January 1st 1827 wind N W Cloudy Cold day Let out a fox at Castner a pet 8 or 10 dogs their they ketch him derectly they did not Give him 10 minutes Start I Spent 3 fips with [unfinished]

2nd wind N W most remarkabel [remarkable] windy Cold day I about home all day I. Price hear [here] Castner halling Ice Joe at pike at Printz killing his hogs

January the 3rd 1827 Wind W. very red to sun rise & Cloudy but keep up no thaw to day I at L. Jones’s and at Meeting at thee [the] big School [the Academy] they Propose Building another house & makeing this [a] Boarding School I Back before night

4th Wind S W rather plensanter [pleasanter] thawd Some at John Whitemans vendue & at Pike Got much Colder Evening

5th Wind W hard frost but Pleasant day, at McClenechans Got no money at John Matheys & at Widow Elliotts & so home Spent 1 fip at Buck

6 wind S W hard frost but a pleasant day thawd Some I in Slay at pike at John Whitemans He not pay me back & meet the Soci[e]ty

7 Wind W Clear hard frost at T- Price’s not at Meeting not well bad Cold at Reading

8 Wind N by E over Cast hard frost Got to rain about noon & had avery wet [omission] till after night & froze to the trees at I Prices awhile

9 wind E & over Cast & been alittle Snow & in night & to day wet all day thawd much

January the 9th 1827

wind N.E Snow Showers & rain all day, roads Covered with water, thawd, but did not take the Snow only the rain made the fresh at the pike melasses [molasses] paper & Bacco 60 Cents

10th wind N E & over Cast no Sun Shine no rain Little Snow not Seen the Sun this year

11th Wind N hear the dam over Cast froze but Little but Cold disagreeable day no Sun Shine remar[k]able time I with Cochran at pike 2 fips so back

12th Wind E. & overCast been a Snow in the night Jos. & Ann to market Pota[to]es &c very Wet very Grate [great] rain at Grave yard Wm [no last name; may be Mathews] Buried his wife about noon Small funear [funeral] So wet I dined with T. Price

13 Wind W not froze very much Snow Showers from W. not much from W blue up Evening & Sun Showd I at pike

14 Wind N W & fine Clear Cold morn I at T- Price’s alittle while Reading Doct Rush bad Cold not at Meeting thawd Some Little

January 15th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cold day hard frost E P Walters Jos. & Self Set off in dearborn for Norris arivd about 10 OC- Cut my note in Bank to 20 drs paid 2dr 25 Cts horse Gin & oysters 62 Cts new[s]paper 100 Cts Coppy of Rees Prices Will 100 Cts ferry 121/2 Cents Co[u]rt Calld in at 2 OC- we home about Sun Sett

16 wind N W been a little Snow Shower in Night hard frost & Most Cold day Jos. & D Jones tharshing I at Pike 1/2 G Whisy. & 2 fips Gin at Jane Prices

17th Wind N W a wonderfull Cold hard frost the Coldest night frost this winter in house Jos. & D Jones thrashing

18 Wind N W Clear Cold Morn I about home all day Adam Got my Mare to goo for Iron I over to T Prices to get Bags they Cleand up 19 Bus[h]els wheat very Cold day

January 19th 1827 wind N W very Cold morn & day, Snow Shower about noon Castner halling Ice D. Jones & Jos. helping T & I [Price] I Spent 3 fips Price[s] halling

20th Wind N W very Cold hard frost & prety Clear I at T. Price’s Got a litt[l]e over the Bay all Idle to day not the Least thaw this 3 day

21 Wind N W Clear Cold morn remarkable hard frost thee [the] roads as fine all the frost Got up till they all dusty It froz[e] in thee house this 3 nights harder than I Ever remember I not at Meeting very Cold day old McClenechan here

22 Wind N.W over Cast & very Cold day hard frost Snow Shower about noon I about home only at School & T Prices D Jones tharshing

23 Wind about N E & Cloudy all day but no Snow nor rain not so could [cold] as 3 or 4 days back I at Obes & pike J. Huffmans wife confined yesterday 22 Ned Lobbs Son hear to dinner [in margin: “Snow Shower”]

Jany 24th 1827 Wind N W very Cold hard frost David Jones & Jos. Cleand the Last of our wheat Obe help to Carry it up & Got about 1 Bushel of tayings [tailings] and paid me 150 Cents Jos. took 5 B. to Leadoms Mill

26 Wind N Still Clear Cold Morn & hard frost thawd Some in the Sun Obe here put Ax handle in & Jos. & him Cut 3 trees down for fire wood I at pike

26 Wind N W Cloudy taughed [thawed] more than [in] 3 or 4 days I at home till noon then at vandue of Uriah Sangthours [?], Bout 6 Chairs at 26 Cents per 156 Cents home before night Jos & Obe Cuting wood Spent 1 fip

27 Wind S W Still Clear Morn but alarge white frost rather a givin[g] day & thaugh [thaw] much at Loyd Jones’s we settled & He paid me for his Prentices Coffin

January 28th 1827 Wind S W foggy thawing morn & thawing [repeated] pleasant not at Meeting at T. Prices Blue up Evening

29th Wind N.W & hard frost & Cold the Snow all Gone & Ice of[f] the feilds & roads wind S after noon & E Evening & over Cast little Snow & hail with rain after night I at pike meet 3 bucks Broke the Carriage [I] help to tye it up 2 La[w]yers & Doctor one a dashing blade He dady [dander] me up I told him no Such a word in the Bible He as bad as fish women [fishwife] He found out who I was made many apoliyges Said He Seen me 100 time[s] I got so thin [that he] did not know me treated me all Ended

30 Wind S E & wet morn & day Obe & Jos tharshing Oats with horses I about home all day back [&] knees bad

31 Wind N E & very Great rain till noon then Wind W & blue off & blue wondorfull hard till 9 OC then Star Light

Januy 31

& wind fell Obe & Jos Cleand 23 B oats & Jos halld 2 Loads of wood, I at pike Got flamel [flannel] for Under Shirt So–

February 1st Wind N W Clear hard frost Obe & Jos. finishd tharsing [threshing] & Cleand the Oats I after noon at J Leverings & Paul Jones to Look pay for Wassons Coffin Got none so home

2nd Wind E overCast & begun to Snow by 9 OC- & keep at till Evening Wind Got S E & Got warmer Snow near 2 In I at Printz & Huffmans Gin 1 fip meet T- Pratt He treated to Small Glass

3rd Wind S W & over Cast & thawing morn & Giving day Jos. & Wm helping Vaugh[n] to Clean Oats I their awhile & meet the Society froze Evening

4th Wind N W Clear frosty morn & over Cast all day not at Meeting at T- Price’s I Reading & at home all day only at Castners was a Snow Shower in night

5 Wind E over Cast & Snowing & misting foggy morn but [began] to rain Smart till noon but not Cleard out thawd all day

February 6th 1827 Wind W & Cloudy & thawing not froz[e] any Snow all gone off Cloudy thawing day, I wrote to T Widow[?] widow [repeat] & Her Pet[it]ion to the Free Masons Left at Castner at Jane Prices She pd me for Son Rees’s Coffin 9 drs I at pike 2 fips back Richard Roberts hear all night the Baptis preacher from Blockley held meeting at the School house fine Zealous Young man had a Great Effect on me The Lord Give me Grace

7 Wind N & over Cast froz Some Clear off Sun Shine not [seen] It this several days, afternoon at Bias Millers I paid him 775 Cents I ow him Intrest on 50 dr note I paid off Last April

8 Wind S & W & Clear off & fine thawing day blue up in Evening from W. I at Jane Walters & Huffman Smoke herren [herring] & Gin 20 Cts So home

9th Wind W froze prety Smart & over Cast afternoon Snow Shower in Evening Rain I at Benneys & pike Obe along 2 fips

Feby 10th 1827 Wind N W rain night Snow all gone, Obe Sip & Jos. [&] Wm Cuting Olders [alders] in Sawmill Meadow 1/2 G Whiskey

11th Wind N W Snow Shower in night hard frost not at Our Meeting afternoon at Horatio Jones Meeting at the Church at I. Prices

12 Wind N W very wind Great [great wind] yester afternoon & all night hard frosty & windy day Obe & G Printz Cuting & Clearing Saw Mill Meadow

13 Wind S W Cloudy Could [cold] day Obe & Printz Clearing my Saw[mill]meadow I 1/2 G whiskey

14 Wind N very red to Sun rise very fine rather modertate [moderate] day we Cuting at Sawmill meadow I with them Obe & son helping I at pike 1 fip

15 Wind E & over Cast & Spitting Snow Soon in morn & Snowd till it Coverd the Ground then rain hard Allin & Self in dear born [Allen is the current schoolmaster]

15 February 1827

at Widow Elliotts vendue Spent 2 fips for oysters home before night Got over the bay

16 Wind W Calm most Clear not froze any & remarkable ple[a]sant day I at Arrison vandue Bout not 2 fips Oysters one for Wm Hagy & Gave Jos 2 fips so home

17th Wind N W Cloudy & froze prety Smart but a giving thawind [thawing] day. Jacob Latchs house burnt down ketch in the Carpentery Shop & burnt all the [w]hole dwelling Down the logs all A fier [afire] when I went Saved all his furniture but the hole of the house Burnt down Afternoon at pike & Jane Prices So home pleasant thawing day

18 Wind S W fine Clear frosty morn I at Meeting Silent meeting after [at] T & Isaac Prices Reading W. Penns & Richardsons Journal, rather Giving day

19 Wind N W very high windy night & this morn most most [repeated] wonderfull winday [windy] Jos. & Obe Cuting wood, I at pike 1 fip–

February 20th 1827 Wind S W fine Clear Pleasant day I of[f] to Hagys Wells Young Esqr & at Horns to Look for Vaughn not their at McClenechan no Moneys at Keetches vandue Bout. Several Small articulars [articles] So home

21st Wind S W & over cast Obe here all night Ann very unwell Swelld face I of[f] to widow Elliotts vendue Bout. not one horse half Blood Sold for 430 drs a Colt 2 yrs past 140 drs oysters & Gin 3 fips home by pike Little Scud of rain

22 wind N W Clear windy Morn but very fine afternoon Printz Obe & Jos. Sawing & Spliting wood I at pike Gin 1 fip So So

23 Wind S W over Cast Calm but Cleard off very pleasant afternoon warm I at the woods & Printz & Jos. Sawing wood I off at Wm Hagys at Holloways to Look Sope [soap] Stone He not at home at Kentys meet him & advised him to apply for to Get his road Layd out Meet him & Becker at Castner

February 24th 1827 wind S E over Cast & rain & remarkable rainey day not froze any I at Smiths Adam & McCaver hear [here] He gave Adam an oreder [order] on me for 392

25 Wind N E Cloudy wet morn & dull day no frost nor Sun Shine I at our Meeting afternoon at School house Baptis Preacher from Blockley I beleiv a Good Reli[gi]ous man Give us a good preach [in margin: “new moon 25 after noon”]

26 wind S W very foggy dark morn no frost Cleard off & we Seen the Sun held up all day I at pike Huffman paid me 5 dollars I at T- Price’s took Little Cuder [cider] Isaac’s wife hear [here]

27 Wind N & over Cast Got E & Misting damp Cloudy day frost Coming out at pike paper & 1/2 [Glass] & 1 Jill Whis to Steve 25 Cts Sibley repairing trunk at dam

28 Wind S & most remarkable foggy morn & Misting at times Seen the Sun a few minnets frog Crying Evening & raind alittle [in margin: “28, Rach(el) Says heard the frogs”]

March 1st Wind N & over Cast & rain no frost Got N E & wet Cold disagreeable Day I of[f] about 11 OC- to Widow Horns & Her Sons Vendue held up [till] we Got their wet after I home 4 OC- widow of John Horn deadied [dead or died] in Mans prime of life

March 2nd 1827 Wind N & Cloudy but Cleard off fine day Smith & Bright Cut 101 Post my wood for Doct Printz Obe Jos. & Obes son Sawing Bolts for Me 1/2 day Gave Obe 1 fip at Pike

3 Wind N W prety Clear froz Some I off on the Little Gray for Norris town paid to Bank 219 Cents horse & Brandy & Oysters & horsler 29 Cts pike 8 Cts Hagys 3 fips ferry 5 So home about 4 OC Holgate Gave me an order on Prince [Printz] for $4

4th wind N W Smart frost & over Cast I at Meeting Silent after at T- Prices Saml Gibson here in Evening

5 Wind N W Large white frost & pool or ponn [pond] froze all over Gibson here all night & Set off for Norristown Lidia & Wm at market Obe & George [in margin: “6”] Prince here Soon & begun a Coffin for Judge Peters old Gardener been with him 43 Years Hesson we finished about half 11 OC- Prince & I off in Wagon Got their about 1 OC- & Started 1/2 after 2 OC- & interd him in the Baptis yard So home at 5 OC- Cloudy Misting afternoon

7 wind S Cloudy foggy dam[p] Morn but wind N W & blue off fine by noon off to Town with T- Price Bout. mutton 50 Cts fish 18 Cts Raizins 75 Brandy & wine 3 fips Sprigs & pump nails 45 Cts Sprig in alls [?] &c 25 Cts

March 8th 1827 Wind N W Clear frosty Morn at pike 1/2 Bl Cloverseed 325 Cents & 2 fips at Castner paid James Wilson 8 drs I Borrowd of [him] Last May He would not take no Intrest paid Keich 71 Cents I Bought at his vendue at Toms Prices took some whisy. home Great oyster Supper at Castners about 50 Eate Supper I not at it

9th Wind N & Over Cast no frost frogs Crying Last Evening Jos. Halling Loads Potatoes for widow Evans towards Grub town I at pike 2 fips afternoon about home

10th wind S & Cloudy Soft Morn Peve [peewee heard] this morn G. Printz here helping to put horses to Shave Oak Shingles &c I 1 fip afternoon Spliting Bolts I at Society Spent 1 fip

11th wind S Soft Still morn no frost I at our meeting morn & after at Schoolhouse Baptis preacher from Blockley Relig[i]ous man I think Heard the Peevee & the bees flying I at T- Price’s & read after

12 wind S E & overCast & Got to rain before noon & keep at it till night Saml Gibson here all day drawin[g] my Accts against Jane Price & Jane Walter pint W 1 fip Printz here at Shingles

March 13th 1827 Wind N W high Clear Morn & very windy day S Gibson here all night went to Jane Prices & Jane Walters Stated my acct between them & me I with to Jane Walrs & Gave her my note for [unfinished]

14th Wind W. fine Clear Cool morn but soon over Cast Obe Printz & Steve at Shingles I at pike & Got 1 qt wiskey for them Got to Snow fast wonderfull [3 words illegible] begun to snow very much At pike 1 qt for the Men & 1 Evening at Castners 121/2 paid

15 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn the feilds all Coverd with Snow but all Gone before night I at Widow Righters Vendue Bout a Wagon Screw for 80 Cts Oysters & Brandy 121/2 Cts So home

16 Wind N W Printz & Steve here at Shingles Township Election for overseers Road & Cunstables [constables] 1/2 day Each planted Caloback [?] below wall Sow 13 pigs about noon [2 lines illegible] Printz & Steve 1/2 day at Shingles

17 Wind S W fine Soft morn Printz here at Shingles about 1/2 day then off to help Jacob to Get wood

March 18th 1827 Wind S E & over Cast & begun to rain by noon at Meeting Ann Paschal here to dinner & at our Meeting but She Silent

17 [apparently a correction] Printz about 3/4 of day at Shingles

19 wind W. Some heavy Clouds & weting at times all day black Clouds Dannel [Daniel] Warner here killing a Calf 3 fips Spent

20th Wind N W Clear frosty Morn Ann & William of[f] to market I off to Old Matheys Vandue Bought not Spent 2 fips So home before night

21st Wind N W Clear frosty morn I [at] Widow Evans She moving I back at Hoffmans

[in margin: “22”] at D Humphreys at Hestons and R Peters Gave me a Check on Bank for his old Gardenners Coffin [4 words illegible] So home over the Bay Jos at the Moving

23 wind N W fine Clear Morn not hard frost I at Hagys vendue Bot. flays Scyoths [scythes] Collars 30 Cents Clear windy day

March 24 1827 wind N W Clear Still morn froze Some I off to town Got 8 dr Bank Check of R Peters for his old Gard[e]ners Coffin Bout 1/8 Lott[e]ry ticket 621/2 horse &c 25 Cts fer[r]iage & pike 9 Elliot & Hansel 15 Cts total [omission] So home before night plea[s]ant

25 Wind S. by E fine morn no frost Ketch a peewee in the Garret at School house a Baptis meeting I at T Price’s & at pike

26 Wind S & overCast very foggy but Cleard of[f] by noon 5 off [of] Us Bruning [burning] Brush in Ruff Meadow 2 qts Whisy-

27 Wind S fine Calm Clear Morn but very windy day & in the night I off to See If McClenechan Could Sell his Land but did not Sell I at Kuglers to here [hear] how Charles had Got but no better only Got more Calm at Huffmans Spent 2 fips, So [in margin: “frogs very Lively”]

28 Wind W & rain in morn but then Cleard off a very windy day I at Huffmans He in town I to Gate & at [omission] to See Helembold but Came Back to Huffmans Spent 3 fips & Give poor man [illegible]

March 29th 1827 Wind N W Calm Clear Morn prety Clear windy day I off afternoon pike & at Helembolds paper Mill to See Huffman to Get Money none; up Haverford Stop at new tavern at the County Line road 1 fip Meet with Genl. Davis son so home by pike–

30th. Wind N Clear Cool Morn froze Some about home all day Except at T- Price Evening He Sent me aload apple tree Brush E P W Got my mare to Colecting

31st Wind S W Soft Calm morn but Cloudy, I at pike fore & after noon home to dinner, the willow out in Leaves & apricock in Blosom after at pike He pd me 60 drs on acct of rent Borrowd 100 drs of Isaac Huffman Gives my note

April 1st Wind N E Morn Cleard off fine day I not at Meeting at widow Evans & at pike Sundries 14 Cts

2nd wind W fine Still clear morn & a remarkable fine day at Hagys & at flack [flat rock] Bridge Holloway moved their took dinner with him so home–

April 3rd 1827 Wind S W very fine Calm morn & Pleasant day at Andersons paid him 60 drs paid Levering 95 drs on to Huffmans So home 1 fip Gave a bond 100 drs 4 Wind S W & a very fine day I at pike & back to dinner 2 fips about home after a dog [of] Adams bit me Smart in the arm

5 W- S over Cast Soft Spring Like morn Got rain before noon very Grate rain I at G- Printz moving & at James Jones’s Vandue Got very [omission] Huffman along

6th Wind S W very foggy dark but Cleard off fine day I at George Hansels & paid me 750 for Abe Tunis’s wifes Coffin

7th Wind N W fine pleasant thoug[h] Windy day I at pike 1 fip meet with Printz & Gravel home to Dinner Our Society day I off to Buck & to See a negro Woman that was dead, & to See Wilfongs Lotory [lottery] Rebecca drive 1 fip

8 wind W & Cloudy Morn but fine day I at Meeting had two Inglish freinds made a great [omission] for us

April 9th 1827 Wind E & S E boys moved Rach & her man to my pike house very wet afternoon Isaac Hansels wife Buried here, poor woman hung herself in the Barn I at the yard & helpt to put her in the Grave

10th W W fine Still Clear Soft Morn & very fine warm day Obe & Prince helping to make a nice Coffin & we took it down after night I not well hung top back at 10 OC- I at pike for nails Prince along

11th Wind S & remarkable foggy morn & warm day Tom Price & I atten[d]ed the Burial in my wagon & Carried the corps[e] to our yard meet at 2 OC- Evening made a little Box for a Still Born Child of Comforts & Buried It after night

12th Wind S by W & over Cast been alittle thunder Shower in night Cloudy windy day I at Obes & at pike after at John Leverings to See if he would saw me Some lath did not See him so home Blar [Blair McClenechan] Cant hall

13 Wind N W Clear Cool morn but fine day Rather Colder [3 words obliterated] paid Egbert 25 Cts I owed him took dinner [2 words illegible] Jos Clark paid me for his Childs Coffin at Youngs He better at Hallowells Cakes &c 5 Cts dined at MacClenechans

April 14th 1827 Wind N W Still Clear morn & very fine day I at pike 2 fips home to dinner Boy at Gardenner I at Casterners [Castners] 4 of them Settleing township Acct John Morgan treated & gave me Cherry Grafts I Garfted [grafted] one at Adams

15 Wind E very foggy dark morn & Got rain Soon & rain till most noon W- N W high wind & black Clouds & much Cooler at Meeting morn & afternoon Baptis man their

16. Wind N E & wet morn & wind[y] Cool day W– N W & blue off planted potatoes in Shop yard at T Prices He been at Court not well Got off

17 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn Light White frost & Ice Jos & Prince Planted Potatoes at Pike 1 Qt 10 Cts

18th Wind N W Cool Clear Morn & Cold day T. Price & I in Chair of[f] to Norristown I paid 18 drs & took my note T Price Lent me 4 drs Oystirs [oysters] & Gin & horse 50 Cts home before night

19 Wind W Colld [cold] Clear day Boys & Printz open the dikes below the tanyard I at the pike 2 fips not well to day I not over the Bay but deprest

April 20th 1827 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & pleasant day G- Printz & Boys Spliting Rails 1 qt Whisy 13 Cents Poor Black Ceaser hear [here] Evening Humphreys Ceaser He say from the acct they Give above 90 yrs.

21 Wind E & over Cast Printz here Soon to Split rails about [2 words illegible] wet in morn & in Evening I at Mac & Princes to Look money got none at Hagys & flat rock So home Evening at Castner John Mathews their Come from assembley

22 Wind N Cold Clear morn but pleasant day I at pike meeting while pint Gin 1 fip at T & Isaac Price’s

23 wind S E very red to Sun rise rain in Evening I heard our 2 Ewes Alfred harrowd the Corn Ground J & Jos maken fenc[e] I at Jane Prices for Sheep Sheres & at Castners 2 fips

24 Wind E very foggy wet morn as dark a day as I beleive as I have Seen got rain about noon very gr[e]at rain Evening at the pike Spent 1 fip at Obes

25 wind N W high windy morn & remarkable Cold I at pike blue down two Gaps our Lane fence I at Isaac Prices He puting [up] Pail [pale] fence

April 26th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cool morn Lite frost windy Cool day I at Isaac Prices I Grip[e]ing & back bad 3 fips

27 Wind N & Cool Clear Lite white frost but wind S & very pleasant day I [at] Obes his wife deliverd of young Daughter I at pike 1 Jill Blackber[r]y wine 28 wind S E & over Cast Jos. up Soon & took the Dearborn & Gin mare to E P W for them to [go to] town Got rain by 6 OC- & very Smart heavy till noon then fine Sun Shine I after the Cows & at Huffmams 11/2 Jill of Black Berry wine so at Castners Spent not

29 Wind N & W fine morn but over Cast & very Cool for the Season my Son Wm Come home Last Evening He Prentice about Darby to a Carpenter I at our meeting in morn after at the School house the Baptis from Blockley their had a humbleing time with me I bel[i]eve him to be in the right Sperrit

30th Wind N Cool Cloudy morn & Cold day few drops of rain now & then at the pike 1 Jill Black Berry wine took Little negro to his mother Lost 3 of my fine pigs Stole no doubt

May 1st Wind N W most remarkable Cold windy Morn & day that I recolect with Lite Showers rain in afternoon It Blue allmost Herrican

2nd Wind N W & Cloudy windy Cold morn till [noon] then Got more Pleasant Boys & I at at [repeated] pike halld rails & axeltrees home meet Saml Young & Dan Shubert & Capt Matheys & Stayd a good time

May the 3rd 1827 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn but Cleard off the warmest day this Long while I Pottering about till noon then for Cows at the pike 1 Jill Blackberry wine at T. Prices to Look Seed Corn

4th Wind N Still Clear Cool morn Lite White frost pleasant day Boys planted my Corn I at pike & at T Price’s He planting potatoes Heard a Wipper Will for the first

5th wind S by W Clear Lite frost I off to Mc [Mack] McClenechans for Money none at Youngs at Saml Youngs not See him at widow Righters at Nelley Jones So home no Cash not a Cent Society day I meet them the first Gin or Sperrit I have taken for week [illegible word in margin]

6 Wind S & fine warm day warmest this Spring I think I not at meeting Edwd Lobb here to dinner at T. Prices awhile

7th Wind N. & wet morn not so hard but fine reviveing rain but very Raw Cold day Cleard off about 3 OC Musterday for Poor Militia mere boys Ewe [you] Call roll & off a school of vice Corrupting & taken from their work perhaps Spend 25 or 50 Cts & L[e]arn not–

8 wind N W Clear white frosty morn Cold windy day, at pike 1/2 Jill B- 1 fip not well Grip[e]ing afternoon Jos. & [I] at Righters for

May 8th 1827

my hand Screw & at Hagys for dutch Scyth & at flat rock Tavern 1 Glass 2 fips So home

9th wind N W windy Cool day Boys making fence Between Ben & my orchard his part I pike 1 J 1 fip not well So home

10th Wind near E. & over Cast & Got rain soon in morn & avery wet day Obe help to take Sprouts of[f] Potatoes D. Warner here killd a Calf for Us

11 wind N W prety Clear Cool morn I up Soon & Seen part of the Clips [eclipse] on the moon at T. Price’s He at the Cherrin [cherries?] I home Got [illegible] at the turnpike Got 10 drs that S Gibson Gave me due from ant Jane Ann Bought 2 yrd of Cloth for me 6 dr 50 Cts I took it up to the Taylors & I on to Huffmans pint Gin 1 fip So home

12 Wind N Still Clear Cool morn Little white frost & very high windy day over at pike & E P Walters He planting Corn John & Jos their 2 fips After at Toms Prices Cyder & at Castner 1 fip Seen Lawyer Catterays very Cool in Evening

13 Wind N Still Clear morn Got warmer no frost I beleivd but had thawd I not at Meeting after at pike 3 fips had a Great Grip[e]ing 3 or 4 Girls here to tea I took tea at Castners took [repeated]

May 14th 1827 Wind S W very fine warm day Ned Walters men & cart & 2 horses & Obe helping Us to hall dung & Planted our Potatoes- 3 qt Whiskey

15 wind S W Cloudy morn but fine warm day Jos plowing for Obe I at pike 2 fips He planting his Pot[at]oes John helping

16 Wind S by W Calm Still morn & fine day I at pike Tom Price & Great No. of them fenceing up my old Dam Tom & I had a great Spar

17 wind S W fine warm day Obe & I made a Coffin for Brookfeilds Son 4/6 I[nches] & took it down I not well

18 Wind N.W. I attended the Burial to Our yard No Chairs & people I at pike 2 Jills Blackberry wine So

19th wind N here the dam Clear Cool morn prety fine day no rain very dusty Boys Pottering Garden I at home not well pint Cyder one fip So

20th Wind S W & very wet morn fine Cool morn at Meeting afternoon at School Sun Setting fine not well in mind

21st Wind S E & wet morn & over Cast & wet at times all day no Sun Shine

22 Wind E & rainey morn many Showers till noon wind S & rather Broke off Seen the Sun boys halld 1 Load of wood I at T Prices

May 23rd 1827 Wind N very foggy morn dark morn no rain Sun Shine now & then wind S & warm veg[et]ation fine to day I at pike pint Cyder at Jane Walters John & Jos their helping hall dung for Potatoes

24 wind E & a Most remar[k]able foggy morn I off to See S Wynn If He buy my Colt, at Stadlemans pint Cyder 3 Cts after at pike pint Cyder Boys at E P W halling dung

25 wind N W Cool morn but a fine warm day boys work on the road I pottering till noon, after at thee [the] taylors & at Huffman pint Cyder back & [k]nees bad

26 Wind S W fine Calm warm morn & fine pleasant day boys till noon at E.P.W planting Potatoes Sheff Her[e] & Cut my Colt young Wyn [n]ot very visible after He [Sheff] was gone the boys Said one [of] the Clamps was Lost & bleeding much Jos off for Sheff He Come & found all was Right Great alarm one qt Rum 20 Cents

27 wind S & very foggy morn but fine warm day I at home all day Not at Meeting Sheaff here & took the Clam[p]s off Colt

28th wind S W foggy morn Cloudy but no rain I off to Macks at Esqr Youngs at Rees Harrys & at Vaughns Got 100 Cents on to vandue at Esqr Elliotts Housel [household] Goods &c & oyster vendor poor Widow selling all from here to Kuglers paid 8 Cents I owd 2 before 3 fips oysters 1 fip so home

May 29th 1827 Wind W & N by E Some time Over Cast & Som[e] Little Springles of rain but in Evening the Sun Shind out very fine [at] Levering Looking for Lath Benney Price & a great Parteiy [party] washing Sheep I at pike at E P W He unwell

30th Wind N heard the flat Rock Dam Clear Cold morn I Reading in morn Got so Cold went & made a firer [fire] very heavy due [dew] fetch the Cows & horses & at pike hunting my Bull back to dinner, turn in water in Meadow &c

31 wind W fine Clear Cool morn & day I at pike 1 fip Abe Carrier here to dinner Jos harrowing Corn & potatoes fine thunder Gust in the Evening not heavy

June 1st Wind N Cool Clear morn remarkable Cold day windy Cold day [several words illegible]

2 Wind N W very Cold Clear morn but fine day Jos at Obes I at pike & at agriculter Society

3rd wind N W Still Clear Cool morn but over Cast about noon at Jane Price’s forenoon after at Meeting at School house walk to Isaac & T. Prices So home to tea

[At top of next page: “1827 April 27 Hugh Henry Dr to 9 lb of muttin at”. Recycled for entries for June 1827.]

June 4th wind E & wet morn & wet till noon then fine Benney planting Potatoes Jos & John helping I at pike 2 fips not well Grip[e]ing & Lacks

5 wind N Clear Cool morn very Pleasant warm day Obe Her[e] 1/2 day mending my harrow I at pike pint Gin

6 Wind W fine Clear morn I off to See E Lobb at Heston village He got Ague, on to Gibsons Got dinner on to Darby went to Cosen parker that was now Widow Pusey first Cosen She very fat & Crecke [creaky] had not Seen this 20 years I think back to Garrigus Wm & his Boys their so on for home Spent 28 Cents — Boy Mowing Lott below Barn [The reference to “William & his Boys” means JP’s son William, an apprentice of a carpenter in the Darby area. The “Boys” are the other apprentices or employees.]

7th Wind N Cloudy morn & over Cast till noon J & Jos f[i]nishd mowin[g] my Lott below the Bran [barn] I at pike 1 qt wiskey 12 Cts at home Dinner [3 words illegible] about puting up a Stone on the Line

8th wind N by E & amisting morn but Cleard off about noon & Spread out our hay or Grass John Gibson & wife here & Ann Paschals daugh[t]er here

9 Wind S W foggy Morn but fine hay day Got 1 Load from pike & all in from Barn Lott

[At the bottom of a page of duplicate April entries: “Omit(t)ed from May 20 to June 10th”]

[10th] very fine Clear hay day Boys Mowing the Swamp by tan yard

11 wind W Still Clear morn a fine hay day boys mowd Some in morn after Spreading hay & halld Some in at pike His man mowing Lott for the Cherreys 2 qt W 25 Cts

[No entry for June 12.]

13 Wind S W & fine Clear Morn & fine hay day I at pike 1/2 Gal

June 14 1827 wind S W finishd mowing apeice in meadow then at pike & halld 4 Loads all from pike Huffman made it for the Cherreys Obe here mowd & at hay Adam help Some

15 Wind S W been fine Shower in night but Cleard Spread & Cock up 2 Small loads in Meadow Adam help John help Obe to mow his Lott

16th Wind W 5 or 6 of [workers] mowd my Back feild fine Crop on It

17 wind W Little rain but Cleard off I at Meeting at Schoolhouse

18 Wind W very fine hay day all at Spreading & Rakeing Obe & Pennick helping

19 Wind S W foggy morn but fine hay day Smith Came with his Cart & we Got 12 Loads in 6 ton all back feild in 11 Loads

20 Wind S & Cloudy Boys John Jos & Ned till near noon I at pike 1/2 G- Whisy. Cut all my meadow down, Morris McClenegen [McCleneghan] here Just returnd been away perhaps these two years, to the South

21 Wind S over Cast wet at times Light Showers & Sun Shine now & then Evening a great thunder Gust & Great Wind

June the 22nd 1827 wind S Come up about 5 OC- a great Shower thunder Lasted till noon Ann & Cathering [Catherine] at Market, over Cast wind Got to W & blue off most a herican in Evening & most remarkable Cold I off at 2 OC- and attended the funeral of Jonathan Ellis to Haverford He old Bachalor fat fleshaman [fleshy man] dyed with 2 or 3 days Complaint He Left avery hansome property

23 Wind N W or W Clear Cold morn fine hay day we finished hay harvest but Geting one Load in

24 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & pleasant day not at meeting Jos & self afternoon at Benjn Hollands Burial to Baptis yard He Dyed very Sud[d]en Eating Breakfast & fell from Chare dead He Been a temper[ate] man as to drink

25 Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn & few drops of rain but fine hay day halld 2 loads in my Last at Huffmans & E P Walters halld all their was dry 1 qt. whis 10 Cents so Ended my hay

26 Wind S & wet morn Broke off till about 5 OC- then a thunder Gust from W at B Price’s He 3 or 4 Mowers

27 Wind S by W & over Cast Smart thunder Gust in the Night I at I.Prices He Got much hay or Grass out

June 28th 1827 Wind S & over Cast & rain in Morn then thunder in Morn to W 2 first day[s] of moon 3 wet put these 3 of[f] & mind the 3 next Viz 27, 28 & 29 23 & 24 no hay day wet at times 28 dull till noon then fine [Apparently some weather lore.]

29 Wind W fine Clear pleasant hay day Jos at Benney Price halling John & Alfred halling hay for E P Walters I at pike

30th Wind W, fine Clear hayday I at Benneys & Ned Walters Tom Price finishd his hay Jos Price at Jane Price John at Ned P Walters at hay all day

July 1st wind W fine Clear morn & warm fine day at meeting in forenoom & the Schoolhouse meeting afternoon Baptist I [think] Regilos [religious] Zealous man

2nd Wind S W fine hay day only a thunder Gust Evening I at Benneys & Tom Prices They Cuting Orchard Grass

3 wind S W & Cloudy morn but fine hay day I at T. & Benney Prices & pike Boys not well So Holladay I in desepation [dissipation]

4th wind S W & over Cast Obe & I making a Small Coffin for Gaunts Child took it down before noon this the decla[r]ation of Independence of Independence [repeated] in 1776 in the year 1777 I in Camp as privat[e] Sold[i]er 50 years agoo

July 4th 1827

atten[d]ed the funeral to Our yard thunder Gust to N Come on about 5 OC. most thunder to N & South & a very Great rain the most thunder I think I heard

5 Wind W fine Clear Cold morn my Reaping day 7 & 8 hands at times Cut all my Rye but not all my wheat Come up a gust from west Stops Us about 5 OC

6th Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn Boys at Charles Smith Reaping I Pottering at Smiths &c

7th Wind S W & very Great rain till about 8 OC then fell off very fine I at meeting & at Tom & Isaac Prices & at my Grain feild It very wet at Jane Prices

8 Wind E in morn foggy Cloudy morn

9 wind S W fine day Boys at Huffmans Reaping I [two words illegible] halld 11 doz wheat but not aney [any] from the feild not any person to help they out [ought] to Get wheat in

10 wind E & Cloudy morn Adams harvest day Adam Cuting the Wheat Crop I halld perhaps 20 doz

11th Wind S & over Cast & a smart rain from S halld one Load of wheat

July 12th 1827 wind S by W Boys help Benny till noon then halld all the wheat & 3 Loads of Rye Smart thun[der] Gust one to N & one to S E

13 Wind W Jos. halld & Cradel [cradled] for Benney T & I Price turnd & Got all the harvest in & we Got all in & help ant Jane to hall I pottering about from 1 feild to anoth[er]

14 wind S W Jos halling for Adam John at Jane[‘s] they finished Cuting & Got all in T & I Price halld all in very Great thunder Gust Evening

15 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & very fine day; not at Meeting at ant Jane Prices afternoon at pike 1/2 G– 1 fip all harvest dun here

16 Wind N & Cloudy morn & thunder to S W & raind by 7 OC- Smart rain; then Cleard off very warm & fine for Harvesting Boys Santering doing nothing I at pike Got a hat 350 Cts Spent 1 fip

17 Wind N W fine Clear morn Seen 5 Colored people from Meriland 3 women & 2 Males free hunting work they first that Started they [the] Government or people are got in the Spirret of Leting them free– Boys Cut & halld 2 Loads wood I at pike Gin 1 fip

July 18 Wind W fine harvest day Tom Price & 4 Cradelers Cut Jane Prices oats I their with them

19 wind N fine morn fine day my Birthday I at freinds Meeting at Benney Price’s Boys Cut Oats W Iholt [Echolt] help Some

20th Wind S E fine day thunder Gust in Evening to W not but a few drops here Boys tyd & halld in about half my oats I at Bennys & at Tom Prices He got all his oats in & part of Isaacs

21st Wind N & over Cast & Cloudy boys tyd my oats & Got in [making] alittle Coffin for a Child at Rock factory at T. Prices & at the pike for wisy. soon boys away

22 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn Obe & Printz hear [here] to make a little Coffin 2 f Long I did not ask Printz meet him in Evening Sd He Come to help I am done my Eyes & minde all dun the Lord have mercy on a poor Sinner Got dun about 9 OC & Jos & I attended the funeral about 2 OC-

23 Wind S E & over Cast John helping Benny to tye & hall in his Oats they finish’d I at pike Gin 2 fips fetch the Cows

24 wind S & Cloudy morn & little rain I Benneys awhile

[No entry for July 25.]

July 26th 1827 wind S E & rain in morn But fine after Tom & Isaac Price off for Sea Shore I at Jane Prices they Mowing the feild by road

27 Wind W fine Clear morn & very fine day mowing [2 words illegible] at Jane Prices & they halling hay I over the Bay went for the [cows] Jos not well

28 Wind N W fine Clear Still morn I away with the Cows & at pike Spent 3 Cents & Ginner bread [gingerbread] 1 Cent afternoon at Benneys halld all his hay had Cut in the barley feild Boys took holloday

29 Wind W Still Clear Morn Johnson Vaughn here from Widow Evens [Evans] I not at Meeting at Benneys & Castners

30th wind W fine Clear morn & day I [at] Doctr Andersons & Leverings Kuglers & pike

31 Wind N W fine Clear Still Morn Jos plowing Oats Stuble I Potter about Benney 4 black men mowing his Garlic feild

August 1st fine ple[a]sant day Jos & I of[f] [in] the Chair to Norristown hors[e] dinner & pike &c Cost me 100 Cts Jim Elliot Supeney me not any thing done

August 2 1827 Wind S W prety fine day a few drops from W not Stop hay halling my boys Got all the Barn Lott in I helping to Cock &c

3rd wind S by W over Cast Bill & boys making Lott fence very fine hay day we Got all in [to]day that was Cut Jos in town for Rachels man back by noon I at Soci[e]ty a Little while Holston told [us] Esqr Conrad was dead & to be Buried to day I Seen [him] on the 1st & Shuck [shook] hands He Got fit of ague & Some took him home

4th Wind N very Still Clear fine day but dry I at Meeting afternoon at Schoolhouse very Relig[i]ous fine man I think & beleive

5 Wind W fine Clear Morn & warm day Boys & Ned Hennery [Henry] mowing my Swamp Grass Meadow

6 Wind N W fine morn the dust in roads 3 or 4 I deep remarkable dry time Boys Got all Swamp Grass in 22 Loads I at the pike 1/2 G- Snap or whisy. 20 Cents

[Entries from 7th to 10th missing]

August 11th 1827 Wind W till Evening most Charmin[g] Shower much Lightening & thunder at distant [distance]

12 had two fine [showers] in night & fine till near 12 OC- I at Meeting not any thing only a few scuds Since the 5 July remarkabell [remarkable] drying time we doubted of Potatoes & Corn Busk [Bucks] County in papers Says from one Bushel Corn to 5 [illegible]

13 Wind W very fine Pleasant day Boys & Self Potter Jos at mill Borrowd 3 B- Rye of Smith

14th Wind W fine Pleasant day dug our Early Potatoes Adam Hansel & Self in the Chair at Wm Righters Burial to the Church Adam hoop the Chear [chair] wheels

15 wind S been alittle rain in night but fine morn I about home at I Prices He unwell

16 Wind S by E Jos [&] Ann [in] Chare to Enoch Jones wife Burial at Grave yard & Richard Georges Child Buried all at our Yard [in margin: “fine Shower Evenimg”]

August 17th 1827 wind N by E over Cast a fine Shower much thunder & Lighten[ing] Evening & Shower in night Jos. in town for Jim for a load Water Millions [melons] &c I at pike for Turnip Seed & Gin Got home at noon, Note the rain & thunder was on the Evening of 16th over Cast Cloudy not the Sun to day Jos. & Adam Hansel off to ma[r]sh afishing with Dearborn & [two words illegible] from Delever [Delaware] I at Isaac Price’s He no better

18 wind E & over Cast Little or few drops of rain in Morn Cloudy all day but no rain Jos & Adam not home to day at 6 OC- E P W my mare & Chair to Phila I Idle all day at I. Prices to See him Rather Better Adam & Jos. home about 9 OC- at night with about 5 or 6 doz of yallow [yellow] Cat[fish] & few Rock[fish] most 2 days ther[e] fish[ing]

19 Wind S W very Cloudy morn & fine Little Shower in Morn I at our Meeting after at T. Prices & to See Isaac

20 Wind S & a fine Little Shower in Morn but none after much Lightining [lightning] Evening I to See I. Price He rather Better afternoon at Hestons Mill at Edw. Higs Meeting a great Good man He held meeting from 3 OC- till after 6 OC- powerfull so verse[d] in the Scripter I much Effected by him

21 wind W & fine Pleasant morn & Cloudy day but no rain I at pike 1 qt of Black Berry wine Boys Cuting

Olders [alders] in Saw Mill Meadow Ned Heny Helping them at I- Prices He Better

22nd Wind N W & fine Clear Cool Morn Boys finish’d Cuting olders by noon after at pike dug Jos Potatoes poor Crop

23 Wind N W Clear Cool morn & fine day Boys halling dung I at pike & to See Obe He unwell I at the School to here [hear] a blind Man Lector [lecture] on Grammer [grammar]

24th wind W Cool Still morn & pleasant day Boys finishd Halling dung & 4 Loads from Adams Ned Heny. help I off afternoon to Burial off [of] Widow Wilson Jos Georges Mother Buried her in the family yard about 4 OC- so I home by pike Taylor treated me to Small Glass meet Doct MacCl[eneghan] at Kuglars He Treated me to 1/2 Glass

25 Wind N W Cloudy all day but no rain Boys finishd hall[ing] dung I at Obes & to See I. Price He much Better

26 Wind E & wet morn & fine rain in night & heavy Showers till night I at meeting & Evening at T. Prices Watson their

27 wind N E & over Cast a Shower about day & 2 or 3 Smal[l] Showers Wind N & Seen the Sun before noon 2 or 3 times Cleard off very [omission] about 5 OC- I at pike for Tobacco very Calm Clear Evening at I. Prices He Much Better T.P at Norris

August 28th 1827 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & pleasant day Boys Cuting wood I about home at Isaac & Tom Prices Lent Tom horse to goo to Market

29th Wind W fine Cool morn but Cloudy day Boys halling wood I at Isaac & Tom Prices W Eholt hear [here] doing not [nothing] no rain [in margin: “July 29 Jim the horsler (at General Wayne) Lent me 50 Cents 31st Lent a fip & 2 fips”]

30th Wind W rather Cloudy but fine warm day no rain Bill Eholt & Jack Spreadin[g] dun[g] Ned Henry throw a Kinf [knife] at Jos. & Stuck in his hip took a good [omission] pluck it [out] He a Crip[p]le with it Master Allen [schoolmaster] here to dinner I to See I Price He not so well bed all day Doct Brookfeild Calld to See Jos.

31 Wind W foggy morn fine warm day Ann at Market no plowing Jos same & John on the run I at the pike & at Obes He not well no work this two weeks I at I. P He Better

September the 1st 1827 Wind W fine Still Clear Morn fine day no rain Sent for Obe & we made a Coffin for Crosleys Child 3 feet Long made most of it [3 words illegible] I not in So find 1 [illegible]

2nd wind S W foggy morn & warm day Obe & I took down to Crosley a little Coffin & put Child in so back by 10 OC- & went to See I Price home to dinner then Set off & attend the Burial to our yard Wm along

September the 3rd 1827 Wind W fineStill Clear Morn & very fine warm day Siles Jones & his nep[h]ew from S America Great [illegible] John plowing Jos. Still Cripeling I at pike 1 qt Gin 121/2 Cents

4 Wind N W fine Cool Morn & day I off money hunting Got none dined at McClenechans on to Hagys at flat Rock Tavern 1/2 Glass So home

5th Wind N W John Plowing Bill Eholt & Alfread & Self Toping [corn] I at pike 1 qt W 121/2 Cents

6 Wind W Little Cloudy but fine day Boys Toping & tying Corn tops I at pike & fetch 1 qt after [at] Tom Price & meet 2 young men treated to small G Sperrit I at Isacc Price He no better

7 wind S W over Cast Ann off to market dutch Cows Calf I Pottering [illegible] Bill Egbert Shockin[g] Corn Stocks Johnson Vaugh]n] Cleaning Rye & took Load over to the Widow Evans I Got Gay

8 wind N Cool Cloudy morn & day Bill Eholt & John Striping Corn at pike 1 qt whis 10 Cts 10 Cents [repeated] I pottering about

9 wind N W Cool foggy Morn fine Pleasant day I at our Meeting Silent I to hear how Isaac was no better at Benney Prices been Sinking his well Got about foot water

September 10th 1827 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day I off to Righters vendue So round by Hagys He not at home by Mac Got no money I poor of Cash

11th Wind W fine morn & day Sip & John Striping Corn Jos at pike Bill Smith & his men drew out the pump & wall well dry I their awhile Bill Eholt put his Shoulder out Jos. went for Doct Brookfeild But young Leadom Came & put it in

12 Wind N W Cool Clear morn & fine pleasant day at pike they drew up my Pomp [pump] at [illegible] & [d]rew up much wall John & Sip Striping Corn

13 wind W fine day Sip & John tyd the blades & halld them in I at pike 4 men at the well the pump men at Jane Prices

14 Wind S Cloudy foggy morn but blue off at pike 4 of them at the well the water Come in Prety Strong I paid Castner 100 Cents pump men finished Benneys pump & Said they Come & Splice mine but did not I their fore & afternoon

15 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & very fine windy day I at pike 4 men at the well blue blast not much Effect I [illegible] him & [illegible]

September 16th 1827 Wind W Clear Cool morn & fine day at I Prices He Better at Jane Prices She Better I not at meeting I high all day I am deprest owing to my Curcomstanceys I at T. Price’s not at Meeting

17 Wind N W fine Clear Morn & day I at pike fore & after noon 4 Men walling the well water about 3 f

18 wind S E Cloudy & rain about Sun r[i]se & most remarkable wet day I at the pike Som[e] of men work but to[o] rain[y] after at T. Prices & at the funeral of factory [worker] at Crossley factory– very fine rain bow in morn after wet day

19th Wind N W Cloudy day I at pike 4 men at the well Walling rain in Evening I there fore & afternoon Steve hewd 4 Joys[ts] for well

20th Wind N W but wet morn & Cloudy day I to See I. Price I think rather Better afternoon at pike 3 men at wall 1/2 day Richardson Came about 4 OC-

21 Wind W Cloudy dull day at well no well [workers] their at Kelleys to Look for them not [illegible] th[e]ir so I home at noon [illegible] pump men they not at Kelleys so I home I at pike no men at work I pint 121/2 Cts [repetitious and scrawled]

22 wind N W & Cloudy morn & day at pike & halld 2 Little Loads Sand for wall

September 23rd 1827 Wind W fine Cool morn but Cloudy day I at our meeting days & night Equal Length Rais at 6 OC- & Set at 6 O’C- after went to See Isaac Price He in Poor way

24 Wind N Cool Clear day Benny Price says frost John their Toping Corn I their morn & afternoon at flat Rock Taver[n] at at [repeated] Sale by the Sherref of Hugh R. Wards Land but put off I [spent] 1 fip meet F[elix] Was[h]er & told me his Brother Jos was dead & to be Buried to morrow 9 OC- He has been at Buck Tavern Miller[‘s] perhaps this 6 or 8 years as a farmer

25 wind S & Soft Cloudy morn & fine windy day but no rain I off 9 OC- to Millers Buck to the Burial off [of] Jos. Washer Brother of Felix only taken on the 23rd with fitts dyed at 8 O’C on the 23 along aquants [acquaintance] He has been at Miller this 8 or 9 [years] Intempret but honest & Clever or Miller would [not] keep him home to dinner about home after

26th Wind N W fine Cool day Wm Smith Cleand Adams Well He give 1 qut Whisy. after pike Got over the Bay 1 qt Gin 121/2 Cents

27. wind N W very fine Clear pleasant day no frost I pottering about at Pike so back

28 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn Ann to Market this our Township Election for Inspector &c no meeting [illegible]

September 29th 1827 Wind N & over Cast but pleasant day no rain I at pike all [rest of line illegible] D. Jones & John thrashing Rye & Cleand it

30 wind W. fine Clear Cool morn & fine pleasant day Vaugh[n] hear [here] from the welsh Woman been at pike meeting while I to See I. Price He they think rather better Townsen[d] Coopper & wife here Robert Yerkes hear [here] 1 pint

October the 1st wind N & Cloudy morn & N E & misting afternoon Sow about 3 [pecks?] of Rye in meadow I at I. Price for Seed Wheat He no better

2nd Wind N & wet morn & Cloudy day I at pike to See E P Walter He & wife unwell I home to dinner boys Sowd & harrowd 11/2 Bushel Wheat that I Got of Isaac Price in Oats Stubel in Meadow

3rd Wind S dull wet morn to W & Cleard till thunder Gust S & W & raind hear I at pike & Hestons to See If He Splice the pump He not home John & Jos halld wood for E.P. Walters & Got apples at my pike Lott, about 2 B- Not 2 B- in my orchard Last year I think I mig[h]t made 3 Barr[e]ls

October 4th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cool morn Little white frost

5 Wind W. over Cast but no rain I pottering about

6 wind W fine day for work boys at Ned Walters halling dung & Cuting weeds in our Potatoes 6 [?] wind S W & blue up asmart rain in morn from S to S West & fine day diging Potatoes I dead[?] in treaspass [trespass]

7th Wind N W Still Clear white frosty morn & pleasant day I to See I Price afternoon at meeting at Schoolhouse very humble Relig[i]o[u]s (two of them) good men

8 wind S Cloudy morn Lite white frost but held up from rain Jos in town for oysters for Jim the horsler at Castners for the Election John at Huffmans diging Potatoes I at the pike

9 Wind S W & wet morn & dull day our General Election day Small I there off & on all day Spent not thee [the] Judges treated me 111/2 for Oysters most windy wet night that I heard a long time

10 Wind S by W very Great Shower & windy in the morn, Cleard off before noon I at Kuglars to Look for Timothy Seed I at Huffman

11th Wind N W Clear white frosty Morn & Cloudyd up too wet to dig Potatoes at Tom Prices & about home

October 12 1827 wind N by E white fros[t] Cloudy day I with McClenechan at pike Huffmans back to dinner rainny afternoon I got over the bay

13 Wind N & Cloudy morn & day Richard Roberts & G- McClenechan Seize on C Smith horses Cows &c for rent I went Bail for 20 days that he will be forthcoming

14 Wind N & Cloudy N E & very wet day I at Our Meeting & at the Schoolhous[e] heard of Rebecca George[‘s death] Spoke off [of] in Meeting [Burial] tomorrow at 9 OC

15 Wind W & blue off Pleasant day Ann & I attended the Burial to Our yard She was a perticular favourright of mine I built a house & work their much Jos George[‘s] Mother Amos George[‘s] Widow I at I. Price much [better] Titus Yerkes up to his Tenent [Castner] about his B[u]ilding [the General Wayne] made no Stay Calld to See Mary & off home

16 Wind N Clear Cool morn Seen no frost Boys & Cart on the road I pottering with all nearly I to See Isaac Price He much Better Sarah brave & fetch in 4 fine Stroberry as If in the Strober[ry] Season I treat the Rodemen 1 pint

17 Wind N Clear frosty morn & froze fine Clear Cool day I off to widow Kuglars for Timothy Seed 75 Cts for peck at Huffmans, Gave a Brother Mason 25 Cts pint Gin 1 fip

October 18th 1827 Wind N W Lite frost pleasant day, Huffman Sent 2 hands afternoon & finishd diging our Potatoes

19 Wind S W prety fine day John & Jos. helping Huffman at Potatoes I about home & at Benneys

20 Wind S by W alite white frost Jos Gone aguning & John at Huffmans I about home & at our Meeting appointed Meeting for a man from Washin[g]ton the Greatest preacher I think I haver [have ever] Heard in true Sperrit

21 wind S W & S E over Cast Seen Sun at times I at meeting morning & at the Schoolhouse Baptis from Blockley Great Good man I think Grac[i]ous in the Sperrit

22 Wind E & very wet & Windy morn and remarkable wet day all about home nothing to be done

23 Wind S & Little rain now & then blue off before noon & remarkabel [remarkable] high Winday [windy] day I walk to T- Prices He Pulling Corn Isaac Better I walk to Jacob Latches & [pay] him my tax $5.60 & 2..23 Cents for John & Jos dog 25

24 wind S W Cloudy Cold windy day, I at pike pump man their & Got it in finished John their

25 Wind N W Cold Clear Morn misty windy day Little hail Shower I at pike the pump man off we Lay the Joyst[s] walled them in

October 26th 1827 Wind N W & remarkable Windy Cold day Several Little Snow Showers I off for Keans board yard paid him old Bill of 8 drs & 7 drs for Shingles 600 for kitchen for pik[e] I Spent 15 Cents, so home before night Boys Tharshing Heston Sowd the feild below the Tavern along the road with wheat Harrowin[g] it with how [hoe] Harrow without plowing

27 Wind N W Cold Clear morn my Son Wm & 3 others up aguning John & Jos along I at pike Eate dinner their after at T Price for Tobacco He Bout for [me] & at the argriculture Soci[e]ty our Election day

28 Wind W Fine Calm morn I at Our Meeting Ann Paschal at meeting & dined here I at home after

29 Wind W fine day for Business I at pike Obe & Steve there begun to Shinkel [shingle] the kitchen my knees gave out Rach Seen me & Benney help me home

30 Wind W no frost very windy day wind S & Cloudy I at pike Obe & Steve at pike Shingleing Jos plowing Potatoe Ground & pulling Corn I very Crecke [creaky] my knees

31 Wind [illegible] & Cloudy morn I at pike Goodman Shingleing pike kitchen

November 1st 1827 Wind N Cold Morn Ice the first I Seen this fall I Sent for 200 Shingle To finis[h] my kitchen I at the pike Alfred with & boy[s] huskin[g] Corn

2nd Wind N & frozed Ice & great w[h]ite frost Jos halling boards &c for Adam from pike I about home till noon then at Charle[s] Smith Mac was gooing to Sell all his Stock but they made a Crompromis [compromise] and did not Sell I very Glad He Sober Industr[i]ous man

3 Wind S. & Cloudy morn but no rain I at pike boy Carry our Corn Got 10 dr from Huffman

4th wind S & Cloudy morn & rain soon in morn but very Little I not at Meeting Great many people at School house meeting

5 wind N W Cool Windy Clear day Boys & Obe pulling Corn

6th wind N fine Calm Clear morn Larg[e] whit[e] frost & Ice Boys husk all our [Corn] Last night & Carried it up & tharsh the nubbins Obe help half a day Got rain in Evening

7 Wind N & been a very wet night & wet morn & day heavy rain at times all day not fit for any Business I about home all day

November the 8 1827 Wind W by S Cloudy & alittle wet in morn but after fine day Boys tharshing oats

9th Wind N W a smart Shower from W about day after Cleard off high wind Ann off to market Jos to Mill 4 B Corn 5 B Oats I at pike Boys Cuting wood & halld 2 one horse Loads

10th Wind N W high windy John help Adam about his [omission] Jos in town for Oysters for Jim for his wife [at General Wayne] at pike

11th wind N over Cast Cold Ice plenty I not at Meeting walk to See Isaac Prices family He road [rode] out 3 of [them] Sick I at Tom’s He gone

12 wind N E & Cloudy morn but hold up Boys diging Potatoes Obe [&] I at the Buck & at the Sale of Nelly Stulls Lott by by [repeated] Anderson Executor to he[r Estate] Sold It for 315 drs

13 Wind [blank] & wet morn & till noon then N W & Cleard off I at home all day Boys or Jos at pike with the Cart to hall Little wood for Rach

14 wind N W & blue very hard the most high windy Storm I think I every [ever] remember held all day Clear sun Shine all day Obe & boys to falls a lady [illegible] at the [omission] treat them pint whisy wind fell at Sun Set

November 15th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cold morn Ice plenty Boys Cuting wood I at home all day

16 wind W prety fine day Boys & Obe Cuting wood I at pike two fips for Boys & self

17 Wind W Cloudy Ice plenty & a fine Pleasant day Obe & John Spliting wood Jos halling I at pike 1 fip & Stub Raches man for a [illegible] Cart

18th Wind W Cold morn Ice plenty & Cool day I took dose of oyl been Costtive not Stool for 3 day of Cour[s]e not [at] Meetin[g] at T Prices alittle while a Great Baptis Meet[ing] in the Schoolhouse I about home

19th Wind N W wind[y] Cold day Ice p[l]enty Jos plowing & Sowing Obes Rey [rye] I of[f] to pike & at Taylors & at Black P[h]illips to Get him to kill my Bull

20 wind N Cloudy Cold morn & Cold day hard frost Jos plowd & Sowd Henrys Lott I at Isaac Price’s twice to Borrow his Winless [windlass] to h[o]ist my Bull John Pottering feeding hogs &c

November 21st 1827 Wind W Still Prety Clear morn but hard frost & Cold day P[h]illip & Boys killd my Bull 1/2 G. Whisy 12 Cents

22 wind W Calm Cold morn & Cold day alittle Scud of Snow Boys pulld & top my turnups [turnips]

23 wind N W Cold Clear windy day hard frost Boys tharshing wheat I at Benny Prices & at home

24 wind W Cold Clear morn & windy day I off to Adams Grow [Adam Grow’s] Schoolmate about 74 years old to his funer[a]l to the dutch Church prety [good] no of People the Last of the Male family [of the males in the family] I home to dinner after at T Prices to See how poork [pork] Sold Got drink Cyder So home

25 Wind W Cloudy Cold morn & day at T. Prices to See If he [would go] to Rees Harrys wifes Burial to morrow then at meeting at School very Good Sermon by one Hall

26 Wind N Cold hard frost & Cold day I [at] T. Prices & about home Jos took a log to Whiteman for Cart Body

27 W. N & Cold Clear Morn Hard frost I at Isaac Price they all Better I at the Docters [Doctor’s] not home

28 wind N W Still Clear Cold morn boys Sawing wood C- Smith help us to kill 2 hogs weighd 136 lb [illegible]

November 29th 1827 Wind S E & very wet day all day Nothing to be done I home all day–

30th wind E very wet foggy morn & been very wet night the first rain for 2 weeks a Studdy [steady] hard frost all the time Ann & Alfred of[f] to mark[e]t has [had] 2 small pork[ers] about 130 lb Sold them for about 450 pr very wet till near Sun Set Wind N W & Cleard off Jos & John thrashen Rye

December 1st Wind N.W rather Cloudy but Calm no rain to day froze Ice plenty Meet the argricultr [Society] but few [there] Judg Peters their

2 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & fine day not at Meeting with Sibley to Look at Some trees & at pike Tobacco 4 Cents after at Isaac Price & T. Prices

3 Wind W Whit[e] frost & Plenty Ice Boys halld Smiths hogs or E Walters in a mistake for his & halld wood [to] turnpike for Rach wood [repeated] about noon the wind to S- & over Cast & rain I at pike & at C Smiths to Send Neds hogs home but had Started before I Got their

4 Wind S W Soft Cloudy morn & rain afternoon my hog killing day 7 very fine Obe & Charl[es] Smith help

5 wind N E Cloudy & wet morn & day not[hing] dun I home all day Boys Cut the hogs Ann Sold Some 150 for 150 per 450 per 175

December 6th 1827 wind S E wet foggy morn & wet day perhaps as foggy dark day as I remember I about home boys & Smith [take] E P Walter’s hog home Been at Smith Some time a bore [boar] when he went their

7 Wind S E very foggy wet morn & wet day not Seen the [sun] this 3 days Jos halld a Log to Whitemans Gum Log 13 feet Long I [to] the pike 1 pint 61/2 Cents Gin 61/2 Cents Jos halld white Logs for Shafts

8 Wind E by S Cloudy wet morn Jos off with Jim to town to Get a Stove for him a wet foggy dark day So wet nothin[g] dun I at home all day only at Castners Spent not

9 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn but wind more W Seen the Sun about 2 OC- this first time this 6 days I thinke [think] I at Meeting morn & T Prices after Tasted no Sperrits [to] day & hope I never [will] to Excess Cloudy Evening & I might say all only Seen the Sun amongst Clouds

10th. Wind N Sun Shind at Raising foggy & a rainney [day] afternoon at T- Price He killing hogs 8 fine Jos & John about sawing wood in the woods

11 Wind S & Cloudy Morn H. Henry killd 2 hogs one 299 lb & 253 about 16 months old

December 12 1827 Wind N W Clear Icey mor[n] & fine Clear Cold day I at pike Bought Stuff for a Coat [two lines overwritten & later rewritten: ” I at pike met with Ned Price & treated to a glass Bot Stuff for a Coat So home Jos & John at woods”]

13 Wind N W Cold Clear Icey morn Jos to move 6 Smiths [overwritten & illegible] Mother & Ann off for [illegible] I off to pike at Obe He not home Left word for him to Come to make a Sash for Rach

14 Wind W very Large white frost & Ice & remarkable fog Obe here & fited up a sash for Rach Boys Cuting wood I over with at pike qt W for Boys at Rach with Obe took 1/2 Jill Got over the bay the Boys Come for me

15 Wind S E & overCast & wet morn & wet now & then all day Boys boys [repeated] afternoon to Mend Hoffmans Ice dam wet did not much I about home all day

16 Wind N E overCast & wet Day I at the schoolhouse meeting Blockley Baptis a man in Grace I feel

17 Wind N E & wet morn & Day Boys halld one Load wood So wet Stopt I about [home] all day Reading Testament

18 Wind N E foggy wet morn & Cloudy dapm [damp] misting at times day two weeks wet Every day not I think the Sun nor Stars– that is not Seen them

December 19th 1827 Wind N & overCast but no rain Seen sun for about 5 nimutes Boys Cuting wood Straing Wether, I about house not well Body nor Mind Ann & one Castners Girls in town bad Roads

20 Wind N Seen the Sun at rising for 4 or 5 minutes then overCast, Ice this Morn, No Clear to day boys at Hoffmans Dam forenoon after Cut & put up 1/2 Cord hickory wood, I [at] meeting & after at pike & to Show the boys trees 2 yds muslin

21 Wind N W & blue up very high windy morn & Cloudy day Boys helping Charles Smith kill Hogs I their awhile after at the Taylors To get him make A Coat, then at Huffmans pint Ginn

22 wind N & Snowing Just Coverd Ground & wet Jos. halld 1/2 Cord to Cas[t]ner of Hickory wood I about home all day

23 Wind N W fine Cold Clear day & hard frost at Meeting forenoon after at home Ned Heston & wife & [nine] or ten young woman at tea I fell [felt] humble & Low

24. wind N and Little E Got to snow soon in morn fine Shower but Cover the Ground, Adam killd 4 hogs Castner kill 2 very fine Stil[l] no snow before noon W. N & Giveing hard frost

25 Wind N Cloudy Still Soft morn but no rain Christmas day no work all play I at home

26 wind N W Cloudy morn no rain Boys & Cart & 2 horses on the road for Sibley at I Prices he killd 6 fine hogs

27 Wind E. & over Cast hail alittle in morn Jos halling wood & Got rain before noon Smart hea[v]y rain I said [predicted] Snow

December 28th 1827 Wind rainney Got N W & blue of[f] fine & Clear before 10 OC- Boys tharshing Jim here I with to turn pike to Show him Some trees to Cut at E P Walters to here [hear] how Lid was Spent 13 Cents at Castners pd him 100 Cents for Whiskey Jim pd me 2 drs for rent I Got over bay

29 Wind N W Cloudy morn Cloudy all day but no rain meet the argiculter [Society] old Judg Peters their only 10 meet in his 84 year

30th Wind W fine morn & hard frost Sun Shind alittle while then Cloudy Cool day I at our Meeting Ann Gibson [Paschal] preach’d alittle very good She & her Son dined here afternoon at Schoolhouse Meeting Blockley man

31 Wind W Cloudy Still morn hard frost but rather Cleard off Steve here I treated him meet John Mathews & Lowrey at the Tavern treated to 1/2 Glass They [the] Bobeys [boobies] fireing away the Old Year Rownd about