5/1768 Son of Roberts (sic) Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Matthew 9/6/1713 Infant son of John & Jane David Roberts. M.H.
Roberts William * 9/6/1832 No. 11 New Ground. Latch grave book. Strip list “New Ground” agrees. M.H.
Roberts John * Aug. 15, 1832 “No. 10, new ground.” Latch grave book, p. 12. Strip list. M.H.
Roberts Thomas Dec. 1820 ? Rev. vet. Roberts row; no gr’stone. Wife = Jane. Source B. Date only in M.H.
Roberts Moses l2/22/l7l5-6 M.H. says brother of Ellis Roberts, blacksmith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Mathew ll/l5/1720-l Of the Mill Creek family. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts Jesse ll/ll/l730-1 Son of Robert Roberts, weaver. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roberts child * Warner Roberts’ child. Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #18
Roberts Christiana* Strip list. Members row. #23
Roberts Elijah * “Elisar”? Strip list, Mems’ Row #24, 12′ from north wall,w. Thos. Roberts.
Roberts Hannah L. * L=Lloyd. Wife of John Roberts II, miller? Strip list:Mems’ Row.#33.
Roberts Hetty * Strip list. Members row. #22.
Roberts John 8/24/1763 Son of John Roberts,miller “Burials at Merion.” Married Eliz. Jones 1792.
Roberts John Rev. veteran. marble headstone. Source B.
Roberts Owen Blacksmith. Son of Matthew Roberts, of the Mill Creek family. M.H.
Roberts Susannah * Strip list. Members’ Row. #34.
Roberts * William W. 3/4/1815 1/13/1898 caretaker’s note: 360′ west of NE corner, 37’9″ south in Roberts row, #13.
Robertson child * George Robertson’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #40 w. Johnson child.
Robeson Thomas 1/11/l802 Rev. vet. Knoll’s Co. Source B. Joseph Price Diary. “Burials at Merion.”M.H.
Robeson Hannah 11/11/1783 Wife of Jonathan Robeson. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Robeson Eleanor 12/3/1784 From Mill Creek. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Robeson Jonathan. 4/9/1745 2/22/1825 Blacksmith; “industrious in his day,struck with palsey.” Jos. Pr. Diary. M.H.
Robeson anon 3/13/1809 Jonathan Robeson’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Robeson John, Jr. 4/23/1793 Rev. vet. Capt. Knoll’s Co. militia.Son of John Robeson, Sr.”Bur. at Mer.” M.H.
Robeson Jonathan,Jr. 6/23/1801 Joseph Price Diary & “Burials at Merion” spelled “Robison.”
Robeson Ann 6/25/1790 Joseph Price Diary.
Robeson child 8/16/1781 John Robeson’s child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Robeson John, Sr. 8/27/1792 Of Mill Creek. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Rodgers John 9/5/1807 Died in hospital. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Rodgers Robert * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #35
Rogerson Charles 2/2/1764 Son of John Rogerson. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Roman child 6/15/1747 A young child of William Roman. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Rose Major 3/19/1810 Joseph Price Diary.
Russell Nicholas 7/4/1749 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Rutly John * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #28.
Rutter Rebecca J. * 1/24/1841 J=Jones.Buried w.her moth. & bro. east side of Jn Roberts’ Row.#20 E. M.H.
Rutter Tom * 8/5/1825 Widow R.’s son.#20 row “E” Jon.Jones row w. mother & sis. J.P. Diary. M.H.
Rutter Sarah * 5/30/1760 8/7/1830 70 Gr’stone.Latch :”#6 Old Ground” St. list =#3 Jones Row.MH says #20 Row E.
S. A. 1783 Initials only, read on tombstone by Charles Barker, c. 1910.
S. H. 1785 Initials only, read on tombstone by Charles Barker, c. 1910.
S. I. 1789 Initials only, read on tombstone by Charles Barker, c. 1910.
Samuel Hugh 1708 Wife = Margaret.
Saunders Mary Hall * 1858 Gravestone ( part illegible) Strip list: Members’ row #1, 15′ from n. wall.
Savage George * Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #16.
Schible Elizabeth 9/5/1754 Elderly maid to Robert Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Schlater Sarah Ann 1850 1924 73 gravestone. Source C (burial permit); Died of nephritis.
Schlater Jesse S. * 10/18/1807 5/17/1877 70 gravestone. Died of erysipelas. Caretaker, burials. Strip list: New Row #14.
Scothorn Lewis 8/23/1795 64 Ltr.= Ms. Eisele, 1951.”Bur. @ Mer” J.P. Diary. M.H. says “carpenter.”
Scothorn Robert January 1708 Ltr. from Ms. Flor. Eisele, 1951. Scothorns from Oxton, Eng. Nathan=son.
Scothorn Nathan Ltr. from Ms. Eisele, 1951. Son of Robert, father of Lewis.
Seal Tom 12/2/1789 Son of Tunis’ Seal (a servant?). Joseph Price Diary.
Shaw child * 11/13/1833 Thos Shaw’s child.Strip list,”Ch.’sRow in New Grnd”#14; Latch bk. M.H.
Shaw Margaret * 3/17/1833 #11 in new ground. M.H.
Shaw Alice * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #14.
Shaw James * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #19.
Sheets Frederick 9/7/1797 Shutz ? At Merion because his parents are buried there. Joseph Price Diary.
Shenkin William ca. 1627 11/12/l719 92 Could be “Jenkin.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Shepperd child * 1877? Wm. Shepperd’s child. Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #23, with Garrett child.
Shervel John 4/8/1737 Shewell? Servant to John Griffith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Shiers Hannah 9/10/1771 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Shoester Henry 3/17/1793 Joseph Price Diary.
Shriver anon 9/6/1798 Died of yellow fever. Not certain if buried at Merion Meeting. Jos. Pr. Diary
Shriver child 8/24/1794 Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that burial is at Merion.
Shuster Joseph 11/4/1807 Weaver. Suicide. Buried in Strangers Yard. Joseph Price Diary.
Shutz Connard 8/24/1771 “Burials at Merion.”
Shutz child l2/22/l748-9 A child of Connard (Conrad ?)Shutz (Sheetz, Schultz)”Burials at Merion. MH
Shutz Sarah ll/l2/l7l9-20 Daughter of Connard Shutz. “Burials at Merion.”
Sibley anon 3/28/1805 Wife of Rudolph Sibley. Died of consumption. Joseph Price Diary.
Sibley Mary Ann * John Sibley’s wife. Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #22.
Sibley child 10/3/1818 John Sibley’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Sill Joseph 8/10/1790 Wife = Martha Elliott. Joseph Price Diary. & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Sill Richard 8/2/1788 “Powder Mill blode up.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Sion Edward 8/3/1715 Lived at Mount Arrarat. “Burials at Merion.”
Sline Annie E. 7/11/1842 6/12/1870 C. B.
Sloan Jacob 12/29/1789 Young Jacob, son of Old Jacob.Buried in “new graveyard.” Jos. Price Diary.
Sloan anon 2/18/1824 “Jacob Sloon’s wife from near the ferry.” Joseph Price Diary.
Sloan Jacob 2/6/1798 “Old Sloon” Buried in “our Little yard.” Joseph Price Diary.
Smith Lydia * 1841 29 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave # 12 row E. M.H. Gr’stone says C.B.
Smith Sarah * 1768 1856 88 gravestone. Strip list, “Graves in Jones’ Row” #30 C.B.
Smith Sarah J. * 1858 52 Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #35. C.B.
Smith Genevieve C. 9/30/1867 1936 62 Wife of Abel. Ltr. from daughter Adelaide S. Davis 9/24/1939. Source C.
Smith Abel 8/14/1861 1938 76 Burial permit. Died of rectal cancer. Ltr from dau. Adelaide S. Davis 1939.
Smith child 1/28/1798 Asra (Esra ?) Smith’s son. Joseph Price Diary.
Smith Mary 11/4/1799 Child of George Smith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Smith child * 1839? Geo. Smith’s child. Strip list. “Graves in Jones’s Row” #25 w. Ellen Jones.
Smith Phebe R. 8/21/1798 6/11/1882 86 From strip list, “Back of Book. Grave #23. C.B.
Smith James 6/14/1756 Son of Adam Smith tenant of Jos. Williams. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Smith anon 6/18/1791 Daughter of “Ase” Smith, buried in strangers’ yard. Jos. Price Diary.
Smith Mathew 6/22/1756 Son of Adam Smith,tenant of Jos. Williams. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Smith Mary A. * 4/1/1800 8//12/1823 23 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row”, grave #3 in Paul Jones’ row “E” M.H.
Smith Jane 8/30/1780 Mother of Isaac Smith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Smith George * 9/10/1840 72 Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #9, row E. M.H.
Smith Esra * Jan. 14, 1830 Strip list, “Old Ground” grave #2, & Latch Grave Book, p.1. M.H.
Smith J. 52 All information questionable — stone deteriorated
Smith Mary From “strip list”–“Back of Book” #16. Also listed as “Mary Price.”
Smith Paul E. * Strip list, “Graves in Jones’s Row” grave #8 with Jared (sp.?)Jones’s child
Snitzer child l2/l0/l750-l A child of John Snitzer. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Snow ? Edgar A. 8 gravestone
Soley Alex 3/3/1805 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain.
Spence anon * “Mrs.” Spence. Strip list, “Strangers’ Row” #12.
Spence Charles * Strip list: “Strangers’ Row” #1.
Sprout anon 10/19/1796 “Irishman Sprout, old pedlar. ” Joseph Price Diary.
Stadleman Mary 12/30/1786 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stadleman Michael 2/21/1777 Son of William Stadleman. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stadleman Sarah W. 3/6/1777 Wife of Michael Stadleman. Dau. of T. Wynne&Mary Warner.”Bur. at Mer.MH
Stadleman William 4/17/1785 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. = wrong date
Stadleman child 6/10/1769 Michael Stadleman’s child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 1/10/1769.
Starr Benjamin 9/22/1822 Haverford Meeting records in “Burials at Merion.”
Starr Ann 9/29/1822 Wife of Benjamin. Res.: Blockley. Hav’fd Mtg. records in “Burials at Merion.”
Steel child 10/1/1809 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, but most likely at Merion.
Steel Hannah D. 3/2/1860 Parents: Andrew & Susanna. Hav’fd Mtg. records in “Burials at Merion.”
Steel child 9/24/1809 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, but most likely at Merion.
Steel Catherine * Strip list. “Members New Row” grave #22: moved to Fernwood cemetery.
Steel Margaret * #34 Members new row, south of center walk; removed to Fernwood.
Steel Peter * #27 Members’ New Row. Removed to Fernwood Cemetery.
Steel Thomas * Formerly #18 from N. wall; removed to Mount Mariah. Strip list.
Steel Phebe * south side of center walk, #41. Removed to Fernwood cemetery. Strip list.
Stephens Abijah, Jr. 11/21/1802 70 Residence: Trdyffrin twp. H’fd Meeting records in “Burials at Merion.”
Stephens Ruth 2/22/1764 Daughter of Abijah. H’fd Meeting records in “Burials at Merion.”
Stephens Sarah 3/25/1813 50 Wife of Stephen. Residence: Valley. H’fd mtg. records in “Burians at Merion”
Stephens Mary 7/12/1778 “Haverford Meeting records, in ‘Burials at Merion.'”
Stephens Thomas W. 9/30/1822 Son of Stephen, Jr. Residence: Valley. H’fd mtg. rec. in “Burials at Merion.”
Stevenson Rena * caretaker’s notes: Colored. 10 mos old. No pay.
Stewart Jane 6/9/1807 Strangers’ Yard. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stone(Stine) Anna A. * Strip list “Strangers’ Row”#20 or#21.May also be listed as “Annie E. Stine.”
Stranger anon 1750 Dutchman from plantation of Thos. David. M.H.
Stranger anon * 1/ 30/ 1835 Strip list. New Ground. #1. M.H.
Stranger anon 1/6/1781 A soldier; died at David Gill’s. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 10/1/1793 Irish woman “dyed in Steaper’s shop” of yellow fever. Buried at night. J.P.Di.
Stranger anon 10/10/1752 “A Dutch woman from Evan Jones’s Place.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 10/15/1754 “A Strainger.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger Moses 10/21/1793 A turnpike man, “dyed at Streaper’s shop.” Joseph Price’s Diary.
Stranger anon 10/22/1754 Dutch girl from Philip Creakbaum (Cricbum, Critchburn, etc.)M.H. Rad.Rec.
Stranger child 10/5/1818 Irishman’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 11/20/1754 “A Dutchman, a Strainger from Anthony Tunis.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 11/24/1826 “Man at Paul Jones’s house.” Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger Joanna 12/12/1754 “A stragler from William Roberts.” “Burials at Merion.”
Stranger anon 12/2/1826 Loyd Jones’s apprentice (“got hurt by wrassling”). Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 2/12/1826 “Some woman at Loyd Jones’s house.” Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 3/5/1804 17 A wagon driver run over by another wagon. In Strangers’ Yd. J. P. Diary.
Stranger anon 4/13/1756 “Dutch woman from Wm. Stadleman..poisened by Dutchman” “Bur.s at Mer.”
Stranger anon 4/14/1806 Woman from McKnight’s. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. J. Price Diary.
Stranger anon 5/17/1756 “A Dutchman from Joseph Lees.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 5/23/1824 “Young man at Samuel Wynne’s” Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 6/17/1820 “Old man at the falls…” Buried Strangers’ yd. Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 6/21/1747 “A Strainger that Dyed at Richard Hughes.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 6/28/1749 “A Dutch woman from Evan Jones’s place.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Stranger anon 7/1/1818 “Young Englishman.” Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger child 7/17/1825 Child at Rock factory. Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger child 7/22/1827 Child at Rock factory. Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 7/29/1818 “Poor old woman,” Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger Samuel 9/20/1836 New Ground. M.H.
Stranger child 9/30/1825 Boy at Rock factory. Joseph Price Diary.
Stranger anon 9/8/1791 Jacob Morris’s bound girl. M.H.
Stranger anon * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #18.
Strangers anon. 12/1804 Two men at Young & Homer powder mill on Mill Cr. Strngr’s Yd. “Burials…”
Strangers anon Jan. 1805 Two men at Young & Homer powder mill on Mill Cr. Strngr’s Yd. “Burials…”
Streaper H. 1785 Row C, grave #30. “Streeper’s Row.” M.H.
Streaper child 3/18/1790 2m Abraham Streaper’s child. Joseph Price Diary, & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Streaper Ann 4/17/1788 Child of Abraham Streaper, drowned at the bridge. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Streaper John 6/30/1818 “A sacrifice to Bacchus.” –from Joseph Price Diary.
Streaper Abraham 7/23/1792 Innkeeper.Rev. vet. Lt. in Young’s Co.,7th Batt.J.P.Diary.”Burials at Merion”
Streaper Richard * 7/27/1834 54 Confectioner. Strip list, New Row next to Bowmans.#6 or#15 row F. M.H.
Streaper child 4/3/1789 2m Abe. St.’s son. Row C, grave #31. Marker.”Bur. at Mer. J.Price Diary. M.H.
Struthers child * Joseph Struther’s child. Strip list, Strangers’ Row, #29 with Ferguson ch.
Struthers Rachel Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #34
Stuard Andrew 6/12/1742 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Sturgis child 12/28/1790 Amos Sturgis’s child. Jos. Price Diary–not clearly stated in Merion ground.
Sunday anon 2 mo. 1747 Jacob Sunday’s wife. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Supplee child 1/28/1810 Hannah Supplee’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Supplee Prissey 6/6/1794 Jonathan Supplee’s daughter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Supplee Ellen 8/5/1802 Wife of Jonathan S. Died of TB.”Bur. at Merion.”Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Supplee Silas 9/2/1805 Died of yellow fever. Joseph Price Diary
Swain John 7/27/1763 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Swayne Rachel H * 11/27/1787 5/9/1854 gr’stone; H=Heston. Mems’ new row#25 no. side of center walk, strip list.
Swayne Elizabeth R. 9/2/1864 64 Residence: Ohio. “From Hav’fd Meeting records.”
Sykes William H. 1908 1929 21 gravestone: H=Henry.2d son of Charles Henry Sykes. Drowning. Source C.
Sykes Charles H. 1882 1942 60 gravestone
Sykes Charlotte H. 1877 1961 84 gravestone: Charlotte Hannum Sykes. Died of myocardial failure. Bur. permit
Tamplin Thomas * 6/24/1742 Servant of Thomas Wynne. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Tatman Tho. Cooper 1917 1996 79 stone: husband of Olive Bates Tatman, father of Robert, Kathy, & Sally.
Taylor Martha 2/10/1835 77 Residence: Haverford. “Burials at Merion.”
Taylor Thomas W. 6/25/1834 Parents: Banner & Eliz. Residence: L. Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Taylor child 7/23/1795 Joe Taylor’s son (died of “lax’). Joseph Price Diary.
Terry child John Terry’s child. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #4, with Gilpin’s child.
Thomas Mary 1719 Widow of James Thomas of Merion, born in Wales. M.H.
Thomas Thomas Jhn. 1723 see also Thomas Jones — uncertain of name. M.H.
Thomas Rees 1742 Wife = Martha Aubrey M.H.
Thomas Nicholas 1745 M.H.
Thomas Ellen 1755 1756 Daughter of John & Jane Roberts (miller)Thomas. M.H.
Thomas Mary 1797 Wife of John Thomas. M.H. (date may be wrong)
Thomas Lewis M. * 1806 M.H. says Rev. vet. Capt. Young’s Co.”Bur. at Mer.”Mem.’s row,#17 from nor.
Thomas Mary 1823 M. H.
Thomas Joseph 1828 Gravestone (between Ann Jones and Isaiah Thomas) M.H.
Thomas children * 1863 Children of Lewis M. Thomas Strip list:#7 Members’ Row, head and foot.
Thomas Mary 1863 Residence: Lower Merion.
Thomas Abel 5/16/1746 ” ” ” ? Rev. vet, Capt. Young’s Co. Son of John & Jane. wife=Elizabeth. M.H.
Thomas Evan 1/5/l732-3 Tenant of Evan Harry. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas anon 10/11/1732 Daughter of John Thomas, sawyer. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Edward 10/11/1732 Left money for graveyard. Born in Wales. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Martha 10/13/1765 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Esther 10/21/1773 Wife of Jonathan. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Catherine 10/25/1716 Wife of Edward Thomas. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas John 10/26/1762 A smith. Son of Abel. Married Jane Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Elizabeth 10/31/1741 Daughter of Abel Thomas. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Sarah 10/31/1818 Wife of Joshua Thomas. Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Morgan 10/8/1714 Servant to Robert Evans. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Elizabeth * 10/9/1886 84 #1 New Row.
Thomas Rachel * 11/14/1844 73 Wife of Abel. Strip list. #18 Mem,s’ row G , w. Sarah Williams. M.H.
Thomas David 11/16/1694 Source A. & “Burials at Merion” (gives 11/10/1694) M.H.“
Thomas Jacob 11/22/1807 Able Thomas’s son.Wagon ran over him. Bur’d by bro. Israel. J.P.Diary. M.H.
Thomas Abel 11/23/1817 74 Joseph Price Diary. Died driving buggy, sitting straight. Same as next Abel?
Thomas Esther 11/25/1777 Wife of Michael. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Mary * 11/l1/1826 52 Strip list. Members’ Row. #17.Buried w. Ewing child /or Lewis M. Thomas
Thomas child 12/14/1747 Daughter or twins of Hugh Thomas. M.H.
Thomas Evan 12/18/1697 Son of John ap Thomas. Died a month after his mother Catherine. M.H.
Thomas Jane 12/3/1790 “Mother of Able.” Joseph Price Diary. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Morris 12/5/1726-7 Wife = Elizabeth. “Burials at Merion” M.H.
Thomas Elizabeth 12/6/1759 Parent: Rees. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Martha 12/7/1726 wife of Rees Thomas. Her bro. Wllm married Laetitia Penn. M.H.
Thomas James 1699? M.H.
Thomas Amy * 1853? Strip list, Members’ new row, #7…from north wall.
Thomas Margery 2/10/1710 M.H.
Thomas Esther 2/14/1868 68 Strip list. Members’ Row. #30. C.B.
Thomas William 1849 2/17/1889 40 Son of Lewis M. & Ann M. Thomas. gr’stone(bet. Lydia Thomas & “H.K.H.”)C.B.
Thomas Lewis, Sr. 2/18/1761 Wife = Mary. M.H.
Thomas William M. 2/26/1876 2/26/1876 17 gravestone.Isaiah’s son. Mems. new row, #41. Lingering illness. C.B.
Thomas Michael 2/4/1772 “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Abigail G. * 1794 3/15/1854 60 gravestone. Strip list,”Members’ New Row”#18. Wife of John Thomas.
Thomas Susannah 3/20/1825 75 Widow of Lewis. M.H.
Thomas Jesse 3/21/1882 81 gravestone illegible in 1997, but Chas. Barker read it in 1915.
Thomas Amos * 4/15 /1830 42 Wheelwright. “No. 3 new Ground” Latch; strip list agrees. M.H.
Thomas child 4/17/1793 1 d. Jonathan Thomas’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Thomas Edgar A. 4/22/1856 8 gravestone. C.B.
Thomas child 4/24/1738 Child of Hugh Thomas. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Leah 4/4/1783 “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Susan * 5/1/1835 Strip list. “Colored People” (row) grave #1. M.H.
Thomas Joshua 5/15/1820 Residence: Radnor. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Ann 5/29/1700 “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Naomi 5/7/1817 Wife of William. Residence: Lower Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Jonathan 6/11/1820 Married to Letitia Evans. DAR lists name on muster roll. Joseph Price Diary.
Thomas Rees 6/13/1774 Dau.=Mary who married Anthony Tunis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas William 6/13/1776 “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Lydia 6/25/1890 72 Gravestone (between Isaiah Thomas and William Thomas). C.B.
Thomas William W. 5/25/1818 7/13/1818 M.H.
Thomas Anne W. 6/22/1819 7/13/1819 W = Warner. Dau. of Thos. Thomas & Frances Roberts. M.H.
Thomas John * 1786 7/14/1873 87 Gravestone; strip list. Members’ Row, #18. J. Thomas from Manayunk.
Thomas Joseph 1806 7/17/1890 84 C.B.
Thomas Ellin 7/22/1751 Dau. of John & Margaret Thomas. I.D.=Jhn-Thom-Pegy.”Bur. at Mer.” M.H.
Thomas William 7/28/1689 Of Radnor, buried at Merion. Margaret Harvey.
Thomas John 7/31/1840 84 Rev. vet. Capt. Rose’s Co. Militia. Source B. #5 row H next Sarah Paiste. M.H.
Thomas John, 3rd 7/6/1747 M.H.
Thomas Priscilla 7/6/1769 Wife of Rees. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas John 7/7/1779 See also John T. Peggy. Gravedigger at Merion. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Nathan 7th mo., 1805 Rev. vet. in Capt. Rose’s Co. 1781. M.H.
Thomas Isaiah * 8/15/1891 81 Gravestone illegible in 1997, but in 1915 Chas. Barker could read it.
Thomas Thomas 8/17/1774 “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Elizabeth H. 8/18/1736 H = Humphreys. Wife of Abel Thomas. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Hugh 8/21/1763 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Hannah 8/28/1769? Wife of Thomas. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Catherine 8/4/1716 Wife of David Thomas, mason. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas child 8/7/1708 Edw. Thomas’s child, died on arrival in Am.; captured by French en route.M.H.
Thomas Nathan 9/1/1751 Son of John Thomas, smith, & Jane Roberts T. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Margaret 9/2/1694 Source A, & “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Mary 9/22/1760 Wife of Lewis Thomas. M.H.
Thomas Israel 9/24/1803 Son of Able. Fell from horse. “Burials at Merion.” J.P.Diary. M.H.
Thomas child 9/28/1789 Able Thomas’s child
Thomas Susannah 9/28/1797 Of yellow fever? Niece of Lewis Thomas. Joseph Price Diary.
Thomas child 9/29/1787 Able Thomas’s child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas Sarah 8/1/1697 9/7/1698 Daughter of Abel and Elizabeth. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Abel l2/l/l748-9 A smith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas anon l2/l4/l747-8 A daughter of Hugh Thomas. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas John ll/4/l753-4 Son of John Thomas, smith or John Thomas Smith. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Thomas child Isaiah Thomas’s child. Strip list, “Mem.s New Row”#17 w. Moore’s child
Thomas Eleanor Thomas David’s relative. “Burials at Merion.”
Thomas Elijah Str. list. #24 in row 12′ from wall.
Thomas Jenn (?) Strip list. Member’s New Row #31.
Thomas John * Strip list, “Members’ New Row” grave #4
Thomas John * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #37.
Thomas William Of Radnor, buried at Merion. Margaret Harvey.
Thompson Mary * 1774 1855 Thompson row.
Thompson George 12/14/1776 “Burials at Merion.” Also: “Thomson.” M.H.
Thompson Ruth * 3/24/1818 75 #26 Row G, a”Price row” beside Reese T. “Thomson” =M.H. J.P. Diary. C.B.
Thompson Reese * 7/15/1799 23 1779?”Burials at Merion. Gravestone,#28 Old Price row” G.” M.H. C.B.
Thompson anon * Thompson row.
Thomson Edward * 1/4/1772 3/20/1853 82 Gravestone. (unknown notebook) Source D. Thompson row. C.B.
Thomson Enoch * 7/19/1822 54 Gravestone. Rees Price row H #28. Source D. M.H. C.B.
Thomson Reese 8/10/1799 M.H. says name and date taken “from tombstone.”
Thomson Eliza 8/7/1815 Wife of George Thomson. M.H.
Tinley child 7/10/1794 Holland Tinley’s child “had by Tom Durnal.” Joseph Price Diary.
Townsley Elinor 11/23/1763 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Trasel Jacob 1822 Family row at beginning of Row U. Jos. Trasel =#6, Hannah T.=#5. M.H.
Trasel Joseph * 7/19/1795 1/13/1854 Husband of Hannah L.
Trasel Hannah L. * 1795 1/29/1862 67 Wife of Joseph.
Trasel child * 1/9/1833 Joseph Trasel’s child. Family row old ground. Latch grave book, row U. M.H.
Trasel child * 8/10/1832 Jos. Trasel’s child.#13 Old ground; family row near begin. of Row U. M.H.
Trasel child * Oct. 1833 Joseph Trasel’s child. In family row. Latch grave book, p. 21.
Trimble Rebecca F. 1882 Middle name: Fussell. Gravestone–other side, Joseph Trimble” C.B.
Trimble Joseph 9/14/1839 gr’stn.=”My parent EJTL”= E.J.Trimble Lippincott.#36 last row (F) OG. MH.
Tucker Sarah 5/23/1779 Widow of Joseph. “Burials at Merion.”
Tunis Tom 1789 J. Price diary. Could be a George family’s relative…?
Tunis Richard 1808 Rev. Vet. Capt. Rose’s Co. in 1781. M.H.
Tunis Priscilla 11/31/1791 2/5/1879 88 gravestone; #15 Mem.s’ row 12′ from north wall, shared w. Eliz. Hall/Jones
Tunis Hannah 3/21/1805 Widow of Abraham Tunis, moth. of Anthony & Rich.”Burials at Mer.” & Diary
Tunis anon 4/15/1824 Abe Tunis’s wife. Joseph Price Diary.
Tunis Joseph 5/13/1773 Son of Anthony Tunis.”Burials at Merion.” Harvey says died 1763. M.H.
Tunis Anthony 5/20/1762 Son of Abraham & Mary Williams Tunis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Tunis child 6/1/1817 William Tunis’s child. Joseph Price Diary.
Tunis Mary 7/28/1843 83 Gravestone. Strip list, Members Row, #14, or #16 in row 12′ frm wl. M.H.
Tunis Anthony 8/29/1806 50 Old Yard, family row. Joseph Price Diary. Merion Mtg. records(microfllm)
Tunis MaryWllms 9/19/1769 Widow of Anthony Tunis. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Tunis Jane 9/26/1807 Wife of Richard Tunis. M.H.
Turner Joseph 1780 or ’81 M.H.
unknown 1850 72 gravestone
unknown S. 1768 1856 88 gravestone
unknown Josephine 1862 1863 llm gravestone
unknown Margaret 1802 1865 63 gravestone
unknown William 1871 1888 17 gravestone
unknown Ann 1/6/1792 “Harry and Sall’s child.” Joseph Price Diary.
unknown anon 1/ll/l730-l Tenant of John Roberts. “Burials at Merion.”
unknown anon 10/14/1718 Rowland Ellis’s tenant. M.H.
unknown anon 3/22/1825 Mother-in-law of Tom Trals(?) Joseph Price Diary.
unknown Catherine ?
unknown Mary 12 “Erected in memory of their daughter Mary. Aged 12 yrs 6 months” who?
unknown William 1827 ? gravestone
unnamed widow 4/4/1789 Joseph Price Diary;
Valentine Jacob 6/11/1847 2 Son of Benjamin E. Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Valentine Benjamin E. 7/23/1847 25 Residence: Blockley. “Burials at Merion.”
Vandern Sarah 8/3/1750 Daughter of John Vandern (Vandering). “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Vincent Robert ll/l6/l7l4-5 Servant to Jonathan Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Browning, p. 264.
Wagoner Betsey 4/9/1799 Died of consumption. Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain.
Wainright Sarah R. 8/12/1809 5/6/1880 71 gravestone
Wainwright John 6/25/1874 88 “able, eccentric, esteemed.” Josiah Pearce of Ardmore, “Letters” 7/3/1874.
Walker Sarah 10/31/1854 84 Widow of Isaac. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Walker Joseph 11/2/1818 90 Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Walker Isaac 11/3/1822 Parents: Joseph and Sarah. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Walker Jane 3/9/1813 72 Wife of Joseph. Residence: Valley. “Burials at Merion.”
Walker Ruth 9/21/1816 Widow of Jacob. “Burials at Merion.”
Wall Grace * Mar. 21, 1832 “No. 8 colored Ground.” Latch grave book, p. 10.
Walter Jane M. 1702 M = Mirick. Wife of Richard. M.H.
Walter Richard 1711 M.H.
Walter child 1/29/1752 Child of Job Walter & Eliz. Warner Walter. M.H.
Walter child 10/2/1793 New born. Buried in evening. Joseph Price Diary
Walter Walter 11/5/1784 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Madah 11/6/1737 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Habbakuk 11/9/1737 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Lidiah 12/16/1758 Dau. of Wllm & Sarah Lews W.”Bur. at Mer.”M.H. Same as Lydia Walters ?
Walter child 2/18/1731 Child of William Walter. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter William 2/23/1746 Son of Richard, yeoman. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter William, Jr. 2/27/1756 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Jane 3/18/1756 Sister of William Walter, Jr. (d.2/27/1756). “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Anne 3/27/1715 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Sarah 3/3/1737 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Jonathan 4/3/1806 42 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Abraham 6/1/1797 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Jos. Price Diary. June 1=Jos. Price wedding day.
Walter Walter 7/30/1732 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Walter 7/4/1726 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Joseph 8/21/1804 Joseph Price Diary. In “Burials at Merion” 8/15/1804. M.H.
Walter Mary l/20/l747-8 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Walter Minnie * “from D. Rhoades.” Strip list “Strangers’ Row” #21.
Walters Mary P. 11/7/1825 Mother= Jane. In Walters’ Row; permit from Jesse George. J.P. Diary. M.H.
Walters Jane * 12/29/1832 Strip list. New Row, next to Bowmans. #2 & Latch, #11 in Row F. M.H.
Walters Catherine * 4/14/1836 Strip list “Stone Friends’ Row” #7, also known as Row I (eye) M.H.
Walters Edward P. * Feb. 20, 1831 Strip list = “Old Ground”#9. Latch grave bk = “#17 Old Ground.”p.5. M.H.
Walters Lydia * Strip list. Members’ Row. #3 from north wall.
Ward Wells 11/5/1770 “Burials at Merion.”
Ward Rebecca 2/23/1819 Joseph Price Diary.
Ward William 3/10/1817 Joseph Price Diary. On DAR muster rolls, Rev. war.
Ward child * 8/5/1832 John Ward’s child. Strip list, “Children’s Row, New Ground,” #4 M.H.
Warner John 1717 With brother William, a first purchaser. Came with Penn. M.H.
Warner Isaac 1727 Of Blockley. Brother of Wllm.– in Pa. in 1677. Isaac came with Penn. M.H.
Warner William 1766 Wife = Anne. Brother of Isaac and John. A fndr of “State in Schuylkill.” M.H.
Warner Hannah 1815 M.H.
Warner Bob 10/12/1807 Grandson of John Robeson. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner grandchild 10/15/1755 Veronica Warner’s Grand Child. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Ann R. * 11/19/1767 10/16/1842 75 R=Roberts; Wllm. Warner’s wife. Married in 1790. M.H.
Warner Isaac 10/21/1770 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 10/2/1770
Warner Barbary 10/6/1771 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Thomas 12/11/1790 Joseph Price Diary
Warner Isaac 12/1757 Residence: Blockley. M.H.
Warner John 12/2/1816 47 Lumber merchant. Wife = Rebecca Cress. M.H. says in Poulson’s(newspap.)
Warner Isaac 2/9/1780 M.H.
Warner Rachel 2/9/1780 M.H. says she died the same date as Isaac, her father? Burials at Merion.
Warner William 4/9/1782 “Burials at Merion.”
Warner William 6/7/1793 A pumpmaker. “Burials at Merion.” M.H. Jos Price says “alcohol killed him.”
Warner Arnold 7/15/1771 Of Blockley. Wife=Margery Hall. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Thomas 7/26/1739 “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Lydia C. 8/10/1799 C = Coulton. Wife of Isaac.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Isaac 8/2/1805 Rev. vet. Knoll’s Co. 1781.”Burials at Merion.” J. Price Diary.
Warner Edward 9/11/1744 Son of John Warner. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner William * 9/14/1757 9/12/1813 56 Rev. vet. Source B. Son of Isaac & Lydia of Blockley.Married Ann Roberts.M.H.
Warner John 9/19/1748 “John Warner by the Road.” Wife = Sarah. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Warner Isaac 9/20/1794 Rev. vet. Colonel. Old section, Warner lot. Headstone. Source B. JPDiary M.H.
Washer child 7/20/1825 Felix Washer’s son. J. Price Diary. Uncertain place, most likely at Merion.
Washer Joseph 1799 9/10/1804 5 Felix Washer’s son. Joseph Price Diary.
Washer anon 9/25/1827 Brother of Felix Washer. J. Price Diary. Most likely at Merion.
Waters Amos * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #39.
Watkin John * 9/16/1682 A servant. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Watkins John 1717 M.H.
Watson William 1789 M.H.
Watson Joe 3/24/1796 To the “Little yard.” Joseph Price Diary.
Watson William 9/30/1777 A weaver. Died at Thomas George’s place. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Watt A. Brewster 1940 1949 9 gravestone — died of polio. W. Laurel Hill cremation cert. MM archives.
Webster child 10/28/1791 Skinner Webster’s child. J. Price Diary.”Burials”. & M.H.gives 9/28/1791.
Webster John * 7/11/1797 7/18/1842 Son of Skinner & Jane W. Strip list, Members Row#10 from north wall. MH.
Wells John * 2/18/1830 Rev. veteran. Strip list. “New Ground” #2, and Latch Grave Book. M.H.
Wells child 7/15/1826 John Wells’ child. Joseph Price Diary.
Wells anon 7/22/1825 “Old Wells–dyed with his jug of whiskey.” Joseph Price Diary.
Wells child 8/22/1828 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, but most likely Merion.
Wesler Samuel, Jr. 1/3/1879 2/27/1920 Source D. Gravestone.
Wetherill child * Robert Wetherill’s child. Strip list. Members’ Row, #17 with Pool child.
Wetherill child * Isaac Wetherill’s child. Strip list, “Mem.s’ New Row” #12 w. Evans’ child.
White John 10/2/1743 Servant to Morton Garret. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
White children 5/28/1750 Twins of Uriah White. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
White child 6/6/1745 Child of Uriah and Eliz. Griffith White. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
White G…. 8/23/1808 ” A man. ” Joseph Price Diary.
Whitehead John 1/15/1777 Carpenter. Son of James Whitehead of Phila. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Whiteman anon 11/29/1826 John Whiteman’s sister. Joseph Price Diary.
Whitloe child 8/14/1753 Child of Robert Whitloe. Also “Whittle.” “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Wickersham Polly 1795 Joseph Price Diary. Not clear that the burial is at Merion.
Widdos anon. 3/10/1777 Wife of Jacob Widdos, or Widdow. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Widows Abraham 2/10/1809 Buried in “old yard.” Joseph Price Diary.
Wildie Margaret * Strip list, Members Row, 12′ from wall, #37, south of center walk.
Wiley Elizabeth * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #16.
Wilkinson Mary 7/20/1747 Servant to John Roberts. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Will “Old” 10/27/1825 “Old Will from old Virginia, here 25-30 years.” Joseph Price Diary.
Willders child * Willdeys ? Feb. 15, 1831 Obadiah Willders’ child. “#16 or #8 childrens row OG” Latch gr.bk.,List.MH.
William Elizabeth 1/20/1699 Mother of Hugh Roberts, dau. of Wllm Owen.”Burials at Merion.”
William Evan John 11/10/1683 Son of Rees John William. “Burials at Merion.” Source A . T.A.Glenn.
William Rees John * 11/26/1697 Wife=Hannah. On the Lyon. Children =”Jones” Bur’s at Mer/Source A./M.H.
William Edward 8/10/1804 Early settler. Joseph Price Diary. M.H. says he lived in Blockley.
William Robert 9/2/1690 M.H.
Williams Henry 1723 Wife = Margaret. Lived in Blockley. M.H.
Williams Samuel 10/3/1766 1769 3 Son of Daniel and Jane. M.H.
Williams Elizabeth 1/20/1699 Source A.Mother of Hugh Roberts. Dau. of Wllm Owen. T.A. Glenn, p. 324.
Williams Hannah G. 10/15/1754 G =Garrett. Wife of Edward Williams, Jr. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams Sarah 10/18/1719 1 Daughter of Edward & Eleanor Lawrence Williams. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams Daniel 9/28/1763 11/10/1765 Son of Daniel & Jane Williams. M.H.
Williams Daniel * 3/12/1717 11/29/1794 77 A signer of the Non-importation Act. Wife: Jane Oldman Williams. M.H.
Williams Albert * 1865 11/6/1895 30 caretaker’s notes: Col. $5 collected. 32’6 south, 8′ frm E. wall. Pneumonia.
Williams Mary * 2/6/1749 Dau. of Daniel & Jane. M.H.
Williams Martha * 3/12/1769 Wife of Joseph. Dau. of Rich. Bevan. Residence:Radnor.Burials at Merion. M.H.
Williams Joseph 3/27/1757 A tanner. Wife=Hannah, dau. of Jon. Jones. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams George 3/16/1756 5/10/1756 Son of Daniel & Jane Williams. M.H.
Williams twins 7/9/1748 5th mo. 1749 Named for parents Daniel & Jane Williams. M.H.
Williams Sarah M. * 6/20/1844 44 Wife of John Williams. Strip lst. Mems Row, 12′ from wall #16. Row G. M.H.
Williams Hannah * 8/13/1808 90 Father arr’d 1682 as child. Husb. Jos. of Blockley. J.P. Diary & “Burials…”
Williams Edward 1689 8/16/1749 Only son of Wllm ap Edward. Wife = Eleanor. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams Jane 8/1780 Wife of Daniel. M.H.
Williams Eleanor 9/7/1749 60 Widow of Edward Williams (“William.”) “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams Joseph ca. 1778 Homestead near Overbrook station in Blockley. M.H.
Williams Mary 5/17/1757 July 1757 Dau. of Daniel & Jane Williams. M.H.
Williams William ll/20/l7l5-6 Infant of Edward & Eleanor Lawrence Williams. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Williams Sarah 1830 May 6, 1915 85 Gravestone.
Williams anon. * “Mrs.” Williams. Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #36.
Williams Mary * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #15 and/or #20
Williams William * Strip list. Strangers’ Row. #9.
Williamson Howard * 2/18/1866 8/18/1867 1 gravestone. C.B.
Williamson Margaret W. 1821 Nov. 6, 1911 90 gravestone. w. Lewis T. Williamson. Ensinger’s notes (caretaker). C.B.
Williamson child * Howard Williamson’s son. Strip list. Members’ Row. #28.
Williamson child * Howard Williamson’s child. Strip list. Members’ Row. #29.
Williamson Lewis T. P. 8 gravestone with Margaret Williamson. C.B.
Willis Thomas 11/8/1688 From meeting minutes. Probably Merion burial ground.
Wilson Amanda * 1825 1/3/1898 73 Colored. 42′ south, 8′ west of E. wall.From Falls of Schuylkill.Heart clot.” C.”
Wilson Samuel 12/16/1888 74 Gravestone. Caretaker’s note: Albert Williams beside, near east wall. C.B.
Wilson Arche 3/5/1799 “Old Arche Wilson” Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain.
Wilson Louisa W. 4/1/1872 gravestone near east wall and the path. C.B.
Wilson Rachel V. 9/12/1873 gravestone near east wall. C.B.
Winn Elizabeth 1748 1840 92 Strip list. “Members’ Row, #2.
Winter James 1/11/1761 “Burials at Merion.” M.H. says 1768.
Winters James 1803 Rev. vet. Knoll’s Co., Militia. 1781. M.H. DAR.
Winters James 2/9/1780 ? “Burials at Merion.”
Wirshing Felix * 1815 Rev. vet. in Capt. Jn. Lindsay’s Co.in Chester County.”Strangers’ Row”#3.MH.
Wirshing anon. * 9/ 2/ 1832 “Mrs. W.”No. 28, Old Ground next to children’s row. Latch bk. M.H. says#16.
Wirshing Joseph * Strip list. Strangers’ Row, #33.
Wisler, Jr. Samuel 1924 45 Gravestone. Burial permit. Died of apoplexy.
Wood child * 8/ 5/1832 John Wood’s child. #4 in new ground, new children’s row. Latch p. 12.
Worm(s) William 1/5/l720-l Servant to Hugh Evans. “Burials at Merion.” Browning, p. 264.
Wynne Thomas 11/21/1733 1782 48 Lt. in Rev. Son of Thos. & Mary Warner.Wife=Marg. Coulton#14 Wynne Row.
Wynne Thomas 1762 1810 Rev. lt. in Pa. Flying Camp. 1776-same as next below?#16.Source B. M.H.
Wynne Mary 1820 20 M.H.
Wynne Thomas * 1/1/1777 #8 Wynne row. “Burials at Merion.”
Wynne John Boyer* 5/28/1836 10/30/1836 Child of Thomas Wynne. Strip list.#12 Wynne row. Family Bible. M.H.
Wynne Elizabeth * 11/1/1840 78 Strip list; Grave #2, 1st row NG between Alfred Price and Isaac Roberts.MH.
Wynne Thomas * 11/27/1757 Son of Jon. & Sarah. Married Mary Warner.#7 Wynne row.”Bur.s” M.H.
Wynne Isaac * ll/22/1736 11/4/1749 13 Son of Thos & Mary Warner Wynne.#6 Wynne row.”Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Wynne Sarah G. 2/27/1744 G = Greaves. Widow of Jon. Wynne.Son Thomas stayed on at Wynnstay. M.H.
Wynne Samuel * 4/22/1815 5/18/1815 Child of Thomas & Hannah Wynne. #9 Wynne row.
Wynne Phoebe S. * 6/13/1871 S = Sharpe. Wife of Samuel C. Wynne.
Wynne Hannah * 1739 6/15/1742 3 Daughter of Thos & Mary Warner W. #4 Wynne row.Burials at Merion. M.H.
Wynne Thomas * 8/17/1787 7/1/1862 75 Removed to West Laurel Hill.Formerly #13 Wynne Row or #11 from n.wall
Wynne James * 8/24/1714 Son of Jonathan & Sarah G. Strip list,#1Wynne row.”Bur’s at Merion.” M.H.
Wynne Thomas * ll/13/1730 9/30/1732 2 Son of Thos. & Mary Warner Wynne. #3 in Wynne row. “Burials at Merion.”
Wynne John Reese* 8/8/1828 Dec. 17, 1831 3 Thomas Wynne’s child, #11(#25?) family row, Row L. Latch bk.p. 7. M.H.
Wynne Jonathan * 1669 l2/28/l720-l Son of Dr. Thos. Wynne. Strip list of Wynne row,#2.Burials at Merion. M.H.
Wynne Deborah Died young.
Wynne Margaret C. C= Coulton.#15 Wynne row. Caretaker says #11 “Members Stone Row” (?)
Wynne Samuel G. * #32 Members’ new row, so. of ctr. walk; removed to West Laurel Hill 1856
Wynne * Elizabeth R. 1840 R = Reese #17 Wynne row.
Wynne * Sarah Greav. 2/27/1744 Widow of Jonathan Wynne. #5, Wynne Row. “Burials at Merion.”
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Yerkes Lewis 1807 2/14/1888 81 . Two rows east of path to double gate; nearest south wall. Gr’stone. C.B.
Yerkes child 2/21/1828 Yerkes’ daughter. Joseph Price Diary.
Yerkes Esther * 4/20/1843 Wife of Lewis.Strip list, “Jones’s Row” (E)#16 with Hannah Moore M.H.
Yerkes Ann 1811 5/13/1888 77 Gravestone. Source D. C.B.
Yerkes Elizabeth R. 64 gravestone. C.B.
Young Noah ? 1830 1859 29 gravestone
Young Matilda 1920 87 Burial permit. Died of pneumonia. May be in West Laurel Hill cemetery.
Young Reese * 1843 11/15/1896 53 in row next to crosswalk (west).86′ west, 111’6″ south. Fractured skull. “C”
Young B. Benton * 1/9/1838 12/28/1854 16 .Gravestone; strip list, mems’ new row, grave#44. C.B.
Young David 12/25/1791 12/8/1863 71 Gravestone. C.B.
Young John A. 12/28/1830 3/16/1857 C.B. Wrong dates? Capt. John Young in Revolutionary War(see Becker,p411)
Young “Esquire” 8/31/1828 Joseph Price Diary. Burial place uncertain, most likely Merion.
Young Edw. Price 5/5/1847 April 3, 1908 61 gravestone — “P” stands for Price. C.B.
Young David Oram Dec. 27, 1907 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave.
Young Jefferson J. Jan. 24, 1910 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave. 1910
Young Mary A. Mar. 27, 1909 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave. Died June 12, 1912?
Young Harriet Jane Oct. 21, 1912 Ensinger’s notes (caretaker); no directions to grave.
Zell Anne 1794 Dau. of John.”First burial recorded” in Zell Row–Fagan corres. 1949. M.H.
Zell Anna F. 1920 84 F = Florence. Burial permit. Died of softening of brain.
Zell Wllm. Newl. 3/9/1945 Ashes interred in Zell Row. Corres. Fagan-Morse 12/50. MM archives.
Zell Jane Meng * 10/22/1815 1/10/1875 gravestone. C.B.
Zell Susan 1792 1/6/1852 60 Susanna ? Widow of Anthony.
Zell John 10/2/1796 Died of “the gravel.””Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. Same as above?
Zell Elizabeth R. 11/13/1795 Wife of David Zell.R = Roberts.”Burials at Merion.”Fagan-Morse corres. M.H.
Zell David 12/24/1826 “Old schoolmate.” Joseph Price Diary.
Zell Hannah Ward 2/22/1806 2nd wife of David Zell; Fagan-Friends corres.1949. Bur. at Mer. Diary. M.H.
Zell Jacob 2/7/1807 Rev. vet w. Capt. Young.”Burials at Merion.” J.P. Diary. Source B. M.H.
Zell Hannah 3/25/1795 Gravestone. Wife of Jacob Zell. “Burials at Merion.” Jos. Price Diary M.H.
Zell Hannah * 2/19/1789 4/27/1873 84 gravestone.Strip list: Mem’s row #26, shared with Emma Hoffman. C.B.
Zell Margaret * 1788 4/7/1857 69 gravestone. C.B.
Zell John T. * 6/1846 34 Grocer. Gr’stn.#22 betw. B.Jones & T. Robts. Strip list, Members’ Row(“G”)
Zell Margaret 6/19/1795 Wife of John Zell. “Burials at Merion.” Joseph Price Diary. M.H.
Zell David 8/7/1794 Son of Jacob Zell. “Burials at Merion.” M.H.
Zell Thomas 12/26/1792 9/1/1848 55 gravestone. Father of Thos. Ellwood Zell. #30 row A, Zell row. M.H. C.B.
Zell Anthony 9/20/1845. Wife = Susanna. M.H.
Zell Hannah Ann 1/17/1820 Jan 28, 1911 Gravestone. Ensinger’s notes (caretaker). C.B.
Zell Thomas E. * 6/29/1828 Mar. 19, 1905 77 E=Ellwood. Gr’stone. Founded Loyal Legion [Civil War]. Engraver. C.B.
Zell David Corres. re Wllm Newlin Zell ashes, Fagan-Friends 12/15/1949.
Zell Hannah L. L. = Levering. Corres. Fagan-Friends, 12/15/1949.
Zell Jacob Corres. re Wllm Newlin Zell ashes, Fagan-Friends 12/15/1949.
Zell John Vet. Revolutionary War; corres. Fagan-Friends, 12/15/1949
Zell Marie A.F.C. Wife of Lt. Col. T. E. Zell; corres. Fagan-Friends, 12/15/1949.
Zimmerli Frances 1906 1990 84 gravestone. Musician (choral and piano). Mother of Heidi.

This burial record database is the work of Mary Wood, archivist of the Merion Friends Meeting. The listings come from a wide variety of sources, as records were kept in many different formats throughout the centuries since the burial ground was first used. Questions about the location and nature of the sources cited maybe addressed to the Lower Merion Historical Society at LMHistory@comcast.net