January 1 1798 Wind N.E & Raind prety hard in Night very foggy at Tunis & Mill Jacob Sawing Billy Thomas Brot John & Hannah Roberts & Samuel Jarvis Senr. hear to Dinner. had a turky & Rost pig Drank some Brandy Clearing to West

2nd Wind N W & very pleasant till about noon Cloudy & not Quite so pleasant pearson here to Dinner John Price & old AQuilla here at Streapers Spent 11d. at Buck, two Glasses 1s101/2 warning Sturges & Marks to Move off Down to Tunis J. Zell & Pearson along Spent 11d So home–

3 Wind N W & Still and not Could [cold] tho froze prety hard. Costiv took 3 Andersons pills Pearson here all night over at Hollands house made morter & pearson work Chimney fine day Morter not froze all Day home to Dinner Geting pin[e]wood at Moris’s & down to Zells & at Stadlemans very heavy & not well Spent 51/2 to bed soon

January 4th 1798 Wind N E & froze hard & overCast, pearson her[e] at Work at Chimney, Morris & I at Saml. Jarvis’s killing 3 hogs & a Cow help him got our Dinner & home we Came begun to snow hail & rain 1 Qt Wiskey for Mill wrights–

5th Wind N E & a fine Snow about 6 I or 7 I Deep If it had not Drifted broke off about [omission] not very Cold mending Cuting box, Tunis & Holland work at Cog Wheel Ant.[oney] Tunis killd a Calf. J. Robeson here & Settled ant Bettys & our one Acct. I fell 7L 19s91/2d in debt had not Cash to pay him, I Rather Indisposd Read the 1st Vol. of american Revolut[i]on through to Day Gardner & wife (Hollands Suninlaw) up from town in Slay, not very Good I think–

6th Wind W. & prety fine over to Mill set Jacob to saw up at B T. mug abear 11d. home to Dinner Morris here. with to Tunis’s old place Sherrif Sold it to Pratt 1740L he had Sold it to Nicelson for 3000L about 2 Years agoo, at Morris D[r]ank some Sider so home

7th- Wind N.W & thaw in Midday Cloudy in Evening Got Slay down Morris & Wife & Polly & I up to McClenechans in slay Cal[l]d at Jarvis Evening as we Came home,

8th January 98 Wind E & over Cast Samuel Gibson & wife at Mothers I their Makeing asettlement of fathers Est. begun to snow & hail about noon smart rain in Evening wrote abond for Jonathan Walter to sign for Lydia[�s] Money—

9th Wind N W & very fine Morn & Sloppy walking at Mill whe Jacob sawing Robert & I up to B.T. mug bear 11d. home to Dinner, about the house & at John’s all afternoon Rather Colder Jacob Balor & Robert Roberts here Geting an Article of agreement wrote Robert sold Balor his Lot of 23 Acres on turn pike for 750L old Massy here all night

10th Wind N W & froz[e] very hard Last Night & a prety Cold day at the Mill Whet the saw & at David Roberts he Gone to look Mason to build his barn home to Dinner after Jarvis’s & Sheets’s She Settled with me paid me aballance of 17L that her husband owd me 11/2 Gallon Brandy 52s6 up to Curwens to Look at his old Cart he has for Sale, Drank tea their so home after night

11th Wind N W & very Cold, Colder than yesterday at Brot John helping to kill 3 hogs home to Dinner a shote of mine Got in hog tub & Drowned would weigh perhaps 70 lb Bleed & Scalded him prety good poork [pork]

12 Wind S W. & Rawd [raw] Cold Day, set off to Edw Gills to Look at some whiteoak trees, at William Johnson he paid me 9 Dollars for his Grand Mothers Coffin, at Lutsenberg & Lees, at Jame[s] Sturges’s so home Esqr Young here all night Qt. whisk[ey] 1s101/2

January 13th.1797 [1798] Wind S W & avery fine day thawd a good deal Set off to town, Got 5 Dollars of Widow Johnson for a Coffin for her Child been standing Ever Since 93, Bout a Rule & two files 7s6 tea & Coffee 6s8, Went to See the american darff [dwarf] abou[t] 7 years old 2/2 I. high wt. 12 lb he is a little Creater Indeed but very smart & active Can talk but look very thin small face’d Large nose, 1s101/2 admitance, ferry & pike 7d. Dinner & horse & boy 7s6 at Eliots– home & at Streapers pearson & De havan their treated me to Some bear– pd pearson 15s a ballance due

14th Wind S W. & very fine day warm at home all the forenoon after at Jonatn. Robeson paid him 7L 19s91/2d due to ant Betty’s Est. Viz at Tom Robesons & at McClenechans his wife Swallowed a partrage bone Stuck in her throat & was very much alarmd Sent for Doct. Physick but it had Movd Dow[n] apeice so he Did not opperate Drank tea their introduce’d to old Blair [McClenechan], he in Congress violent Democrat & they Say ashallow old man LewellinYoung their they put up mighty well Both of astamp home

15th Wind S E & avery thawing day Snow most Gone by night over at Saw mill whet the saw, Jacob sawing at B Tunis home to Dinner, back aprety Great Leak in Dam Got Straw at David Roberts to Stop it, at B T & Walters Raind Dark walk home Samuel Gibson my Oxen to hall [illegible] Stuff for his barn

16 Wind W & very fine Warm Morning over at the Dam by Daylight been a very Great rain in Night Run over the Dam for a Great Length but Did not tare it much. Horatio Sawing Jacob mending the Dam Pearson Building Chimney at Uncles house, David Roberts & I at Alley Roberts to Look at his Barn home Evening D R Drank tea with Me Schuylkill broke up this morning after Slays Crossd

January 17th 1798 Wind about W & prety fine day at Tunis & Mill Morn afternoon meet Esqr Young at Streapers over to pike & back to Streapers pint Bear 5d. so home to tea Young along

18 Wind N W & froze alittle Pearson Building Chimney I at J. Walters paid him 65L 15s Lydia Money Eat Dinner their afternoon helping to Carry Stone for Pearson at the Jimney [chimney] not well Sick at Stomach, Got a bad Griping & had a bad night up & Down all night amost home Evening–

19th Wind about W & froze hard Pearson here I over with him finishd the Chimney top I at Walters Joe very Sick Doct. Vanleer their Jacob went for him, Eat Dinner with Pearson at Tunis Some Horatio fetch’d Stay’d their till night Spent not, home Evening Sup on mush & Melasses

20th Wind about S.E had snowd near 1/2 Inch Deep in night over Cast all Day & thawd all the snow almost by night, David Roberts begun to hall Logs for a barn he Intends to build, I whet the Saw & put alog on for boards for Walter home to Dinner Spent 111/4 d with David Zell at Streapers Polly treated me to Glass Sider, I up to John Witemans to see what Curwens Cart was worth he say 20 Dollars, home to tea Cleard of[f] Evening

21st Wind W. & froze Prety hard Last Night after breakfast at Mothers she not Well, at Walters he not well, at Tunis’s to Get him to help me make a Coffin for Titus Roberts Child beween 2 & 3 years old he not at home Joined it after Dinner myself & most made Nehemiah Evans Widow here to see us Sent her Most home back & Read awhile & so to bed

January 22nd. 1798 wind S most East over Cast & Prety Cold froze hard Last Night Tunis here about Daylight to work & finish’d the Coffin & took it down & Interd it before Dinner at Merion Yard, hail & Rain before 9 OC– Prety Smart Rain afternoon over to pike Pearson at Work with morter froze none this afternoon Mended a hole in Dam Evening Pearson here to Sup– Spent 2s7 to get Holland to help to Stop the Dam

23 Wind N.W. & had Snowd about 11/2 Inch Deep blue up & froze prety [omission] Got up the oxen & Walters Cart & halld 5 or 6 Loads to Mend the dam Leak under the frost Broke in Dam & got very wet home to Dinner Abe Jone[s] here to Get a Coffin for old Townsan perhaps near 80 years old Tunis & Joe Holland help most finished this Evening–

24th Wind N W & very Cold froze very hard Schuylkill all over at the ferry being the 3 time finished the Coffin & meet at 12 OC. at Indian Cryck hill on haverford Road, & Buried him at Church, at B Tunis Hugh Knox & R Humphreys along Drank 3 or 4 Mugs Bear So home Cold Day. Jacob Sawing

25th Wind S W & over cast & haild & snowd alittle in afternoon D & R Roberts & self to town Calld on Peters for money Got none Dinner &c 7s2 ferry & pike 7d home after night

January 26th. 1798 Wind, S E not any snow of Conciquence frose prety hard in night rather Giving all Day but very little Rain B Tunis Makeing ox tong for Cart Bout. for [from] Curwin at 20 D, Rash [Horatio] & I sawing till [omission] then Jacob he at Do. Vanleers in Morn for one of Bens Chlr.[children] Evening D Zell & J. Zell, L Jones D Roberts & 3 or 4 More of us at B.T. had Oister & fish Supper 9s4 apeice, home about 10 OC– Rain then but Soon to Snow & hail–

27th Wind N E & Snowing & hailing all Day not above 6 or 7 I Deep but a Dread full hail storm Evening, meet the Society at Stadlemans 6 of us meet, home Jones their in his Slay, it Beat in my face & was very Ruff, made a Coffin in fore noon for Asra Smiths Son; the Coffin 5/10 Long–

28th Wind N W & prety Cold but Cleard off the Snow & hail about 9 I Deep, Geard up the Slay & Joe Holland & I set off with the Coffin to meet at 9 OC– arivd their very Clever before the time in a little house near Morris Lewellins prety many people their 4 Slay buryed at Merion yd. afternoon at Jacob Morris– McClenechan & wife in Slay here Esqr Young & several others here–

January 29 Wind N W & very fine day at the Mill Whet the Saw & put on alog home to Dinner Meet McClenechan in his Slay back with to Tunis Spent 1s101/2 then Down the pike to Heston & up to Stadlemans Drank 3 Bottles Muld Wine up to Streapers & had one B. I pd 1s101/2 so home

30th wind W, & avery fineday Polly & the Child & I up in Slay to Cochrons, took the old Woman & set off to John Linsays, he Married Jane Cochron. Dined their & back to Cochrons Drank tea & so home, they Gave me a Jacket & pair silk Stockings that was Richard[‘s]

31st Wind NW & froze hard Set off to Market in Slay Polly & Self I Bot. watch key 111/4d horses &c 3s41/2 fer[r]y 11d pike 11d a pair Cast Gudgeons 25s– so home about 3 OC– Jacob Drund [drunk] & tore 14 or 15 Cogs out of the Mill

February 1st Wind S W & Butifull day the Snow melted in the Road prety much, work in Shop till noon, then over to Widow Ellis Vandue of the Plantation 74 Acres Sold for 900L her son Jonathan Ellis Bought it Father and the widow was Left Executors fathe[r] never Acted, Thomas Ellis has been Dead 17 or 18 yrs. & will never was provd till this winter–, I seen a nu[m]ber of Robbins this day

February 2nd.. 1798 Wind S W. & very fineday thawd much over at mill, Jacob & Sibley Cuting white Oakes Tunis & Holland puting Cogs in mill Jacob Broke 14 of them one or 2 give way & he keep Driveing on till he had Like to Strip them all afternoon at Mill & at Tunis Geting Rounds– 8 of them he tore– bad walk home

3rd Wind S W. & very fine day froze hard Last night up soon over to Tunis’s for hickory for Rounds Holland Dressing them out, afternoon at Tunis Dispute between Lob & Longgern he says Lobbe Charge him too much for Mill Wright of his Paper Mill Spent 51/2 John Roberts home with me Evening—

4th. Wind S W fine Lent J Robeson my Mare to goo to Schuylkill below the falls. afternoon at Tunis Paid 4 D I Borrowd & 21/2 Tavern scoor [score] Titus Roberts after Me to make a Coffin for old Jacob Slone back with him to Streapers Spent 2s9– in Grog to be Shure Titus Drink nothing Els[e] he got Prety highty & plaged old Ebenezer Massy about his spelling he Staid all night with Us.–

5th. Wind N W tho was all night S W & thaw till after I got up Come up a Shower of Snow from N W & Goot [got] Prety Cold froze all Day in Shade meet at School house

February 5th. 1798

to Examin the proceeding of the School finish the Coffin for Old Sloon & Tunis & Holland took it Down had Gone before I Come from School house — paid old Tom 9 Dollar father Left him

6th. Wind N W in Morn & prety Cold I took the herse Down & Buried the old man at our Little yd. wind got S W & thawd agood Deal noon & after B Tunis & wife & I & wife in Slay to Loyd Jones bad Gooing to be Shure I walk half way their & Back nearly. Got home about 8 OC paid John Roberts 10s4 Intrest & 31s work

7th Wind N E over Cast but soon Gott to North & very Cold at Mill put on alarge poplar log for poles for him at prince Wales at David Roberts’s Horatio at Mill Cryd with the Cold tho had fire Sawd 2 Cuts & home to Dinner & then up with David Zell to Witness articles between him & Bill Collflesh for his Lott of 31 Acres that David Gave 600L to pay 400L first of April & 200 In one year with Intrest Colflesh Gave 6 or 7 years agoo Gave [repeated] 180L & then Built a little Stone barne perhaps 20 by 30 Great price Indeed, back at Tunis 2 Glasses 1s101/2 D pd for them Lent D 2 Dollars as yearnest [earnest] Money home Able Thomas here to Settle he had 5 yrs Road tax agains[t] Fathers Est &

February 7th 98

against me & I had 5 or 6 Coffins against him he fell 18s4d in Debt paid me John horne Calld to Get a Coffin for his Brot. Fredrick not 21 yrs.old been to town Got Intoxicated Last night & walk over the warf perhaps 8 or 10 feet high about 4 feet water Supose to fell on his head Strong ice Broke it Bote Men heard him & Got him out in 4 or 5 Minutes tryd much to bring him too, but to no Effect Supposed the fall killd him agreed to make it they had him here in Cart very Remarkable Cold night a very Stout fellow

8th Wind N & very Cold & Clear over to Tunis before Sun Rise he to help at Coffin by mill caryed a board for bottom, bad boards work hard did not Get it Done till near one Oc & was to meet at one off arivd & put him in made a Little Stay & Interd him at Church Coffin 191/2 I over & 6/11/2 Bottom he filld it much

9th February 1798 Wind N & very hard night of frost over at D Roberts With Oxen for Tunis to Goo for hay at Stadlemans D[‘]s wagon mill so froze that I Declined Set it to goo, so home & mended the old Cuting box & turnd upper box for pump the old Quite Give out, Cold day no thaw to Speak off [of]

10th. Wind West, & Clear and not so Cold thawd finished the pump & over to David Roberts he 5 pair of Bulloxs pulling 2 Large poplar Logs afternoon whent [went] for a White oak Log Got of Gill, with all 5 yoke of oxen, had Great work to Get it on Lay in very Bad place aCross Humphrey’s Crick below the Mill Got it on after sunt [sun] set & Started & went about 100 yd Cut in to hook held a Council & agreed to leave it & home about 9 OC-, treated them to 1/2 Gallon of Bear & mist Geting the log

11th Wind part S E & N E at Meeting Christopher & wife here, a little Snow wind in Even got to West & Cleard off in night, at home all Day

12 Wind S W & prety fine tho Cold in morn thawd agood deal in day about noon froze before night again took 2 horses & oxen, & goot [got] 3 pair at D Roberts & one pair at Walters & set of[f] for the Log Cut it in two & halld 1/2 up the hill at a time then put both on & Come home brave Tunis & R. Roberts along treated with 1s101/2 w[h]en got to Gate at mill Got in Rut

Tunis twisted and Broke the toung off not pleased at him halld asmall Load of hay from Johns that I had mowd on Shears [shares]— at home

13th Wind N E Remarkable Ca[l]me & Snowing had snowd about 1/2 Inch keep Scuding alittle all day, very fine Sometimes most Rain so fine, Wagon along to Mill loaded with Slabs Sent Horatio home with them I Cuting Ice of[f] Wheel almost as much froze on it as any time this Winter tho well Stopt off drew the Water on it & it wore it away much up to Tunis for Papers so home to Dinner, D & R Roberts & B Tunis here in Slay I with them to Look at Stadlemans barn David gooing Build one Spent 1s101/2 & 51/2 I owd him before & paid B Tunis 1s101/2 I owd him Back Jos. George & the other 3 Drank tea with me– I Read after Humes History of England, So to bed

14th Wind N.E & Snowing most Violent fleeks as big as a Cent, had snowd about 7 or 8 I in Night it Snowd all day morning fast as above middle of day not so hard after Prety much Evening alittle Read to West & wind Shifted, Draffting & makeing abill for David Roberts barn Tunis helping after Dinner at Morris’s he Sent for me he very poorly, he Getts very Deprest in Spirrits when Indisposed Spent the afternoon their & Rousd him up much Drank Coffee their & so home R. Roberts heir [here] & his Tennent from Goshan in Slay finish Davids Draft & Read some & so & so. 8 OC- night wind prety hig[h] & Look to be prety Cold John’s wife & man town in my Slay– no fare Play I might say, John Supplee Jur. Buried his Child Still bornd one Ewe 2 Lambs

15 February 98 Wind N W Tunis here my horses & Slay I to town with them Put up at Davis Dinner 2s6 fish 2s9 pike gate 11d Black horse 2s9 they paid all other Expences Jacob Zell along in our Slay home about Dusk, Tunis took the horses & Slay to take his Wife, understood he went aSlaying after my horses, Remember never to Lend horses & Slay again, If Slay no horse thawd a good Deal [in margin:”Snow about 10 I Deep”]

16th. Wind W & prety fine day Got up the Oxen & halld aload of wood & one Load for Tunis he helpd me & one Load of hay, John Free & wife Peter May & wife G. McClenechan & wife & David Roberts here to tea — thawd, prety much in Sun

17th Wind N & very Cold, froze hard took the Oxen over to D Roberts Borrow his Sled & apair Oxen & up to poplar town for hickory log for Cogs Tunis along home by 11 OC- after geard up Slay & took Neighbour Morris & wife to McClenechans & I and Morris Rode up to Cochrons, back to Macks & Drank tea, & then home old Morris Poorly–

18th.Wind N & been a Cold night. & very Cold to Day Geard up Slay Polly & Sister Rebecca self & Horatio went to Gibsons, Got their before Dinner Drank tea their & Come home by Tunis mug bear 11d So home about Dark– no money Quit Run out

February 19th 1797 [1798, new page] Wind N E & over Cast & very Cold, Wilm. Townsend paid me 71/2 Dollars for his Fathers Coffin Gave Tunis 13/4 for helping; Repairing old Cart Gott of Curwen Tunis helping Evening at Morris’s Drank tea their Chated till 8. OC– home & mended 3 Blind halters bed about 11 OC. begun to hail about 9 OClock at night haild & snowd about 2 I

20th Wind East & Raining & froze to trees very Slippey & Icey, at John to get hames meet Pearson & went with him to pike & Measurd the Stable in order to Settle with John Conrad for Quarying Stone home to Dinner, about home all the afternoon [W]Right Rim[m]ing Morris Light W.[agon] Wheels

21st Wind S W Sun Shun alittle & warm overCast greatest [part] of Day but not Cold Geard up the 3 hor[s]es in Wagon & halld aload of wood & one Load hay from Johns Evening took the wagon to Ben Tunis & Loaded 1/2 hickory for town Spent 11d. so home very Sloppy walking– David Zell their

22 Wind E morning & snowing very fast Got to west & Cleard off, very fine the Snow Run away very much Tunis Joe Holland & Self mending aleak in Dam after hall a load of wood for Tun[i]s bear 11d So home, made aflud Run over the dam not been over this Long time; It snowd so that Tunis did not goo to town with my wood as above hinted

February 23rd 1798 Wind S W & fine pleasant day as to frost but Sloppy & Cloudy in part after breakfast to the Dam, & found avery Great Leak, Near the Middle Trunk, R. Roberts Come their, he went home & fetch his Oxen & Horatio fetch my Oxen & Cart Adam Gott, Robert & Self hall’d about 10 or 12 loads & Stopt it very well to appearance, but frost is about 18 Inches deep, & the Water brake’s through under a greater Quantity of Ice on the Wheel than has been this Winter at one time drew the water & it wore away finely work at the Dam till near night, Robert Roberts here Evening Settled & paid me for sawing 68s & 8s9 for Goat & I settled for boards I Bout. of him so we are Clear of Each other old John Evans, & I agreat Spar, he is a venimous Creature I would not board him any Longer, he propegateing melisous wicked Lies on me, & now their is not any thing too Spitefull for.

24th. Wind S.W. & agiving morn, over to Mill by sun rise Cuting Ice Got the Wheel Clear & Started, then home to breakfast, Got whet [wet] & agreat sweit [sweat], back, & sawd on till 3 OC– then Left Horatio to Saw, I home Dinner & meet the Society, & pd 5s fines & Q[u]artily payment when home Horatio told me the Dam sprung aleak in the middle same place

February 24th 1798 took horse Rode their Robert Roberts their Drew the Gate this Side, went with to Davids Barn Goot [got] 2 Batts put in Leak, all that Could be Done this night about 8 Oc- home Got supper. heard the fate of Election for Senetor R B Morgan Got it from Israel Israel, a Jwee [Jew], he had been Elected at the General Election, but had use[d] such on fare [unfair] Means that it was made null & void,(it is a destracted time with us in a Merica, outing to war with france & England, prety nearly Divided, in our Councel & out Door for Each, the Jacobins, or Demecrats as they Call themselves, are mad for us Breaking all treaty with the British & Joini[ng] frenc[h], & they treating us with Every insolence takeing our Vessels &c &c, & We Arristrocrats as the Deme Call us are for supporting our treaty of Commerce & Amety with all & being Nuture [neutral],parties very high Members of Congress differ in house So as to Cane & fight. one Lyons from Vermont, a Vulger Irishman Spit in the face of one Greswould [Griswold] Connecticut he not Expelld tho behaved so Ill, Greswould Caned him sevearly 3 or 4 days after & then it was Dropt- [in margin:”I have not sawd Sins the 7th Jacob Scalded his back sd. I had to hall wood &c &c, & mill so froze I Coud not keep it gooing”]

February 25th 1798 wind Right E & Snowd alittle in night & got at it about sun rise & snowd very fast till about 9 OC- thawd tho Raw & unpleasant up Rather before day & down to See my Dam the Leak not much Worse than Last night Joe Holland along he up for Tunis & I back to Brt. John’s Got my Oxen & Cart, Black Jim & Adam Got[t] help hald Cut away the frost & Layd the hole farely open & halled, 10 or 12 Loads I dare say, & made it very tite to all appearance So home Got breakfast about 10 [O]C– it being first day but their seemd to be a necessity for Stoping it to Day for fear it might be very bad by tomorrow– Quart of whiskey 1s101/2

26th. Wind N W. had been a shower of Snow Cleard off & thawd a good Deal, (Schuylkill Broke up the Ice) I up about [blot] OC- & sawd 9 Cuts in a 13 f Log & 18 I Deep by Candle Light 12 by Breakfast Then home & at Morris & Streapers McClenechan treated to a Glass wine & water over to Mill & put on alog for boards, for self, up to Tunis Bear 11d Back Sawd one Cut & so home–

27 Wind N W & hard frost Last night up soon & at the Mill Sawing before Sunrise Jacob come I home to Breakfast & up to John Conrad Settled with him for Quarrying Stone home & at Mill Pile’d about 500 feet Boards of my own

February 27th 98

up to Tunis for my papers pint of bear 51/2d Tunis sold my he Goat to a Lancaster man for 18s9- I Gave him 7s6 of it for he has keep him for above a year–

28th. Wind N W & froze hard Last night & Raw air all Day froze in shade all Day at the Mill Sawd one Cut by Candle Light, home to Breakfast & Jacob sawed at Morris & at Hoffman Back to Dinner Jarvis here a While after at Mill sawing & Jacob to Dinner, at B Tunis Loyd Jone[s] & David Roberts along Glass Brandy 11d so home & Wrote the minutes of two Society meetings in the Book, & past 11 OC amost paid Adam Goot [Gott] 7s6 for Cuting wood 2 days

March 1st 98 Wind S.E & over Cast & Giving or thawing Some tho not a great [deal], over to Mill Soon without breakfast abite in my Pockets, Sawd 2 Logs for Door Cases for D. Roberts, at B Tunis for paper bear 51/2 home to Dinner back & at D Roberts he his wife & Robert Roberts Executed Deed to Jacob Baler for 233/4 Arcers [acres] on pike he pd 350L. & Mortgages & Jud[gm]ent for the payment for of 400L payable in 4 years with Intrest, back to Mill & home, begun to Snow about 12 OC- & snow very fast afternoon getherd about 1 Inch deep, tho soft under, paid Jacob Baler 15s for making a Rope– So home wrote & up till Eleven OC-

March 2nd 1798 Wind South & foggy & misting not much over to Mill Whet the saw, & put on alog. up to Tunis Got my paper of news, home William Stadleman their to See the Poor Book Wrote him two Notices for Able Thomas & Jarvis that he intends to return them as overseers of poor at Morris’s ingaged a ton of Clover Layd at [out] 20 Dollars home to Dinner after at Mill Sawing & at Tunis Spent 111/4d [three words illegible] meet David Roberts & wife & R Roberts Comeing to Streapers Jones, Judg[e] their to Acknowledge the Deed & Mortgage I home about sunset wrote this & aMis wind in Evening got to N West & blue up Prety Cold

3rd Wind N W & Cold froze very hard Last Night up soon & Killd a young sow, She got hurt a day or two after we put our other hogs up in fall Slungh her pigs & her foot hurt & Froze I beleive till it fell off, a little below her ham, been feeding her Ever sines [since] very Prety Poork [pork] but not fatt after Mill put on alog for Lath for John, Dradg [dragd] 3 Small Logs to Mill for self home to Dinner, after Cut 2 Logs for self & at pike Pearson their Wal[l]ing at Robert Hollands house Spent 51/2 for Pearson pint Bear so Rode With Pearson to Streapers pint bear 51/2 So home Paid yesterday 3 Dols & 34 Cents Poor tax Adam Gott 30s- for work wind south Evening

March the 4th. 1798 Wind Wind [repeated] W & hard frost Last Night at home all Day, Evening at Morris’s. first day Reading all day amost John Wilson here & George Simpson Cash[i]er of Bank W[ind] W still & pleasant, very Sloppy Rideing thawd in day

5th Wind about W & Clear tho froze hard in Night of[f] afterbreakfast Dam broke much in the tumbling place, Jacob & John Holland at work at it all day I till noon Horatio Sawing meet at School house David Roberts put 21 peices of meet in Smoke house after at Tunis so home

6th Wind S.W & hard froze in Morn thawd agood pace in day at Mill pretty Soon took abite of Breakfast with me, Sawd till Rasho Came up to Tunis he my old horses Gooing to town, to provide for a fox hunt that to be their 8 of this Month, back to Mill Layd out ahouse I Gooing to build at the Mill for self at Tunis Evening Morris, Lewis & Several their mugabear 11d so home by the Mill & Dam

7th. Wind S.W. hard frost at the [mill] after break[fast] Sawing & halling Stone for my sawmill house, with Pearson to old Mother Leaches Oring [Orange] tree [a tavern] he rented house & Lot for 12L If he Stayd but 6 Months to pay 8L home by Dinner Sawing all Afternoon Self Rash at Mill Jacob halling stone–

the snow went more than any day

March the 8th 98 Wind S W froze but Little Last night at Mill very Soon sawd 2 Cuts Whet the saw & put Log on home to Breakfast, & Got up the mare at Tunis foxhunt, Ketch him by Wards his Kerdogs Caut him they say, I throwed out went too high Crows Loyd Jones Levering at Tunis, then up to Bonds then back & they had Come in with the fox Dinner & Club 5s71/2 So home- about Dusk Jinn & wine 2s51/2 and 3s9 gave the boy for fox–

9th Wind N.E. Raw & overCast did not thaw much today at Mill Soon back to breakdast, at Morris he sent me aton of Clover hay I Sawing till noon afternnon their too & at Bens Jill Wine 51/2d Held Widow Slowns Vandue I not at it–

10th Wind S. froze avery little Last Night Breakfasted soon & at the mill Whet the Saw & put on alarge whiteoak Log, for one Horton for 3 by 4, Adam Goot Black Arch Streapers Ned John’s Jim Walters William & Jacob all Diging a Seller for me at saw Mill, 23 by 13 feet afternoon, Virjenna [Virginia] Will, & Solomon Humphreys helping & B Tunis helpt about 2 or 3 hours nearly finished it Jacob sawd after noon & I dug 2 Quarts of Whiskey 3s9, I shall [have] to pay Goot & all Rest Gratis a very Remarkable Warm Day work all off but Shirts Vz [viz] Coat & Jacket off warm Sutherly win[d] and hasy [hazey] Evening wind Got near East by N & by dark much Colder & not unlike for Snow Sudden Chaing

March 11th 1798 Wind S & warm again & overCast with fog or mist at Meeting, home to Dinner at Morris he in town yesterday & not come home, thunder to West and Came on avery hard Shower made a Great fresh the Gate on the East Sd half drawn this morning & Dam Quite Low, Went down drawd the Gate Quite out & Raisd the Gate in Race, but never the less it run over for a prety Great Length, their till night thunder to South, & west again & Smart Shower Good deal of Lightening by 8 OClock Evening Star Light & Frogs Crying very fine

12th Wind N W & very high & Cold freezing hard till 9 OC. at Dam very soon no Damage to speak about back to breakfast & over to pike at J Walters back to Mill pild boards, at Quarry with Goot, home to Din[ner] then at David Roberts, Mending ox tongue of Carriage hall 2 Logs for Uncles house & Cut one for self & halld it With Uncle to Look or Mark more Logs. at pike Spent not, Tite Roberts their in high Glee home very fine afternoon Moderated much, Driveing saw all day Smart, Red to Sunset, Star Light

13th Wind S.W. & Snowing frozed So as to bear me on the Ground where it was not too wet, Snow Coverd the Grown[d], Broke off before noon Sun Shind pleasant, but soon Black Clouds & not so pleasant, Read to Sun Set & like for fine day, whet the saw & put on log Joe Walter framimg Joysts for saw Mill house home to Dinner & back to mill Rees Price’s sent for me to See one Guider paid him 603 Dlrs. for amill at Howels in Valley. back to Dam Raisd the Gate on this sd. so home, old Will makeing more Shingles for Hollands house

March 14th. 1798– Wind N W & froze prety Much Last Night at Morris’s in morn to see how he was back to breakfast over at Mill Jacob halling Stone for Seller put on a Log Pearson & Boy filling between logs & plastering inside R Hollands house mug bear 11d so home

15th. Wind S. & over Cast & warm I at Seller diging foundation Mason begun Whet the Mill saw & hall Load boards to R. Hollands house pint bear 51/2d jill of Whiskey to Jacob 51/2 home to Dinner Raind prety fast from about 11 till about 2 OC. wind & blue up Cold, at Able Thomas’s & Lewis Thomas, Looking for Solomon Humphrey to Dig a grave for Caty Rortee, She Live’d 40 years with Edward Williams honest Woman in fame very old; Spining at 11 OC & died before night Cou[l]d not make the Coffin had no Stuff– horatio Sawing afternoon

16th-Wind N.W & prety hig[h] & Cold, halling Log in Morn for Robert Holland & halling stone till most noon then to Jonathan Ellis Vandue, a Great number of people, Bout. not, home about Dusk, Spent not Got 8 Dollars for old Sloans Coffin

17th. Wind. S W. & over Cast Pearson boy here at work & Pearson here himself all night Jacob halling hay for him Rather Cleard off. Cloudy Evening & Lite rain, Cut a small Log by the Mill & halld it R Roberts oxen Joe Walter framing Rafters I tending Mason Wheting Saw &c &c till noon then Township meeting Elected Constables & supervisors of highway Gave Old Will 2s6 for moveing saw Dust

March 18th 98 Wind N E & Snowing till [omission] over Cast all Day at Mill very Soon & at D Roberts home to Breakfast & at Meeting. afternoon at Sam Jarvis’s his father taken very ill, Stayd till after night very bad walk of it, at Streapers She Gave me Drink of sider

19th. Wind E very foggy Drisley day no hard rain halld alog for Holland one for Self, Sawing Weeds Line of Stage broke up So Mist my Papers– paid George Jerret 9s2 for Dying yarn Borrowd 1s8 of Molly Streaper to Doo it–

20th. Wind N. & Cleard off, but Cloudy about noon & several Little Showers, but wind N W again & Clea[r]d about Sun Set, Wheting saw put on Log for R Hollands boards halld Stones tending Mason Pearson & boy walling seller at D Roberts Evening & home Qt Whis[key] 1s101/2 mug Sider 111/4d–

21sr Wind E N E & begun to rain by 8 OC. & keep at it till 4 OClock very wet day but not a great fresh Masons work about one hour in Evening. I at mill sawing all Day, Qt Whiskey 1s8. was to rais[e] my house but so bad did not, avery Stormney [stormy] Night wind N W Pearson & I at Streapers mug sider 111/4— good deal of thunder

22. Wind N W. black flying Clouds high & Cold, Raising my house at Mill, Raisd all the logs and Rafters 3 Qt of Whiskey & one of Rum, [W]Right Let fall a half Gallon bottle not more than Jill out Broke the Bottle & Spilt all the whiskey at Tunis Evening pint bear 51/2 so home

March 23rd 1798 Wind N W & the Ground froze very hard white frost, Pleasant day, at Mill soon, Joe Walter & Tunis till noon Robert afternoon boarding Gable Ends & Lathing house With Lewelling Young at Tunis he Treated me to Some brandy no stay Evening at David Roberts he Lent me 800 Shingles

24th Wind N E. Cold & unpleasant Start Rain about Daylight Bout. 19 lb Nails of Smith at Hof Streapers, 22s2- over to Mill. put [on] Log & whet the saw, Joe Walter & I up to Tunis Spent not, violent Rain & wind S E Great fresh Closed propt the wheel & Drew all the Gates Run over Dam very Strong, Wind Shift about 1 OC– Cleard off. I then home (Eat Dinner at D. Roberts) very wet Change my Cloth[e]s & Meet the Society at Stadlemans back & at the Dam Shut the gates down been a horse race at Tunis between Bill Smith a taylor, & Martin Vice Run 600 yards for 20 Dollars Smith whun [won] the Purse. they say Got a 100 D [illegible] of Christopher for 30s–

25th. Wind S.W. alittle Shower, in Morn, Cleard again all before 8 OC Morn. Down to Dam & Mill, all well; at D Roberts & home to breakfast, then at Meeting Shower from West when Meet[ing] Broke, & another Evening at Jarvis J. Walters Tunis pint bear 51/2 & at Pearson at the Oring[Orange] tree, to tell him not to Come to Morrow So home about Dark–

March 26th 1798 Wind N W & Cool morn up very Soon & over to David Roberts he Lent me 800 Shingles to Cover my house, he is very kind & Cleaver gave me Stone to Wall the seller & Chimny good Neighbour, Indeed; at Walters got breakfast their, at Tunis Their was Askew from Virgin[i]a a Distant Relation, tho a great Roge [rogue] they Say Spent 2 Glasses Jin toddy to him, John Roberts & I was to Goo to Norris town with one Watkin hered [heard] the River was so high that we Declind Gooing Down to Mill Cut & hall alog by mill Tunis Shingleing till [noon] 1/2 Day here, R Roberts Joe. Walter- Joe Holland, Shingleing & Cuting windows Come Late or they where [were] their all Day- Got done Shingling by noon almost, Jacob very Drunk Halling Sand Shot up one Load on the Dam & thought he was at house, for he sd he took it their

27th Wind N W. & Cool fine day at Mill Laying floor tending Mason, at D Roberts Laying out & Squaring his barn 80 feet by 40 feet Christopher & family Movd here on Us I Rented to him for 5 years, at Tunis Evening with Pearson– Spent not home to Supper

28 Wind N W fine day over at Mill Cut Down atree & hall 12 Logs for Lath for Self home to Dinner, after went up to Humphreys old place for Walnut Log for ashaft Tunis & Joe Holland along, Joe & Tunis about 2 hours at work at house—

March 29th 1798 Wind N.E. & Rain. soon in Morn over at Mill very soon putt on Log for Lath back to Breakfast, Borrowd Streapers horse & whent [went] to B Bevans, he paid me 40 Dolrs. for Rent & 3L 2s- in work total 18L 2.- Home & at Mill sawing & tending Masons Pearson their, at Streapers mug sider 111/4 . so home to tea then Down to Rees Price his Mother Dead, took Measure for a Coffin & home after 10 OC-

30th Wind S W a fine warm Day, at John Prices David Roberts, To Borrow his Wagon, at Tunis to Get him to Make the Coffin he & Holland made it at Walters for my Mare, & all that Before Breakfast, at Rees Layd out the grave, over to Mill Loaded 1718 feet Lath & Jacob of[f] to town, I Calld at John Roberts to Get Solemon to Dig Grave arivd at town about 1 OC. Sold my Lath for 5s6 per H.[hundred] Bout 389 feet board, at 15s per. Bought 1 lb tea 9s41/2. at Eliots Dinner wine & horse 7s- 1 lb Tobacco 2s3. ferry 2s11 pike 2s6. Lower Gate 2s9 at 2nd Gate 41/2d pint Sider 3s9 for 50 Brick 51/2d at Black horse & their my Mare broke Loos & home she Came Tunis took the Coffin home before Night– half box of Glass 43s6, Jacob home about 9 OC–

March 31st. 1798 Wind South & hasey tods [toads] Crying. Like Shad time they ketch at Petters Island, over to Mill Whet the saw at Tunis Treated Joe Holland to a Grog 111/4 d Jill wine Self 51/2 So back took the Bearer to Rees’s attended the Burial of old ant, Past 90 years Last Month, Got my Mare John Roberts & I set off for Norristown to be Bondsman for Watkins a letter of Administration to his Fatherinlaw James Russell’s Estate the Pothonater [prothonotary] from home So Mist Geting it Done I spent 1s9. he paid 9s9 Dinner horses &c &c & he paid 5s71/2 for our 3 ferriages back to Streapers Settleing poor & Road Acct I Sup with them, pint sider 51/2d & pint Bear 51/2d town pd my supper–

April 1st Wind S W fine Morn Smokey & warm Garlick begin to vegitate at Meeting Wm Askew & one Smit[h] Bouth Preached very Great Smith was at home Evening at mill & Dam, I was much Effected with Smith my harte Melted down with Depr the [de]pravity of my Conduct, the Lord Jesus have Mercy on me asinner

2nd Wind N.E. Cold & Wet Day over at Mill put alog on & halld aload of hay from R Roberts perhaps 1800 Lb. put it in pike Stable at Saml Thomas Evening very wet & Dark till Moon Got up Bout 1 barrel Rye Meal of him 20s he Gooing to move over Schuy[l]kill in Whipen [Whitpain]

April 3rd.. 1798– Wind N E. & Remar[k]able Cold & Rainey over to Samuel Thomas Viz Jones Place & they had Movd off, at the Mill Whet & Set the Saw,– a Walnut Log 3 by 4 for Israel Davis, home to Dinner, after put another Log on at J Walters Paid him 123 D 47 Cents that I Got out of Bank for him work Done on turnpike, then I Borrowd 150 Dollars to pay D Zell that I had Borrowd of him Last fall. B Tunis had my oxen & horses moving A Tunis to James Russels place that was he Bout [it for] 160L Russel Bout 3 or 4 years agoo for 50L so Great a Rise in so Little while

April 4. Wind Righ[t] East & aheavy Gale & very Cold prety Smart Shower about noon & alittle Misty Evening at mill & house all day at Stairs floors sash &c filld 2 Bushels of Buckwheat at D Roberts sent Horatio to Mill & 11/2B. Corn– Qt Whiskey from Tunis 1s8

5th Wind Still East & wett or Misty over at mill Whet the saw & put [on] a walnut Log for aShaft Sawd it in 12 Squar[e]s, up with David Zell, to Colflesh went in abond with him for 200L he paid 400L Down, to W Colflesh & his bond for 200L makes 600L for 35 acres Land, without wood or any other Great Inducements in my Opinion, back to Tunis Got a bit of Dinner & so staid at mill till night, Calld at Streapers pint Sider 51/2 home to tea the Sun Showd to day about one Minute, I see it Shine on the tree tops at Setting good Omium [omen], no Rain today of Consiquence, been Cloudy; 41/2 Days, paid David Zell 160 Dollars I Borrowd Last July–

April 6th. 1798 Wind N. and Cool & Clear Morn, up soon Breakfast & off to Mill & house Pearson & 2 hand[s] Building Chimney I sawing & sundry work Prety fine day

7th Wind N.E. & over Cast Breakfast & over to Mill Pearson at Chimney. Tunis helping me till noon putiing [puttying] Sash & hanging Doors & I sawing & many things overCast till noon then Cleard off very fine Pearson & I up to Tunis Evening mug of bear 111/4d. so home meet John & Tunis been for Shad Gave me 2 I Gave Pearson the first had this Season–

8th Wind W. & very fine been a light Shower before day, at home being first day at Morris, for 3 lb puttey he bout for me 2s3 So back to tea & to bed we Goo

9th Wind West & fine morn over to the Mill put in 36 pains of Glas & Saw some & many other Matters Qt. of wiskey 2 Masons at work at Chimney wind Got to South P.M. & very fine at David Roberts he begun to Digout for his Barn Sold a pair of workin[g] Oxen that he has been feeding all Winter & part of the sum[m]er for [blank] L suppos’d to Weigh 2000 weight at Streapers pint of Bear 51/2—

10th Wind, S W White frost a fine day, Jacob Move our good[s] &c to new house at Mill all Day, sawd non[e], puting up Cupboard Desk &c 2 Qt whisk 3 Mason at work finish’d Chimney, alittle rain after Night

April 11th 1798 Wind S. up soon & Drov’d the hogs over to Mill very soon, Come on asmart Shower, overCast & Whet [wet] all day, halld 3 Loads of Good[s], & Brought the family all over in Evening Wife & Child & Jacob & Self Sleep at Locust hill Last night for the Last time for Ever perhaps, this night in the hut at the Mill, much Stood up 23 by 13, one Storey high ask no person Come but had Several to Drink Coffee with us one Qt Whiskey, 1s8.–

12th Wind W. & fine Morn Set of[f] for Norristown to be Bondsman for Watkins Letter of Administration to James Russel along Estate Alloway along prety observing old Man & very Clever, Come up norWest Shower whilest at ferry, prety Smart & Got Cold, Could have my great Cote very well 1s101/2 for ferriage all I spent. Whatkin paid Dinner &c &c home about Sun Set. took a Mor[t]gage up for R Roberts from Jacob Balour to the sd. [said] R R–

13th Wind S W & very fine Sawing or puting on Log Wheting Saw up to Tunis him & I planted 50 apple trees, Bout. of Holgets Ridg[e] Road the 7th Inst Lay in Walters Spring 2 mugs Bear 1s101/2 Bout a Barrack of D Roberts dug it up put the top on Sled and halld it Down

14th Wind W. & very fine But Got Cold Ride up to Mordica Taylors to Get him to make Coffin for old Reader papermaker at John Righters, I no Stuff home to Dinner Sawing hall Loading Stone Pearsons men here Qt Whiskey 1s101/2

April the 15th. 1798 Wind N W & White frost & Ice David Roberts brought us a fine Shad from town & two nice peices of his Beef, part of his Red Ox Weighed 1020 lb & the Black 960 lb, Cope Bout. them for 170 Dollars, had above 300 Wt. Gut fatt, this first Day & Cold & very Disagreeable at Meeting home to Dine on Rost beef, after Robert & I to old Readers Burial an Old Englishman Paper Maker Ingenious old [omission] in that way, the first that Brought it to perfection in this Co[u]ntry, yet maid a poor out in this Country Evening at David Roberts, got Cold Soar neck–

16 Wind N.W & prety pleasant morn Mason’s here prety soon, Tunis here we Raising abarrack Tunis & I Guming saw at Streapers Shop Brought the Cog Wheel &c &c over, Come up a great Shower of Snow Got to the hut then abated 10 or 15 Minuts then Came on again A violent shower indeed & Coverd the Ground & Stuck to the trees When the Sun Shun it Look very Exstraordinary Clear Evening & prety Cold, 9 OC to bed black Cloud to West

17th Wind N W. & to my surprise a Snow near one Inch deep & froze on the Cows backs. the Mortar froze hard it would been Calld asharp morn Late in November Peach trees in Blossom they say I have not Seen any. Masons here poor Ned no Stockens yesterday, Firman’s Wife fetch her Daughter here Stout girl 12 or 13 years old Cant talk so as to be half Understood, the Air Cold & Raw the Snow in Shade same Chans[?] place all Day McClenechan here & in the Hut up with him at Tunis

April 17th 1798

Eat a barbicu Shad, & Drank some Wine Sangerree McClenechan paid, Young & Brot John carry Dispute on Politics they Great frenchmen A Serious time much Divided some for France & some against I got Prety Warm [several words illegible] in Passion for they was 3 of them against me, I think their Party very much in the Wrong, for the French are Monsters have Got wild Surpress all kind of Religion Nearly & turning Government which ever party Srongest make’s other fall, a Bandity of Plonders [banditry of plunderers]

18th Wind N W & very Cold Ice plenty Mortar hard when they lay a stone, freze fast Direck, Snow on Scantling in Shade till almost noon this fell night before, the masons finis[h]d saw mill, over at Streapers 2 lb Sugar 2s- Buckels 3s9 Wine & Bear 1s7. at Alloways & Rees Price’s Jacob Locost [Locust] Hill for Load of hay,

19 Wind S. by W. White frost, warm day Tunis & Holland begun at to Double Gear Mill again. I Sawing & at Sundry, Tunis & I Cut 2 Logs for Sills for Lay under head blocks Mug bear 111/2d Evening John Price Set the wood Grass afire in Matson’s Meadow made a great Show burnt much D Roberts men & Isaac Bond Came to see what was the Matter, I their till near 11 OC I was much alarmd at firat thought it broke out from afire we had along the Race but all Ended Well–

20th Wind S & very Calme, Read to Sunrise up & saw head blocks & whet the Saw & 3 sills halld 2 from below the pike Tunis & Holland here at Work Jacob for Shad Tunis had the promis, he [Jacob] Got 80 & I got 25 Tunis the rest. I pd Tunis 2 he had sent me. overCast & light rain [in margin: “verry Sharp Clap before noon, Great deal Evening but very Sharp”]

April 21st. 1798 Wind. W by S. fine Morn up Sawing Sill for Mill &c & one log for David Roberts Window frames & Log got [illegible] Tunis & Joe Holland at work 3/4 Day, Jacob hall 2 Loads of hay & Straw from Locust Hill & 25 Bushels potatoes Bought of Hussy at 2s6 pr. Evening D D [repeated] Roberts, Come very heavy thunder Gust from West Middle afternoon Last about 15 or 20 Minutes, very fine after Clear, & Nature Look Gay–

22nd. Wind W the air alittle Cool’d up soon & saw 2 Cuts being first day, Drest & Set of[f] for Meeting but the[y] was all gone in I thought it was to[o] Late Come back to John’s & Staid till Meeting broke then home to Dinner Mother lent me Job Scots Journan [journal] a public freind, my Spirrets Sunk down in meekness & the tears fell from me much the Lord have mercy on me— o dear Jesus have Mercy on Me asinner, at Tunis stayd not nor Spent not So back

23rd Wind S W Read to Sunrise & Raind Prety Smart before noon & Prety smart Shower afternoo[n] & sun Shind out before it Quit, over at John[‘s] in order to goo to Rees But John asleep so I home

24th Wind W & Prety Cool, Whet the Saw & put on alog & up to Curwens, old James Price & I Cant agree about some stone he Quarried was to met him their to Settle it, fo[u]nd James Drunk above the Buck I on to Curwins He gone to town I back to buck wine 111/4 so home to Dinner After sawing Tunis & Joe here at Work, I at Streapers bear 51/2d at Jarvis he not to home at Rees Prices Brot John their, I Borrowd 400 Dollars of Rees, in order to goo on with a house at pike Been a fine Serein [serene] Day

April 25th 1798— Wind about West & smoke hung about the Hollow & It makeing for a Chaing, it feels Cold enough for frost but Seen none, begun to Saw before Sun Rise, up to Buck W Harkins Blacksmith, for Band &c not home to Dinner, afternoon with John Price to run out Streaper’s Lot home & whet the Saw & put alog on and Saw one Cut at Dark Jacob halld aload of hay, from James Moore for B Tunis– alittle Rain & wind East Evening

26th. Wind E & overCast, up very soon & up Buck for bands Got them 78 lb & home to breakfast Mill Wrights at work– overCast Great part few drops in morn Esqr Young & Bill Lewis & I up to pike D Roberts begun to put fence upon the W Dill the [repeated] Line W. Dill making it Got a 1/4 of Shad Brot. John Got them at Phin Roberts 3 Dollars

27th Wind S W & a very fine morning up very Soon, Jacob Gooing for Lime, oxen Run off I to look for them fo[u]nd them at Locust Hill back with them, Sawd a log off & Jacob halld it & of[f] he Set for lime I up as far as Tunis Give him a Jill I back to breakfast, B. Tunis here very Soon for my Mare to Look for Shad, He Cut off the head of Large Dunghill foule of very Large breed I bought of aboy the Name of Thomas Last fall he had Goot [got] it of Robeson over Schuylkill, Gave 4s8 for him he had been fighting Lost one Eye had a Reeling in his head but he was on the mend, I much Displeasd at Tunis for his persumtion it was a liberty that he had no pertentions to nor that I Should never took with him, Jacob back before Night, 33 Bushels put by fence at pike Old Sorrel Run away I Walk a great Deal for him but Mist out till 10 OC–

28 Wind S W & very warm Set off to town, went with Sary Ellis to Joshua Humphreys Below Swed[e]s Church, up to Eliots Dinner &c. &c. 7s6 boy 51/2 Paid Porpupine [Porcupine] paper 3 Dollars 94 Cents Enterd for his Country paper 3 a week Democrat Judg[e] 3s9. [Peter Porcupine, pseudonym for William Cobbett.] Casting for Gudgeon 12s2

April 28th 98

at Thomas Roberts, 1 penney Tobacco, pencil 111/4d Ferry 4d pike 3 Cents Black horse 51/2d So home the Society Broke up, so fin[e]d 1s– agree[able] to Law.–

29th Wind S W & very fineday first of Week John Roberts here Geting to Enter the Rates in his book prevented me Geting to meeting took us all Day Saml. Gibson & Wife here Brot John Rebecca & a Number of people, Esqr Curwen hear [here] would not Light, I feel my Self Meek & humble I wish to keep in a humble State of Mind & not Let my mind be alaited [elated] with the vanitys of this world not from the house all Day—-

30th Wind about W & avery fine Morn up before day Raisd Jacob & Sent him off for Lime Johns Team went also Sent Horatio to Jacob Johnson for a quarter of Shad very fine their [they] are help to Clean them, Widow Ellis here a prety While before noon, afternoon Pearson here paid him 6 Dollars for Work; I Walk with him up to Pike he treated me to Mug bear Jacob & Jim fetch 65 B Lime, home & very soon to bed—

May 1st. Wind S W. & avery warm Day I up soon Sawing after over at Locust Hill for a Load of Sundries, home to Dinner, paid old Virgin[i]a Will 91 Dollars I had Borr. being intrest & principal & part of a 50L 17s3d Note put a Log on in Evening & Sawd till near Midnight.–

May 2 Wind S W up before day & Sawing finish the log prety Soon & Cleand out the Mill Raisd up the frame & putt Cross Sills under & Straitend the platform. Shant goo for 2 or 3 Day the Mill Wrights Doublegearing. Evening at Tunis mug bear 11d. so back to Supper & to bed we goo two or 3 Light Showers before noon Cleard of[f] Evening very fine

April [May] 3rd 1798 Wind S & very fine warm day. helping about the Mill at the Locust Hill & Smith Shop twice at David Roberts Evening for Peice of wood for wedges back Supper & to bed Soon tired paid Solomon 3 Dollars for work 6 Days–

4th. Wind S W & warm Like for ashower but none here Cleard off went to Meeting, a preacher from Road Island, a very great & Immenat man in the Minisstree much Pleas With him two young Woman had alittle to say. one’s Name was Rutter home to Dinner Millwrights finished the Mill Saw one Cut then meet Tunis Hugh Knox & John Robert[s] appointed by Esqr Curwen to Settle a Dispute of Stone & work between James Price & I, the first arbitrat[ion] I ever had I am afraid he is a Rog[u]e or knave, he Charges me 5 teams 1 Day 13 Loads apeice & 4 teams, 1 Day 13 Loads & 1 team 14 Loads apeice for one Day I never hired ateam Except Walter halld me 5 or 6 Loads for Well, I paid pint of wine & 1s2 & they made award I to pay him 9s103/4, it being their opinion that it was all that was due— Tunis & Joe Holland finishd the Mill

5th Wind S W & warm day up & Sawing I am much Disap[p]ointed indeed in my Mill it takes Double the water & is almost 15 Minutes Sawing what it was Sawing in 28 Minutes before altered, afternoon set of[f] to Alley Roberts Come on a Smart thunder gust I put in at Streapers Gill of Wine 51/2 & 1/2 pint 3 or 4 Days agoo 111/4d abated & Set of[f] Come up another Just as to Alleys barn heavier than first Shower Whent [went] to tell him David Roberts would take my Colt If he did not wish to take him he was very Glad Not to take him home by Stadlemans for the Society Book, Gill of wine 51/2 So home very Dark

April [May] 6th 1798 Wind West & fine Morn Sawd 3 Cuts & took my Colt David Roberts to paster [pasture], after at Meeting one old Buntin Preachd, home to Dinner afternoon about home Several people here to see me walk up to Tunis pike mug bear 111/4 So back to tea this is first day not very Illy Spent as I have Spent many I have Spent I fear but Illy anouff a light Shower from West & blue up fresh.

7th Wind S W. & fine day Sawing till [omission] then went to Widow Ellis’s to Meet B Smith to confer about her Settleing her Acct as Administr[atr]ix to the Est. Mare got Loose & Lost the Sad[d]le & Bridle Leadom found the Sadle the Bridle Gone She Got home Mug bear 111/4d So home—

8th Wind N W & fine day Put on a Large white oak Log for, D Roberts finish it & put ashort one on Tunis & Holland here Covering the Wheel Shed Roof boards. I Sawing all day Solomon here at work bark 2 trees Curwen here to Dinner on his Way from town

9th Wind W & warm tho a fine brease afast Day proclamd by the president, I Sawd very Little; help to Make afence Round the new peice by the house, up with John Roberts to measure the Stones Quarried by old James he treated with aGlass of Brandy, home to Dinner Whet the Saw & meet at Tunis Hugh Knox & J Roberts Calculated the Stones over John had not gave me Right Dementions mug of bear 111/4 I beleive we Chated till near 10 OClock & Drank 3 Mugs bear So home Polly Streaper here to See us. I did not keep the day so sacred as I wished

May the 10th 1798 Wind N West & Cool morn & Clear, up soon & begun to Saw– Clouded over & Like for Rain, tho none Came here at Tunis pint of Bear 51/2 at David Roberts measurd up 2 bags of my Corn it aheating, Sawd 769 feet to Day at 5s– is prety good,–

11th Wind N.W Cold & sometimes Cloudy but no Rain up soon & Sawing Saw 21 Joysts 600 feet [2 words illegible] afternoon Morris here a good while up at Tunis Jacob Halling dung pint of bear 51/2 at David Roberts

12th Wind N W & frost up soon put on alog Whet the Saw & sawd 4 cuts turnd the Log down then Set of[f] to town, Run with Widow Ellis’s Son below the Sweede’s Church to Settle with Joshua Humphrey Mist finding him Bout 2 pair Trouse[r]s for Jacob 15s– file 1s101/2 Blank Bond 111/4. Horse 3 Qt oats & hay my Dinner & 1 Jill of Wine 6s7 Horsler 111/4d Struck fair for the Dollar fer[r]y & pike 7d. at Hansels with Pearson 11d So home about Dusk–

13th. Wind old Course (Viz) N & Still Cool & Dry I Cant saw much Jos. Taylor here about Some Money belonging to John Was poor Money pd 16 Dollars prevented me gooing to Meeting walk up to Tunis’s afternoon at Jarvis & Peter Mays so home Drank tea at Jarvis & 3 Dishes had a bad Effect on me for I Could not Sleep well all night–

14 Wind N by E overCast Raind avery Little Cleard prety much & Cloudy Evening again Sawing all day Jarvis here & W Lewis 1 Qt Whiskey 1s8. Saw two Logs Lent D R 20 Do. Answerd 40s to Gill for work–

15 Wind N W. Clear & Cool Whet the Saw & put on alog & set of[f] to Court no perticular Business Jont. Walter & Jarvis along. Dinner & Club 7s6. Little Business to Doo only 1 Bill, before the Grand Jury, they discharged before Dinner back to bird [Bird in Hand] fed, oats & wine 1s101/2 So home about Dark

May 16th 1798 Wind N.W. & Clear warm in middle day & Dry to be shure up Prety soon Whet the saw & put on alog, over at D Roberts his Masons Dashing away not well pleasd he brought such a great big Log 22 feet Long for Lintles, & so many Joysts wanting afternoon helping to plant Corn at pike finishd yesterday & today Soke it in Ellerber & mixed plaster With it Evening Jacob & I sawd D R’s Log in twain so finis[h]d the Day

May 17th Wind W. & warm dry Sawing Lintles for D R. afternoon over at Morris’s him & I at Stadlemans to Look at Covering horse that Stands their the horse Gone so back by Jesse Thomas to Look for Sollomon, Meet old Evans Taylor He talk very freely about the yard [tanyard], I was rather Dry, he is a Wicked Mali[ci]ous Creature & said many Illnaturd things of me I forgive him But Stopt at Christopher, talk to him for telling Evans I had sold him Leather. Mare run away, I Calld at Streapers Spent 51/2d so home found the Mare in the Lane

18th Wind S W & Warm day R. Holland & Goot [Gott] Jacob & Self Barking I falling the trees tired me much afternoon meet Lewy. Young & Alley Roberts between on a reference between John Warner & Wilm. Lewis Young over bareing Creature he think nobody ought to Deviate from his opinion I beleive he much altered Since he is become Justice, home about 10 OC–

19th Wind S W Whet the Saw soon and put on a log set of[f] to Meet Latitia Thomas, Burial, Nehemiah Evans Sister, they movd to the Commons a few weeks agoo She was a poor Drunkin Woman, Dyed very Sudden afternoon, Morris Young & McClenechan there at

19th May 1798

David Roberts with up to Benjn. Tunis Morris pint Wine Then walk with them to Streapers, Drank some punch Mc paid All. Stayd till Dark, Young & McClenechan Bouth opposed to the Executive part of our Government & full of French Politic, & I am opposed to French Proceeding & Reconciled to our Government, Will God Willing Resist Every attemp[t] that Dair be made (by Whomsoever) against the Government it being one of our adoption, & Beleive as Good or freest in the World, nay it Let’s Every man become a freeman too Cheap, which is the Great Cause of our Internal Commotions or Divisions, for Every Villian [villain] that pays Tax has as much to Say at an Election As the man of the Greatest Virtue & Possessions, w[h]ich is in my Lib Opinion purchaseing Liberty & Equality to[o] Cheap Let a man Raise by his Merrit then we might [have] some good of him, Maintain a large family by industry, or Stimulate him to be worth a Certain sum 50L say. this would Incorage Industry & Good [illegible] Conduct–& of Course produce Good Gover[n]ment & good Citizenship

20th Wind W. & Dry and Warm at Meeting afternoon at B Tunis Evening at D. Roberts Molly along &c, so Read awhile in Job Scots Journal or Memo[i]rs Very good much Effected with it

21st. Wind S W. & still dry & warm with Rees Prices to Look at some Logs to Make boards, at John Prices to Shear my Sheep have but 5 Sheard but one Shears so bad Could not make out home, found the Saw Runing very bad put it in Order & Borrowd D Roberts Shears & over & finished my Sheep Shearing, Jacob for hay at Stadlemans 5 [unidentified symbol] at 5 Dollars, I over at Jonatn. Walters to Inform them of the Death & funeral of Ann Parker a sister of my Mothers Cherry 51/2d So back–

May 22nd 1798 Wind S. Warm day, put on Log Whet the Saw & Set of[f] Burial at Darby, Interd her & I set of[f] Stopt at Widow Smiths in Darby 1/2 pint Wine 1s3 Seen Jones horse Superior, off to Saml. Gibsons to Dinner he raising the Rafters of his barn 64 f Long by 36 Wide Mother & the rest of our folks Came their to[o]. I Set of[f] for home Stopt at Oring tree 1/2 Jill 51/2d So home, Horatio have the Mill out of Gear by a Cog Comeing out & bent & Stove head block & shaft of Water Wheel up Stream 4 I. nearly B Tunis Down & put it Right–

23rd. Wind S.W. Horatio Sawing I helping Jacob to put Dung to Corn hills Good horse Dung. Some of the Corn come up Come on aprety Shower from W & over Cast all the afternoon Some Light rain, Evening Rain bow & Sun Shun out.–

24th Wind N W. & fine Morn the rain only Just Laid the dust. up very Soon & Set off to Stadlemans with my mare to a horse that’s keep their paid 5 Dolrs. for the horse & 5 Dollars for 5 [unidentified symbol] hay home to breakfast & up at pike halling Dung at D.R. no Stay afternoon meet Alley Roberts at Streapers on Arbitration Between W. Streaper & Jacob Zell Settled & Likewise Settled Streapers Est so far as Alley Roberts made Polly Give him abond & Judgement for 3 of the Childern’s Share So home we Came– a fine Shower in Evening & some little in night

25. Wind S W & blue prety much Rain about Day & Several Lite Showers one very fine one about 2 OC- wind to West & Cleard in Evening, finishd halling Dung to the Corn hills, fine afternoon Jacob halld Some Shovelings about the Grounds

May 26th 1798 Wind W. fine day about the Mill till noon then Meet the Society at Stadleman’s, Staid till night, had a hearing with Bill Streaper & Zell again but made nothing out, so I home–

27th Wind S.W. & fine day up Soon and over to H. Knox with a petition, to the President approving of the Executiv[e] part of Gover[n]ment, Respecting the french Nation, after breakfast took horse & Rode Jesse Thomas & anumber of Places & so to Meeting afternoon at it again Loyd Jones &c &c Gote [got] above 40- Signers so home afterdark- 28th wind S E & Rain avery Smart Shower about 10 OC- put on alarge Log 26 feet Long, then off for Norris town with Petition or Adress, Meet Several People that had meet Concerning the Adress, we had about 500 Signers Dinner &c 10s. home by Curwens tea their So home the Rain abated about noon & Cleard Evening.

29th Wind W Pretty Cleaver Jacob Spreading Dung I Whet Saw & put on alog afternoon Plowing in Cornfeild pike

30 Wind E & Rain very much Soak the Ground finely old Solomon here Spliting Rails he made near 1/2 Day I Sawing all day. a leak at head Stopt it. Evening Sun Showd

31st. Wind S alittle Scud of Rain in Morn then Cleard off very fine, a Smart Shower about noon till it Run only a few minute duration, afternoon Morris here, at D Roberts & B Tunis’s with him, I sawing Cheaf part of Day

June 1st Wind West & fine Cool Morn up Soon & Sawing Tobacco 111/4d Coffee 1s101/2 Powder 1s101/2. Chapman of Haverford paid me his wife’s Coffin 8 Dollars, Sawing & planting Corn over [replanting] the fouls &c Dug up, at D R Got my oxen & his hall 2 Small Logs for boards Spring house at Locust hill, a pint bear 51/2d at Tunis

June 2nd. 1798— Wind W & fine day up at pike planting Over Jacob finished plowing the Corn; Zells Boy Come for 2 plank he had Left here afternoon at Joe. Taylors Leadom’s Stadlemans &c 1/2 Glass 51/2d At Streapers 51/2 R Roberts & Several Others their, Got Several Signers to the Adress to President so home to Sup–

3rd- Wind S.W. & warm day Like to bee at John Roberts before br[e]akfast, afternoon at Mothers, & at Rees Price his Son Edward their been at Sea or West Indien Islands this two years, Came to New York had the Command of fine 3 Mast brig Harmony Loaded with Navel Store, & founderd in about 24 hours after he went out, She up Set in Whirl Wind, 9 or 10 hands Drowned, the Rest about 10 Savd by hanging on the Rock, the Sea Roaring overing [over] them, was taken up by a vessel after 15 or 16 hours, Lost Cargo Ship & his all

4th Wind S W warm Thunder in Morn, Showers about alittle here, afterno[o]n, Set of[f] for town took in the Address to President 123 Signers, Hughes, Garigus, Chapman & Pawling took to President I Dined at Toms. Roberts, Bout. Stuff for Rashers [Horatio’s] Coat 13s4. files 4s8. Shugar 3s3 at Elliots 3s9, Tobacco 1s2. Carster [castor] Oile 2s21/2 ferry 4 pike 3 Cents Paid Charles at Gate No. 2 half years Subscribtion 3s9. So home about Dusk, Horatio sawd 331 feet boar[d]s

5th. Wind S W. put on a very Large Log 26 feet 6 Inc[h]es Long for D Roberts Rafters paid Jos. Lee James Jones Order 40L Sawing all Day

6th Wind Sometimes S.E & W up soon at the big Log very Trobelsom to Move or do any thing amost it is So heavy Come up a prety Little Shower about 11 O’C. & about 2 a very heavy one indeed & 2 or 3 Lighter after–

June 7th 1798 Wind S.W alittle Rain about Day thunder in Morn, Rain about noon Light Shower, Raisd the dam to fine head turnd of[f] the big Log. about 10.OC made 28 Rafters 26/6 Long 1184 feet Planted potatoes yester and today finishd planted Probable 5 B I at David Roberts & at Tunis pint bear one 16 of a Dollar, home & sawing

8th Wind S W & fine warm day thunder Gust to West & one between here & Philadelpha very Smart B Tunis Stay’d Sawing till noon then over at Streapers, the Sherriff Selling James Russel Lott. Richard Tunis Bout it at 163L the Sherriff Sold it to make a Clear title at the suite [suit] of John Roberts I Gave a Recpt to the Sherriff for the Money [illegible] I Recd for John Roberts for the Sute was Brought Agains[t] I Watkins as Administrator to Russels Est I paid John Roberts, 33L 14s3d for Watkins & 3L 15s9d I have for Russels Coffin &c Spent 2s9– So home afoot Lent McClenechan my mare he their afoot, he sent her home 10th

9th Wind S.W. & very warm Day halling bark to Locust hill tanyd. & Sawing. at D. Roberts Evening Drank tea with him. So back, at Streapers about noon 1/2 Jill punch 51/2

10th Wind N E very Cool morn up soon & over to John Roberts paid him 33L 14s3d for a debt of Russels, the administrator gave me for him home by Tunis 1/2 Jill whisk 21/2d– So to breakfast, & to Meeting home to Dinner– afternoon to Look for Mordica Davis to build my house met John Wilson on road Spent 11d Drank tea at McClenechans

June the 11th 1798 Wind S E & a little Rain in Morn Cleard of[f] afternoon Put a very Large poplar log 26/6 Long for D R Rafters up at Tunis pint of bear 51/2d Sawing all Day only their

12th Wind S.W. fine warm day, up Soon & at sawing finish’d about 10 OC, or before with Chapman one of the Senators for our District, at Morris to See If he was agooing away Next Spring he wanted to rent the Place at the yd. & so back & put on another Log for Rafters–

13th Wind S W foggy & thunder to West Soon in morn rain I dare say before night it hardly Ever fails When thunder So in morn; & besure him [it] rain about noon, old Lewis Scathorns Maxum [maxim], very observing Man he was, very Smart rain about noon & about 4 or 5 OClock with hard thunder. Evening at Tunis’s, pint bear 11/2d. at David Roberts the Masons Ready for raising

14th Wind S W foggy morn Cleard off very warm, Brot. John Mowd Swamp Meadow yesterday, David Roberts Raising his barn to Day, went with one Phillips to Conrad Goodmans & Bout one Whiteoak Tree at 6 Dollars and one Log at 11s3 paid him at Tunis Borrowd 8s5 of Polly to pay him. Got a bill & Rect. So home & Sawing D R sent London for me to Come & help them to Rais. Got Dinner their helpt them till night, Got Done So home very warm Day–

15th Wind S W. & warm Day up Late, put on a log whet the Saw & up to pike and Cut Briers till noon Jacob plowing for Buck wheat, John’s old feild, in that I was Cuting the Briers. pint Bear 3 Cents, home to Dinner, about the [mill] till night Whet the Saw, & Rolld up a Large Log of Rees Price’s for barrack posts 18 feet Long 2/11 I at Butt, Made 12 Posts and other stuff–

16th wind S.W. Warm till noon Cool & pleasant afternoon Sawing & put up pannel post & Rail fence before the door & to the Race Jacob helpt 1 Qt Whiskey–

June 17th 1798 Wind S.E & very remarkable Cool, the fire felt Quit[e] pleasant up very Soon, Sister Rebecca poor Melloncolly Got here by Day, John had 3 or 4 Mowers Got up beforeday to finish mowing apeice, they Left Last Evening she very distrest about it Come over to tell me, John after her, breakfasted and took Ann [JP’s baby daughter] walk to David Roberts, back Drest to Meeting– one Hannah Reevs, a Jersey Woman Preached & prayd, prety Great Speaker, so home to Dinner, John’s Jane, Rebecca & Sister Jane here I walk to David Roberts & Drank tea their So home to bed we goo

18th. Wind N W up whet the Saw & with David Roberts to hall a Log for Lath. up at pike Cuting briers, Jacob plowing for Buck Wheat home Evening Sawd one Cut Horatio Gone for Cows, So end the Day

19th wind S W. up soon & Sawd by Candle Light, finished a log for Lath D R Breakfasted & set off for town Jacob Cart & 2 horses, Bout. 250 Brick at 5s3 per hundred, up to Robert Evans board yard Bout 800 Drest Shingles for David Roberts for them I Borrowd for my house, his was only Jointed & I bout. Drest one[s] 5L 11s one lb oCoffee 2s- Mustard 1s- Elliots 2s9- General Pinkney one of our Commissioners of france arrivd a Great Parade of Light horse to Meet him, I stayd till night to See him Come in Light at City tavern, a great Crowd of People, I home 1s4 ferriage, 14 Cent Gate & 121/2 Cent at 2nd Gate So home, Dined at T. Roberts

20th Wind N E & alittle rain Soon in Morn Several Sharp Smart Showers before noon; & very whet [wet] afternoon Cleard of[f] Evening or seem to break off Sawing all day

21st. Wind S W. over Cast fore part alittle Rain about no[o]n afternoon prety fine for hay a shower in West none here At Black horse with my Mare to horse She not take

June 22nd 1798 Wind S W & very warm Day, walk to town with the Wagon Bout & paid for 2000 Shingles. 32 Dollars fetch home 1500 Shingles, ferry & pike 6s8. Dinner 3s9. Wine 0s111/4 Bear 3 Cents very tired indeed not walk to town a while again I think Robert Roberts Bot 2800 Drest Shingles for David at 19 Do. help him Load them home with him afternight a good while

23rd Wind S W & warm day Set [off] for Coll. Wentze’s a meeting of the Officeers [officers], to take into Consideration his Scircular letter to Militia, prepared an address to him General Nickel in the Chair, some proposals agreed on to turn out our Coutoo [quota] for the Call of Congress of 80000 Militia Dinner & Club 8s5. horse included, home by Hickory town Several in Company Drank tea their 1s101/2 oats & Drink 111/4d boy 4 Cents at ferry Spring Mill 111/4d & 51/2 to boy for holding my horse Saml. Jarvis along about 12 O’Clock night when I Got home

24th. Wind S W & Warm day very Tired indeed, Sleep & Lolld all the forenoon after at Tunis 1/2 Glass punch 11d. Drank tea at J Walters back at D Roberts So home being first day

25th Wind S.E Rain Morn & asmart Shower here in afternoon finishd Rees Prices Chesnut boards hall an oak Log for Lath, for self. then went with D & R Roberts B Tunis & J Walter to falls fishing I Caut 2 Got 6 between us all, Got fryed Catfish at the Tavern & Drank a glass of Punch a man; John Roberts along made 6 of us. Reckening 29s3 Viz. 4s101/2 a man so of[f] home not the Least intoxication amongst us, the Punch very Weak & Pleasant. I Lament the Money because I Cant Afford it or otherwise no Person Spend with Less Regreat [regret] for I am not Stingey nor never [was]

June 26th. 1798 Wind about S over Cast all Day but no Rain, very Like it & beleive was some Distant, David Roberts halld 2 Logs & 2 for me before breakfast broke 2 Cogs out I put them in myself Jacob plowing for Buckwheat, and begun the Corn 1/2 Jill 51/2 at D Roberts alittle While & So Ended this Blessed Day

27th Wind W. & Cool this morn & fine hay Day, Jacob Morris Cut Rye yesterday Loyd Jones was to Reap to day, I helping to Saw, Whet the Saw &c. puting up Corn after Jacob, Jill Wine 51/2 afternoon at Jarvis’s Got my Pistol he’s had this 12 Months, Bot 1 Quirer [quire] Paper of Molly Streaper, 1s101/2. Jill of Punch 111/4d. home to Supper & so & to bed we goo

28th. Wind N W & fine Cool Morn up Soon & sawing by Candle Light, in order to finish aload of Lath I am gooing to Send to town, put 1665 feet in Got 5s6 pr Brought out 1500 shingles, I rode in Chair with Jarvis, Borrowd 2 Dollars of T Roberts to make out to pay for Shingles, Recken at Eliots 2s4. So home ferry wagon 2s7. Bear 51/2 [illegible] 1s2 So home perty [pretty] Little Shower hear [here] & alittle at Georges hill as we Came,

29th Wind S W & warm day Jacob plowing Corn about home & up to Tunis & at D Roberts, afternoon at Locost [Locust] hill at Streapers 51/2d Spent up to Wilm. Thomas Drank tea their their About some of Sole Leather we have Ready to sell home after dark–

30th Wind S W & very warm over Soon to Locust Hill & help to weigh & tie 1000 Wt. Sole Leather back to Breakfast, up to Tunis’s home wheat [whet] the Saw & begun to Saw alog for D.R. Owen & Jonathan Jones here to Inquirer [inquire] a number of things about what I had for Sawing what give for Diging Stone &c &c

July 1st 1798 Wind S & very warm day with a fine brease being first day, at Meeting. afternoon Jarvis here walk with him to Tunis Jill Brandy 11d. So back he Borrowd my Pistols, over to D R. Drank tea their. then over to Widow Conrads with her will for to sign it. no witness their so set of[f] for home through the woods Got fairly turnd round & Lost, Got to road to the Widow Conrads Did not know which was up or Down for a Good While after a While, Got Right & set of[f] Down the road & Cross’d by Brot John so Got home all gone to bed,

2nd. Wind S. & warm day put alog on & hall boards for the Spring house, at Locust Hill & hall back a White oak log from their, went to Morris’s Reapers 15 or 16 of them Reaping Rye. avery Stragleing Set Some Giving out, Reached [wretched] bad Work– home to Dinner afternoon Hald a load of White Oak boards to Locust Hill for to Lay afloor in stove room, put Several Walnut boards in Sc[h]ool house Loft, Spent 2 Jills to Day 111/4 Jacob & Self– Evening at Tunis he Gone to Ma[r]sh to ketch Catfish Caut a good many, David Roberts he taken the fence away along the Line he made a good Post & rail fence–

3rd Wind S W, & very Warm day Jacob & I makeing & Mending fence at Tunis & all round the old feild to keep out Strang[e]horses Cows &c &c &c &c finishd by noon after I to Morris’s helping them to reap Reap one through Came up alight Gust with Smart Brease Wet Smart a few Miles to N.W. at Morris’s to supper Bord [borrowed] a Coat & so home–

July 4th 98 wind S W & avery Warm day about [mill] Sawing &c till noon. then up to B Tunis, Several their keeping up the anniversity of Independance, McClenechan R Humphreys & Several others their I Dined with tho I had Dined before I went, Drank Several Bowls of punch & pitch Quates [quoits] for amusement Spent the afternoon very Innocent & agreeable not the Least Intoxi[c]ation nor harsh Expression I think, Club 3s9 apeice So I Home about dark

5th Wind S W Set the Saw agooing but Water so Low that we had to Shet down beforenoon I at J Walters to Get him to help me Cut my Rye halld Some old flax from Locust Hill & Spread it in old feild afternoon Jacob & Horatio & self begun to Reap our Rye 15 Dozen, two or 3 Light Showers in afternoon & over Cast Greatest part of Day Rain Bow in Evening token of a fine Day I think 1 Qt Whiskey 1s6 So home

6th.Wind N W. heard Loyd Jones falls or Dam very Plain Certain mark of the Wind N. Cool Morn up Soon & over to Rees Price’s to help to Rais two Barracks Joe Holland had framd, Got them up by 8 OC- back to my Rye feild new Orchard No1 B Tunis, Black Ned George & Jack Streaper Rash Jacob & Self Jonn. Walter afternoon Cradleing & his man William tying; We finish about Sun Set. 2 Qt. whiskey old Jacob very Tipsey, Tunis Plaged him much I had to Laugh much

July the 7th 1798 Wind S W. a fine Serene day & prety warm, after breakfast over & Shok’ed my Rye had 80 Dozen all my Crop near 5 Acres, it was sowd to[o] Late & bad order, after the Corn Cut off. finish by Dinner, So home, John finish about noon after at D R Gote [got] my Papers, & up to Ben Tunis Re-Elected him Capt. & George Latch Lieutenant Spent a Glass of Punch & home about Dark very Serious times Like to be with us in Respect to the french, in this days Paper I was Pleasd to See that our Brave & Great & Good George Washington, has Excepted of the Command of the Armies United State[s], Once More; his Presence will have Great Effect on the Spirrets of the people, the french Parties make, Such a Divis[i]on in us that it Almost alarms me Sometimes– [interlined: “but I hope a strict watch will keep them in aw”]

8th Wind S.W.& strong brease for this Season of the year very Strong & Quite Cool this Morn Good deal Cloudy to South. I at home all fore noon not at Meeting. thunder to West & a smart Shower about 4 or 5 OClock it Run along the Ground, Sister Rebecca & Jane hear [here], McClenechan here walk to Tunis, he treated with Glass punch I Borrowd Some tobacco & So home about Dusk [3 words illegible] Cleard off to West–

9th. Wind N W fine Clear pleasant Morn up soon & Set the Saw to Goo Sawd Rees Price’s Logs, halld a Log from Goodmans Land, Jacob begun to plow the [illegible] between the Corn over at Rye feild & Streapers Jill of Peach 11d so home to Dinner

July the 10th Wind N. W. & fine day, makeing Log yokes & put them on Jacob plowin[g] Corn till noon, then we went & halld the Rye in John’s Barn, Stayd & Drank tea their home after dark

11th Wind S E & raind when I got up & Raind very Smart till noon tho made no Great fresh Molly in Market I not well to Day, up to Uncle’s in Evening, Sawing all Day

12th Wind N W & fine day, halld 2 white oak Logs from Nights [Knight’s] place near Humphreys Mill afternoon at Mill, Jacob plowing potatoes– 1 Jill whisky. to Jacob 1/2 Pint Wine Lewis & I Drank it

13th Wind S W & over Cast in Morn; David Roberts p[l]anting potatoes, about 1 Acre he Intends I Sowing Buck wheat Raind smart Shower till noon, then Cleard of[f] very fine, Made no fresh nor Raisd the Dam of Conciquence, Horatio Sawing; afternoon Sowing buck wheat again, one Perkins an English[man] Used to board at Curwens Calld on me in feild treated him Jill of Brandy at Tunis, treated J. Holland to Jill of Whisky. he falling trees for Me, Shot a hog in back sd. in my Corn, I could not get it out, I Persented & fired at him put 2 or 3 Shot in his Rump & one hit him near the Root of the year [ear], Made him Squke [squeak] & Run brave ketch with the Dog & Draw him over the fence I was alittle alarmd for fear it was a Mortal wound, for I had no Intention of Killing him, So much for hog Shutts

14th Wind S W, & a very Cool morn & Clear, up & Sowd the remainder of the Buckwheat about 8 Bushels in hole [whole] I suppose about 9 Acres, Back & Put a prety white oak Log on Mill Got of E Gill Knights Place 1/2 lb Tobacco 2s2 So[me] t[h]under to S a little rain another Just to W one above & the other below us before noon, afternoon two Light Showers her[e]. Perkins here Drank tea & Lodge at Streapers I about the Mill all the afternoon—–

July 15th. 1798 Wind N.W. & remarkable Cool Morn fire Quite pleasant, up Prety soon & walk up to Pike home to breakfast, Tunis trying to rais an infantary [infantry] Company, one of our Ship of War Capt. Decature took afrench privateer of 12 Guns 70 Men & sent her up to Mud fort, the first Resistance that or attempt of hostilitys that America has made, tho they have Commited Such Depradations on Our Vessels or trade the Seneat [Senate] & house of Representatives hav[e] treaty declared all tretys between us & france to be Void, it is Next to Declaration of War So much for their Tampering with us; God send or Order that may Come so much in their Conces’s [consciences] as to be at peace with Mankind I deteste or Dread War, but Self preservation was necessary [2 words illegible] I beleive nothing but a Noble Speritted resistance Can save us from the Cruches [clutches] of them Monsters; the Wrong or Evil Sperrits have Gote uper Most amongst them I think I went to Meeting dined at Johns, Gibson & wife their, home McClenechan here with him at Morris’s Drank Tea their then home, Read part of Job Scots Journal so to bed wife abroad Returnd in bad humeor [humor] as She went, She work her own Uneasyness, or unhappiness,–

16th Wind S.E overCast before noon & raind before, I walk up To R Hollands John H. very bad With asweld ancl Jarvis along, afternoon Unloading the wagon of Rye in John’s Barn, up to Streapers Cut Every other tooth out my Cross Cut Saw, Spent a Jill of Peach 11d so home– Raind some afternoon

17th Wind S.W.& fine forepart tho warm a light Shower & Rainbow, Cut & halld a White oak Log, over the New Meadow & 2 above the Gate one Large for Joysts

July 17th 1798

afternoon Jacob to Edw. Gills for ten Hundred of hay I up to Buck to Look for Griff Smith. to tend Masons, he Promisd to Come, home about Dusk 1 Qt whisk & 1 Jill at Tunis, a thunder Gust about 9 or 10 O’C- at Night, from South very moderate a prety hard one Late in Night

18th Wind S E & Rainney Morn but not hard till about 8 OC. then Cleard off, B Tunis & I halling Logs all Day 13 Logs R Holland & Jacob Sawing all day over at R Roberts & Drank some peach Brandy with him Back & mark some Logs off–

19th Wind N.W. & remarkable Cool for this Season of year, R. Holland & Jacob sawin[g] Logs B Tunis & I halling Logs halld 9 two of them 34 feet Long, hard rain Yesterday about the ferry & town; no Effect on my Dam all fell yesterday here, Horatio Sawing to Day but Drags on very Slow, must Shet Down I beleave; I up with Richard Tunis at Curwens he Bought his Gray horse for 250 Dollars back to B Tunis, he treated to Glass Punch So home a little scud of Rain as we went [in margin:”my Birth day and in apoor way, as to my futuer Stay (future state) or happys (happiness)”]

20th Wind W & fine day. Jacob & I to Bares Woods to Cut a Poplar Log Back, Jacob helping Got[t]s to Rais their house on John’s Land on Pike I making a draff [draft] & Layd it out Spent not, so back Evening

July 21st. 1798 Wind S W & warm day, over at Locust Hill Back to Br[e]akfast, then hall up My Window Casestuff & Jacob Plowd the turnip Ground, afternoon Meet the Society, paid 2s fine & 3s Quartily payment so back Stopt at Streapers with Zell then up to B Tunis about 20 of them their Electing Officers, to an infyntry Compy. So back about Dark–

22nd Wind S W & warm day at home being first day Polly at Meet. I not, walk up to Tunis back to Dinner,– & Wrote up the Minutes of Society & afternoon at Hugh Knox’s about Borrowing 100L of Hannah James, Spent Glass Punch at B Tunis’s

23rd Wind S w & Warm Day, up Layd out Seller Barga[i]n with Gott’s & McFagins to Dig it for 22 Dollars Jacob & Bill Gill Halling Black Stone out of J Walters Woods, Rigd up Log Carr[i]age to hall Stone Ratio finishd Got[t]‘s Log of Lath Water so Low I Cant do next to Nothing.–

24th wind S W & Still Like for dry up soon & over at D. Roberts to Get him to fetch me some white pine boards up to pike Give the Gotts Qt. Whiskey at seller back to Breakfast, Then halling Stone on Log Carrage 11 Loads

July 25th 1798 Wind S W & very Warm, Mordica Davis & Aaron Smith Building me an oven at the Wood Land Hut, I geting Stone &c for them finishd before Night up to Pike Richard Tunis Their treated to 2 Glasses of Punch, Jacob Plowd the Seller for the Goots [Gotts], so back Robert fetch a paper from town Spent not anything this day. the seller men goo on badly

26th Wind S W & begun to rain about day Prety Little rain till about 7 or 8 OC- then Cleard off Rain Bow Soon in morn & thunder, up to pike & over to H Knox, Gott [got] 100L of Hannah James, I Borrow of her, Back to Dinner Streaper[‘s] Ned & Jacob thrashing Rye Bill Gill halling Durt from seller, I & him halld 3 Loads Dung that we Scrapt up, plowd the seller again for them home Evening

27th. W S W & foggy Morn. & warm day. I dare Say, Set of[f] to Widow Ellis’s. She & I off about 9 OClock for Chester She Could not Ride her horse would Ride mine When We Got about a Mile off; went by Gibbens feed at a tavern near Gibbens; & had 1/2 pint Wine, 2s6 Left their about 11 OC arivd at Chester about 1/2 after 12 OC-, Hot beyond Bearing almost, Sarah Observd. that we went Down Last Winter the Coldest Day perhaps, & now the Hotest day perhap[s] that Ever was. Dine. & did our Business in the Office & Left their about 4 OC- arivd at Darby about 6 OC- Drank a Glass of Punch & Gave our Horses 4 Qt Oats, Rested till after Seven. then Set off & took a Drink of water with her & so home; So ver[y] hot I Dare say I did not Sleep till 12 OC– [blank] I Spent Sarah Paid all–19s-total

28th Wind S W & Very Warm, up to Pike The Men at Work at Seller & Jacob halling the Dirt. the off Ox Gave out yester Day, & Very Feeble to Day tho he work very

July 28th 1798

Light, made them turn out Soon, & So home to Dinner afternoon, Cleand 16 B. of Rye, & Put in John’s Garner took Little Ann with me I home & up to Pike With Horton he said he Gave the Lime Measurer a 111/4. for me when he fetch Lime for Me. So I must treat him, Gave him 1/2 pint Brandy 1s101/2 Isaac Bond Antoney & Ben Tunis had been afishing & Caut a fine Mess of [omission] in the Crick so I partook of the feast Glass Punch 25 Cents So home before Dark

29th Wind S.W. & very warm day, thunder gust to West & one to South before noon, Raind very smart at McClenechans about Mill Crick Thomas Roberts & Little Tom Tunis up here before ten OC. & Stayd till after 5 OC- T R Got Prety Snap & Sick he said, Set off I with them to Morris’s, Stopt at Streapers 1/2 Gill 51/2 So home alight Shower Evening, this being first day & not at Meeting. Dined on Rost beef–

30th S W & Light rain in Morn halld a Great No. of Loads out Seller, with 2 Carts Jacob & Streapers Ned, help to Load, I Drove, home to Dinner & all well but thunder to West & Came a fine Rain begun between 1 & 2 OC- begun to Saw this Morn again Sawd none before Since this Day week the water much Lower than I have Seen it Since I put the Mill up & I a great Deal to Saw; abaited awhile & halling out Seller Came on about 5 OC. Smart till near Sun Set Then a rain bow omium [omen] of agood Day to Morrow So so

July 31st. 1798 Wind N W & over Cast but soon Cleard off Prety Smart Shower in night they say up soon and set Horatio to Saw breakfasted, & up to seller, halling Drut [dirt] with 2 Carts I Drove out all Day never Mist one Load & anumber of people Calld on me on Business we went Down Brave tho very hard; D R treated with a pint wine H.K [Hugh Knox] 1/2 pint J. Thomas 1/2 Pint wine high Living & Cheap, tho took But Little with water I fateigd [fatigued] much, about 12 or 13 Light horse & perhaps 20 foot in Stage Returning to town, Been Guarding Some french up to Lancaster taken of[f] our Coasts. apriveetteer Plundering Sco[u]ndrels, the first Step We have took, I hope it will not be the Last, toward Curbing their Depredations on our trade,

August 1st 98 Wind N.W. & Prety Cool Morn, up Soon Set a Cut & begun to Saw, turnd out a Large Log & Begun to Cut it up at Pike, Driveing with 2 Carts at seller all day 6 hands old [omission] Got Sick at Noon & Give out warm day L Young & [blank] Mosses [Moses] Wells hear I up to Tunis with them

2nd Wind N W & foggy morn, up prety Soon tho with Young & Wells till 12 OC- Drank Brandy toddy my Spirrets som What deprest about Building so Many Taverns Seting up along the pike, But to[o] late to Stop or I Certain would not Goo on, halling Dirt out seller all Day; warm day & Dry Cant Saw for Want of water

3rd Wind S W foggy morn & hot Day up & halld Dirt till noon; Got 50 B Lime at 1s6 per Bushel 3L 15s. after at Buck wine 1s2 over to Mordica Davis to See when he begin my house home he says he’ll Come the 15th,

August 4th 1798 Wind S W & foggy Morn & warm Day. Set off to town Got in between 11 & 12 Oc. 1/2 Glass punch 11d Dined at T Roberts. at R. Tunis’s, got 7 Dollars of Polly Thomas for a Coffin for her sister paid Hall & sellers for News paper 15s- files & thumb Latch 4s8. at Rees Thomson he Late Set up [in business] first I Bot of him he Ruth Thomson son She first Cosin, paid T. Roberts 2 D I Borrowd; I at Bank to See John Wilson Simpson behavd Very Polite Bank over hours over & John W- not [there] Prest me to Sit Down & Stay till John Came handed me a paper of afternoon,– a very Smart Shower about 2 OC- in town not so Much here. 2 other Showers from 5 to perhaps 7. OC. Recking at Elliots 4s8 boy 9d ferry 4- Pike 33 Cents a Wagon I had not pd. before paid Noble 50 Cent for Wagon home about Dark aprety Shower about 10 OC- and avery hard one towards day, I up took Candle & went to Mill

[in margin:”5th”] all well Back to bed, up to Dam it not Runing over up to Tunis, it flooded a good Deal of the Earth on Edge of Turnpike. back to Breakfast & over to D Roberts for news Paper back to Meeting. home to Dinner a light Shower & heavy Cloud & Great Deal of thunder to South at Alley Roberts, to See for Paster for my Colt Spent 51/2 at Streapers so home–

6. Wind S W & fine Morn up & Set the Mill to Goo Dam prety full but not Run over. Paid J. Got[t] 18 Dol & 30 Cent for seller diging, up to Pike, & at Locost [Locust] Hill for my work bench so back to Dinner after at pike Loyd Jones & Curwen their, Treated me to pint of Wine Punch so home

August 6th 1798

he [Lloyd Jones] along Drew a Petition to Goo to Court, for a Road from his Mill to 7 Mile Stone, he Eate supper & so I to bed

7th Wind S W & Serean day warm day at Sawing in Morn at Johns & at Pike Jacob & Ned halling Stone Bares feild, afternoon at D R for saw Cut alog at Mill & put it on & sawd 2 Cuts near, Jacob Morris here, I helpt to Load 1 Load Bares feild taken with a Chilley fit Even[ing] & had a fever all night I think

8 Wind & warm day, Cut out window frames up at Pike not very well, water Gone again, I much alarmd for the Scearcity, afternoon up to Curwens, pike Gate 3 Cents paid Tunis 5s- owd him Left my Mare at Jont Walters 1 Jill of Wine 51/2 So home–

9th Wind S.W. & very Warm day Jacob & Ned halling Stone I throwing stone in seller & helping Joe & Tunis at the frames, home & settled with Pearson for Mason Work for R Hollands house my house & Mill 16L 7s9d Come very high paid him infull for all the work–

10th Wind S W & very warm Day 2 Carts & 4 hands at halling Durt from the old Quarry this sd. on the Dam Evening up at B. Tunis, Drawing Rules for the Infantry Company Spent 11d So home afternight–

11th Wind S W & Remarkable Warm I at Peter Mays to pay for 10 B. Lime Borrowd of him Back & halling Stuff on the Dam till noon, after Meet the Infantry Company Gave them a 1/4 Dollar, Smart Shower in Evening So home–

Augt. 12th. 1798 Wind S W & very warm prety Shower in night Dam not Raisd of Consequence at Meeting home to Dinner after up to Look Mordica Davis Mason, home about Dark–

13th. Wind, S W & very warm over at Morris’s & Christophers Bout. 6 [illegible] of hay at 7s6 pr. back at pike Makeing awindowfram[e], Sawing aWhile Evening. 1/2 pint wine 9d.

14. Wind S E & over Cast & very fine Shower alittle before day, Askue here all night up with him to Tunis home & Set off to Co[u]rt, Schuylkill very high been a great Rain alittle way above Norristown as they had agreat While Paid 7s6 for Tunis 7s6 for Pol[l] Streapers Licences 11s11 for Recording Streapers old Deed, about 8s Expences Several hard Showers the afternoon MacClenechan & I set off, Got very Dark before we arivd at his house I Stayd all night their–

15th. Wind S W. home very Soon, Whet the Saw & put on alarge log. up at Tunis Laying out Window frames home to Dinner, very Smart Shower at noon & several Light ones up at pike & Back & Sawd till about 10 OC Freind W Askew here all night paid Mother May 20s for Lime 15s6 Cash & 4s6 I had pd for Recording their Deed. Sun Shun out Evening & fine Star Light

16th Wind S W & very foggy morn up soon & sawing Warm Sun Broke out up at pike home to Dinner Come a very hard Shower indeed the heavyest this Long time run over the Dam very much

Augt 16th 1798

Sawd above 1100 feet to Day 30 Joyst, went to Morris’s to See Askeiew Drank Coffee their So home & saw till perhap[s] 11 OC– then to bed

17th Wind S W & foggy & Cleard off very hot Sawing very soon up at pike Jacob & boy mending J Walters Lain in order to hall Stone, home to Dinner, David Evans from Jersey here up to pike & at J. Walters he with me to Kill the Calf weighed 84 lb & Skin 10 lb, the fever very Bad in town a number People Movd out, very Mortal they Say None Gets Well that takes it & not had it But a Day or two.-

18th Wind S W Remarkable Warm Day. at D R. at pike at Locust Hill Sold 3 hogheads 51/2 Dollars home to Dinner & Meet the Society, fines & 1/4 payment 4s– oats 6d So home Jones & Curwen, Inform’d me they are going to point me Cessor of the Continental tax & Presst me to Except.

19th Wind S W & warm Day Ride to Siters ferry to see one Davis Merchant, to Oblige Askew to Get Davis to Settle an Acct. he has of about 300 Dollars. not find him Dine their 7s6 near home along Schuylkill road.

20th. Wind S W & warm indeed up soon & up to pike begun the foundation 3 Masons Come I away to D Roberts to get Smith to Make Mortor Busseld & Dug foundation till Swoone Down almost Got the foundation Layd begun with Mortor

21st August 1798 Wind S W & hot to Excess almost Diging foundation & tending Masons all Day bad accounts from fever

22 Wind S W & Continues Hot tending Masons &c &c all Day

23rd Wind N. & Remarkable C[h]ainge in atmistphere So Cold in bed before day As to Waken & hunt up the Close Mending a gate to put at Walter Lain Laying out window frames &c &c

24th wind N & fine Day tending Masons &c & about pike & put on a log &c &c & hung a gate at Walters & halld Stones from Knox’s Quarry the first for the house 25 Wind S W & very hot Day halld Stones through Walters feild Cut Down 2 Rows of Corn 52 Hills, I must pay him for Lent him My Mare to go to Gibsons Meet the Infantry Company & Exercised them, they very much Pleasd with themselves Spent 3 fivepence half penny 161/2d So home the Mason Left work Soon

August 26th 1798 wind S W. warmday at home till after Dinner Down at Pearsons to Get to help to build, mason work back Evening–

27th. wind S W & warm day mason here Prety Soon halling Stone Sand &c the[y] Goo on very well for the nomber, I Got abad Cold & not well

28th Wind part S.W.& W. a fine rain before day a While alittle after about breakfast, Mason work none till about 10 OC- E Lobb Came for James & Aron Smith the[i]r father taken with the Palsey at Hellembold Mill that was Amos Now he Quit work & washed his hands Gooing up to hous[e], & feel Down, Indisposd to Day

29th Wind N W & fine Day to work I Somthing better one Mason till noon then 3 I halld alog from Gills near Humphreys Mill put on Log whet the Saw &c &c Enoch Thompson & one Rinehar[t] at the Pike to Drank See me Drank Some whiskey with me, a Nomber of People their McClenechan W. Smith &c &c home soon.

30, Wind W & Dry & warm, Put alog on (& whet the Saw) for D. Roberts. about the Pike Masons at work

31st Wind S W Warm day & Dry Cannot Saw any worth tending too [to], at pike till noon making Centers &c for masons, afternoon over Schuylkill paid 3s9 for Askew at Robin hood [tavern], at Holgates, to Look for Mason Got none he treated me to Wine at John Conrads Store home before Dark [in margin:”paid Holget 1/4 Dollars for apple trees”]

September 1st 1798 Wind S W & hot Sun Shine, at pike soon pick’d up an Irish mason of Road Set him work poor hand paid him 5s71/2 Evening & Discharged him, Horatio & I Geard up 2 horse wagon Set off to town & Got at Duffields Yd. 300 f White pine 42s, 100 f 11/4 pine at 37s6 ferry & pike 3s4 wine 111/4d so home before Night not in any house in town the fever very fatal Seen the Sick Cart Carreing [carrying] out, & the Dead one at the yd 2 tents & appeard too be 4 or 5 men their that keeps Diging & Burying 40, or 50 they say in 24 hours

Sept 2nd Wind S W. & alittle Cloudy up prety soon & walk to David Roberts, Christopher her[e], much Displeasd our Chattle [cattle] in his feild, this being first day at Meeting home to Dinner afternoon at Jacob Morris’s, So home Evening

3rd. Wind S E or Easterly all day 2 Masons here, not well pleasd their is not more Laying the Lower floor of Joysts Tunis & I, afternoon I to Look for Pearson again back & So Ended this days fateage little rain fine Drops or very Light Evening

4th Wind S. most S W. & over Cast about Day or a little before, was amost violent rain thunder & Lightening thunder not so near, almost Continuall flash of Light[n]ing filld the Dam & run over prety Strong begun to Saw very Soon, & Sawd 3 Logs masons begun to work about noon

Sept 5th 98 I up at pike before noon in very ill Temper Pearson their would not Come without his Boy, we Spar’d about the Wages, & off he went in a pett B Tunis & I spard I swore some I fear & Told him thir [there] was plenty Carpenters, I Ript in first place rather in a Joke, & said the Devil of any thing he did Eighter [either], & he Rensented [resented] till I got warme

6th. Wind N W & fine day I up before Day or about it & off to Look Pearson ketch him in Bed, Spard alittle & he agreed to Come I home, Put on alog & Busy Cuting Blocks &c &c all Day, atrying time with me only 2 Masons & a Large Building & the Season for Masons fast advancing But indeavour to be as Calm as possible

7th Wind S W & fine Day Rais 2 Door frames & a box for front put on alog at noon in Morn attend to Masons, & all Day yesterday one Shriver a Dutch man on Bevans Land was Buried died with the fever Been to town attending an acquaintance, nobody went near his wife & Negro Girl Layd him out & She Got old Ceasor to help to put him [in] Coffin & inter him them 3 & alittle white girl was all [in margin: “Come on between 12 & 1 O’Clock a violent Shower of hail & Rain Some I seen I think near 1 Inch of an oval form, Lasted about 15 Minuts”]

Sept 8th 1798. Wind N W & Star light when I got up Lewis Jones here about Day, to See If I knowd Where Margret Jones was Interd, Marshal Jones, Son of Norris Jones was dead with the fever at their house, I Seen him this day week Maken hay in their Meadow, they say he went to town & Caut the fever, I over to Grave yd, & fixt on the place, Solomon begun to dig so I Back about Sun rise & up to pike, put on a log & Whet the Saw & halld a log out of R Hollands Lot for Joysts, Geting Block &c for Masons, up to Muster. back Bill Smith hear to buy my Cow Enoch Jones Hear to tea Wants the Cow also Spent not

9th. Wind N W & prety Cool up Soon first day over to D Roberts, back to Breakfast, Up with Bill Smith to pike to Look at my Cow & Calf, he Bought her at 23 Dollars, I Back after D Roberts & I over to Bears Swamp to Look at poplar Logs I have their, back Spent 11d up to G. McCleneghan’s was gooing to T Robesons to Look for with[e] [flexible willow twigs] to[o] Late so Drank tea & returnd home, & tyed my Mare to post & Gave her alittle hay & so to bed we are

10 Wind N W & Cool morn & warm in day halling Stone D R. with 2 Carts, Jacob halling scaffelpoles from D.R till noon after went to Load Stone, & I up to Look for James Smith. Stop at Judg[e] Jones, & at Cochrons T R [Tom Roberts] & wife their, he Gave me a pair of Good Boots that was Richards [R. Cochron, deceased] so home

Sept 11th 1798 Wind S W warm Day, up soon whet the Saw & put alog [on] for D. Roberts 5 Masons to Day D Roberts halld 3 Logs bears Swamp afternoon halld 1 Load Scaff[le]poles, & so about the pike the remainder of Day

12 Wind S W & warm Day halld 2 Small Log from over the meadow for Joists, After tending on Masons &c Raisd the first Scaffeld, to Day

13th Wind old Course & warm about the Building all Day, turnd the Arch of 2 Chimney to Day.

14th Wind S W. warm & Dry, I not well a little fever, Eat Som[e] fish at Tunis McClen[e]chan & others their & Drank alittle wine & water I attended on Masons Blocks &c–

15th. Wind W & Dry & warm, Cuting out window fram[e]s & v[i]ewing masons, Ant Jane Holland Died about 12 OC-, afternoon went to Enoch Jones to Speak the Coffin Spent 11d Jill wine at Stadlemans so back & Paid John Holland 8 Dollars Spent or treated Pearson with a Grog 11d. So home–

16th Wind S W & Dry & warm went to Meeting in Morn, afternoon at the Burial alarge Geathering, after at Morris’s Drank tea their So home Evening

Sept 17th, 98– Wind S W Large due [dew], but Dry and hot up soon to pike 3 Masons to Day raising Scaffels, I to Look for Fagens to Work Jacob halling Sand &c all Day water so Low Cant Saw not any, much Displeas’d with my Masons being here & off not Constant, D R. Ox Choked with an apple Sweld up, Stab’d near the hip Let out the wind

18th. Wind. very fog[g]y Like alittle Shower this Morning over to D. Roberts. the Ox was very bad in Evening but had hove up the Apple this morn it Laying by him, & the Ox Got prety brave so as to Eat again, I back Got breakfast & so up to pike Jacob & I Loading Stone David Roberts halling 4 horses & my oxen Cleard of[f] about 12 O’C. very warm begun to rain about 4 OC. very Light not so hard as to Stop halling. prety Little rain after Dark but not so as to rais the Dam brus’d my thumb, Cut a hole through the Nail to Let out the Bruse, I think it has a good Effect

19 Wind Sout[h] over Cast & foggy up soon as Usual at pike Several Shower[s] about today they say & one prety Little Shower hear about 3 or 4 OC. not so as to run much, put alog on but not much water Low I made Morter Carried the hood [hod] & Cut blocks &c G[r]iff Smith morter man away yesterday & today Cleard off Evening very pleasant.

20th Wind S W & warm Day. up Soon & at pike makeing Mortar & Carried, Jim gave out at noon I had to make & carry. wore me Down allmost Griff not back Evening at Goodmans Looking for one Fagans to help to tend back to Supper on Mush–

21st 1798 Wind Morn S.E & Like for rain alittle mist & then Cleard of[f] Set of[f] for Brick Come up asmart Shower, from W Detaind me at gate no1 near 1 hour Set of[f] & got 300 Brick at the nearest kill [kiln] to ferry 15s11 so back Jill wine 51/2 ferry & pike 2s41/2 So home before night fine afternoon.–

22nd Wind N W & fine Day puting Second floor Joysts on till near noon then set of[f] to Wents’s taver[n] in Wippen [Whitpain] a Little County Meeting agreed on Congress men Sembleymen &c Dine their 3s9, another Club up stairs 1s41/2 oats 9d. So back over Spring Mill R Roberts Loyd Jones & several others along home about 10 OClock, Jonathan Jones along.–

23rd Wind N W & fine Clear Cool Day very tired at riding yesterday at D Roberts forenoon, afternoon at Jonathan Jones’s & the Buck Gave the Report of the Meeting yesterday to Ezra Jones. to be publushed in News Paper, Dreadfull Mortallity in City 78 Deaths 20th for 24 hours & 121 new Cases reported by 18 Doctors, it is Said that five sixths of the People are movd out 2 Large Camps of them out in tents, at old Bridson She Sent for me wants Money, Back & Calld at Striepers [Streapers] Spent 51/2. Enoch Thompson their, so I home about 9 OClock, my wife &[I] Great unhappy Difference

24th Wind N W & pleasant Day 4 Masons here did not Doo much Leaveling Joyst & Raising Scaffels I Getting with[e]s, cut 22 in Bares Land, all the rest I Got in my own Land off tops of trees I disaprove of takeing them, but necessity oblige me to Get over it paid Bridson 16 Dollars Jacob Broke the Cart Axeltree I went to help him home in Evening

Sept 25th 1798 Wind N.W. & aremarkable Chainge in the Air, so Cold as to be very Unpleasant I at a nomber of Matters, mason[s] 5 at work the fever Violent 134 yesterday in 24 hours Ending at noon the paper say’s 190 odd new Cases Pearson & I [at] D Roberts Evening he halld 3 Logs hear for Owen Jones & One to E Georges– Got Sum peaches so home– Jonat. Walter halld Stone

26th Wind N W & very Cold Morn but a pleasant Day the Wind not so high Seting windows Cuting Blocks Loading Stone &c –

27 Wind N W & very Cold Morn, tho not so high about the Building Cuting Blocks help to Load Stoanes [stones] David Roberts team 1/2 Day at Stones very Prety rain Evening Look Like for a good Deal but was but Littel [little] Raisd the Dam not–

28th Wind N W & has Cleard off, attending on Masons all Day only at noon Put alog on mill & whet the Saw of Owen Jones’s for window Case Stuff Enoch Thompson & one Chriss at pike had A good Deal Good naturd Chit Chat about Politic[s] Enoch Demo. I Arro [Aristocrat, or Federalist]

Sept 29 Wind N W & very Cold Windy Morn about pike till noon then, up to Helembolds him & Bare Differd about Carpenters works of house & the Court appointed 3 of us to Settle But they agreed themselves & we did not gooing into home Evening Spent at Tunis 51/2 & 11d Worth I had before So home Cool Evening Jacob Sowing Rye

30th Wind N W. & avery Large frost feild [felt] Like a little Snow, kill all the vines & hurt the Potatoes & Ripened all the Buckwheat, went to Meeting after at Tunis Bargined with A. Gott to Cut my Buck Wheat for 2 Dollars finde himself [i.e. provide own food & drink] home before night;

Octr. 1st Wind W they say alittle frost But was afog before I got ut [up] that moderated the Air 2 Masons too [to] Day, Jacob Sowing Rye I about the pike till noon went to See them Muster it is Company Day by Law Spent 2s4 at Streapers & 1/2 tobacco 1s2 So home

2nd Wind S w & Butiful day, halling Stone & Sand, & nomber of things 3 Masons to Day & Pearson her[e] but keep it up & [his drinking] work None

3rd Wind, wind S W & fine Day Loading Stone halling sand, D Roberts team halling stone Spent 11d. with Enoch Thompson, 51/2 for Whiskey Pearson Did about worth his Meat

Octobert [October] 4th 1798 Wind most S.E tho avery fine Day, began to Saw again to Day, put the Clouts [cloths] on Cart & Sent Jim for sand at Mothers, Cuting Lintles Blocks &c afternoon at Benjn. Smith’s to Look a bond with Stamp. it Not Legal without now; All Communication with the City Done away on Acct. of fever, he not at home So back about sunset, Markley hear to solissit for Sherriffs office,– William Johnson of Haverford Dead, The Brot. of Samuel Johnson, he and his wife parted many years, Drink & abusd himself I rather think–

Oct. 5th. Wind S W & abutifull day, up to pike Soon Cuting Lintles &c. for Masons they up to Square Leveled off & Quit for want of Joists, the Goots [Gotts] mowing the big Swamp Meadow for me Jacob & Jim puting up Buck Wheat fore & afternoon Racking hay, I with the Masons till they went away, about Sun Sett; Come’s on poorly Sawing. Lord have Mercy on me asinner,– to troble

Octr. 6 Wind S W. & dry up & put off a rotten Log of Jones made not much, put on ashort one, then went to hay in swamp & Rake’d & Cok’d it all before Dinner ketch a fine Snaping tortel & had a soop for Dinner, Jacob & Jim halld 2 Loads in I at township Election, William Tolbert Inspector, John Righter assessor & L Young & Jos Price assistant Sessors– 35 voters the bigest Number along time, parties run high Demo’s beat us Spent 1s4 a man

October 7th 1798 Wind N. & over Cast in Morn & alittle Scud of rain up Soon at B. Tunis’s. back & Drank alittle Whiskey & Milk Unloaded aload of hay, breakfasted & took [omission] around. Able Thomas’s Algernon Roberts & nomber Places to Rouse them to Election home to Dinner, being first day, afternoon at Mothers Drank tea their, prety Smart rain wind more East though Red at Sunsetting Light rain in Night.–

8th Wind about East & Light Rain about or after day, not raisd the dam much, Raind Several Showers till about 3 or 4 OC then broke off. hall two poplar logs from Morris’s afternoon to Enoch Jones, to help Make a Coffin for his Son Paul perhaps 2 years old died with hives Supposed finish’d afternight, Drank tea & Come home a little Cool, Star Light & Clear

9th Wind N W & afine day, New Moon to day, at B. Tunis, & Morris’s Got his Wagon & horse, & my old Mare, for Ben Tunis Joe Holland & the 2 Sheouster to Goo to Election. Robert my Mare to put in his Chare & took Joe Walter, & I rode his Mare, Got up about 1/2 after 10 O’C. a Great Buss [bustle] Parties high, but no Righoting. Demo & federal I fear they Beat us, which they have not Done this several years, I paced[?] the Ground till near night they Shet up perhap[s] one hour, I Got Dinner 5s71/2 oats 111/4d boy 111/4d, So of[f] home about 8 OC– Night Borrowd 7s6 of J Walter. Distresst for preservation of our Country, I fear a revolution, If Partey keeps up alittle Longer their will be Mobing

October 10th 1798 Wind S W & fineday, put Log on & Sawd not much, hall perhaps 10 or 12 B. Lime to Locust hill, & halld 4 Loads of Stone to Build a Chimney at Locust hill, Evening Stopt in at Streapers, Jonat Jones, Enoch & George Thomson & R Roberts their. Drank Some peach Brandy, & had a great Disertation on Politic home about 10 OC–[in margin:”Moon 1 Day old”]

11th. Wind S E & foggy Not Clear till noon Got a poplar tree of D Roberts & Cut it Down for Girder, & Cut 2 or 3 other Logs till noon John Holland & Jacob thrashing Buck wheat, I at Germantown to Look Cloth for Uniform Coat Got none Bout a Stamp bond 26 Cents Spent oats ferriage &c 2s9 So back, Great number of People their, all 3 Banks movd their on Acct. of Fever being so bad in City [in margin: “moon 2 day”]

12th Wind N E & over Cast all day E[x]cept a few Minutes the Sun Shun out about 2 OC- at pike in Morn after at Rees Price’s Covering a barrack, Got Done about 4 OC- So home. at Pike Covering the Lime 1 Gill Cherry 11d Isaac Bond meet me their Wants me to take 100L on Lone of him agreed so to Do home to tea, very Like for rain, before 10 OC wind N.W. & Star light, it Strange Dry Spell Every day this [week] Excep[t] the Election day has been Cloudy & Like for Rain, yet none Came [in margin: “moon 3 days old at 10 OC. to day- now observe the 3 next days–“]

October. th[e]. 13th 1798 Wind N & Prety Clear But soon got N.E. & over Cast & Look’s for Rain, at pike, then back, got up my mare & set of[f] to Gibson Jones to See Nathan Jones to make me Uniform Coat he went with me to Darby Bout blue Cloth at 37s6 pr yd & Scarlot at 45 pr yd, 1 yd & 5/8 of blue & 2/8 of Red I paid 9 Dollars Nate the Remainder. oats & Brandy 2s3. Dined with N. Jones at Gibson, Home before sun set.– Jacob & Horatio Diging Potatoes

14th Wind N E & as Like for rain as Can be, last night Star Light. very Extraordinary indeed, Clear at night & Cloudy in day, I Cant Saw for want of Water it very Effecting or Destrissing; season advancing & I Cant Rais for want of joysts, that I might get the Masons to finish, here Come on Cold I not Coverd in the house, Jacob Griffeth, up about day Went to bed, Well & I suppose prety soon after Struck with Palsey, for heard him perhaps 1/2 hour after makeing a noise I thought talking in his Sleep, alittle while after they found him Quite helpless one side & his Speach much Effected & very flighty, & Continued so all day I up soon, at P Hoffmans & J Morris’s, back to Breakfasted [breakfast], Read a Good Deal in Job Scots Journal I hope to Benefit of my Soule the Lord Jesus Ennable me to do the will of my God

15 Wind N W. over Cast in Morn over to See a Jury on a road from Loyd Jones Mill to 7 Mile stone old Road, back & Eat a good Cold Stake at M Streapers Spent 1s41/2 so home & up to Buck to get my bridle Bits mended Back by Bonds Borrowd 100L of him So home afternight Elizabeth Levis, a first Cosin of ours Buried to Day, At Springfield, died Sudden

Sept [October] 16th 1798 Wind W. & a Prety day, up at Pike, John Holland & I thrashing Buck wheat all day after it was fitt Horatio halling. Tunis had old Sorrel to Goo to Lower ferry, to Look a house old Jacob very bad all one side Right sd. Quite debillitated, One Qt Whiskey 1s8

17th Wind S W. & fine day a little Cool in Morn Dow[n] to Nathan Jones, for a New Regimental Coat back for breakfast, & Drest & set off Crosst at Matsons ford, & meet them Near the 7 Stars in plymouth Township; a fine troop of hores [horse] Commanded by Major Cannada General Nixels Revewd us [interlined:”I Command the troop”] Dined at 7 Star taver[n] poor Dinner, Dinner & Club 4s8, 8 Qt. of [o]ats. 1s101/2 Drummers 3s9 thence we Came to Hitnors tavern, Club 1s101/2 the troop Dine’d their & General, they Gave us Hail Columb[i]a, a new Partriot [patriotic] Song & so Captain Tolbert & [I] home by Spring Mill ferry 11d– Stop at B Tunis’s he got home, his Infantry Made a good figur[e], Spent 11d– so home about 10 OC–

18th Wind N W & fine day for Buck wheat Tunis Holland & Self finish’d mine before night. 4 Mugs Sider 1s101/2, Altered times yesterday Gentlemen officers, to Day thrashers;

19th Wind N & over Cast all Day Holland helping to Clean Buckwheat. 31 Bushel total Gave John 101/2 B for his Shear [share], halld mine home in seller

20th October 98 Wind N & very Like for rain, Misted several times Cut a tree Down Saw log & Dragd a small log to Mill & halld near a Cart boddy of Potatoes, that Jacob dug this day week. Dradg [dragd] the Joysts up the hill from the Mill; afternoon meet the Society at Stadlemans, Spent 51/2 so home about Dark

21st. Wind N W & Cleard off with out any Rain at Meeting forenoon, paid John 10 Dollars I Borrowd of him, home to Dinner Gardner & wife paying visit here walk up with them back Read some so to bed We Goo—

22nd. Wind N W & fineday, Pearson Ned here Plastering the house out Side tore up the floor & begun to Joint it Cut a log– to send to Edw. George for Joists,–

23rd Wind N.W & fine day rather Cooler over to Locust hill Ned Begun the Chimney this Pump almost Dry had to Get all the water to make Morter at Streapers John MacGaw tending masons–

24th wind N W. & very Cool morn, Oxen & Cart over to Locust hill halling water & Stone, home to Dinner then at Pike Got Brick to turn the Arch. meet with McClenechan. Spent 11d. So Spent the afternoon about the Chimney home Evening halld one Load of Stone

October 25th 1798 W. N.W & fine day over at Locust hill oxen & Cart hall Sand & water, Rineher a family at Christophers movd in [back to the city] the fever much abated, home to Dinner, afternoon their again at Tunis old place Bought one yd Cloth 9s41/2d Trowse[r]s for horatio, home Evening. Spent 1s101/2 Qt of Whiskey & 1/2 Glass Brandy at Morris’s Drank some Sider

26th Wind S W & fine day, ned at Chimney & finished by noon, I at pike Tunis hewing Girder afternoon my old Mare went to town John holland Cut a tree for Joists Solomon help to Saw it I halld 2 Loads of Joists 42 to pike Evening halld alog to Edw George’s I So Dry Cant saw David Roberts went with me home about 9 OC- night paid Solomon 5s71/2 he said I owd for work

27th Wind N E & prety fine in Morn over Cast & Raind about noon, at pike Soon Tunis finish’d Girder Jarvis at pike Drew up an agreement for the infantry to Sign in order to prepair them to turn out afternoon Set of[f] to Cochrons to See Tommey Roberts he very Poorly much sweld in body Dropsey I think, Raind So as to wet Me through my Great Coat—

28th Wind S W & very fine at home till Evening then Walk to H Knox’s to meet my wife

October 29th 1798 Wind N.W. blue up in night & Cold Day Joe Walter Tennenting [tenoning] Joists, I halld Joists up to pike & Log to Mill for Raising Plates afternoon had D Roberts Oxen & Went to E Georges Mill for 26 Joists, he Sawd out of my Logs, plenty of Ice this Morn, the first, I Seen this fall very Cold in Evening as I Came up the pike

30th. Wind N.W. & hard frost Cold all Day Tunis Walter & self framing up[p]er Joists afternoon at Jarvis’s to get Joe Holland to help he would not Come up to Antoney Warners for Walters Prentice Stop at Cochron’s to see Tomey Roberts he in a very bad State of he[al]th Sweld in the Boday [body], Drank Coffee their home after Night

31st Wind N W & asmart Snow near 1/2 Inches deep in Morn Clear & Cold Day, too Cold to Do much about the Building, Hoffman their Bought a stack of hay 24 Dollars about a ton Dear indeed but very Scarce help Hugh Knox to Lay Road tax

Novr 1st Wind about W. Large Whitefrost wind got South by E. and begun to Snow before noon and violent till Dark & then got rain Turning Joists till noon then Joe Walter & I hunting. I Shot a wood Cock & Shot at Rabit but mist Staid till most night then home Bought 1/2 hundred of oisters for 2s9 a Cart from town, the people begin [to] move in they think the frost will stop the fever

November 2nd 1798 Wind N W & Clear Snow near Inch Deep in Girder & Joists, up & Cleand it off them & went to town Bout. 1000 Brick 61/2 Dolrs. David Roberts team halld them. Joe Walter & Boy at Work at upper floor, I went to Elliots taver[n], the first time for Since the begining of Augt. on Acct of fever, a Negro woman & man the only part of the family that has S[t]aid in, Israel Jones son Charles stayd all the time keeps agrocery Store in one of Millers Stores he said it was near 3 Months Eats & by himself at Eliots, the 2 Negro’s & him was all that was their, he think he had Some teaches [touches] of fever, Maloncolly time Destressing to the Mind, he says, not any thing to be Seen but Sick Carts & those that Carrey the Dead oats & hay 1s6 the Negro Got a beef Stake &c 3s- paid pike & ferry for wagon perhaps 3s9

3rd wind N W prety fine day Walter & Boy & Tunis help till [omission] framing upper floor I help all day Got one pair Rafters Ready—

4th wind N W & hard frost, but fine day at J Wa[lter] R Hollands Tunis & John’s to get them to help me Rais to Morrow, after at Meeting home to Dinner, afternoon Morris Bob Roberts & John Free here, walk home with Morris Drank Some Cherry Bou[t] at Streapers Jill Wine 51/2 so home

November 5th 1798 Wind N W & prety Cold & Clear a number of hands helping Me to raise upper floor & 2 Rafters all I had Ready, Gave them a good Dinner, I think Rost beef a boild Round a Gammon & 2 or [3] fouls, but no Barbicue of Course no Raising Dinner I Suppose they Drink 5 Qt Whiskey & Near 4 of Spirrets Got up before Night & Cleaver–

6th Wind N W & hard frost of[f] to Look Masons meet them Coming, so back Cuting with[e]s &c &c Remainder of Day, they Begun to work windy & Cold

7th Wind S W & avery fine day halling Stone oxen & old Mare, Horatio & Self, we Miss old Jacob Now he Quite helpless on one side Joe Walter along with me Whites to Get them to Quarry Stone home about 8 OClock at Night

8th Wind S.W over Cast in Morn Cleard off to avery fine Warm Day, masons without theire Coats I halling Stone

9th Wind S W & fine Day I halling Stone froze Last nigh[t] halld one Load Sand, at Streapers Spent 51/2 So home Tunis Got Oxen after night & went for Corn to R Humphreys–

10th Wind West & prety day for Masons halld one Load sand, at Hoffmans & Morris’s so home afternoon halld 3 Loads of Stone–

November 11th 1798 Wind W in N W & fine Day but prety Cool at home till noon then at Tom Georges to See if he’ll buy my Oxen but he has Bout So on to Gibsons to See If he takes my old Mare & Winter old Sorrel Stayd till most dark So home first day–

12th Wind S W & fine day 3 Masons Came soon, tender John Holland Disappointed me in a spluter over to D Roberts & Got Lon I tended till near noon & B Tunis halld 5 Loads of Stone, & afternoon 1 Load Sand I helping to Scaffell &c.–

13th Wind N W Large Whitefrost at pike soon Tunis Engaged to hall Sand & Stone & Got 4 tenders for 3 Masons I of[f] to Court Jacob Warner Calld on me, up about 11 OC alarge Court fined one Jehu Evans for Kicking a woman 40 D. & Court Charges he Got a Commission of the Peace about 3 months agoo, prety Rascal & our Governor not much Better Dinner & Club 7s10 Paid for Tunis Licence 9 Dollars Streapers 9 D. & 5 C so back to bird [Bird in Hand] mug sider 8d. McClenechans Mare Run off, J Jones Lent him one & of[f] we Came

November 14th 1798 Wind S W & Little Rain in Night over Cast & like for Rain but none Came all Day 3 Mason finish Stone & begun with Brick they are Poor hands indeed with Brick I with them all Day, Griff Smith Morter man off this Evening not to Come again fine moderate Day to be Shure–

15th Wind S E almost & Raind a Small [omission] over Cast & Like for more but wind Got more West & nearly Cleard, Masons finished all the Brick I had, Raisd the Chimneys above the Rooff I up with them forenoon after halling Collarbeams up, they Got Drinking Whisk[ey] till night very Heavy thunder & the Greatest flash of Lightening I Ever Seen I think, Comeing Riding on the Ox tongue gote [got] near the woods When it Came it made me Stone Blind (I thought) for perhaps 1/2 minute or more I waited for the reporte with Some Surprise, but I think I Got my Sight before I heard it I took out the Ox from the Wagon & Crack’d them home in a hurry Was overtaken by a prety Smart Shower had a great deal of thunder & 3 or 4 prety Showers Mordica Davis alittle snapt [drunk] & sett of[f] afternight very Dark & wet at Intervills

November 16th 1798 Wind S W and a Remarkable fine day up soon at D Roberts to See If his team was Gooing to town but not gooing Cut Down apoplar tree & Dragd it to Mill D R’s Oxen, John Holland & I Cut 4 Logs & hall one to Mill treated John to 1/2 pint whiskey 11d Worth off so Soon as to finish Smolets 7 Vo. history of England I Gess I read 2 hours, Walter & Boy framing Rafters

17th Wind S.E & very Raw or Cool & Disagreeable day [interlined: “but got warmer before night & over Cast”] put on a log Load Rafters, they finish framing. I set off to town Down old Road Bout 1000 Brick 7 Dors. & 1s41/2 to the men for helping to load &c. I had Bargained for 61/2 but went to Load they Said the Owner has Sent word I must Give the 7 I beleiv they are a Set of Jockeys Quick Silver 111/4d, Dinner horse &c 6s- So up to black horse, Society Day Elected the officers for the Ensuing year Judg Peters Presedent J Curwen Vice, Alley Roberts Treasurer & Self Secretary paid 5s. fines & Qt. [quarterly] payments so home about Dark

18 Wind S E & overcast Greater part, at Tunis Morn home till after dinner J Walter here Carried Jacob Down Cannot help himself the least with Right Side very deadly Stroke, afternoon Isaac Bond & I over to Darby Crick to Look at old place he wants to buy offers 500L near 100 Acres very poor, home before Night, Spent 51/2

November 19th 1798 Wind N E & alight Shower in night or before day with Lightening & thunder, over Cast all Day & some rain aknuff to Run along the gutters killd my Beef Cow Bout of Curwen near two years, prety Good Beef, afternoon with Jarvis at Goodmans to Warn a Woman that was at Fagans in old Shop, for fear She might be Deliver’d in town & becom aburthen [burden to the town] a smart Shower as we Come home from N. & Raw and Cold Raind till 9 or 10 [O]Clock then Got to Snow

20th Wind N. perhaps a pint [point] to East But I think Right North Snow perhaps 2 Inches deep & keep Snowing all day till about 8 OC- Night, the Greatest Storm of Snow perhaps Ever fell so soon in the year in these part[s], it was so Cold that the Snow was so Light & dry that it drove or Drifted one Could scarsly Get along the Lanes, our Lane to Meeting house was almost to the top of the fences, I went to Tunis forenoon, after at John’s & Morris’s to sell my oxen to him he gives me 60 Dollars & I Gave 105 Such is the Alterations of times they as good a pair as Can bee, Supposd to weigh 800 apeice, it Blue such a hurrican that you could hardly see, my mare was uneasy to fall it was a very Stormmey Day, I [have] 4 horsekind and 3 Cow kind & very Little hay–

21st Wind N.W. flying Clouds & Cold Dam nearly froze all over, & wheel fast, up soon. to Look oxen & horses found some Locust hill & some at Johns Snow near a foot deep in woods Measurd on a old table that stood out & it was 91/2 Inches deep


halld a load of [pine] bats from Johns of mine & aload of wood then Sent Horatio with the Oxen to Morris s & I Cut the wheel Loos & Sawd and Cut then Cut Straw & fed horses &c Snow Melted alittle from Ground side, their being nofrost in Grownd [ground] thawd alittle of[f] Mill Late in the afternoon

22 Wind N W prety fine day, at Tunis & David Roberts he & I in Slay to Mill took 5 Bushels Buck wheat for me, then we went to Buck to See abare hunt he treed derect almost Cut Down 2 trees then fetch him to house; Got Dinner 3s9 & 111/4 for Drink they Set 6 or 7 Bull Dogs inpart on him they werrowd [worried] him Quite Down & they Receivd very little hurt, then they Shot him, David and [I] home Derect Affronted [by] Tunis, he be havd very Rude at Dinner about half Drunk

23 Wind N W. Cold Morn but Prety fine day Set of[f] town Bout. 2000 Shingles 31 Dollars & 300f. White pine boards 9 Dollars Recking 6s- Wilson Gave me 4 Bundles for Garret, of Tobacco that Brot. Edward Sent in at Antoney about Dick Streaper he & his Master [Antoney] Parted

24 Wind N W & very Cold Morn froze hard the Dam will beare, Got John’s team & halld astack of hay of Phillip Hoffman that I Bout for 24 Dollars very Dear not a ton & 1/2 of it

25 Novr 1798 Wind N W & very Sharp morn & Ruff Riding Set off to Linsey Coatses Burial it froze very hard Last night, thawd a good [deal] in day, interd him at Sweeds Church yd. near the ford, I Dined at his house So home Polly Streaper along at D Roberts Evening– being first day

26th Wind W & avery fine day, thawd agood pace D. Roberts halld 3 Logs on little Sledg with his 2 pair Oxen, unloaded aload of hay put on Log Whet the Saw at the pike &c Jos. Walter at work by himself at Shingles

27th. Wind S W Smokey & warm to Day Snow melted So as to run along the Ruts Some over at Haverford to Get Saml. Wright help to Shingle, at Gibson Jones’s for Cornish [cornice] Planes, Bout a Chees 13 lb at 1s pr put on Log &c &c Evening fill a Barrel with Potatoes to send to Brot. Edward J Walter Getting out Cornish–

28th Wind S W & very warm halld 3 Loads Corn home husks & all Molly at Market, Jos Walter Working, Cornish his boy also– pint Sider 4d

29th Wind S.W in part after N W. afine day. put on a log &c in morn then up about 10 OC to Owen Jones’s Raising his Stable

29 November

very fine Stable Coachhouse &c. 65 f Long & perhaps 33 wide had a Cut of bread And Chees about noon, finished about one hour before Sun Set then had a Noble pig Barbicud by S Jarvis and Antoney Tunis. it weighd 95 lb. & very well done had a Barrel of Bear, I Drank not any thing Else home after dark

30th. Wind S.W or rather more West, and very Large white frost, & very fineday working Cornors all day. Tunis killing his hogs, I worked above 200 f. Cornish with the steptplain Crick’d my Elbows very much haveing not work so long. pint of Whiskey 111/4d horatio Sawing Lath

December 1st 98 Wind S.W & over Cast, froze very little last night up very Soon Read perhaps 2 hours history England up at pike finished Raising Rafters before noon after up with Saml. Jarvis Laying Poor tax at Esqr Curwens Drank tea their Stop at Torrences. Spent 1s3 oats &c home about 10 O’C-

2 Wind N.E. haild alittle Got to rain all day Raisd the dam but not so as to Run over at Meeting house too Late to Goo in So back to Dinner, Jacob Morris here, with him to B. Tunis’s & his house so home Evening–

3rd Wind W. & a butifull fine Morning not froze any, Cloudy in afternoon & Rather Colder I at Meeting house with James Jones Consulting how to Repair it begun to Set Cornish

December 4th 98 Wind W prety in morn ashower from W, of Snow And Got very Windy & Cold before night I halling Lath up Walters & D Roberts Oxen about pike Did not Doe much afternoon So Cold

5 Wind N W. & avery Cold Morn Dam froze nearly over, I sot [set] of[f] to town by Streapers, Sent out 1000 Shingles D Roberts team Bout. Gimblets & sprigs 3s9 an apern [apron] 3s6 at Elliots 3s- Dined at Richd Tunis’s T. Roberts very bad Sweeld [swelled] much home about 8 OC at Night

6th. Wind N E over Cast & begun to Snow about 12 OC. I at pike but too Cold, So back & Cut the Mill Loose & Sawd & Cut wood &c till night. R Roberts & Enoch Jones heare to tea Quit snowing about 7 or 8 O’C not above 1 Inch deep. it was very Cold when begun

7th. Wind S.W. & very fine pleasant day at Seting Cornish, finish’d all but Barge, it was a fine morn for tracking Rabits Tunis Got 2 & two Opossums Horatio Shot one. I Some what Deprest in Sperrit & Mind– [Barge boards are applied to the overhang of a projecting gable roof.]

8th. Wind S E. & over Cast or rather S. in afternoon, set the barge Cornish, rather Cold to be pleasant at it all day, begun to rain Evening 2 mugs of Sider & Jill Whiskey 1s41/2 Walter & holland

December 9th 1798 Wind N E & Snowing all day from North Raind & Sleated in Evening froze to trees & made a great Chrust at Meeting had a good time at home to Dinner afternoon at J Walters & R Hollands, to Get them to help to kill my hogs tomorrow

10th Wind S W & Clear & fine till noon then Got Cold Evening killd 5 hogs & Carried them Down by noon or little after J Walter Joe Holland. R. Holland. & Brot. John R Roberts help a little while Evening at Alley Roberts about Streapers affairs, home very Cold

11th Wind N W & very Cold put my mare & Polly Streapers horse in Slay & She Dick Streaper & me went to town in it Dick & Jos. Antoney his Master parted we Looking aplace for him & trying to Settle with Antoney Spent 7s6 Dinner &c &c Bought 2 pipes of Lead 2/4 Long to Goo through the Eive [eave] 15s- Run till after night before Left town Brout Polly Ogdon & a little Girl up with us, Left the slay at Streapers & Road the Mare home

December 12th 1798 Wind N.W & Cold Day at D Roberts Robert Roberts Sending his Goods to his farme near West Chester, I at pike Grinding the Ax, then over to Mothers, back to Dinner after Esqr Young sent for me about Some Debt against Streapers Est. a man over Schuylkill had seued [sued] for, Stayd till very late McClenechan & anomber their, very destreest in mind about it for it is very wrong Such a bad presedent. we had Great Disputes on Politic but without Passion or Intemperance

13th Wind W by S. & very fine Morn Lathing till noon then raind all the afternoon Prety Smart we work alittle Holland & I, but not [omission] he back with me. Got wood &c till night.

14 Wind W & fine Clear Day up to pike Set Joe Walter and Joe Holland to Lath the[n] I Cuting mill Lo[o]se a perditious Quantity of Ice on the wheel Did not Gett Lose till near noon Dam Raisd much, been fine day

15. Wind N W Clear & Cold up & Set Tunis, Holland & Walter to Shingle I Back & Sawing afternoon meet the Society at Black horse, very Cold Evening–

December 16th 1798 Wind N W & very Cold day & Roads very Slippy Whent [went] to Meeting. had 4 Preachers, Very good time indeed, no fire in Stove yet was prety Passable as to Cold. home to Dinner, afternoon Loyd Jones Bill Lewis, here walk home wiht [with] Sister Jane [wife of Jonathan Walter] Evening So back

17th Wind N W & very sharp Morning. J Robeson Jarvis & Roberts here, then over to Walters killing hogs 7, Dined their then home at Streapers for my Mare was their to be Shoed So back

18th Wind N W & Give alittle, Cut the Mill Loos & set of[f] to Esqr Georges dined at Curwens, Got to Georges he gone to town so back fed at bird [Bird in Hand] gooing & Comeing 7 Qt oats 1s9 half Jill 51/2d So home about Dark Sawd 21/2 Cuts by Candle light then the water was Down, So Shet down & to bed–

19th Wind N E & Snowing very fast about 4 I deep when I Got up–Set the Mill to Goo, water so Low that I Cut but one Cut before it Stopt. up to pike then back Got to [snow] very fine & Quit in Evening did not gain much to Day not above 5 Inches Deep when Quit If that, afternoon at pike to Meet Wilm George Esqr. about Sessing the Township he appointed in uper & I in Lower Merion. under the Act of Congress for Raising 2000000 Dollars in United States, he Gave me Some instructions & agreed to Meet him on 4th Day the 26th to begin So back Evening Tunis pump Dry, have to hall the Water for Wagoner & house use

December 20th 1798 Wind N W & alittle Cloudy mask Sun towards sun rise but Cleard off & very fine before noon, then after Cloudy & Looking Like for Change I at pike & raisd my Cornfoder. it all had blue over, & Coverd with Snow, Sawing lath for Owen Jones- pint Sider 4d afternoon at John’s back & at pike home McClenechan & Morris hear in slay, I with them at Morris’s Drank Coffee, & he Geard up his Sled & fetch me home by the way of Tunis’s Got home DemeJohn [demijohn] of Peach Brand[y] Edw. Sent from Georgi[a] very fine they Say Clear & fine night—

21st Wind N W & white frost & very sharp froze hard Last Night at David Roberts Got a pair Oxen put in my Cart & halld my Cornfodder in, & one Load of wood, then sent them home took 2 Bottles of Peach Brandy to J. Walters, afternoon Sarah Roberts hear, I at Rees Price’s Sold 5, or 6 Cord of hickory Wood to Isaac Price at 51/2 Dollars per Cord I to Cut them, so he paid me 33 Dollars So home by Dusk [illegible] in Evening & fine–

22nd Wind E. & over Cast Look a little black to W & E I thought not much Snow put my Mare & David Roberts in Slay took our Wifes to town by 10 OC.- D R. Wife to R Evans & mine to T Roberts I took the horses to Elliots, then went & Bout. 4 Sheets of Copper 2/6 I by 5 feet Long 8 lb per Sheet at 4s- per lb 1/2 Dozn files 10s4 mill saw 52s6 two lb Spikes 2s- two knifes 3s- David paid for horses at Elliots & ferry I pike 11d. 1s6 to horsler. & 51/2 for Drink, very Snowey Day & wind N & Snowd fast & very Cold as we Came home

December 23rd 1798 Wind N W & Cleard off prety Moderate being first day & at home all day, Jos Walter took Polly & Sister Jane in Sledg to Colberts Snow perhaps 7 or 8 Inches deep, the navigation Stopt in Delavar & Schuylkill Some time it has been a remarkable Cold Spell

24th Wind N.W & Cleard & prety Cold tho fine out of the Wind in sun at D R & halling Slabs for fewel & at the pike afternoon,–

25th Wind W. by S & fine day thawd of[f] the house faceing the Sun but no Where Else, at John’s helping to kill 9 hogs finished about 2 OC. got Dinner home & Ruld my Book to take the Rates under U S Law to tax houses & Land at pike pint Bear 51/2 then home old Tom here Gave him a bottle of Peach Brandy that Edw. Sent in from Georgia hung up Beef. thus Spent Christmus day [in margin:”Gave 3s9 towards repairs to our School”]

26th Wind E & over Cast a snow shower about 10 OC. Set of[f] to Curwens, Stopt at Tunis mare Slipt & had to Chase her to John’s Cornfeild Lost the Saddle Carried it to Johns ketch her Borrowd Johns Saddle & set of[f] by Tunis & up to Curwens in order to meet George & begin to Sess, George Came about 12 OC- I got Quallified, but begun not to assess George was in Slay his wife along Spent the day their, so returnd home

26th December 1798

Black to East & raind & haild afternight

27th Wind N W & Cleard Set off after breakfast & up to Curwens, begun with his return of his Property a new thing take account of windows & value Dewing [doing] houses & all other Buildings & Land, Gives me Great Concearn from the Difficalty [difficulty] of Dooing Justis, a very Serious peace of Business, I think myself not Compatant to but the Lord anable me to Discharge my trust to Ease of my Conscious [conscience], Dine’d at John Jones Gulph, Made out about 10 Places to Day fed my mare Evening at Torrances oats 4 Qt & Brandy 1s41/2 so home after dark. thaw much to day perhaps more than it has this 6 or 8 pike bare where it was broke, it Run alon[g] the Ruts Strong to Day

28 Wind W. & fine day at D.R & home Borrowd his slay went to John Frees, & then warnd Benjn. Bevans of[f] our Haverford Place, so home afternight Jon. Walter & wife & Child & my Wife along–

29th Wind S. & foggy & Raind 2 or 3 Smart Showers before noon then Broke of[f] & in Evening Blue up very hard & Cold, Stormey night at Esqr Youngs & Several Places Geting Returns; Measurd Part of Helembold house mason work, so home about 8 OC– at night–

30th Wind N W Cold & high wind at home all day forming & Ruling my Sessing Book &c Evening at pike, pint of sider 4d So home

December 31st. 1798 Wind N W & prety fine of[f] to sess Meet Jos Horskins, at Buck pint of wine 2s–oats 6d Bread and Chees 6d. Quart of Spirrets Tunis Company Drank Batalion [Day] 3s6 of[f] & made 8 places Viz got their acct of houses Land &c. So home, at Tunis pint sider 4d the Dutch Blockheads are fireing away the old year; at this moment rioting & Carousing, in stead of fasting & praying that they are one year Older & perhaps a great deal wickeder, the Lord keep me out of Temtation; perhaps near ten OC- not any thing to keep time, & I know not how it Rowls away– I never never Shall See 1798 again. Great God. have mercey on my Soul ten years this Night Since I begun to write this Jo[u]rnal & I wish it of Some Acct or use to but Little trash, of no Acct; But will Show out, where was my rout. this ten years out without a doubt