Wind N W Whitefrost ple[a]sant day at Meeting in Morn & afternoon a man from Philadelphia Preachd in our School house I know not what Society he belongs [to] but I Beleive him to be a Christain [Christian] & Zealous man took tea with him at Yerkes’s, I feel humble & that I out [ought to] reform from my Evel ways

23rd Wind S W & a very remarkable fine day, Tom Miller here & dred[ged] the water out the well near 2 f deep & line one blast near 1 foot It Shatterd the wall So that Miller would not venter in again, over at pike got [illegible] per [illegible], Loyd Jone[s] after me that old Archey was dead a black man from the Hutson family brought up with Robt Holland from 8 or 9 years old been at T. Prices Several Years He was taken this day week in Evening with aplexeese [apoplexy] & dyed about 1 OC to day about my age 63 yrs. I home & went in well & at T.P– took measure of old Arch So home Evening Miller off–

12 Mo- 24th. 1816 wind S & amost remarkable heavy white frost & wonderfull fine day P. Lower here soon begun the Coffin for Old Arch & finished about 1 O’C took it down I we Interd him after 3 OC- I at T. Price’s took tea, then to Isaac Price’s they Cuting up hogs, very good fat 1 qt of whiskey 25 Cents–

25th wind S. foggy soft morning froze not any, & reamarable [remarkable] warm day Sun Shin’d most part at I.Hauses to Look at pumps 1 mug bear 121/2 for Lower & G. Gin home to dinner Chicken pye after at Meeting at School house one Nathan Tompkins a Methadist formily, but asort free Christain I think avery Zealous good man– George Bridson preach & prayd wounder how powerful He was Yerkes treated them & me to a dish of Coffee So I home He was to hold meeting at Church School house, had a Large Meeting [“Church School house” probably means schoolhouse at St.Paul’s Church.]

26th Wind S no frost warm day over at pike drew the pump up & S[e]archd plug every knot put it in no better 2 m. Bear & 6 Meals 1 pint wisy. Starn & Westi [Weist] their till 8 OC A Heston their

12 Mo. 27th 1816 wind S no frost with yerkes & I Price at Doct Anderson about the Road [Mill Creek Road] at G. Weist, He Raising the water out of his well by a rope home to dinner Felix Washer here to Look at doct.[‘s] well Evening at Store Sent a hide to Jos. Georges 61 lb very warm boys halling wood in their Shirt Sleaves warmer than many days in Augt.

28th Wind W. & froze the Ground prety Cool & windy till noon then S & much warmer– Jesse Lower & Self at pike Cut & hall a tree to mak[e] a bottom tree for the new pump we Cant finde the Leek in the other, Colbert hunted all day almost but no Luck, J. Jone[s] hunted but did not Succeed, promises to Come in the 31st & recommend us to wait– Total Expences 50 Cts besides 6 Meals So home Cloudy

29th Wind S W over Cast not froze any Pawlin Got 1 B. Potatoes not at meeting snow a Little wind West & Read [red] at Sun Set at Thompson all the afternoon

30th Wind N W & froze prety hard very Clear fine morn pleasant day for work Felix here at well I at the School Thompson & self drawing a mortgage from McDorman & Judgement to Job Evans Tompson dined here [5 words crossed out and illegible] Jos. Evans here I with him at Yerkes Esqr Young did not Come

12 Mo. 31st 1816 Wind S by Little W. Large white frost Felix here & blue 2 Blast in doct[‘s] well At Smith Got a long auger they made a bad out Black Jess here to dinner we of[f] to pike he hunt’d for Leak in pump but did not finde it 1 qt Whisy 25- Evening Like the Mo. of May the vulgar fireing good deal about to drive the old year of[f]