January 1st 1828 Wind N W & Over Cast Still Cold Morn, Sun Last Evening the Second time Since the new moon I think, Adam a great time Shueing [shoeing] horse Yerkes up I at the Tavern with him he tre[a]ted to 1/2 Glass Jos. & I at pike to Give Obe notice to move & negro Jim also over bay

2nd wind S & remarkabel [remarkable] foggy morn & rain very wet all day Boys Cleaning Stables I at Cast[ners] 2 or 3 times J Hughes treated me 1/2 G

3 Wind W Sun Shind at Raising a rain bow Soft morning no frost Cloud[y] day [last line illegible]

January 4 1827 [1828] Wind S E Soft Cloudy morn & over Cast till noon then the sunshind I at pike 1/2 G- 1 fip afternoon Over Cast ag[a]in & at Gaunts to Look for money Got none

5 Wind S & very Soft foggy morn & fog[g]y day Charles Jones Buried his Son that [had] the Pith of Back hurt about 3 years agoo never walk It Said He hurt it by Jumping He has sufferd much back pain Jos. & Ann in Chair I at Grave yard very damp on them I at Castners Spent not Seen the Sun awhile but Cloudy Up Soon very foggy & Cloudy

6th wind S very foggy Soft morn no frost I at Meeting in morning was to [have] meeting at School house so wet not Come very Great wet all the after[noon] thick fogg very dark night till moon Got up 1 fip

7th wind w very foggy Soft morn & foggy Cloudy day Jos & Alfred at mill morn after in woods I afternoon at an Election for Presentdent [president] & managers for flat [Rock] Bridg[e] rode [road] Jury their on a road from Bridge up Hagys hollow much [shorter] rout[e] than one from the Bridg I voted & So home before night Jury from upper Merion

January 8th 1828 wind N & over Cast & begun to Snow about 9 OC- & keep at it till night fine not above an Inch fine Star Light night for N & W not Seen Such a Star Light perhaps this above a month & think not 2 months

9 wind E & over cast Seen the Sun at rising Crossley Buried his Sister Terry made the Coffin I atten[d]ed the Graveyard afternoon at pike boys Cuting wood over Cast all day I think snow

10th Wind N & Cloudy day Snowd in night near 2 Inches froze not very hard NO Sun Shin’d I about house not well bad Cold only at T- Price’s boys & Obe Sawing & Spliting wood

11th Wind old Course N & W by E very foggy Cloudy all day no frost I about home all day Ann Paschal hear a little while Sold Her my bay Colt for 80 drs. Jos halld one Cord of Hickory wood to McCrever 6 drs

12 Wind N very foggy Cloudy morn no frost remarkable day Seen the Sun through the Clouds about 3 OC very foggy Still and darke Evening Roads very Bad Garlick & Rye Growing much

13th Wind W by S very foggy dark morn Wind W & Seen the [sun] Shine about 2 OC- very fine till most night the first time we had much Sun this 7 or 8 weeks & Starlight I at Meeting morn & afternoon at the Schoolhouse Meeting Baptis man no frost

January 14th 1828 wind S by E Clear to Sun rise but very Cloudy to W & N & S Still morn no Ice & dull Cloudy day & wet in Evening Boys killing Calf

15 West W & Clear fine morn not any frost N W prety high wind G- Printz here to Leather my Pomp [pump] I at home all day Boys about house Ann in Market with a Calf home before night bad roads

16 Wind E & over Cast & rain in morn & wet day at times & wet in night night [repeated] I to pike tobacco & paper 40 Cts Jos. for Iron for Adam to ferry 2 horses

17 Wind N W Cloudy most all day but no rain Sun Shind at gooing down G. Printz Repairing door & Sundry Jobs I with him Gave him 1 Jill Whisy Boys tharshing oats with horses we not [had] so fine a day for work this week

18 Wind S W fine Clear Cool morn Ice the Clearest Sun Shining day we had Since or before Decr Came in boy Cleaning Oats & fetch the Cart from Whitemans I pint of Cyder 5 Cents Sarah George & pegey [Peggy] Wilday & T- George to See my Wife

19th Wind S E & over Cast & begun to rain Soon in Morn & keep at it till noon then wind W by N & Cleard off prety Clever Sun Shind fine

January 20th 1828 Wind N W & windy frosty morn Clear not had Such a morn this 7 or 8 weeks I at our Meeting in Morn & at School house afternoon a baptis Mary very Ill

21st Wind N W Clear frosty high windy Morn & Cold day froze hard I about home all day only at Castners Boys Idleing

22 Wind N W Still Cold morn hard frost I with Old Casaday to Look at Morris’s Place want to rent But Levi Lukens had Rented It I with at the pike He treated to pint Cyder I home Boys Trashing [threshing] wheat Been Cold day

23 wind E & has Snowd in night 1/2 Inch Wind Got N W Soon & Cloudy Cold day Blue off Evening Moon & Star Light Boys Cleaning wheat & sent to Mill I at home

24 Wind N W Clear Cold morn hard frost Boys halld 4 Loads of wood I about home all day, our neighbour Arrison that Livd at Morris’s place 2 years Just by Us, is Buried to day So Cold did not Venter [venture] Go horseback no horse to go in Chair Lent the Mare to Addam & presst [him] to Goo

25 wind E. & over Cast & begun to rain about noon prety Smart Boys & Self about home all day no moon to be Seen

26th Wind S W & very foggy Giving morn Cleard off & very fine Clear Soft day Like May at argricul Society I Spent not

27 Wind N & very Cold heavy rainney day Mary no Better

January 28th 1828 Wind N W Clear windy morn & day froze in Shade all day I at pike & at Obes Boys Cuting wood Short for fire places

29th wind W & N W Cold Clear morn & windy day boys tharshing with horses I at Tom Prices alittle while

30th wind W. Still prety Clear morn prety hard frost but held up fine day Boys finis[h]ed tharshing Oats & Cleand 21 B.

31 Wind S W & over Cast but no rain frost prety hard I at our meeting Samuel Gibson heree [here] & paid me [for] my Colt Sold to his daughter $80

February 1st Wind E & Cloudy wet morn but not much rain I at Jane Prices Old Tom & Sip very unwell

2nd Wind S W & over Cast no frost Heavy Cloudy Wet day but not heard [hard] but no Sun Boys Cut wood till noon then to[o] wet

3 Wind S W most remarkable Cloudy foggy morn & day but no frost nor rain the Sun Shind at Setting & moon & Stars to be Seen I at Meeting in morn Mary no Better Abr Carrier here

4 wind S W & very foggy morn no frost but blue off prety fine day Jos Begun to plow Sod feild No.3 plows fine Bees flying I Seen a fish worm about 1/2 out very Small one I at pike Settled Sibley Road tax He fell in debt about 50 Cts He paid [JP’s sons had worked on the roads in lieu of road tax.]

February 5th 1828 Wind Cloudy & wet morn & Cloudy day Sun Shind a few Minutes no frost I at T Price’s & at Benneys Old Tom Better Sip very Bad Jos Sent Wm- to Darby, Mary no Better weaker

6 Wind S W very foggy Still morn & wet all day at times Jos plowd till noon to[o] wet, I at home Wid[ow] Nancarrow dead Sister of Owen & Jont Jones to be Buried to morrow

7 Wind S & Cloudy wet morn, our Poor Black Sip dead to Burry [bury] to day sent for G- Printz & Obe Came & We made him a flat Lid Walnut Coffin & Buried him in our yard he died at Jane Price’s Get not any thing for It [the coffin]

8 Wind N W fine Still Clear morn no frost Jos. Plowing Negro & John thars[h]ing

9th Wind S W Still Cloudy morn & rain before noon & dull day Boys help Whit[e]man to Cut a tree I pottering about house all day

10 wind S W Cloudy wet morn & Cloudy windy day I at our meeting Mary no Better, Charles Jones’s wife of Norris town Buried to day Loyd Jones’s daughter

11th wind N W Clear Cool morn Ice & windy day Boys halling wood

12 Wind N W Cloudy Cold but fine day Jos & James tharshing w[h]eat

[has crossed out heading for January 28] 13th February wind S W Clear white frosty morn & Ice plenty Clear windy day Jos & Jim finish’d tharshing all the wheat I at pike

14th Wind N E Cloudy Morn & windy Cloudy day Boys Cleand the wheat & went to Mill I at pike to See what Hoffman was gooing or Stay or not [as tenant of JP’s William Penn Tavern] He Bought a Lott

15 wind E & over Cast hail & Sleeted in night & wet & thawd Some all day

16th Wind N Still Cloudy morn not froze hard It most remarkable fine Giving day Melted all the Ice of[f] the trees Roofs & boys Cuting wood I at T. Prices Se[n]t G- Prince their to make a bearer for Me

17 Wind W fine Clear Whitey [white frost] morn froze & very fine warm day the bees flying & f[r]ogs Crying Like Spring

18 wind N E or ne[a]r E & over Cast by 6 OC- & avery wet day Jos & I in town attend Court- nothing Came on Bout Screws Spectels [spectacles] 46 Cts oyl 46 Cts at Yerkes 30 Cts pike 12 Cts ferriage 12 Cts so very very wet very Smart rain afternoon

19 wind S W prety Clear Calm but Got N W N W [repeated] & winday [windy] flying Clouds windy day no rain

February 20th 1828 Wind S W prety Calm morn froze Some Ice Get from S W [2 words illegible] Sun & wind [several words illegible] Jos plowin[g] Sod wonderfull winter no Snow for Slaying

21 Wind S W & wet morn wind W & broke off Yerkes here Buri[e]d his daughter Jos & I drest and atten[d]ed the Burial very fine afternoon wind W Yerkus at Burial & here a[w]hile

22 wind W Still Clear morn Blue up winday [windy] prety Cool frogs Crying Mary no Better Boy Sawing wood I at pike & 1/2 Glass 9 Cts

23 Wind W Clear fine morn Little Ice Jos. Plowing Sod I Meet the Agraculter Society at Castner A Hansel in town & fetch my Oyl Bottle that I Left at Yerkes’s Mary no Better

24 Wind E & wet morn & day till night then blue off I not well not at meeting Mary no better

25 Wind N W windy morn & very windy day Boys naught I at home only at Castners not well

26 W. N W Clear frosty morn fine but after W Got S by W & over Cast Boys not well no work & I very Creeckey with Back [k]nees & Bowels no Stool for 3 or 4 days

February 27th 1828 wind S by E most Remarkable foggy morn & wet in night most Stormey Windy day from S with rain but not heavy I remember Mary very bad they much alarmd She departed this Life about 10 OC- at night, Castner wife here Adam Hansel & wife here at the time

28th wind N W Cold windy morn Serious time poor Mary Lying a Corps[e] 3 or 4 women all night & here to day prepareing a dinner for to Morrow Old Wilson to town for necessarys & Several out inviting to the funeral to morrow 2 OC-

29 Wind W & Cloudy windy day neighbours & Hansel hear all night that is Last night & to day providing dinner &c for the funeral people a great Converse [concourse] of people meet & we Started at 3 OC- & interd in our yard Ann Paschal preachd alittle at the Grave, I think not [more] then [than] 40 took tea or Coffee, Wind fell in Evening pleasanter

March 1st Wind W. fine Still Clear frosty Morn & Clear fine day I & all at home Wm- at home or here I at Castner put the Bearer that we Carried my Mary [on] in Sheds at Meeting

[on sheet partly used for other records] March the 2nd 1828 Wind N E & over Cast & begun to Snow Soon in Morn Cover the Ground Light Scud but got rain by 9 OC- a gr[e]at rain till night I at meeting

3 Wind N W fine pleasant day all at home

4 W N W fine Clear frosty morn

March [blot] out of paper

19th white frost very fine day

20th do. do. & ditto

21 Wind N W fine Clear day Apricot out in Blosom Willows out in Leaves 10 days back

22 Wind N W Clear frosty morn meet the argricultar Society Judg Peters their in his 84 year

23 wind S E & Cloudy Still morn & wet afternoon I at meeting Wm & Masters Son up with him

24 wind S W foggy Cloudy morn held up no rain I at T.Prices tea took with Hannah Henry W. West

25 wind N W fine Clear morn Ann of[f] to Market & Alfred Butter 21 Cts Potatoes 50 Cts 2 fine Shad for 37 Cents apeice for two at Tavern 1 pint Cyder 5 Cts boys Sawing Rails

26 wind N W Clear fine morn & day boys Spliting rails I road [rode] to pike 1 qt wine & 4 Cts Tobacco

27 wind E very foggy morn no rain I with Castner at widow Kuglars vandue J Miller treated 1/2 pint Bear & Isaac Robert[s] to 1/2 pint

28 Wind E foggy wet morn but held up Smith & Boys Spliting Rails at H Henrys vendue Sold all off

March 28th 1828

Settled with Adam Hansel & fell 7 drs out my 50 drs

29 wind E foggy Morn I road to to [repeated] pike to See Boys at rails afternoon about home at Morris s to Look for pigs

30 Wind E & avery foggy Morn & very heavy thunder Gust from N W John Gibson & wife here at meeting Great meeting at School house Baptis I not their They viz Gibson [arrived] Just as the Gust Come

31st wind S W Cloudy morn Smith & boys at pike put up 4 pannel [of fence] I Road their Got rain they quit home to dinner rain & Snowd

April 1st wind N W Clear frosty morn but fine day Enoch Jones moveing to freinds Lott Hugh Henry has Livd [there] this many years & dug graves Paul Jones here waiting for them I Pottering about with them Jos. George here to draw my will

2nd Wind S Clear white frosty morn I at pike Smith & Boys finishd Post rail fence by noon home to dinner I walk to I Prices Jos George here in Evening I Better

April 3rd 1828 Wind S & over Cast but held up I at Meeting after pottering about Boys in Garden Saml. Gibson here all night

4th Wind E Snow Soon in morn & till most noon the big[g]est Snow this winter but wind W & raind & thawd & all gone before night I [at] Castner awhile Samuel Gibson off before din[n]er

5 Wind W Clear Icey morn Jos off to town with Potatoes wind W & Cold Shower from W now [not] Long prety after afternoon 4 off [of] them Settling supervisor of the road [and] poor acct I paid Cast[n]er 1 dolr. took alittle Gin

6 Wind S by W Cloudy frosty morn Icey W[ind] got N W & Spit alittle Snow I at meeting in morn Baptis at School house I not their at Castner Pint Cyder 1 fip Cold Evening

7 Wind N W Clear Cold Icey morn Jos. off with dearborn to move widow Printz over Schuylkill I at T. Price’s he not at home Isaac wifes hear [here] paying a visit Paul Jones hear & lent me 100 drs

8 wind N W fine Still Clear morn & Little Snow Shower Jos to Printz Moving again John & I at Huffmans paid him for Brother 107 drs He pd me 90 drs. Rent I pd Doct Anderson 60 drs Intrest So home Ann at Market with Calf

April 9th 1828 wind N W Still Clear Cool morn & fine day Jos Plowing for Oats I about home all day

10th Wind S W. Cool morn & frosty morn John & [I] at Bowmans for 2 pigs that Left their for me by Huntleys a great Breed 2$ I at T. Prices for Cyder for the rhumatis Jos finished plowing for Oats very windy day Cloudy– but wind Evening W no rain

11th wind N W fine Clear Cool morn paid Castner 12 drs Boy Sowd about 5 B Oats afternoon at pike Spent 121/2 Cents at E P Walters meet Wm Gravel & He treated 2 or 3 times & I had treated to Glass & 1/2 I Got 1 Glass & 1/2 pint whisy 61/2 Cts So home but it [illegible] on my freinds[?]

12 Wind N W prety till [noon] then Cloudy I very Creecky about home all day Cloudy Evening Jos off to See the welch [Welsh] woman

13 Wind S E & wet morn & wet day first day not at meeting at Castners Got alittle Gin Gave John 50 Cts Got to hail & Snow at night

14 Wind N over Cast it Snowd & hail it Coverd the roofs & along [large blot] very Cold Snowd all day 4 or 5 Inches deep not Such a snow this winter

April 15th 1828 wind N W Clear fine winter Morn & Snow 4 or 5 In deep about noon thawd & nearly Cleard the feilds Jos home about noon from Welch woman I about home Idle day

16 Wind N heard the dam Clear Cool morn Ice & Snow about the fences I over at E P Walters & at J Huffmans his wife Confind to an other daughter not such a thawing day as yester day– Boys Cut & halld 2 Loads wood

17th Wind S W Clear Still morn till near [noon] then over Cast Jos halling Rails & Stakes then harrowd Potatoes Enoch Jones & I at Benneys Got to Rain Evening

18 Wind N E very Cloudy N E to E & rain till then noon near [near noon then] Cleard off & very fine afternoon

19 Wind W Cloudy Soft morn & dull day Jos Harrowing Corn Ground plowd in winter Sod Ground I about house only at Castner 1 Pint Cyder 6 Cents Got to hail & rain

20 wind N E been a great night of wind & Storm [as] I remember at this season April & a wet windy morn & day Great thunder Gust to South I at meeting & Castner [3 words illegible]

21 Wind S W I thought Clear, but Come a Scud from W. I at Paul & Silas Jones the[y] Sign my will as Witness

April 22nd 1828 Wind N W Black Clouds & Cool morn & day I rode to See Jacob Latch He has Been very Ill but He rather Better yester and to day I back to dinner & went Isaac & Tom Price’s Jos halld wood for Huffman & harrowd a lott at pike for Oats

23 wind N W Cloudy Cool morn & windy day Settled with Hugh Henry & fell 22:76 in his debt for Shumaking paid him 22 drs After walk to Jane Prices a rainbow at sun ris[e]

24 wind N W after noon Cloudy few drops of rain I at Meeting, after at pike Tobacco &c 121/2 Cts So Enoch Jones makeing Mehoganey Coffin He for boards Home & Got on prety well

25 wind N E & over Cast C[l]oudy day & rain at times about home Enoch Buryed [blot]‘s daughter I at pike to See my negro for rent Spent &c &c Tobacco 121/2 Cents So home

26 Wind S E and over Cast rain now & then wet day & Great thunder Gust after night at the Soci[e]ty Adam my Mare in town Got me 2 Shad & 1 lb Tobacco

27 wind N. Sun Shind at rising I [blot] at our meeting afternoon at Schoolhouse Hall a Baptis preachd

April 28th 1828 wind W fine Clear morn Little white frost in Henry Lott I think fine windy driing [drying] day I at pike Spent 1 fip Huffman at Norristown Boys on the Roads

29 Wind W & very Cloudy morn but held up Jos in town for Adam John on the roads I at pike Spent 1 fip paid Henry 2 drs Warner 50 Cts Castner 50

30 wind N E & rain Soon in morn & Cloudy H. Henry & family Started for New Orlanes to pitt then down the River 300-400 hundred [repeated] miles We all their to See them Start

May 1st Wind – W Cloudy Cool morn & Cloudy day no rain Boys at fence Alfred harrowing Spent 121/2 Cents

2 wind N E very wet morn Ann of[f] to Market & wet day nothing to be don[e] outdoors Cut Seed Potatoes

3 Wind N E most foggy dark morn & wet day about 5 OC Come from S a great Shower with much thunder

4 wind W fine Clear morn & fine day at our meeting & at the School hous[e] Baptis man Boys all away

5 Wind W. fine Clear Cool morn & day Molitia [militia] day I to See them 6 Cents Boys diging Garden till noon then mustering

May the 6th 1828 wind N E & over Cast & few dorps [drops] of rain Soon after N W very fine Cool day Jos harrow Corn Ground with how [hoe] harrow David Roberts harrow I went [with] him to [pike] Got wine 121/2 Cents so home

7 Wind N W very fine day [illegible] Great Lighten[ing] to N E & N W & few Claps of hard thunder in N West Jos finishd how harrow Corn Gro[und] I [o]ver with to pike took D R[‘s] harrow home I very unwell back &c Got 1/2 B Salt for Sheep & Cattle

8 Wind N Clear windy Cold morn but fine day for work Jos harrowing Corn Ground

9th Wind W Clear Cool morn & fine day I pot[t]ering about keens [knees] & back bad Jos marking for Corn I Shel[l]ing Seed Corn & at pike to See Huffman He not home so I home Kitike [Kitty] & Ann paying A visit at Huffmans fin[e] Evening

10th Wind W fine Cool morn & fine day Obe & A. Hansel help to plant our Corn & finishd by noon then Cleand out the Spring hous[e] Gutter &c 1 qt 121/2 Cents

11th Wind W very foggy morn & fine day I at Meeting Alley Roberts widow buried here from Phila up at 12 OC

May 12th 1828 wind S E very foggy dark Morn but held all day up Jos Plowing for Obe I at I Price’s Give Wm 50 Cents first & Jos 50 Cents

13 Wind [blank] & Cloudy Morn & day Ann of[f] to Market, Jos [illegible] C. Smith & John washing Sheep I [have] 5 & He 3 E. Jones took me down in his wagon to Look at them Got mug Cyder 9 Cents

14 Wind N. & very Cold prety fine in the hole Jon on the road at pike Spent 2 Jill vine [wine] Huffman at Corn

15th Wind N W fine day Boys on the road I at pike & at Obes Davey Jones diging Garden

16 Wind N W very fine day in the hole, Cool Morn warm day Boys mending fence till noon after planting Corn for Benney I at home David Jones finish’d Garden

17 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn Jos Sowd Obes Oats & Smith & John Sheard our Sheep 3 for him 5 for me 1 qt whis, had very fine Shower with thun[der] Evening

May 18 1828 wind W very fine morn been a great rain in Night windy Cool day I meeting in Morn a great Gethering at the School house Baptis their from Blockley

19 Wind N Cloudy Cool morn but held up for work I at I & T. Prices try [to] Get horse

20 Wind W & foggy morn but held up Adam & Ann in town for Shad Jos & J Huffman Cart & mare & one horse here halling dung for our Potatoes Got dun Ann Bot 50 Shad for 4 drs

21 wind E & wet morn Jos of[f] to Huffmans to plow for him I [had a] pint of wisy and took to[o] much a poor falling man I am this was yester day Got rain about noon & Cold N E

22 Wind W fine day Jos at pike for Huffman

23 Wind W fine day planted our Potatoes Huffman Sent us 2 hands they Got [finished] before night

24 Wind W fine Morn John & Jos helping to plant I very bad with my back & nees at H [blot]

May 25th 1828 wind N W high W[ind] I not well not at meeting a great one at Blockley Baptiseing Ann & Castner Girls off there not home till dusk

26 W N W & Cloudy wet morn I over at my Corn & Clover feilds then [with] I Roberts to Look for their Row in Gravd [grave] yard John Leadoms wife dead & to be Buried to morrow Cloudy cloudy day I not well John at Smiths halling dung & p[l]anting po[ta]toes I their awhile Smart [rain] from N E afternoon then Seemd to brake off in a Great thunder Gust Evening

27 Wind N W Cool wi[n]dy day John Leadom Buried his wife at our Yrd I at Obes & pike Spent 1 fip & paid 100 Cts & paid D Jones 50 Cts Got 2 Sizes [scythes] 2 drs.50 So home John along

28 wind W fine Clear Cool morn but got over Cast David Jones & John halld 2 Jags of wood I with them Jos not well

29 wind W & fine Clear Cool morn but Cloudy day John Harrowing with harrow and part time with the how harrow Spent 1 fip Whisy

May 30th 1828 Wind S W foggy Cloud[y] morn fine Shower Last Evening Lent my Mare & dearborn to E.P Walters wife to goo to market John harrowing Corn

31 Wind N W & wet morn John harrowing Corn I about home pint Cyder 1 fip Benney & Ned Walter Washing Sheep Great party of them windy Cold day Shower Evening

June the 1st W- N W Cool Clear morn & Pleasant day at meeting & after meeting Schoolhouse one Hall [preached]

2nd Wind W fine Morn & day Smith boy & our Boys Obe my hors[e] & Cart & Alfred halld his [Obe’s] dung & John plowd his Ground & planted his Potatoes Jos. & 3 of [them] mowing Lott & above half the feild

3 Wind S W over Cast & Smart Shower rain by 6 O’C- poor hay time wet till noon then they musterd & Cut down the remainder of the feild

June the 4th 1828 Wind W very foggy Cloudy morn & dull day till noon then prety Boys mowd old Orchard I at pike & got 4 qts Whisy

5 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn all at hay E P Walters here with horse rak[e] 1 G whisy

6 Wind N W fine morn fine hay day Got all No4 in 6 Loads 3 ton at Least

7 Wind S W Cloudy & been a great Shower before day with thunder no hay morn broke off about noon so Spread out the hay in Orchard We Hall all in I [at] pike bacco & wine 121/2 Cts Obe & Enoch here at fence and at the hay Halld all in

8 wind N W fine day at Meeting forenoon & after at Schoolhouse A Battis [Baptist] from Ridg[e] [Roxborough Baptist Church]

9th W N W [illegible] Boys mowing Obe & Enoch [illegible]

10th Wind N no hay day John Mowing for Obe Ann at market I at pike Jim mowd my Lott there

June 11 wind N W Boys & Obe at hay in meadow Got 1 Load then Shower & Stopt Us [JP is confused about dates and makes a number of changes without successfully straightening out the record.]

12 W Wind very foggy & Smart rain heavy with hard thunder afternoon prety fine no hay

12 W S W Obe 1/2 day Cuting wood

13 W S W & Cloudy day Obe 1/2 day at hay Got 2 Loads inn [in]

14 W N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine hay [day] halld our Meadow 4 Loads & 2 from turn pike negro mowd it for Cherreys Tom & Isaac halld in & Several of other[s did also] tho a first day we halld 2 or 3 Loads from pike I opposed it

14th halld 3 Loads from Last Evening & morning & Obes been on first day

15 Moggy [muggy] not Clear day till [omission] I John & Obe & Smith boy in meadow

16 Obe herar [here] at hay

17 Obe hear 1/2 at halling then a great thunder Gust all out below the tan yd 4 L[oads] out Meadow

June the 18 wind N W Obe & Boys at mowing farfeil[d]

19th Obe at hay or mowing

20 & 21 Obe & Boys

22 being first day no work

July[ne] 24 Cloudy day but Cleard off to a prety hay [day] halld 3 Loads Obe 1/2 day went to G Printz 1/2 day

25th W S W very foggy Cloudy morn but Cleard off fine hay day Obe & my [boys] at hay Halld 2 Loads in two Gr[e]at thunders Gust [thunder gusts] one from N W & from Nor E not heave [heavy] but wind Got E & fetch Som[e] Scud on us Rain bo[w] but we got all our farfeild in had a gre[a]t Crop I more hay than Last year first & Second Crop

28 W S W very foggy & rain in morn but fine day for hay

29 W– W very fine morn & fine wind I at School meeting till about 4 OC- home more thunder than I heard in one Gust & Great rain

June the 30th 1828 Wind W fine pleasant morn but 3 or 4 [omission] from W with Showers Cloudy day John Roberts & Isaac Reaping day So [many] Showers they tyd none

July the 1st wind W very foggy dark Morn but fine day

2n[d] my Reaping [day] had 10 hands boys made up so as To make 10 Some Got don[e] by noon & they Cut Enoch Jones’s

July 3 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day Got all my Rye & Wheat in Obe here & help

4th W N W & a fine harvest day my hollow day [holiday] the 4th of July the Boys at Huffmans I at home at Whis all day T Price Reaping

5 W N W fine Cool Clear Morn Boys helping Obe to Reap & Hall his Rye to our barn

6 Wind N W fine Clear day I not well at home all day not at meeting

7 W N W fine fine Clear Cool Morn Boys harrowing Corn

July the 8 1828 Wind S W till [noon] Boys harrowing fine till noon then we had a great thunder Gust much Rain Come over Brok[e] in Evening

9 wind west Cool Clear morn & prety fine harvest day Tom & Jane finished all the[i]rs

10 Wind S W over Cast but no rain Boys halld 2 Loads wood

11th Wind S W & over Cast but Cleard with a Small Scud of rain

12 Wind N W Clear Cool morn but warm after after [repeated] harvest day for Congress all the boys Guning

13 Wind S W Cool over Cast morn & two heavy Showers before noon Cloudy day I at our Meeting afternoon at Baptis Meeting School house at Castner Spent not

14 Wind S W very foggy Cloudy morn Alfred halld a little wood for Rachel turnpike had Evening Great thunder Gust Lasted along while

15 Wind S Cloudy dul[l] morn but no rain only in Morn but remarkabel [remarkable] Still no wind but a fine [day] to work Ann at Market & Boys doing not anything of acct

July 16th 1828 Wind S E Cloudy & grate [great] rain in Evening Obe Cleand his Rey [rye] not much don[e] to day

17 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn Blue of[f] a prety fine day John in dearborn took [me for] a ride at the Church to See how [omission] with wall Huffman pd me 6 dr for post &c &c

18 wind N fine Cool Clear morn & day Jos for load of Cole [coal] Sea Cole for Adams Stove John & Obe [?] picked up Oats & had no Cradle Jos & Obe afternoon made poor out [of] it

19 Wind S by W fine Cool Clear Morn & fine day Lukens & Obe helping to Cut my oats much down Meet the Society they finished Cuttin[g] my oats

20 Wind S W fine Cool Clear Morn but a heavy Shower in Evening I not at Meeting Ann of[f] in dearborn took Alfread [Alfred] to Gibsons & Left him their I frade [afraid] He not Long, he was spelte [spoilt] here

21 wind W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day Boys & Obe Cuting Oats at turn pike I adoing nothing Spent 1 fip Jim [paid] me $2

July 21st 1828

William up & sick to day Ann took the Chair & sent [William] part home Joe of[f] with Lukens at Coopers

22 Wind S W very Cl[o]udy morn wet at time[s] thunder Gust to the S we a littl[e] of It no Oats tying day & 1 qt W for boys Obe here

23 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day boys & Obe tyd & halld two small loads of Oats I at feild

24 W N W fine Clear morn finish ty[ing] my oats at home & Got in one Load from turn pike I not well

25 Wind N W & fine Cool Clear Morn boys & Obe at pike Got all the Oats home after they off to pike nothing dun

26 Wind W fine Morn & day [blot] Boys took holladay I Castners 2 Small Gin 121/2 Cents thunder Gust in Evening wind to N we none of it

27 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day I at our meeting after E. Jones He treated to Brandy

28 wind W Cloudy Morn Little rain but fine day I at T Prices Jos begun to plow oats Stuble

July 29th 1828 Wind N & Cloudy Morn but no rain Jos plowing oats Stubel I pottering about not fit for [any]thing

30 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn I about home fit for no work Jos finished the oats Stuble Gave Gave [repeated] Jon 12 to [buy] a quart Whisy

31 Wind N W. fine Clear Cool morn Cloudy day no rain I was at Meeting morn Jo=s at pike plowing his Oats Lott Jon about the house

August the 1st Wind W fine Cool morn & fine day tho Cloudy Evening Joss mowing pike Lott Jon. at Obes & mowd my Clover Lott Shop I not [unfinished]

2nd Wind W fine Cool Clear morn & rather a fine day though Clouday [cloudy] Jos mowing pike Lott Jon raken & halld in the Shop Lott Small jag

3 Wind N by W Cloudy morn & day no rain till in the night then a great [rain] & thunder & wind I at home all day only at Castners

4 Wind N by E & Great Shower in the morn about 4 OC- & heavy one in night Wet Shower a day I & John at turn pike [illegible] Gin 1 fip & Jack 1 G. Whiskey near Evening

August 5th 1828 Wind N E & very wet morn Ann of[f] to Market wet till about 5 OC- then a very fine Evening

6 Wind N fine & Clear to N & W but Cloudy all the rest no hay day boys at pike turn & Cock hay up

7 Wind N & Cloudy morn but held up no rain & they at the turnpike hay in

8 Wind N W & held up boys Got Obes hay & oats in

9th wind N & a fine Cool morn & fine day Ned Walters got all in from Lott by Us two prety Stout Loads I at Castners W[illiam] here to dinner to See me G Streaper, here Has been down all Sum[m]er Titus keep him at his Building factory

10th Wind W foggy dark morn a lite thunder Gust from W I not at Meeting Wm & Alfred up Wm home Evening

11 Wind S W Cloudy Cool morn & a little Shower from W in the afternoon Boys [illegible] wood Streaper [illegible]

August the 12th 1828 wind N W fine warm day Boys Pertened [pretend] to mow afte[r]noon they off Got Streaper off Gave him 13 Cts & 2 drinks off [of] whiskey He off

13 Wind N W fine Clear morn & day Jos begun to mow in Meadow David Jones here Evening & mowd

14 wind S W & very foggy morn a dul[l] hay [day] Boys & Da[v]id Jones mowing a blow & Shower Evening not heavy

15 Wind W & avery fine morn & fine day Boys & Da[v]id mowing

16 Wind N W fine hay day boys & D Jones Got 3 Loads in all on this Side Cow Lane

17 wind W Cool prety fine morn & fine day I not [at] our meeting nor School Meeting the Blockley man up

18 Wind S W fine Cool Clear morn Boy rather up 2 Loades [loads] & halld them in

19 Wind N W fine Cool Clear morn A Hansel mowd the rema[i]nder of Meadow Jos help Got done

20 W N W Got 2 Load in one for him one I took one He would Buy It

August 21st 1828 Wind W fine Cool Clear day Boys pottering about did not [nought] only Churnd &c I Stude [stood] a qt whisy to pitch a load of hay off David Jones hear

22 wind W Cool Clyde [cloudy] morn but no rain Ann & Rebecca at Market Boys halld 1 Load of wood 2 Burials Capt Holgat[e]s daughter the other a Child [of] Wells

23 Wind N W Cool foggy morn but pleasant day Boys no work only Joe went to mill had word of the death of Judg Peters to move from his [home] at 4 OC- to take him to Philadelphia I think to be Interd till [to] morrow 10 OC- it was advertised in apaper of Phila

24 Wind W Clear Still morn & fine day I not at meeting but fell took 4 smal[l] Galses [glasses]

25 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & day Boys doing not & I wors[e] than that Spent 9 Cts

26 wind W Cloudy to W & all round Jos harrow oats Ground after at [illegible] Jones burial old Neley Son by the war office so Called Buried at Battis [Baptist yard] my Son Wm up not well

August 27th 1828 Wind [blot] W fine Clear [blot] warm day Obe marked [blot] he along Jos [blot] Cows &c heavey Creeck with [k]nees

28 Wind N W fine day Joe went for the dearborn to Castners John [4 words illegible] I Knees bad Benney Price very Ill & his Mother also

29 Wind W very fine morn Ann off to market Jos of[f] with dearborn for negro Jim Jack & I at not we heared old Esq Young dead in 84th year the[y] Say dead [repeated] Enoch maken the Coffin poor old Man He was [illegible] fall [illegible] Some thing poor Creaters we Are If we can make peac[e] with our God then we Get to Happiness for Ever

30th wind W fine Still Clear Morn & fine day boys hollowday would not hall dung

31 wind W most wonderfull foggy morn Old Esqr Young Buried to day I not at Meeting Wm has 4 of his acquats [acquaintances] here to dinner a great baptis Meeting at the new School they Say to be this afternoon

September the 1st 1828 wind S W. fine Clear morn & apleasant day fine Lite rain thunder Ann took to Samuel Gibson Alfread Boys as bad a Idol

2nd Wind N E & wet morn & a wet day all day with heavy Showers Boys at meadow all day very keetchy in back & keens [knees]

3rd Wind N & wet night Last & wet day hard Showers with Some time not so hard about 3 OClock very heavy one from N E with thunder Wind N & N E very [hard] Showers hard wet day in the hole Boys no work having no wood

4 wind W tho a wet morn Wm Shaved me prety well very wet day nothing done I [at] Castner for the paper &c 1/2 G my Back & k[n]ees very bad

5 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day Boys Cuting wood my Back & k[n]ees very bad not well

6 Wind N W fine Clear morn Boys halld 2 Loads wood I Bad my back & keens [knees] I Reading all day

September 7th 1828 wind N Cool Cloudy morn Poor Benney dyed Last Evening Poor John Price had a bad fitt this morn fell in road Enoch Jones made Benneys Coffin it down none of us at meeting

8 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn I went with Ann Paschal took me in to Burial house of Poor Benney & Samuel Gibson fetch me up to Grave yard I Stayd at meeting till they Buried him then Jos fetch me home in the Chare Ann walkd

9th Wind N & Cloudy Lit[t]le rain Ann of[f] to Market home about 12 OC- [rest of line overwritten & illegible] very wet afternoon from N brake off at Sun Set I walk to Castners 3 Cts my keens [knees] bad

10 Wind W & a fine Clear Cool morn Jos halling dung David Jones helping John [illegible] George Streaper here on a run and I not able to walk fine day for W

September 11th wind N W & very fine day Boys & D halling dung

12th Wind N W, Cool Clear morn Boys & D Jones halling dung

13 W N W fine Clear Cool Day D Jone[s] & Boys halling Dung my Back very Bad Could not walk

14 wind N W fine day Boy & D Jones halling dung I very bad with back

15 Wind N W & fine day

[Joseph Price died on September 18, 1828]